Persons who have taken out a license to Retail Spirits - 1820

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From The Prince Edward Island Gazette, August 16, 1820:

The following List contains the names of all those Persons who have taken out a license to Retail Spirits & etc. for the present Year of which Justices of the Peace and persons concerned are desired to take notice.

Private Secretaryís Office

August 15, 1820

Charlotte-Town, Queens County


Colin McLaughlin
Simon Dodd, Ship Inn
Mrs. McPhie
Mrs. Campbell
Dennis Reddin
James Coles, Light-Horse
Thomas Sims
Mrs. Jones, Cross Keys
Thomas Jones, Commercial Inn
John Howell, Wellington Hotel
George Bynon, Wind-Mill tavern
Joseph Pippy, New Inn
Henry May Williams
James Connolly, Irish Tavern
Hector McLean

Stores in Charlotte-Town

Robert Drew
James Rielly
Henderson & Gohegan
Joseph Higgins
Ewen Cameron
David McGill
Nathan Davis
Ralph Thompson
Thomas Murphy

Queens County

James Mudge, Lot 48
Donald Stewart, Cross Roads, Lot 48
Nicholas Jenkins, Lot 49
Robert Sample, Tea Hill, Lot 49
Mrs. Mary Weldon, Char.-Town Roy.
Wm. Scott, Store inn, do.
Peter Ferguson, St. Peterís Road, Lot 34
James Ferguson, St. Peterís Road
George Cole, Rustico Road, Lot 24
Alfred Fisher, St. Peterís Road, Lot 34
Conrad Vickerson, 5 Mile H. St.P.R.
John Collings, Windsor Farm, lot 37
William Crabb, Prince Town Road
John Dixon, do
Samuel E. Dawson, Tryon Rd. Lot 31
John Hughes, Cove Head Road
Thos. Gardner, Ferryman, Hunter R.
Thomas Mellish, Springfield, Lot 49
Wm. Brinkworth, Cove Head Mill
Joseph Vezey, Cross Roads, Lot 49
Thos. Hickey, St. Peterís Road, Lot 36

Prince County

George Bearsteau, Prince-Town
James Trueguard
John Smith, Margate
Richard Lea, Tryon
Benjamin & Terence Webster, Tryon

G. Sydney Smith, Private Secretary

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