Letters from P.E.I. - John Duncan, Rustico to his brother James Duncan in Scotland, Apr 01, 1836

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Transcribed by Gary Carroll, garycarroll@hotmail.com

PAPEI ACC 2702/650 - Letter from John Duncan, Rustico to his brother James Duncan in Scotland

Mr. James Duncan
Woodhead Street

Rustico, Prince Edward Island, 1st April, 1836

Dear Brother James
We takes the pen in hand to inform you all of our good health, thanks be to God, hopeing these few lines will find you all the same. As what respects and temporal welfare we have no reason of complaint Almighty God has blessed us beyond our expectation, may we therefore thank and praise him for evermore.

We had a good crop last Fall, but we expect a better one still in the next, as we have two good working oxen now to do our work which we had not last year both rising to year. We have six head of cattle and four sheep. We have not a Cow just now, we had one, but we had the misfortune that she took the horn distemper, and was obliged in consequence to kill her, but we expect to have another one in the spring. We are most miserable for want of a Church in this quarter for the nearest one is still very far. Brother Andrew, wife and family are all well and joins in their best compliments with us to you all Poor brother Francis had the misfortune of losing his wife last spring. He makes you also his best compliments; she left him with four children.

As soon as you receive this please to let it know to my good old Master McRory and also our present situation to my mother and brothers in law in New Bury, with our best love and respects.

As for my brother David Thompson please to tell him how this country will not answer him at all, I am sorry for it

We have no particular news to mention, as you are in the center of all news yourselves Wheat sell at 5/ pr Bushel Barley from 2/6 to 3/ and Oats from 1/3 to 1/8 Potatoes 1/ Butter from 9d to 12 d, Turnips like the potatoes.


We have no more to say for the present, but please to write as soon as you will receive this, and give us all the news possible. Believe me that my Mrs.
and all the Family joins with me in our best respects to you all and remain

Yours for ever
John Duncan

I would not advise my brothers to come out on account of the winter is so long but if I had my old mother hear I would hold her comfortabler than ever I would
been abel to do at home and youl let me know how mother and sister is giten on and all my best respects.

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