The Diary of Chas. E. MacDonald of Indian River

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Submitted by Jack Gillis

The early history of this diary is unclear. It is believed that he found an earlier transcription of the diary, obrained a photocopy of it, and Jack has transcribed it for us,, We think you will find it very interesting, and helpful if one of your ancestors are named within!

Excerpts from Diary of Charles E. MacDonald


Transcribed by John Graham Gillis


Horse & Wagon Doctor for Sick Priest

Nov. 7th/91. - Fr. Gillis very unwell, J. A. MacLellan went for doctor, had our horse and wagon.

Nov. 8th/91 - Mass in Indian River, it was Low Mass as Fr. Gillis is very unwell.

Nov. 10th/91 - Typhoid fever very prevalent.

Dec. 5th/91 - Was threshing at V. Gillis’s today.

Dec. 6th/91 - Mass in Freetown.

Priest Well and Active.

Dec. 10th/91 - Fr. Gillis lectured on "His Travels" in Hamilton tonight. A note of thanks was moved by H. O. Stewart and seconded by W. Neil Simpson.

Dec. 13th/91 - Bay all frozen over.

Dec. 19th/91 - Great skating on the Bay.

Dec. 22nd/91 - Edward Gillis arrived home for Xmas holidays from St. Dunstan’s -- his first year in Ch-town.

Twenty Horse Power to Move Barn!

Ten teams of horses

Dec. 26th/91 - Norman Ramsay hauled a little barn from the Taylor place to his own -- used ten teams, our team was there.

Malpeque Bay Thaw!

Dec. 30th/91 - Thaw has ice floating in cakes; fishing on ice yesterday, is open water today.


Mire & Mud In January!

Jan. 4th/92 - Bay is all open following very heavy rain yesterday, no roads for either sleigh or wagon.

Jan. 7th/92 - Very rainy. Ed. Gillis returned to Ch’town.

Jan. 8th/92 - Fine day. Very warm.

Jan. 9th/92 - Boats out fishing oysters.

Jan. 11th/92 - I was threshing at V. G. Gillis’s.

Jan. 13th/92 - Bay all open. I commenced school today, having been home all summer

Jan. 17th/92 - Mass in Freetown.

Jan 26th/92 - Tom Dunphy and Gertie Murphy married today -- he’s 54 and she’s 22.

Jan. 27th/92 - Threshing at V. G. Gillis’s.

Jan 30th/92 - Black Diphtheria in Murray River.

Mar. 15th/92 - Coldest day this winter. Uncle Angus had frolic hauling hay from Fish Island.

Mar 24th/92 - Fine . Travelling poor. Wagons going in S’Side.

Mar. 27th/92 - Mass in Freetown & Vespers in Indian River.

Apr. 10th/92 - Palm Sunday. Very bad wagon roads.

May 24th/92 - Sowing oats.

June 3rd/92 - Planting potatoes

June 23rd/92 - Sold load of hay to Fred MacDonald at 50 cents per cwt.

June 24th/92 - Joe’s Johnny and Archie Gillis collecting for tea party.

July 7th/92 - Made about 490 dollars on tea party today.

July 12th/92 - Dr. Archie C. MacL and I went to Orange Tn , very wild time.

July 19th/92 - Was in Miscouche to Tea Party, cleared $1100.

July 21st/92 - Kevin Grove folk had a picnic at R. B. Easter’s shore.

July 25th/92 - Commenced cutting hay.

July 31st/92 - Put 19 loads of hay in today; Johnny Campbell helping.

Aug. 18th/92 - Heavy thunder & lightning; people killed up west; houses down and much crop damage.

Aug. 23rd/92 - Fine. Cut our wheat today. John A. Gillis helping us bind.

Aug. 29th/92 - Fine. Binding oats. John A. Campbell, Ed. G. Gillis, & Wilfred Gillis helping.

Sept. 7th/92 - Finished oats in forenoon & was helping John G. MacLellan in afternoon.

Sept. 11th/92 - Fine day. Mass in Freetown & Indian River.

Sept. 13th/92 - Started to plough. Ground hard & dry.

Charles & Friend Escape Drowning

Sept. 18th/92 - Windiest day this Fall, So. West. Archie Gillis & Chas MacDonald’s boat upset off M. Ramsey’s rescued after much difficulty by Stephen Campbell & others, being in water two hours, but managed to keep heads above water.

Oct. 10th/92 - Digging spuds. Potatoes 23c. per bushel.

Oct. 22nd/92 - Down to Baltic Starch Factory with potatoes paying 20 c.

Oct. 28th/92 - Dug our turnips.

Oct. 30th/92 - Mrs. John MacIntyre died today of typhoid fever.

Nov. 10th/92 - Snowing all day. Was threshing at Charles Hickey’s. Thanksgiving Day.

Nov. 15th/92 - Fine. Social in Hamilton Hall, in aid of "Hall". Made $65.00

Nov. 27th/92 - Mass in Freetown.

Dec. 7th/92 - Butchered our hogs -- Archie Gillis and J. S. MacLennan helping us.

Dec. 8th/92 - This is the day of opening of Miscouche Church. Rev. R. B. MacDonald preached the sermon. Collection amounted to $120.00.

Dec. 11th/92 - Very fine. Bishop MacDonald & Father MacIntyre of East Point were in Indian River. Fr. Gillis on visit to east end of Island.

Dec. 25th/92 - Fine day. Mass in Indian River. Fr. Gillis said Mass in S’Side at 11 A. M.

Dec. 26th/92 - Hauling wood and bushed ice from our shore to Rayner’s Creek today.

Dec. 27th/92 - Fine and cold, trot on ice this eve.

Dec. 31st/92 - Fire in Ch-town yesterday, J.B. MacDonald heavy losses by $45,000; insurance only $19,000.


Jan. 1st/93. - Fine day. Mass in Freetown. Splendid roads.

Jan. 11th/93 - Was at chopping frolic at Angus MacLennan’s.

Jan 14th/93 - Threshing at V. Gillis’.

Jan. 23rd/93 - Meeting held in Hamilton Hall to consider if advisable to set up a cheese factory in Kensington. Able speakers being Neil Simpson, Norman Ramsay Sr., Wm. Sinclair, Arch. Ramsay, John Crofer Sr., Robt. Crozier, & J. H. Woodside.

