Affidavit of Elisha LePage Esq. J.P. (1764-1813)

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Submitted by Garth Bulman -

Affidavit of Elisha LePage Esq. J.P. (1764-1813)

Reference: Acc2849 Item No. 126 PEIPA 30 May, 1811
Transcribed by: Garth Bulman 5th great-grandson 03 April, 2002

30 May, 1811 Prosecution against the society of the Loyal Electors. Affidavit of Elisha LePage Esq. one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Queen’s County to wit

Elisha LePage of Charlotte Town Prince Edward Island Esquire one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said Island maketh Oath and saith that having heard a vast deal of clamor, and evil report against a society in this Island called Loyal Electors, deponent conceived a very unfavorable opinion of the said society until the second Election for a member to serve in the General Assembly of this Island for Queens County at which Mr. William Hyde was one of the candidates and Deponent saith he was the more inclined to believe such ill reports against the said society as they proceeded from persons whom deponent then thought were gentlemen, and who then had his confidence, deponent then being ignorant of the craft and cunning which he has since found and which he is sorry to say is carried on this unfortunate place and Deponent saith he well remembers one Day in particular when Mr. Holland was in his high-glee about the few masons/ an Institution which the Deponent greatly respects/ that the said Holland insinuated to Deponent that he the said Holland hoped this show encouragement of that Institution to being a wicked Club. Which was then forming itself in town - no doubt meaning the society of Loyal Electors/ used words to that purport/ and Deponent further with that not being able to Discover why such a man as Mr. Hyde should meet with such violent opposition he began to seriously take into consideration the motives of such opposition and inquired respecting it of Charles Stewart who had then Deponents confidence, - that the said Mr. Stewart replied Don’t you know "he’s a Club man" (meaning the said William Hyde) That Deponent then began to reflect on the mottov’s he saw about the town No Embargoes!! And thought it was time to investigate into the matter and Deponent saith he considers Embargoes as a measure resulting from established rules, the providing which are entrusted to the wise consideration of the Governor and Council, and was fearful such mottov’s meant to revolt against such extra blishes rules and to destroy all good order and Deponent saith that he also observed another motive no Taxes and was at loss to know how administration could be supported without Taxes of any Kind. Deponent conceiving that the Taxes ought to be light as possible, and that everyone share them in proportion, yet that some taxes must be imposed to support the Government: and that deponent has himself in about fourteen months paid to the amount of upwards of One Hundred Pounds duties, and has been anxious to make such payments in proper time, as he knew by so doing was the only means to support administration and good order, and Deponent in receiving the real grounds of such opposition to Mr. Hyde then found his Flag was Flying in the wrong place, which he had lent to the wrong Party - and having discovered such Error the Deponent places it to the right Party with the Inscription " Hyde and His Friends." Disappointment to Bribery and confusion to corruption and Deponent further with that he proceeds to investigate into the principles of the society of Loyal Electors and found they were a loyal and constitutional association of persons and that they only meant to Protect their King, constitution and laws, that their objects were to lay the burden of taxes as light and as equally as possible by apportioning such taxes as impartially as circumstances would admit of and to bring those lands into cultivation which are neglected and lay in an uncultivated state by the inattention, or avarice of the great land speculators, and deponent verily believes that such are the principles of the said society, and that by the determination of such principles the morals of the County would be greatly be improved that every man would know his duty and would conform himself accordingly on these public grounds Deponent
has felt it to be his duty to attend strictly the
meetings of the said society, and has found
nothing contrary to law, or good Order; and
while Deponent in his conscience believes
that such society is true to the King,
Constitution and laws it shall have his
hearty support.

Elisha Le Page J.P.

Sworn at my house near Charlotte Town
this 30th day of May 1811, before me

Robert Gray

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