Descendants of Bernard Hughes and Mary Donoly

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Submitted by - Richard Hughes -

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Descendants of Bernard Hughes and Mary Donoly

Generation No. 1

1. BERNARD HUGHES was born ABT 1810 in Ireland, and died February

10, 1875 in St Patrick's Road Lot 38 P.E.I. Canada. He married

MARY DONOLY November 10, 1834 in Tyholland Parish, County

Monaghan, Alkill Ireland.

Children of Bernard Hughes and Mary Donoly are:

i. ANNE HUGHES, b. April 24, 1848; m. PETER MEKANNA,

September 1,1890.


iii. BRIGID HUGHES, b. December 24, 1836, Tyholland Parish,

County Monaghan, Alkill Ireland.

iv. JOHN BERNARD HUGHES, b. August 10, 1844, P.E.I. Canada;

d. July 1902, P.E.I. Canada.

v. PATRICK HUGHES, b. ABT 1850, P.E.I. Canada.

vi. THOMAS HUGHES, b. March 23, 1853, Mt Stewart PEI; d.

June 27, 1931, Boston, MA.

vii. LUCINDA HUGHES, b. ABT 1860, P.E.I. Canada.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN BERNARD HUGHES (BERNARD1) was born August 10, 1844 in P.E.I.

Canada, and died July 1902 in P.E.I. Canada. He married MARY

MELINA DOUGAN October 21,1872, daughter of James Dougan and Mary


Children of John Hughes and Mary Dougan are:

i. MARY ANN HUGHES, b. July 30, 1873, P.E.I. Canada; d.

May 16, 1945, Boston Suffolk MA; m. DONALD EVELYN,

November 11, 1900, St Patrick's Church Boston, MA.

ii. HARRIET ELLEN HUGHES, b. December 9, 1876, P.E.I.

Canada; d. February 15, 1963, P.E.I Canada; m. EDWIN

BRAZIL, April 12, 1904.

iii. BRIDGET MELINA HUGHES, b. October 12, 1878, P.E.I.

Canada; d. March 3, 1914, Canana New Hampshire; m.

WILLIAM HORNE ARNOLD, June 4, 1899, Boston, MA.

iv. BERNARD JOSEPH HUGHES, b. November 7, 1877, P.E.I.


v. CHARLOTTE AGNES HUGHES, b. February 5, 1879, P.E.I.

Canada; d. February 24, 1970, ST Andrew Cememtary Mt.

Stewart P.E.I. Canada; m. JOHN MACEACHERN.

vi. JAMES FRANCIS HUGHES, b. January 17, 1882, St Theresa's

P.E.I. Canada Lot 38; d. April 17, 1947, Arlington,

MA; m. (1) NORA SINNETT, January 28, 1908, Morell


July 2, 1921, Arlington, MA.

vii. JOHN STEPHEN HUGHES, b. January 4, 1885, P.E.I.

Canada; d. February 24, 1933, St John's Cemetery

Rumford, ME; m. MARGARET DUNPHY, February 14, 1909.

viii. ANTHONY PATRICK HUGHES, b. January 12, 1888, P.E.I.

Canada; d. September 17, 1988, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Canada; m. MARY ELLEN HIGGINS, October 9, 1917,

P.E.I Canada.

ix. THOMAS WILLIAM HUGHES, b. March 8, 1887, P.E.I.

Canada; d. November 7, 1908, Lake Greenville, ME.

x. MICHAEL WILLIAM HUGHES, b. July 18, 1891, P.E.I.

Canada; d. July 19,1891, P.E.I. Canada.

3. PATRICK HUGHES (BERNARD1) was born ABT 1850 in P.E.I. Canada.

He married BRIDGET ELIZABETH GILLIAN February 3, 1876.

Children of Patrick Hughes and Bridget Gillian are:

i. MARY ELLEN HUGHES, b. November 12, 1876, P.E.I.

Canada; m. JAMES O'BRIEN.

ii. ANNE JANE HUGHES, b. March 21, 1878, P.E.I. Canada;


iii. THERESA BRIDGET HUGHES, b. November 21, 1879, P.E.I.


iv. BERNARD HUGHES, b. July 18, 1881, P.E.I. Canada.

v. JOHN STEPHEN HUGHES, b. December 26, 1882, P.E.I.


vi. MARY ROSETTA HUGHES, b. August 22, 1884, P.E.I.

Canada; m. FLOYD ALLEN.

vii. ELIZABETH AGATHA HUGHES, b. October 14, 1889, P.E.I.

Canada; m. JAMES MCNABB.

viii. ALOYSIUS HUGHES, b. June 18, 1891, P.E.I. Canada.

ix. CLARE FRANCES HUGHES, b. August 4, 1892, P.E.I.


x. VERONICA HUGHES, b. September 23, 1886, P.E.I.


4. THOMAS HUGHES (BERNARD1) was born March 23, 1853 in Mt Stewart

PEI, and died June 27, 1931 in Boston, MA. He married ROSIE

RICE June 29, 1875 in P.E.I, daughter of James Rice and

Barbara McDonald.

Children of Thomas Hughes and Rosie Rice are:

i. THOMAS HUGHES, b. March 1, 1875, P.E.I; m. LULU

MARY EASTMAN, November 8, 1909, Rumford, ME.

ii. MARY HUGHES, b. March 24, 1877, P.E.I; m. JAMES


iii. BARBARA ELLEN HUGHES, b. April 23, 1878, PEI

Canada; d. October 14, 1964, Rumford, ME; m.

JAMES J CONLEY, October 22, 1899, Rumford, ME.

iv. LUCY ANN HUGHES, b. May 1, 1881, P.E.I; m. WILLIAM

DAVIDSON, May 3, 1899, Rumford, ME.

v. BERNARD HUGHES, b. July 16, 1883, P.E.I; d. 1921.

vi. JAMES EDWARD HUGHES, b. June 6, 1885, PEI, Canada; d.

June 27, 1926, Rumford ME; m. RITA MARGARETT


vii. BRIDGET HUGHES, b. ABT 1887, P.E.I.

viii. JOHN HUGHES, b. ABT 1891, P.E.I.; m. MARION

CONNERS, April 1, 1909, Rumford, ME.

5. LUCINDA HUGHES (BERNARD1) was born ABT 1860 in P.E.I. Canada.

She married (1) JAMES CORCORAN. She married (2) JAMES CLUNEY

August 26, 1890 in P.E.I Canada, son of Patrick Cluney and

Mary Cummings.

Child of Lucinda Hughes and James Corcoran is:

i. JAMES CORCORAN, b. January 4, 1884.

Child of Lucinda Hughes and James Cluney is:

ii. INEZ CLUNEY, b. September 17, 1898.

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