Jan. 26th/93 - Snowed very heavily. I was making axe handles.

Feb. 1st/93 - James MacLellan (Joe’s son) left for U. S. A. today.

Feb. 3rd/93 - Very frosty. Seventeen degrees below zero today.

Feb. 9th/93 - Miss Gertie MacLellan, S’Side, visiting relatives in Indian River today.

Mar. 25th/93 - Rained very heavily, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Apr. 9th/93 - Mass in Freetown. Good wagon roads. Thunder and lightning last night.

Apr. 12th/93 - Fine. Wild geese very plentiful.

Man Charged with Poisoning. Druggist Charged Too.

May 2nd/93 - A Miss McEachern of Ch’town was poisoned there on Friday. A man by the name of Wm. Larter was arrested and charged, also the druggist who mixed the poison.

May 8th/93 - No farming done around here yet, except for Mr. Owen, who began today. Jas. Bechaut lost 600 lobster traps at Curtain Island (by fire); value: $1.00 each.

May 9th/93 - Took load of oats to S’Side; price: 35c per bushel. Potatoes 34c. per bushel.

May 21st/93 - Rev. J. A. MacDonald exchanged pulpits with Fr. Gillis today.

June 15th/93 - Sheared the sheep, -- machine under the command of James Bearsto of Miscouche working in Hamilton today.

June 23rd/93 - Jas Larkin, killed in Boston by falling from a car was buried in In. River today.

July 20th/93 - Wm. Hamilton died this AM 10 o’clock of consumption, aged 28 years.

Aug. 16th/93 - Fine. Got a rice reaper from Uncle Dan today. Chas. Easter came home last night.

Aug. 19th/93 - Binding at V. G. Gillis today.

Aug. 22nd/93. - Last night was the wildest wind felt here since the great Aug. gale of 1873.

Sept. 7th/93 - Joseph Gillis left for Quebec. This is his first year.

Sept. 18th/93 - Msgr. Gillis and several clergy left for Chicago to attend the World Fair.

Sept. 24th/93 - Mass in Indian River, Fr. Hogan officiated.

Sept 27th/93 - Was in S'Side with load of oats, 32c. per bushel.

Oct. 1st/93 - Raining and blowing. Great damage done to boats

Oct 24th/93 - Basket social in Hamilton, -- made $112.00, quilt and all.

Oct. 29th/93 - Re-opening of Freetown church today. His Lordship MacDonald was present and Fr. R. B. MacDonald gave an excellent sermon. Fr. Ronald also preached in Indian R., this evening.

Oct. 30th/93 - Pa and V. G. Gillis were to New Annan to MacNeil’s sale today.

Nov. 2nd/93 - Was to Uncle Archie’s S’Side with potatoes/ 18c a bushel.

Dec. 8th/93 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Msgr. Gillis preached on Prohibition instructing his hearers to vote for it.

Dec. 9th/93 - R.G. Easter took charge of his forge last Wed. for the first time since buying it from Mr. McKay. Mr. Easter, having returned from Boston arranging the deal on Nov. 24th.

Dec. 13th/93 - Day of election resulted in Peter’s Gov’t returned by an increased majority. Kicthorp only member to be defeated. Pa’s (John A.S. MacDonald) majority was 53 votes over John Montgomery Liberal candidate. Returns show Gov’t 23, opp. 7. Liberal majority 16. Never since 1878 has there been such a large majority accorded any party. Rum and money were the chief factors in the fight and were used extensively apparently to good advantage by followers of Frederick Peters. Public Works, Land Office & even education was prostituted for political purposes & road supervisors acting in the capacity of gigantic engines of consumption. Men returned for District 3 John A MacDonald and Joseph Arsenault

Dec. 14th/93 - Pa and V. G. Gillis was up to D. S. MacLellan’s. Uncle Donald is very sick

Dec. 21st/93 - Fine and cold. A. D. Gillis and I were in S’Side with load of oats.

Dec. 22nd/93 - Bushed ice to Raynor’s Creek, Sherbrook, from our shore.

Dec. 28th/93 - Thomas Larkin buried today at 12 noon,

Dec. 29th/93 - Many families down with La Grippe, whole families unable to assist one another.

Dec. 31th/93 - Mass in Freetown & Benediction in I’River at 3 P. M.


Jan. 1st/94 - Dr. Kier up to see Stephen Campbell who is very ill.

Jan 2/94 - Pa took Archie Gillis’ sleigh home to Miscouche today.

Jan 13th/94 - Very wild storm.

Jan 14th/94 - Calmed down last night, roads very banked, tried church but had to turn back.

Jan. 15th/94 - Fine after storm, worst in years. Railroad is snowed in.

Jan. 22/94 - Donald S. MacLellan died at 20 to 3 P. M. , had been sick many years. Was 76 years old.

Jan. 24th/94 - Donald S. buried today, very large funeral.

Jan. 27th/94 - Threshing oats and wheat. Austin MacLellan and J. G. MacLellan was helping us.

Jan. 28th/94 - Mass in Freetown and vespers in I. River at 3 P. M.

Jan. 29th/94 - Dr. Bearsto took heavy dose of poison last night, mistaking it for his usual medicine, died at 12 o’clock. Funeral 31st at 2 P. M. Storming and drifting. Postman did not make it for two days.

Feb. 7th/94 - Thawing all day. Ash Wed. A young man named McInnes broke into Mom’s book store, stole watches and money. A Constable Shepard Allan when arresting while trying to leave the scene, fired a shot , the bullet entering his leg, removed with some difficulty by Dr. Woen, this happened a couple of weeks ago.

Feb. 15th/94 - Death took our Lieutenant Gov. Hon. Jedidiah Glaso Carnell at 2:30 yesterday. His Hon. was ailing for years, unable to leave his room months at a time. His age was 62.

Feb. 17th/94 - No trains for two days. Roads very banked after yesterday’s storm.

Feb. 18th/94 - Mass in St. James Church, Freetown and prayers in I. River

Feb. 22nd/94 - Senator Howlan appointed Gov. of Province.

Feb. 24th/94 - Fine and very cold. 14 degree below zero. Clayton Donalds died of brain fever, 23 years old, and sick for one week & member of Court Aberdeen I. O. F. Malpeque carried $1000.00 on his life.

