Letters from P.E.I. - Taylor Letters, 1870's

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Transcribed by Dennis Taylor , rdpei_taylor@yahoo.ca

E. W. Taylor was already on PEI, while G. H. Taylor was still in Diss, England. E. W. operated a jewelry store in Ch'town, while his brother was involved with their father in the family jewelry store in Diss, thus some of the items in the letter. When G. H. came to PEI, he started G. H. Taylor's Jewelry which became Taylors, still in Ch'town.

Mere St Diss

Friday Nov 1/72

Dr Edwin:

On coming down stairs this morning I was very pleased to find a letter from you. We sent off your box this afternoon & trust you will receive it safely. We were obliged to leave a few things out on account of mail leaving so soon. The fish Carvers & Clock you ordered in last letter we could not send as you will see the order arrived only this morning when goods were packed. If the box had not been sent to day (Friday) you would have had to wait another fortnight for it. We thought it better therefore not to delay for the missing goods.

They -- had no telescope no 390 with signals attached & has sent one nearest to your order. We were also unable to procure a Gold Hunting Lady's Watch with seconds Hand in time so have sent one without, with good engraved cases from Troups (Froups?). I think I've given you nearly enough about business so will leave the rest to Ellen who I have no doubt will give you a great deal more information than I have.

I often think Edwin of coming to America I think I've lived at home almost long enough what do you think? Do you think there would be room in America for a rum fellow like me.

A friend of mine who I have no doubt will go into the ministry over there & James Bobby with a friend who are going into the farming with young Thurlow (?) who is there are coming over in the spring. Don't you think it would be a good opportunity to come with them & see you, or perhaps you would rather have me keep at a distance. Perhaps you wonder at me writing like this but I begin to feel rather unsettled & I think its my duty soon to leave home for there's Willie growing quite a man & Mother I believe thinks of putting him to the Watchmaking business. If I go on much longer I expect you will get quite tired so I'll draw this scribble to a close wishing you all prosperity from your affectionate brother

G. H. Taylor

Mere St
July 25/77

Dear Edwin:

Since writing last, Marianne has heard from Mr. Bell and I daresay you will be surprised to hear that she has decided to come out with me by "Caspian" Aug 7th. I suppose Mr. B. will be at Halifax to meet us - at least to meet Marianne - that is if he receives her letter in time, for she was obliged to direct his letter to his last address after he left it for conference and do not know whether he will return to it again.

If there was time for you to answer this letter, should ask you how we should arrange for Marianne to meet you etc. etc., but must decide when we see Mr. B., if we do not see you at Halifax, or perhaps you will correspond with Mr. B. & find out what he intends doing, for there is no time for us to make arrangements with those the other side of the Atlantic, for expect when you receive this we shall be a good part of our way.

I daresay you can imagine that we are very busy just now with two leaving home who have been there for a good many years and one of them intending to get married with only a few weeks notice.

Lately we have had very nice weather here, have had a very good hayset & expect also a very good harvest. Everything is looking much better than we should of thought for considering the very wet early spring we had.

Mis (?) Naplon (?) has been in to day, a young lady who intends to go out to her young man next year and has been giving Marianne a little instruction about going out for her sister went out last year about this time.

Must now say good-bye. We are all now a little more excited than usual.

With love to you all from,
Yr Affectionate Bro,

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