London Times, PEI References, 1810-1929

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Submitted by Anne (Nosworthy) Brooks -

Excerpts from the London newspaper, The Times, containing references to Prince Edward Island. I will be happy to provide the original copy of any article of interest. Anne Brooks. (


November 9, 1810

Extract of a letter dated Charlotte-town, Prince Edward Island, Sept. 20, 1810:

"We have had four out of the five vessels from Scotland, with emigrants already arrived; and, for the sake of humanity, I hope the fifth may not; as, independent of the late period at which they must arrive, if they come, the scantiness of our crops, arising from a long continuance of dry hot weather, will render it a very difficult matter for them to make out sufficient sustenance for the winter. In short, it is a most infamous traffic in the way it is carried on. The poor ignorant wretches are deluded by false and exaggerated accounts of the island, to quit, perhaps, comfortable situations at home, and come here, paying for the last child 10? Sterling; and such as have not the money to put down, are induced to give their obligations (notes) payable on demand, which have been put into the hands of an Attorney the day after they have landed; and those who have no friends to advance the money, or to go bail for them, are cast into prison, though they declare that they were solemnly promised they should not be called on until it was perfectly convenient for them to pay. Add to this, they are turned out on a beach, without a place to shelter themselves in, except an old windmill, which is used by Government as a telegraph, and is pervious to every blast! They have all this year, embarked from Oban; and it is most fortunate for the person who thus freighted them, that he did not arrive with those already come, or I believe it would not have been in the power of the Civil Magistrate, had he the inclination, to prevent a portion of summary justice being executed upon him, at least as far as a good ducking would go. "

February 18, 1819

PRINCE EDWARD’S ISLAND _ To be SOLD, a TRACT of LAND, in the King’s County, containing by estimation TWENTY THOUSAND ACRES, more or less, being Lot 54, fronting a very fine river, navigable for shipping of any size, and well situated for establishing fisheries, &c.; the soil is of very good quality. Apply to Messrs. PARNTHER, and TURNER, No. 12, London street.

June 14, 1828. Taken from the London Gazette, June 13.


Artemus CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge, Bristol, and Prince Edward Island merchant, June 26, 27, July 25, at the Bush Tavern. Bristol: solicitors, Messrs. CLARKE, RICHARDS, and MEDCALF, Chancery-lane.

December 3, 1842


At Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island, on Saturday, the 5th ult., after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian resignation and fortitude, Mrs. Matilda BRECKEN, aged 65 years, relict of the late Ralph Brecken, Esq., Lieutenant-Colonel of Militia, and formerly Speaker of the House of Assembly of that island. Mrs. Brecken was the last survivor of the family of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph ROBINSON, who raised the Regiment of South Carolina Royalists, and commanded them throughout the whole of the revolutionary war in America, in which they greatly distinguished themselves. At the termination of the war Colonel Robinson retired upon half-pay, and came with his family to Prince Edward’s Island, having sacrificed a valuable property in South Carolina to his unshaken principles of loyalty and attachment to the British Crown. Colonel Robinson was possessed of great versatile talents, and made himself eminently useful during his long residence in the colony. He filled various offices of trust and importance; he was a member of His Majesty’s Council, Assistant Justice of the Supreme Court and Judge of Probate, and died in the year 1808, universally regretted and esteemed.

February 19, 1846


On the 25th ult., in Prince Edward’s Island, age 13 months, Edward Leigh MELLISH, the only child of Captain Mellish, of the Rifle Brigade.

October 17, 1846


On the 24th of September, at his residence, Holland-grove, Charlotte-town, Prince Edward’s Island, John GRUBB, Esq., late of Horsendon-house, Bucks, aged 59?, beloved and regretted by all who knew him.

March 4, 1847


On the 5th of January, at Charlotte Town, Price Edward Island, North America, Thomas Heath HAVILAND, Esq., of Charlotte Town, to Anne Elizabeth, fifth daughter of the late John GRUBB, Esq., of the same place, and formerly of Horsendon-house, Bucks.

January 25, 1853


On the 26th of May, at St. Paul’s Church, Charlotte-Town, Prince Edward Island, by the Rev. Dr. JENKINS, D.C.L., officiating chaplain to the garrison, Edward Douglass HARVEST, Esq., eldest surviving son of Major Harvest, unattached, and grandson of Charles Douglass SMITH, Esq., of Dawlish, Devon, late Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island, to Theresa Maria, eldest surviving daughter of Captain the Hon. Ambrose LANE, Town Major and Sub-Inspector of Militia, Prince Edward Island, and granddaughter of the above C.D. Smith, Esq.

May 8, 1856


On the 6th inst., at the Church of the Sardinian Embassy, by the Rev. E. PRICE, and afterwards at St. George’s, Bloomsbury, by the Rev. T. CLARKE, James STEPHENS, Esq., H.C. of Merchants’-road, Galway, to Marguerite, youngest daughter of the late Captain John STEWART, of Mount Stewart, and adopted child of the Hon. James Herron CONROY, of Charlotte-town, Prince Edward Island.