Feb. 27th/94 - Fine. Chopping wood. Eddie Hickey helped me.

Mar. 8th/94 - Mrs. K. McKay left today for new home in Margate.

Mar. 9th/94 - Hauled a load of furniture for McKay -- to Margate.

Mar. 11th/94 - Fine. Snow going fast. Mass in Freetown and prayers in Indian River.

Mar. 12th/94 - Fine and mild, roads very soft. Many mud diggers on the bay.

Mar. 16th/94 - Overcast. Was chopping wood and helping R. G. Easter raise his dwelling house this eve.

Mar. 17th/94 - St. Patrick’s celebrated in Emerald with a Grand Concert. Ice opening in bay.

Mar. 25th/94 - Easter Sunday, and Mass in I. River & very large crowd.

Apr. 8th/94 - Mrs. Augustine MacLellan died this A. M. after a short illness of inflammation of lungs, age 82.

Apr. 10th/94 - Mrs. Augustine MacLellan buried today at 8:30 A. M. Pa started to town, but roads too bad and turned back.

Apr. 12th/94 - Thomas W. Larkin, Kens. buried today at 9 A. M. 66 sleighs at funeral. 54 years and sick a long while of stomach cancer & complicated other diseases.

Apr. 21st/94 - Was in Kens. today. John A. Gillis was with me.

Apr. 24th/94 - Removing banking from house this eve.

Apr. 25th/94 - I was at stumping frolic at Alan MacLellan’s today. Had 28 men.

Apr. 26th/94 - Hattie Tuplin died this A. M. 10 o’clock, of consumption age 24 years.

Apr. 28th/94 - Hattie Tuplin buried today at 2 P. M.

Apr. 29th/94 - Mass in Freetown & prayers in I. River at 4 P. M.

May 5th/94 - Pensy MacLellan home from Little Harbor for vacation. Ronald James MacDonald arrived home from Rome today, looking well.

May 8th/94 - Mrs. James Ramsay died today at 1.00 P. M. , aged 54 year, -- funeral 10th 2 P. M.

May 14th/94 - Mrs. R. S. Easter left this morn for Boston.

June 25th/94 - Fine. Angus MacLellan, Emma Shea of this parish were passengers on the train en route to St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec. Many Islanders on this pilgrimage

July 3rd/94 - Roderick S. MacLellan, I. River & Mary E. MacKinnon of New Annan were united in Marriage this A. M. by Rev. Msgr. D. J. Gillis.

July 11th/94 - Tea party in Kinkora.

July 15th/94 - Confirmation in I. River today. His Lordship Bishop MacDonald accompanied by Frs. Arsenault & MacMillan. MacMillan preached and Fr. Arsenault presided at the organ. John A. was confirmed (later to be our Fr. John Archie of Tignish parish).

July 24th/94 - Tea party in Grand River.

July 25th/94 - Tea party in Souris. A number went from Kensington.

July 31st/94 - Archie Woodside and Alice Clark married in S’Side yesterday by Rev. Mr. Dill.

Aug. 4th/94 - Putting in hay at Austin MacLellan’s.

Aug. 6th/94 - Fine. Cutting hay at V. G. Gillis’s this A. M. and picking potato bugs.

Aug. 7th/94 - Putting Paris Green on potatoes & took 9 bus. wheat to mill.

Aug. 9th/94 - Was after Dr. Keir for R. G. Easter who was hurt by being dragged by a horse two days ago.

Aug. 22nd/94 - Fine. Finished cutting, binding and stooking prize cluster oats

Aug. 22nd/94 - Fine. George Owen cut our wheat with self-binder I was putting in Wheat at A. Owen’s.

Aug. 27th/94 - Was -- oats for V. G. Gillis on the Hickey Farm today.

Aug. 29th/94 - Norman Ramsay hauled the White House from Macks Shore to Oyster Cove today.

Sept. 6th/94 - Putting in grain with Austin MacLellan this P. M. Mr. Chas E. Robertson, merchant, of Ch’town was killed in Kensington today. He tried to board the special train as it moved out of station, and was thrown under the wheels. Died an hour later.

Sept. 10th/94 - Overcast & foggy. Mr. E. G. Gillis left for Ch’town to attend St. Dunstan’s College.

Sept. 16th/94 - Mass in Freetown.

Oct. 11th/94 - Dan McKelvie had an auction sale. He disposed of his farm by private sale to Mr. Wm. Simpson for 3000 dollars.

Oct. 16th/94 - Fine. Forty hours devotion began in I. River this A. M. Besides Msgr. D. J. Gillis there were the Revs. Dougal M. MacDonald of Tignish, Ronald B. MacDonald of Rustico, James Aeneas MacDonald of Hope River, D. J. G. MacDonald of S’side, J. A. MacDonald of Miscouche & J. J. MacDonald of Kinkora.

Oct. 17th/94 - Very muddy disagreeable roads for travelling.

Oct. 18th/94 - Forty Hours closed this A. M. Fr. Ronald preached the closing sermon.

Oct. 31st/94 - Fine. Fishing oysters. Sold 4 barrels to N. Ramsay for $2.25 per barrel.

Dec. 2nd/94 - Fine. Mass in Freetown. Mr. Donald Gorman died this A. M. a 1 o’clock of inflammation of bowels, aged 67.

Dec. 3rd/94 - Fine. Was threshing. Archie D. Gillis helping.

Dec. 16th/94 - Fine. Mass in Freetown. Benj. Bearsto died yeterday of apoplexy aged 76 years.

Dec. 18th/94 - A Debating Soc. was organized in I. River schoolhouse this eve. Following officers were: Pres. John A. L. MacLellan, Vice Pres. Joseph Driscoll, Sec. Treas. Chas E. MacDonald., Exec. Committee, Roderick J. MacDonald, James Campbell, A. D. Gillis, Chas. N Easter & Horace Hickey.

Dec. 21st/94 - Fine day. Was in S’Side -- A. D. Gillis & J. A. MacLellan were with me. E. G. Gillis arrived from Ch’town this eve.

Dec. 25th/94 - Snowing & raining. Very good wagon roads. Mass in I. River. The music in church today was very fine. Miss Lizzie MacDonald at organ and Mr. James Ready at coronet, Mr. Emmet Hughes on Clarinet, and Mrs. J.F. MacLellan & Mr. D.Ready on violins.

