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Day Month Year (C/L/P) - Addressee Address Postage From/Postmark [Lehr] Owner *
15 05 1802 (L) Douglas, James Comptroller of the Customs,
2s 2d and 4.5d Edinburgh, Scotland M.Salmon
02 10 1802 (L) James Douglas, Esq. Comptroller of the Customs,
St. Johns Island,
North America,
Island St. John
  Edinburg, Scotland Saint Collection
12 10 1805 (C) His Parents,
    Isle of Skye
    Alexander Stewart,
Charlotte Town,
Prince Edward Island
26 02 1814 (C) Mr. James Macdonnell Deputy Surveyor Gen'l,
Prince Edward Isl.,
British North America
ppd Irish 10d Ronald Macdonnell,
The Island
#27, pg. 43
01 05 1814 (C) George Birnie, Esq. C/o Mefsrs. Waters & Birnie
Bishop Gate St.
Great St. Helens
  Mr. Fade Goff, P.E.I. PAC Acc.
27 03 1815 (L) Messrs. Birnie & Son Great St. Helen St.,
London, England.
  Fade Goff, Charlottetown,
T. W. Stewart
09 07 1818 (L) Mr. James Wilson Grange by St. Andrews,
Fife Shire,
N. Britain.
Jul. 15
Thomas Wilson,
PAC Film
03 02 1823 (L) John Young, Esq. Secretary of the Farming
Society, Halifax
  John Sutton, Ch'tn, P.E.I. Ivan MacKenzie
10 03 1823 (L) Stevenson, Robert Fredericton, N.B., about his
Brother in P.E.I.
Unknown Kilmacolm, Renfrew, Scotland  

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