May 18, 1857


On the 2d April, at Charlotte Town, Prince Edward’s Island, the Hon. Captain Stephen RICE, L.C., only son of the late Jno. Rice, Esq., of Shoreham, Sussex.

February 22, 1858


On the 21st Jan. last, at Charlotte-town, Prince Edward’s Island, in the 84th year, Mary WARD, the beloved wife of John BARROW, Esq., formerly of Hill-park, near Westerham, Kent.

December 6, 1864


On the 17th Nov., at St. Paul’s Church, Charlotte-town, Prince Edward Island, B.N.A., by the Rev. David FITZGERALD, rector, Albert, fifth son of the Hon. Charles HENSLEY, Commander R.N., formerly of Newlands, Charlotte-town Royalty, now of 40, Burlington-road, St. Stephen’s-square, London, to Sarah Wastie, only daughter of the late Stephen W. DEBLOIS, of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Feb 01, 1866


On the 22d. Dec., 1865, drowned at sea, Daniel Jackson ROBERTS, of Prince Edward Island, B.N.A., second son of the late Daniel Roberts, Esq., D.C.L., of Mitcham and Ewell, Surrey, aged 34.

December 4, 1866


On the 12th Nov., at Inkerman House, Prince Edward Island, in the 42d. year of her age, Susan Ellen GRAY, wife of Colonel the Hon. John Hamilton Gray.

November 18, 1867


On Friday, the 1st inst., at Spring Park, Prince Edward Island, B.N.A., Lieut.-Col. P.D. STEWART, late of the Royal Artillery, and Adjutant-Gen. of the Militia of the island, in the 83d year of his age.

February 14, 1868


On the 3d. Jan., at St. John, New Brunswick, in the 68th year of his age, Henry Bowyer SMITH, Esq., many years Collector H.M.’s Customs at that port, fourth son of the late Charles Douglass Smith, Esq., formerly Lieut-Governor of Prince Edward Island, and nephew of the late Admiral Sir W. Sidney Smith, G.C.B.

November 12, 1869


On the 22d Oct., at Charlotte-Town, Prince Edward Island, Arthur, seventh son of the Hon. William SWABEY, of Wavendon House, Bucks, and formerly of that island, aged 29.

September 04, 1875


On the 2d inst., at St. Paul’s Church, Islington, by the Rev. Hardy DIXON, the Rev. Daniel H. COGSWELL, M.A., son of James N. Cogswell, Esq., J.P., Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, to Mary Isabel, third daughter of the late Frederick MORRIS, Esq., of Holloway House, Bath.

April 11, 1878


On the 6th April, after a lingering illness, Constance Emma, last surviving child of the late Capt. Sir H.V. HUNTLEY, R.N., Governor of Prince Edward Island.

June 12, 1880


On the 10th inst., at St. Mary’s Bryanston-square, by the Hon. and Rev. W.H. FREMANTLE, George Mellersh JONES, Esq., of Sidney Coll, Cambridge, to Matilda Ellen, eldest daughter of D. MCLAREN, Esq., of Prince Edward Island.

December 21, 1881


On the 19th inst., at Willow Grove, Charlottetown, Prince Edwards’s Island, by the Rev. Kenneth MCLENNAN, M.A., Pastor of St. James Presbyterian church, John H. CATHRAE ( OATHRAE ? ) to Jane Anderson, younger daughter of Mr. J. W. MORRISON.

May 30, 1884


On the 9th inst., at Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island, Robert Bruce STEWART, Esq., late of Strathgartney, Charlotte Town.

February 28, 1885


On the 10th inst., at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, ADMIRAL Henry W. BAYFIELD, aged 90.

March 2, 1885


The death is announced from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, of Admiral Henry W. BAYFIELD, F.R.A.S., one of the oldest officers on the retired list. The deceased, who was in his 90th year, entered the service as far back as 1806, and in 1874 was awarded a Greenwich Hospital pension of 150 pounds a year, which now falls to the gift of the First Lord of the Admiralty.

August 29, 1885


On the 27th inst., at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Eden-grove, Holloway, by the Rev. Ignatius DOLAN, P.P., Archibald Clark, son of the late Thomas Clark McINDOE, Belfast, to Magdalene Josephine, daughter of Dennis MURPHY, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. No cards.

November 11, 1886


On the 7th inst., at 2, Ross-place, Mount-row, Guernsey, Helen Lucy, third daughter of MAJOR E. J. RAYNES, late Staff Paymaster, Army Pay Department, and grand-daughter of the late Hon. Colonel LANE, of Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island.

December 21, 1888


On the 19th Dec., at 4, King’s buildings, Chester, William STEWART, late of Glen Stewart, Prince Edward Island, (10th son of the late Charles Stewart, Chief Justice of that island), aged 82 years. American and Canadian papers, please copy. (age difficult to decipher).

November 17, 1891


On the 12th Nov., at 1, Holland-park-terrace, Notting-hill, Ann MACLEOD, widow of the late Archibald FULLARTON, of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Publisher, and only child of the late Captain Daniel MacLeod , of Prince Edward Island, age 87.