Dec. 28th/94 - Uncle Dan McKelvie very sick.

Dec. 30th/94. - Mrs. T. Power buried today from Eel Creek.


Jan 1st/95 - Very stormy. Mass in Freetown. First big snow storm this winter.

Jan. 2nd/95 - Fine after storm. Was to Ken. to a basket social for choir of I. River (St. Mary’s). Made $38.00

Jan 18th/95 - Fine . Was threshing at V. G. Gillis’s until 2 A. M.

Jan. 20th/95 - Fine and cold. Mass in Freetown.

Jan. 21st/95 - Fine day. The electric lights in S’Side were started about a week ago and gives entire satisfaction, a great addition to the town, and give a great deal clearer and brighter light than the old oil lamps.

Jan. 26th/95 - Threshing at V. G. Gillis’s. Stormed tonight.

Jan. 27th/95 - Fine day. Mass in I. River. Was after Dr. Keir. Pensie very sick with inflammation of lungs.

Jan. 28th/95. - Fine. Got a load of hard wood from V. G. Gillis today.

Jan. 29th/95 - Fr. Gillis down to see Pensie. Rev. Ronald James MacDonald died at Episcopal Residence in Ch’town on Sunday last, 27th, in the presence of Bishop MacDonald, Rev. G. B. Arsenault and the deceased’s mother. Was buried in S’side this A. M. at 10 o’clock, 23 years old

Feb. 5th/95 - Very stormy, one of the worst this year. Postman did not get through.

Feb. 6th/95 - Storm still continues.

Feb. 7th/95 - Fine after storm. Wind west and very frosty.

Feb. 8th/95 - Snowing and drifting, railroad banked up.

Feb. 9th/95 - Fine. Tremendous snow banks in all directions.

Feb. 10th/95 - Snowing and drifting. Mass in I. River.

Feb. 11th/95 - Fine day. Meeting held in I. River school house -- purpose -- to appoint delegates to attend Lib. & Conservative Convention in S’Side the 19th. Addresses delivered by several officiated.

Feb. 17th/95 - Mass in Freetown.

One Hundred & One Sleighs Counted at Montgomery Funeral

Feb. 20th/95 - I was down to John Montgomery’s funeral (died 18th), was 101 sleighs. Rev. Mr. Archibald officiated.

Feb. 21st/95 - Fine. Threshing at V. G. Gillis’. James McCarvil & Ester Dunphy wedded today by Msgr. Gillis.

Feb. 23rd/95 - Drifting all day. Threshing at V. G. Gillis’s.

Feb. 25th/95 - Fine. John A. MacLellan & A. D. Gillis butchered a cow for us today.

Feb. 26th/95 - Was in S’Side with beef sold to R. T. Holman.

Mar. 7 & 8/95 - A. D. Gillis & I chopping wood.

Mar. 9th/95 - A. D. Gillis chopping wood and I hauling out, hauled out 20 loads.

Mar. 14th/95 - I. River debating elected officers for coming quarter; Pres. Joe Driscoll, Vice Pres. Austin MacLellan, Sec. Treas. John Alex MacLellan, Exec. Committee A. D. Gillis, Chas. MacDonald, Alban MacLellan, R. J. MacLellan, & Frank Shea.

Mar. 17th/95 - Drifted all day. Mass in Freetown. Roads all banked up.

Mar. 18th/95 - Snowing & drifting.

Mar. 20th/95 - First mild day since Fri., trains are all blocked up. One from S’side got only to Freetown and one from East only to North Wiltshire.

Mar. 23rd/95 - Mild soft wind -- snow disappearing. Ice very bad. No travelling on Bay for nearly two months.

Mar. 30th/95 - Fine. Big fire in S’side today from Journal office to Crabbes Block, destroying J. office, Bank of Nova Scotia, , store of Capt. MacKinnon, Gourlie Drug, Muttart’s rum shop, Dr. MacIntyre dentristy, & Hotel MacIntyre, total at $45,000.00.

Apr. 4th/95 - Silver thaw. Frank Hickey died this 3 A. M. , about 45 years.

Apr. 9th/95 - South wind blowing hard and great freshetts of water running everywhere. All muddiggers hauled ashore. Aunt Bella operated upon today by Dr. Conroy at Ch’town Hosp.

Apr. 25th/95 - Ice broken up around shore, I. River open. Fields drying up fast, both wagon and sleighs going.

Apr. 24th/95 - Fine. Cutting poles. Rose Campbell arrived home from Montreal today.

Apr. 26th/95 - The Northumberland making daily trips, being very little ice in Straits.

Apr. 28th/95 - Fine. Mass in I. River, not many present, few wagons from Clermont & Ken. Waggoning getting good.

May 7th/95 - Mr. James MacDonald, Glenfinnin & Miss Mary MacLellan were married today by Msgr. Gillis. Mr. James MacDonald of Pisquid & Miss Laural MacLellan (bride’s sister) best people. Mr. John A. L MacLellan accompanied the bridal party to the home of the groom.

May 9th/95 - Lee Owen arrived home from Boston on vacation. Oysters selling for $2.50 per barrel.

May 13th/95 - Lee & Keir Owen left for Boston this A. M.

May 14th/95 - Fine day. Dr. Rossin, known as the French Dr. poisoned himself last night in Ch’town by taking a dose of strychnine, and died shortly after.

May 20th/95 - John Tuplin & Annie Hunter were married in S’Side by the Rev. Mr. Dill.

May 26th/95 - James Crowley died yesterday A. M. age 51; funeral tomorrow at 9 A. M.

June 9th/95 - Commenced sending milk to Ken. factory, R. B. Easter hauling from here.

June 10th/95 - Mr. John A. L. MacLellan & Angeline Morrison married this morning by Msgr. Gillis. After the ceremony the bridal party left for the residence of bride’s mother. Mr. A. D. Gillis & Miss Emma Morrison (bride’s sister) assisted them.

June 23rd/95 - Rained last night and all day today, -- rain greatly needed as crops look very withered. Mass in Freetown.

July 14th/95 - Fine, warm. S’Side people had tea party at Birch Grove. E. G. Gillis & I were in Ken. tonight.

July 6-9th/95 - Working on Keir’s wharf.

