Elisha LePage Jr. Secretary of the Society of Loyal Electors

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Submitted by Garth Bulman - garth.bulman@gmail.com

Letter from: Elisha LePage Jr. Secretary of the Society of Loyal Electors

To: His Excellency 08 April, 1812
Read in Council: 11 April, 1812
Reference: Acc 2849 Item No.132 PEIPA
Transcribed by: Garth Bulman 4th great-grandson 06 April, 2002

To His Excellency
J.F.W. DesBarres
Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief
of His Majesty’s Island
Prince Edward

Charlotte Town Prince Edward Island

April 8th, 1812


A considerable period of time having elapsed since a charge was made against the Society of Loyal Electors and as your Excellency will naturally perceive how anxious the Society must be to learn the result, your Excellency will I think the liberty I take as Secretary to this Institution, in respectfully soliciting that your Excellency will have the goodness to cause a Communication to be made on this very interesting business: - Thy leave also to acquaint your Excellency, the affidavits made in eaculpatation of the charge by members Palmer, Roubel, Hazard, McAulay & LePage have been put on the files of the Supreme Court of Judicature. Mr. Roubel has been struck off the Role, on account of making his affidavit. Members McAulay & Haszard are under prosecution for libels, these gentlemen considered, that as their affidavits, were made in a matter pending before your Excellency and the Privy Council,, that that Honorable Court, would have afforded them the Protection which they understand, has been invariably afforded by all Courts, to Persons giving written or verbal information in any information, in any matter or proceeding therein

I have the honor to be
Your Excellency’s
Most Obedient & very Humble Service


Elisha Le Page Junior
Secretary to the society
of Loyal Electors

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