January 2, 1894


LONGWORTH – HENSLEY. On the 12th Dec., at St. Paul’s Church, Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island, by the Rev. W. HAMLYN, B.A., Henry Warwick LONGWORTH, the second son of the late Henry Longworth, Esq., of Glynwood, Charlotte Town Royalty, to Mary Eva, third daughter of Honble. Mr. Justice HENSLEY, Vice-Chancellor, and granddaughter of the late Sir Robert HODGSON, Lieut.-Governor of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

March 12, 1906



A Reuter telegram from Halifax (Nova Scotia), dated March 10, announces that the Most Rev. Cornelius O’BRIEN, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Halifax, died suddenly on Friday night, as the result of an apoplectic seizure.

Dr. O’Brien was born, of Irish parents, near New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island, on May 4, 1843. He was educated locally and at Pubnico, and then became a clerk in a mercantile establishment at Summerside. When 19 years old, however, he entered St. Dunstan’s College, Charlottetown, to study for the priesthood. He remained there for two years, and then proceeded to the College of the Propaganda, Rome, where he graduated doctor of divinity and of philosophy. He was ordained in 1871 and returning to Prince Edward Island, was for two years a professor and prefect of studies in St. Dunstan’s College. At the end of that time, he was appointed principal priest at the Cathedral, but, in consequence of ill-health, he was sent as parish priest to Indian River, where he remained for eight years. In 1882, on the death of Archbishop HANNAN, Dr. O’Brien was nominated his successor and was consecrated on January 21, 1883. He devoted himself with much zeal and energy to the work of his see, and under his influence, its religious, educational, and social activities received a great impetus. Dr. O’Brien possessed a fine literary taste, and , in addition to many fugitive poems, essays, and articles contributed to the periodical Press, was the author of, among other works, "Philosophy of the Bible Vindicated" (1876), "Mater Admirabilis" (1882), "After Weary Years," a novel; "St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr" (1887), "Aminta, a Modern Life Drama" (1890), and "Memoirs of Bishop Burke" (1894). He was a member of the Royal Society of Canada, of which he was elected president in 1896, and a vice-president for Nova Scotia of the British Empire League in Canada.

March 22, 1910


HUNTER. – On the 6th March, suddenly, after operation for appendicitis, at Vancouver, B.C., David A. HUNTER, formerly Local Secretary of the Standard Life Assurance Co. in Glasgow, third son of the late James Hunter, of Prince Edward Island, formerly of Kilmahumaig, Argyllshire, aged 45 years.

April 9, 1912


JENKINS – On Good Friday, at 36, Thurlow-park-road, Dulwich, Louisa Mary, eldest daughter of the late Rev. John MACLENNAN, of Cromarty, Ross-shire, and Belfast, Prince Edward Island, Canada, and widow of the Rev. John JENKINS, D.D., LL.D., of Montreal. Funeral at the St. Cuthbert’s Presbyterian Church, Court-road, West Norwood, to-morrow (Wednesday), at 2 p.m., and afterwards at Elmer’s-end Cemetery. Friends please accept this, the only, intimation. Scottish and Canadian papers, kindly copy.

February 01, 1927


DR. G.B. GORDON: Our New York correspondent telegraphs: Dr. George Byron Gordon, the archaeologist and Director of the Pennsylvania University Museum died on Sunday from the effects of a fall down a flight of stairs on Saturday night in the Philadelphia Racquets Club. Dr. Gordon was associated with the British Museum in directing the excavations at Ur of the Chaldees, also the Beisan explorations.

Dr. Gordon, whose premature death is a serious loss to science, was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada, on August 4, 1870, and was educated at the University of South Caroline, and at Harvard, where he took the degree of D.Sc.; from 1894 to 1900 he was chief of the Harvard Expedition to Central America, and was the author of "Prehistoric Ruins of Copan," "Researches in the Uloa Valley," "Caverns of Copan," and "The Hieroglyphic Stairway at Copan." Afterwards he became Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, and was appointed Director of the University Museum in 1901. Last year, under his editorship, was published Part 1. Of a monumental work, "Examples of Maya Pottery in the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and in other collection." An important contribution to the study of the great Maya culture which flourished in Central America centuries before the coming of the white man, and which is yet in its infancy. A descriptive text was promised as an appendix to the last portfolio, and it is greatly to be hoped that this was completed by Dr. Gordon before his untimely death. He was also the author of "The Serpent Motive in Ancient Art," "The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel," "In the Alaskan Wilderness," "Baalbek," and "The Walls of Constantinople" and two books which showed his delight in London – "Ancient London," and "Rambles in Old London."

June 25, 1929


Mr. J.B. PEARCE and MISS C.V. PALMER. The engagement is announced between John B. Pearce, the youngest son of the late Mr. R.F. Pearce and Mrs. Pearce, of Craigmillar Lodge, Blundellsands, Liverpool, formerly of Denver, Colorado, and Constance V., third daughter of Mr. R.E. Palmer, O.B.E., and Mrs. Palmer, of 37, Sheffeld- terrace, W.8, and granddaughter of the late Mr. Charles Palmer, K.C., of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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