July 16th/95 - Was at Miscouche tea party, realized $1200.00

July 28th/95 - Mass in I. River. Rev. A. MacDougald officiated of SDU. Msgr. Gillis presently visiting East end of Island.

July 31st/95 - Rained all day. A branch of C.M.B.A.was organized in Ken. today by Rev. A. E. Burke, Grand Deputy for P.E.I.

Aug. 14th/95 - Was stumping with John A. L. MacLellan. Tea Party in Hope River.

Aug. 15th/95 - Fine. Tea Party in Tignish. Joseph Hennessy, son of Con. Hennessy, drowned in Mill Valley, at Johnson’s Mill pond, last Monday age 12 years.

Aug. 26th/95 - Cutting grain for V. G. Gillis today..

Aug. 30th/95. - Fine. Mr. A. Owen received telegram from Boston this A. M. saying his daughter, Mrs. George Ester, died today, 34 years old.

Sept. 15th/95 - Fine. Ed. G. Gillis & I at Mass in Freetown today.

Sept. 20th/95 - Today is Prince County Exhibition.

Sept. 26th/95 - Went to Exhibition today -- Ch’town.

Sept. 27th/95 - Fine. Edward Gillis left for McGill College, Montreal, to take his first course in Medicine.

Oct. 14th/95 - Rained all day. Aunt Roseanne died last night at 12:30 A. M. of consumption of stomach. Funeral tomorrow at 2 P. M. . She was 67 years.

Nov. 5th/95 - Fine day. Repairing cow stable. Jas Campbell & Chas Hickey Jr. left for Berlin Falls, N. H. and Rose Campbell left yesterday for Montreal.

Nov. 9th/95 - Rained some today. -- was helping Alban MacLellan haul his barn this P. M.

Nov. 14th/95 - Fine, threshing at Austin MacLellan’s. Roderick J. MacLellan left this A. M. for Great Woiks, Maine, in company with his sister, Mrs. Sanpie.

Nov. 21st/95 - Very heaviest gale of the Fall. Thanksgiving. John Easter, Lot 8, took charge of Easter’s Forge today. Mr. & Mr. R. G. Easter leave next week to spend the winter in Boston.

Nov. 23rd/95 - R. T. Holman moved into his new store today for the first.

Nov. 25th/95 - Uncle Angus MacLellan died last night at 10:30 P. M. -- died suddenly only being sick a few hours. He was 84 years old and was keeper of Fish Island light for 23 years. James MacLellan came home to attend funeral, and Jerry Noonan came over with me.

Nov. 26th/95 - Uncle Angus buried today.

Nov. 27th/95 - Was over to Hog Island today. Austin MacLellan left for New Hampshire today.

Nov. 28th/95 - Fine day. Jerry Noonan went home today.

Nov. 30th/95 - Snowed and blew hard from North. Came up from Fish Island today with John A. MacLellan.

Dec. 7th/95 - Butchered a hog and steer today. J. A. MacLellan helping us.

Dec. 8th/95 - Mass in Freetown.

Dec. 12th/95 - Snowed and drifted. Cutting wood, Harry Rodgerson helping.

Dec. 16th/95 - Butchered a hog this eve, J. A. L. MacLellan helping; he and I butchered for him -- tonight.

Dec. 21st/95 - Janie home from Ch’town for Christmas holidays, all sleigh roads gone, and wagons needed.

Dec. 24th/95 - Was in S’side with light wagon.

Dec. 30th/95 - Uncle Dan MacDonald very sick. Drs. MacLellan & Gillis treating him.

Dec. 31st/95 - Duncan Marshall organizer of Patrons of Industry lectured in Hamilton Hall this eve and started a branch of that Society with 22 charter members, following officers elected: Pres. J. A. L. MacLellan; Vice pres. Chas. Easter; Treasurer Fred Lockerby; Sec. Charles Ramsay; Guide F. Simpson; Sentinal Frank Woodside. Meeting every Thursday at 7 P. M.


Jan. 3rd/96 - Rained all day, roads very muddy, bay completely open.

Jan. 4th/96 - Froze hard last night, bay nearly all frozen over this eve.

Jan 8th/96 - Concert in Emerald, night before last, in aid of St. James Church, Freetown was a grand success realizing upwards to $75.00. Rev. J. J. MacDonald, D. B. MacDonald, Thomas Donahue, & others took part in the program.

Jan. 9th/96 - Threshing at V. J. Gillis’s today. 7 cabinet members resigned, house prorogued to Sept. 21st.

Jan. 12th/96 - Mr. Tom Whelan, Lot 8 & a Miss Mac Neill of New Annan wedded by Msgr. D. J. Gillis. Both parties were well advanced in years. J. A. L. MacLellan, pres. Of Patrons of Industry of Hamilton assisted the Rev. Guettan in the performance of ceremony.. The happy couple leave by train for their future home in Lot 8 tomorrow.

Jan. 18th/96 - Word from Ottawa this P. M. states that the Cabinet has been constructed, Sir Chas. Tupper Sr., taking office under Sir McKoowell, all resigned ministers returning except Sir Chas Hibbet Tupper.

Jan. 14th/96 - James Cullen of Clermont and Katie Connick of Norboro were married today by Msgr. Gillis. Ice bushed between our shore & Rayners Creek, Sherbrook.

Jan. 16th/96 - Msgr. Gillis lectured in I. River school-house last eve on the "World’s Fair. After the lecture complimentary remarks were made by J. A. MacDonald M. P. P., Messr’s Dan Crefer, J. A. L. MacLellan, & R. B. Easter.

Jan 16th/96 - Rev. J. J. MacDonald lectured in I. River schoolhouse this eve. on New York. J. A. MacDonald occupied the chair. Complimentary remarks were made by Mess’s John Cann, Pat Murphy, Rev. Msgr. Gillis, J. F. MacLellan, John MacDonald (Clarmont), Jas. MacMillan and Horace Hickey.

Feb. 4th/96 - Today is by-election in Cape Breton County.& Sir Chas Tupper elected by a majority of 800.

Feb. 6th/96 - Was to Summerside & sold 50 lbs of turkeys to R. T. Holmans for 10c per lb. Roads pitchy.

