The Descendants of John Lawless and Eleanor O'Sullivan

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Submitted by - Denis Lawless -

This is a work in progress. Denis has a number of additional generations of this family to share and please direct Queries to the email link above!

The Descendants of John Lawless and Eleanor O'Sullivan

Submitted by: Denis F. Lawless,
508-641 Bathgate Dr., Ottawa,
Ont., Canada K1K 3Y3

John Lawless (1791-1871) was the son of John Lawless of Ireland. John (Jr.) was a blacksmith in County Waterford. He and his fiancee, Eleanor O'Sullivan of County Kildare, eloped to Paris, France, where they were married February 15,1815. Eleanor's parents were of Irish nobility and objected to their only daughter marrying a blacksmith. From Paris the young couple migrated to the New World and landed at Bay Fortune, P.E.I. They settled at Little Pond, King's County. John & Eleanor raised 10 children. Eleanor lived until May 14,1896 aged 104 years.

Children of John Lawless and Eleanor O'Sullivan

A) Bridget Lawless, born November 25,1815, married a man named Walsh. They had 2 sons, Michael & Martin. Bridget is buried at Vernon River, P.E.I.

B) Mary Anne Lawless, b. June 19,1818, married an O'Toole. She is buried at Charlottetown.

C) John Lawless, born March 15,1820, married Johanna Powers of Vernon River. They had 3 children. Johanna died later during childbirth. John then married Mary Anne McCarthy of St. Peter's Bay and 4 children were born to them, Paul b.1866, John b.1868, Wm. D. b.1874 & Hanora b.1875. John died in 1875 and was buried with his first wife in Little Pond. His second wife, Mary Anne, then moved to Boston, MA, where she was buried many years later.

Children of John Lawless and Johnanna Powers

C1) Michael Lawless, born December 26,1854, went to Boston, MA where he learned to be a carpenter. He then went to Vancouver, BC where he married Anastasia Matilda MacDonald February 10,1885. She was from East Point, P.E.I., born March 8, 1863 and Baptised at St. Columbia. Her parents died when she was about 7 years old. Michael & Anastasia had 10 children. Michael died January 11,1937 and Anastasia on October 9,1939. They are buried at Ross Bay cemetery in Victoria, BC. (See British Columbia Lawless Family)

C2) Mary Ellen Lawless, b.1859, married Patrick Dwan, b. April 8,1846 and another brother of Jim & Tom Dwan, on Feb/13,1877. They had 10 children. Patrick died Sept. 14,1908. Mary Ellen d. Feb. 8,1951 at Fairhaven, MA, age 92.She is buried at St. Peter's Bay P.E.I.

C3) Katie Lawless (Sarah Catherine), born in 1863 married Myles McCabe of Mulligan, Longford City, Ireland. They had 2 daughters. Katie died March 3,1941 at Dorchester MA where she is buried.

Children of John Lawless and Mary Anne McCarthy

C4) Paul Lawless, born November 8,1866 lived in MA. He had no children.

C5) John Lawless went to Victoria to live with his step brother, Michael. He worked on the ships off the West Coast and died of tuberculosis July 30,1898. He is buried at Ross Bay.

C6) William D. Lawless, born November 3,1874 married Margaret Mulligan in March 1910. They lived in Massachusetts and had 4 children: Lillian b. Jan.13,1911, Ethel b. March 13,1913, William (Jr.) b. Oct. 6,1915 and Catherine b. March 12,1917. William D. Lawless died December 24,1937

C7) Hanora Lawless, born in 1875, married Dolph MacDonald and lived in Dorchester, MA. They had 5 children. Hanora died May 11,1968.

D) Peter Lawless was born May 10,1822 and was lost at sea. A story was told of an his arm being found on the beach and it was buried in the Lawless family plot.

E) Margaret Lawless, born June 29,1824, married a Ryan and had 1 son, Martin Ryan. Martin lived in Connecticut. Margaret's husband died and she then married Jim Dwan who was the storekeeper at Five Houses near St. Peter's Bay. Margaret died about 1908.

F) Michael Lawless, born September 17,1826 was buried at Charlottetown, P.E.I.

G) Thomas Lawless, born May 15,1829, married Margaret Gorman of St. Charles, P.E.I. They had 7(?) children. Thomas died some time before 1919 and was buried at Little Pond.

