The Land Record of Peter Heron (Darnley)

Sale of Peter Heronís farm at Darnley Bason to Charles Stewart 1/2/1810

Know all Men by these Presents that I Peter Herron Esqr Senr: farmer of Darnley Bason in Prince Edward Island for and in Consideration of sum of One hundred Pounds lawful money to me in hand paid by CharlesStewart of Prince Town in Prince Edward Island Esqr at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof I the said Peter Herron do hereby Acknowledge Have Granted Bargained, Sold, aliened, Enfeoffed and Confirmed and by these presents do Grant, Bargain, Sell alien, Enfeoff and Confirm, unto the said Charles Stewart his heirs and Assigns the Lot of Land now in my possess possession (sic) [several words too dark. Could be "situated on"] Darnley Bason being part of Lot 18 bounded on the south by a farm belonging to James McNutt Esqr and on the North by a farm belonging to John Murschland Farmer. To have and To hold the said Lot, Pieces or Parcels of Land and all and Singular the Premises above

Mentioned unto the said Charles Stewart his heirs and Assigns to the only proper use, and behoof of the said Charles Stewart his heirs and Assigns forever, Subject Nevertheless to the Several Conditions, reservations, and Provisos mentioned in the Lease of the said Lot In Witness Whereof I the said Peter Herron Senr. set my hand and Seal at Darnley Bason in the Island aforesaid This Second day of January In the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Ten

Peter (his X mark) Herron (Seal)

Signed Sealed and

delivered in the Presence of

Thos McNutt

James Stuart

Received Darnley Bason January the 2d 1810 of Charles Stewart Esquire the sum of one hundred Pounds Currency being in part of the Amount of his Acct Currt against me to this date

Peter [his X mark] Herron

Registered 27th April 1812

Contains 300 word

Index to Heron Wills and Land Sales

Peter Heronís Purchase of Prince Towne Lots , 9/3/1780 & sale to Alexander Davidson 3/12/1781

Sale of Peter Heronís farm at Darnley Basin to Charles Stewart 1/2/1810

Peter Heronís Will 3/29/1814 & Codicil 3/31/1814

Jamesí Petition 30 th April 1825 & Grant 4/30/1825

Mary Heronís Will , 11/8/1823 & Probate Grant 12/7/1825

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