Feb. 21st/96 - I. River debating Club reorganized. New officers as follows: Pres. R. B. Easter; Vice Pres. Horace Hickey; Sec. J. G. MacLellan; Treas. David R. Gillis; Exec. Committee: J. A. L MacLellan, (Chairman), Chas MacDonald, Louis MacLellan, Jos. Campbell & John A. MacLellan

Feb. 25th/96 - Concert in I. River schoolhouse this eve, and much enjoyed. Lot of local talent from Miscouche, Ken., and Irishtown took part.Rev. John A. MacDonald delivered short address on education & cranberry culture. Complimentary - remarks delivered by Messrs. Richard Ready, J. A. L. MacLellan, J. T. Mullins, Rev. Msgr. Gillis, V. G. Gillis, & Rev. J. J. MacDonald, Kinkora. Closed with NationalAnthem.

Feb. 27th/96 - Was cutting wood & bought sleigh from Jack Easter for $7.75..

Feb. 28th/96 - Fine. Was to Fish Island for hay for Aunt Tildy. John A. MacLellan, Angus MacLellan, & Wm. MacDonald (Tricky) were also after hay for her.

Mar. 4th/96 - Thawing.-roads very soft and dangerous for travelling.

Mar. 7th/96 - Hauling mussel mud.

Mar. 9th/96 - Drove Pa to Barbara Weit, he went West to hold meetings.

Mar. 17th/96 - Snowed & drifted a lot today -- roads all banked up.

Mar. 30th/96 - I was helping to get out frame for new vestry today.

Apr. 7th/96 - Fine. Cutting poles & Wilf. Gillis helping me.

Apr. 8th/96 - Alban MacLellan hauled their dwelling house to Bridge Road.

Apr.9th/96 - Hauling wood to Breakwater & cutting poles. Hammie MacLellan helping us.

Apr. 12th/96 - Fine. Mass in I. River -- both wagons and sleighs going.

Apr. 13th/96 - Fine. Cutting poles in forenoon & splitting wood at Owen’s in P. M. Had splitting & hooking and dance combined.

Apr. 25th/96 - I came over to take charge of Fish Island lighthouse. Ronald came too. No ice from Breakwater up the Bay, but Shipyard River and Richmond Bay jammed solid.

Apr. 27th/96 - Mandersons came over to repair their factory damaged by ice. I was cleaning and repairing lamps today. Bay ice went out last night.

May 1st/96 - Fine. Blowing hard from N. E. Highest tides on Fish Island since the Yankee Gale, moving boathouse several yards.

May 21st/96. - Was initiated a member of C. M. B. A., Ken.

May 25th/96 - Codfish reported very plentiful.

May 27th/96 - Lobsters very scarce -- Brant very plentiful & wild.

May 30th/96 - John McGilvray & Joe Blackmore swamped their boat in breakers off Fish Island. Were rescued by Percy Kinch & J. Peakes after great difficulty.

June 7th/96 - Seven French women & five French men visited the lighthouse this P. M. from Gallant’s factory on Hogg Is. Wm. Woodside Hamilton here all day.

June 11th/96 - Blowing hard from S. W. Schooners that anchored under lighthouse went over to Breakwater for shelter -- blowiest, stormiest day this Spring.

June 12th/96 - Three American schooners in port, namely Etta, J. J. Clark & Florence Nightingale.

June 13th/96 - Calmer today. Minnie and Ann Stewart visited the island (Fish) today.

June 23rd/96. - Today is Dominion elections and resulted in defeat of Tupper administration. P.E.I returned 3 Conservatives, namely: Davis, Yoe, MacDonald, Martin & Hackett

June 27th/96 - I went to Indian River.

July 1st/96 - Edward G. Gillis & J. F. MacLellan & I came back to Fish Is. today

July 4th/96 - Missies Annie B. Fraser & Eliza MacLellan visited lighthouse this P. M.

July 6th/96 - Fine day. I took Edward Gillis to Breakwater. He went home to I. River today.

July 7th/96 - Chas. J. Hickey & Mary Chiasson were married today in Palmer Road.

July 13th/96 - J. F. MacLellan & Henry Dempsy of I. River & Wm. Murphy of the firm of J. Murphy & Son, Ch’town came over to Fish Island today.

July 14th/96 - Miss Annie Fraser & Wilbert Delaney visited lighthouse today.

July 18th/96 - J. B. Kier, Jas. Kier, Geo. McGougan, Missies Muirhead, MacGougan, Clark, Crosier, MacKinnon & MacLellan visited lighthouse tonight.

July 21st/96 - Bill Murphy & I were to Hogg Island fishing oysters & picking cranberries.

July 26th/96 - Was to Lennox Is. for opening of the new church. Many others went by same boat.

Aug. 2nd/96 - Had dinner aboard the schooner Pendragore with Capt. Johnson today.

Aug. 4th/96 - I put Wm. McArthur over to breakwater today. He fell out with ship mates so making his way to Ken. to take passage to Lot 14. His ship was "Sea Foam" under Capt. Ed. Crossman.

Aug. 5th/96 - Picking blueberries on Hogg Is. Sandhills.

Aug. 11th/96 - John A. MacLellan & Cecily Gillis married today by Rev. Msgr. Gillis.

Aug. 12th/96 - Heavy thunder, lightening & rain this eve. St. Mary’s Church was struck by lightening and burned, completely destroying it and new vestry, -- also old one which was 30' away, and parochial was saved with a great deal of difficulty. So completely were they destroyed that all wood and timber from the three structures could be put on a single truck, and the ground for some distance around was deeply burned. The glare of the conflagration was seen all over this part of the country, plainly visible at S’Side, Ch’town, and many correctly located the fire. This with the continual play of electricity made the sky a scene of terrific grandeur . The church was built in 1843 and was one of the finest on P..E.I.

Aug. 13th/96 - Indian River parish held a tea party in aid of new church.

Aug. 23rd/96 - Mass in I. River.

Oct. 9th/96 - John B. Keir & Robert Glover came here (Fish Island) last night on shooting excursion.

Oct. 10th/96 - Jack Keir & I were to Hogg Is. picking cranberries. -- got 1 1/2 bushels.

Oct. 12th/96 - John Keir & Rob. Glover went home today.

Oct. 13th/96 - J. A. L. MacLellan went to Gloucester this A. M.