Children of Thomas Lawless and Margaret Gorman:

G1) Richard Lawless married Anastasia Quinn. Anastasia's father was a brother of Bridget Quinn who married Paul Lawless in 1862. Richard died in Vancouver, BC at age 91.

G2) Peter Lawless married Bell Adams of Deep River CO. They lived in Hyde Park MA. and had 5 children. Beatrice lived in New York, Constance lived in California, Richard married Dorothea and lived in Hingham MA with 6 children, Marion married Donald Dewer and lived in Dedham and Leon married Grace and lived in West Roxbury, MA with 6 children.

G3) Mary Anne Lawless m. Edmund Flynn. They had 9 children and lived at Farmington, P.E.I.

G4) John Lawless

G5) Margaret Ellen Lawless first married John MacDonald of East Boston, MA. She later married a man named Grove and had 3 children.

G6) James Joseph Dwan Lawless

G7) Patrick Lawless married Hannagh Flynn and lived at Farmington, P.E.I. They had 3 children: Gerard married Rose Gillis and lived at Lynn MA with 6 children. Lorne was single and also lived at Lynn MA. Patricia was single at lived at Newton, MA.

H) Elizabeth Lawless, born May 25,1831, married Tom Dwan, brother of Jim Dwan. They lived at Farmington, P.E.I. and had seven children.

I) Joseph Lawless, born August 15,1833, married Lillian Blackett. They had no children and Joseph died March 12,1919.

J) Paul Lawless, born January 8,1837, married Bridget Quinn June 16,1862. They lived on the original Lawless homestead, at Little Pond (Lot 56, King's County) and had 10 children. Paul & Bridget are buried at Little Pond.

Children of Paul Lawless and Bridget Quinn:

J1) John Jos. Lawless, born June 9,1864 died April 23,1896

J2) James Lawless, born April 3,1865 died September 21,1909 at Little Pond.

J3) Eleanor Lawless, born July 9,1867 married David Joseph MacDonald. They had 3 daughters and she died December 17,1958. She is buried at Little Pond, P.E.I.

J4) Anastasia Lawless, born April 24,1869, married John Delvhery. They had 5 children and she died in 1930.

J5) Paul Lawless, born April 15,1871, first married Emma Delvhery. They had 5 children. Later Paul married Elida Nelson and had 3 more children.

J6) Mary Anne Lawless July/24/1873- Jan/21/1896. Unmarried, buried at Chester, CT.

J7) Margaret Lawless, born October 15,1875 married Michael D. MacDonald August 27,1901.They had 6 children and she died June 26,1965. One of their children, John Joseph MacDonald, born October 10,1902, lived on the Lawless family homestead at Little Pond, P.E.I.

J8) Dr. Robert Francis Lawless, born November 21,1878 remained single. He lived and died in New York in 1922.

J9) Bridget Marion Lawless, born February 28,1882 (twin) married first to Abdon Donnelly. They had no children. She later married Frank McAulay. They had 2 children and Bridget died in 1934.

J10) Agatha Frances Lawless, born February 28,1882 (twin) married William Howlett. They had 3 children. Agatha died in 1969. Michael Lawless Anastasia M. MacDonald Family (Prince Edward Island To Victoria, B. C.)

K) Michael Lawless, born December 26, 1854 in Prince Edward Island, went to Boston, MA where he learned to be a carpenter. He then went to Vancouver, BC where he married Anastasia Matilda MacDonald February 10,1885. She was from East Point, P.E.I., born March 8, 1863 and Baptised at St. Columbia. Her parents died when she was about 7 years old. Michael & Anastasia had ten children. Michael died January 11,1937 and Anastasia on October 9,1939. They are buried at Ross Bay cemetery in Victoria, BC.

Children of Michael Lawless and Anastasia Matilda MacDonald:

K1) Mary Elizabeth Lawless, was born November 11,1885 in Victoria and died January 8,1893 at 7 years of age. She is buried at Ross Bay cemetery in Victoria.

K2) Margaret Anne Lawless, b. April 20,1887 in Victoria and married Frank Webb August 1907. They had 14 children. Frank died May 22,1965 and Margaret Anne died February 12, 1968.

K3) Charles Joseph Lawless was born December 8,1888 in Victoria and died April 1889.

K4) Laura Catherine Lawless was born February 15,1890 and married Raymond Webb, brother of Frank Webb, March 31,1921. They had 6 children.

