"Off to a New Land"

In the 1850's, The Agent for New Zealand in Prince Edward Island made an offer to Islanders as follows:

"Land Orders to all Persons of Good Character and Sober Steady Habits who will emigrate at their own Cost from this Island to Aukland".

Unused land in New Zealand had been purchased from the Maori natives by the N.Z. Government for this settlement, and all over the age of 18 who settled would receive 40 acres of land by paying 10 pounds to the agent. If applied for by a Parent or Guardian, children would receive 20 acres.

To understand why people took advantage of this offer, one has to understand the political climate of the mid 18th century here on P.E.I. Land was a major issue, as much of it was in tenures, and held by landlords, making it difficult for the young to obtain land. There was also the lure of the adventure of going off to far exotic places.

The son of James Douglas Haszard, Robert Claire was one of the organizers of the "Prince Edward" group of settlers. A ship under construction at James C. Pope's shipyard in Summerside was chosen for the voyage. The "Prince Edward" was registered in 1858. Capt. Edward Knowlan was chosen as its Captain, and Dr. A.H. Boswall, as the ship's doctor. They arrived in Aukland, New Zealand on May 13, 1859.

Reference: "An Island Refugee", IBSN No. 0-9691389-0-3, by the Abegweit Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Assn., and published by Williams and Crue Ltd., in 1983, pgs. 329 - 330..This is an excellent publication for those following the Loyalist migration to P.E.I. It is currently out of print, but there is a possibility of a repring in the near future, and may still be found in used book stores.

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