Oct. 21st/96 - Went to I. River to attend the funeral of Dr. A. C. MacLellan who died in Gloucester last Sat. night from Rheumatic Fever. His remains arrived tonight in charge of J. A. L. MacLellan. Deceased was highly spoken of by all Gloucester and Is. Papers as being one of the most skillful doctors that ever graduated from McGill University.

Oct. 22nd/96 - Dr. MacLellan was buried today, the following clergy attended: Revs. R. B.MacDonald, J. J. MacDonald, Dr. J. G. MacDonald & Very Rev. Msgr. Gillis.

Dec. 8th/96 - We left lighthouse for this year.

Dec. 12 & 14/96 - Threshing at Norman Ramsay’s.

Dec. 16th/96 - Fine & cold. The Northumberland made her last trip to Point du Chene this A. M.

Dec. 20th/96 - Mass in Freetown.

Dec. 25th/96 - Mass in I. River, good wagon roads.

Dec. 27th/96 - Mass in I. River. Good wagon roads.

Dec. 31st/96 - Very fine weather for time of year. -- wagons crossing Bay every day and travelling by wagon was never better.


Jan. 1st/97 - Mass in Freetown & Prayers in I. River.

Jan. 4th/97 - Peter Hennessey of Ken., hurt nearly three weeks ago, died the 3rd, buried today. John R. Hamilton hauled the white house from Norman Ramsay’s shore to make a barn of it. Mr. Ramsay also hauled a shed from the Taylor farm to his own - place.

Jan. 6th/97 - Very soft travelling, frost all out of ground & the going almost impassable for carriages.

Jan. 9th/97 - Drove Bernice to Ken. She went to Rustico -- her first trip there. Ernest McKelvie came in with me.

Jan. 10th/97 - Fine day. Mass in I. River -- very good wagon roads.

Jan. 19th/97 - Fine and cold, -- at 22 below zero.

Jan. 20th/97 - Was to hockey match in Ch’town, Special went down at 4 P. M. & returned at 1:30 A. M.

Jan. 25th/97 - Very cold. Basket Social held in Traveller’s Rest in aid of St. Mary’s Church funds, $53.00 was realized

Jan. 26th/97 - Fine. Threshing at V. G. Gillis’

Jan. 27th/97 - Was hauling wood for Mrs. Angus J. MacLellan this P. M.

Feb. 1 & 2/97 - Threshing at V. G. Gillis’.

Feb. 4th/97 - Fine. Was in woods in A. M. & cutting for Grandpa Ramsay in P. M.

Feb. 7th/97 - Mrs. John Campbell died today at 9 A. M. after a long illness. Funeral tomorrow at 9 A. M.

Feb. 15th/97 - Was over to Darnley to basket social in aid of St. Mary’s new church funds, $55 made.

Mar. 1st/97 - I attended a concert held in Rustico the eve. $84 was realized. Joe F. MacLellan was among the performers, Fred Horne, Ch’town auctioned the baskets.

Mar. 2nd/97 - Basket social in Ken. this eve in aid of new church, $60 realized.

Mar. 12th/97 - MacNeil, the blind musician gave a concert in Hamilton tonight, made $6. J. A. MacDonald, M. L. A. presided.

Mar. 17th/97 - The fight between Corbett & Fitzsimmins today resulted in Corbet’s defeat in the 14th round. It took place in Carson, Nevada.

Mar. 19th/97 - Went to Fish Island today. J. A. MacDonald was with me after a cupboard belonging to Mrs. Angus MacLellan.

Mar. 21st/97 - Rev. J. J. MacDonald gave a lecture on his trip abroad, in I. River school. Many complimentary remarks followed.

Mar. 22nd/97 - Mr. Wm. Sinclair was appointed lighthouse keeper at Fish Island.

Mar. 25th/97 - Ice at Raynor Creek opened up past the bushes.

Mar. 27th/97 - Francis Shea Sr. died today at 2 P. M. aged 86 years. Buried the 29th.

Apr. 2nd/97 - Jas. Crozier lost his home by fire due to defective flue. Mrs. Crozier was ill at the time and had to be carried to neighbour house. A lot of mud-diggers on Bay & good travelling on ice.

Apr. 4th/97 - Mr. S.M. Bent gave a lecture in I. River vestry on John Boyle O’Reilly, to a small audience. R. Read Esq. occupied the chair. Complimentary remarks by chairman, Msgr. Gillis, J. A. MacDonald, J. F. MacLellan, V. G. Gillis, John MacDonald, Patrick Murphy, Alex Campbell, and others.

Apr. 6th/97 - Very large catches of eels in Oyster Cove.

Apr. 7th/97 - Arthur Owen Sr. died today at 4 A. M. after a long illness -- was aged 76.

Apr. 9th/97 - Both sleighs & wagons going.

Apr. 14th/97 - John Knockwood crossed from Lennox Is. to Princetown with sleigh load of baskets. Ice was before this considered unsafe for horses.

Apr. 18th/97 - Easter Sunday. Mass in I. River. Very large crowd attended.

Apr. 18th/97 - Bay opened half way across Rayner Creek-ice moving up & down the bay.

Apr. 24th/97 - Boats out fishing oysters for the first time. Ground drying up fast.

Apr. 29th/97 - Mrs. Chas. Easter died of la Grippe this eve at 8:45, only sick 3 days, 79 years.

May 6th/97 - Stumping at V. G. Gillis today. Archie Gillis & Jas. Campbell came home from Pictou County where they spent the winter in lumber woods.

May 10th/97 - Oysters $2 per barrel -- Brant very plentiful.

May 29th/97 - Shearing sheep today.

May 30th/97 - Mass in I. River. Rev. Joseph Gillis officiated. He arrived from Quebec last night where he was ordained a short while ago.

June 6th/97 - Mass in I. River. Rev. Joseph F. Gillis officiated.

June 8th/97 - The hottest day this year. Rev. Joseph F. Gillis visiting here.

June 10th/97 - Ed. G. Gillis arrived home from Montreal last night.

June 20th/97 - Mass in I. River. Immediately after Mass an address & purse was presented to Rev. Joseph F. Gillis by the parishoners.

June 22nd/97 - Today is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. E. G. Gillis & I were in S’Side.