K5) Miriam Rose Lawless was born August 28,1891 in Victoria and died August 1892.

K6) Mary Anastasia Lawless was born February 14,1893 in Victoria. She married Edward McGinn. Mary had leukaemia. They had no children. Edward died February 12,1968.

K7) John Joseph Lawless was born June 21,1894 in Victoria, BC. and Christened at Saint Andrew's Cathedral. He married Constance Mary Drake August 31,1918 at Saint Andrew's. They have 6 children.

Children of John Joseph Lawless & Constance Mary Drake

(7A) Lucille Marie Lawless was born September 23, 1919 in Ottawa, ON. She married Arthur Anthony Cownden and they have 11 children.

(7B) Mavis Kathleen Lawless was born December 6,1922 in Ottawa, ON. She married Walter Cownden. They have 1 son and 3 adopted daughters.

(7C)Velma Teresa Lawless was born March 3,1924 in Portland OR. She married Leslie Harvey Wilson They have 3 children.

(7D) Lois Bernadette Lawless was born June 8,1930 in Victoria, BC. She married Robert Charles Shandley July 19,1952. They have 4 children.

(7E) David Joseph Lawless, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; university president; b. Victoria, B.C. 1 June 1932; s. John Joseph and Constance (Drake) L.; e. St. Louis College; Univ. of Windsor B.A. 1957; Univ. of B.C. M.A. 1960; Univ. of London M.A. 1963, Ph.D. 1969; m. Maria-Pilar (b. Jan. 14,1930 in Madrid, Spain) d. Emilio and Maria Ruiz-Campuzano 25 Oct. 1958; children: David, John, Andrew, Jose-Ignacio, Denise, Daniel; PRES. AND VICE-CHANCELLOR, ST. FRANCIS XAVIER UNIVERSITY 1990- ; Asst. Officer-in-Charge, Cdn. Immigration (London, U.K.)1960-63; Lectr.-Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Man. 1971-75; Dean of Contg. Edn. 1975-78; Academic V.P.1978-82; Rector, St. Paul's Coll. Wpg. 1984-90; Chair, Council of N.S. Univ. Presidents 1944- ; Mem., Standing Adv. Ctte. for Internat. Relns., Assn. of Univ. & Coll. of Can.; Chair,Assn. of Cath. Coll. & Univ. of Can. 1986-88; Award for Excellence in Teaching 1968; B.C. Drama Scholarship 1946; Wpg. Bus. Devel. Corp. 1991-93; Bd. of Gov., Internat. Devel. Rsch. Ctr. 1979-83; R.C.; Cert. Psychologist; Member of prov., nat. & internat. psych. assns.; author: Organizational Psychology 1979, Effective Management 1972 and papers in profl. journals; recreations: swimming, gardening; Home: 5 Nicholson Court, Antigonish, N.S. B2G 2V5; Office: Antigonish, N.S. B2G 1C0

Children of David Joseph Lawless & Maria-Pilar Ruiz Campuzano:

(7E1) David Joseph was born June 6,1960 in Vancouver, BC.

(7E2) John Joseph was born October 8,1961 in London, England.

(7E3) Andrew Paul was born Jannary 12, 1963 in London, England.

(7E4) Jose Ignacio was born March 7,1964 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

(7E5) Denise Emilia was born March,21,1965 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

(7E6) Daniel Alec was born September 28,1969 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

(7F) Brian Bernard Lawless was born September 27,1934 in Victoria, BC. He married Marie Frances Earthy November 26,1955.They have 7 children.

K8) Rose Lillian Lawless was born June 21,1896 in Victoria. She married Joseph Haley.

K9) Geneva Gertrude Lawless, born Sept. 18,1897 in Victoria BC,died July 24,1898.

K10) Michael Francis Lawless was born May 2,1899 in Victoria. He married Viola Aschbert November 2,1924. They had 4 children. (1) Richard has 2 sons. (2) Teresa has 6 children. (3) William Francis has 5 children (4) ? Michael Francis was widowed May 28,1968 and married Judy, an old friend of his late wife Viola, October 4,1969.

Note: John Lawless of Prince Edward Island, went to Victoria to live with his step brother, Michael Lawless, in Victoria, B.C. He worked on the ships off the west coast and died of tuberculosis July 30, 1898. He is buried at Ross bay, B.C.

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