June 23rd/97 - Wilfred Ramsay, Bill Woodside, & C. E. Donald (Mac) left to fish Malpeque Harbor

June 25th/97 - Was laying in Baris this A. M. Mass in I. River

July 3 rd/97 - Helping Norman Ramsay move piggery today.

July 9th/97 - Fine. Today was the tea party in Gorman’s field on Irishtown Rd, near Ken., $8.00 made.

July 20th/97 - This is the warmest day known in this county for years.

July 21st/97 - This is the day of Provincial election & resulted in return of Peter’s government by a decreased majority.

Aug. 10th/97 - Lee Owen got horse badly cut by mower.

Aug. 12th/97 - Was to Lennox tea party, had R. B. Easter’s boat, large crowd. Leslie Ramsay, Joe. G. MacLellan, Frank Simpson, Peter D. Hickey, Winfred Ramsay, Walter Sinclair, & C. E. MacDonald made up our crew.

Aug. 14th/97 - Picnic in aid of new church held in Wm. Ramsay’s field, I. River, this P. M. and $60.00 was realized. Running high jump ( A. D. Gillis came third ), Joe Higgins 1st, 100 yard dash (7 starters) 200 yd dash (5 starters), tug of war between married & singles resulted in the former winning.

Aug. 16th/97 - E. G. Gillis & I were in Ken. tonight.

Aug. 17th/97 - Fifteen point tea party today.

Aug. 20th/97 - Hamilton Christian Endeavour held picnic in Darnley on shore of Jos. McNutt.

Aug. 27th/97 - Very warm. Large swarms of flies passing over here this eve like large clouds.

Aug. 29th/97 - Mass in Freetown & prayers in I. River.

Sept. 2nd/97 - Petitions were filed in regular form against the return of J. K. McLean, D. A. McKinnon, A. Peters & the sheriff, Kings County for illegal proceedings on Declaration Day.

Sept. 3rd/97 - Petitions in Prince County have been filed against the return of Ed. Hacket, Jas. E. Birch, J. F.. Arsenault, J. A. MacDonald, & A. A. Lefergy. Mr. DesRoche has also demanded a scrutiny between himself and Angus MacWilliams, member-elect for Summerside.

Sept. 6th/97 - Opening day of the new Ch’town Athletic grounds.

Sept. 8th/97 - Fort Augustus church burned last Sunday. Insurance $2000.00

Sept. 21st/97 - E. G. Gillis left for Montreal today to enter his 3rd term at McGill.

Sept. 27th/97 - Hauled a load of coal for Msgr. Gillis from Kensington.

Sept. 29th/97 - A picnic & Highland games in aid of new church was held in I. River this P.M and largely attended for the cool time of year. Result of games: Boy’s race,1st Gussie MacLellan (under 15-5 starters), Ronald MacDonald 2nd, and Cornelius McLellan 3rd. Stone shot, 16lbs (4 competitors) , 1st Jas. MacDonald, G. River; 2nd S. W. Delaney, Baltic; 3rd Chas. E. MacDonald (myself) of I. River. 100 yard dash: (5 starters) 1st C. E. MacDonald; 2nd Thomas Crofer; 3rd Louis MacLellan, Joe MacDonald.

Oct. 6th/97 - Prince County Exhibition today. Large attendance.

Oct. 8th/97 - I was out fishing today. Inspector Davidson & Warden Milligan visited most all oyster boats demanding licenses and threatening to seize not numbered or licensed.

Oct. 11th/97 - Roderick Gillis, former resident of Clermont died yesterday at 2 A. M. after a lingering illness, 83 year. Was married twice, his second wife survives him. Funeral at 2 P. M. today to St. Mary’s I. River and was attended by a large concourse of people.

Oct. 12th/97 - Joe Condor, son of Michael Condon, Barbara Wiet, died today of Slow Fever, deceased contracted a cold while fishing oysters.

Oct 17th/97 - Heaviest gale of wind this year. Most all boats along shore driven in or sunk, water going like a snow drift along bay.

Oct. 24th/97 - Mass in I. River today & new Stations of the Cross were put up in vestry. His Lordship Bishop MacDonald was present & preached a sermon on the occasion.

Nov. 4th/97 - Thomas Owen came home from Boston last night.

Nov. 9th/97 - St. Mary’s Branch # 254 of C. M. B. A. held a Grand Ball & supper in Ken. this eve. Supper was served at Clark’s Hotel & Dance Hall. 94 couples attended. Music furnished by Dempsy & Bauen

Nov. 16th/97 - Chas. Hickey framing porch.

Nov. 17th/97 - Sold lambs to F. Bearisto at $2.00 each.

Nov. 24th/97 - Bought 2000 shingles from Daily. Mr. & Mrs. Hubert MacDonald, Clermont, celebrated their wooden wedding this eve. Great deal of sickness in I. River at present, between Scarlet Fever, Measles & La Grippe.

Nov. 25th/97 - Thanksgiving Day all over Canada.

Dec. 3rd/97 - Hauling oats to Kennedy’s.

Dec. 7th/97 - Was helping A. D. Gillis move his granary.

Dec. 11th/97 - Very bad roads, frost all out of ground, real muddy, desperate shape.

Dec. 14th/97 - Bay all open again. Large catches of smelts & eels. Senator Arsenault died this 2 A. M. in 70th year of Bright’s Disease. Represented 3rd District Prince from 1867 to 1895. Funeral at 9:30 A. M. from his late residence in Abramville.

Dec. 16th/97 - Thawing but fine. Boats sailing in Bay.

Dec. 17th/97 - Court of Chancery selling all farm stock & implements of Dougal Stewart, Hamilton, who has been out of his mind all summer. J. H. Woodside bought farm for $3000.00.

Dec. 26th/97 - Mass in Freetown. -- dust flying after wagons today.

Dec. 29th/97 - Butchering at V. G. Gillis this A. M. Put new door on new porch in P. M.


Jan. 1st/98 - Snowing in P. M. -- first days sleighing since last Spring, both sleighs & wagons going.

Jan. 2nd/98 - Hubert MacDonald & wife crossed on ice from Point , first crossing with horse.

Jan. 4th/98 - Coldest day this year, 14 below zero. Gale last night caused banks, poor sleighing.

Jan. 5th98 - Somewhat warmer. Ice bunched from here to Mills Point.

Jan. 18th/98 - Fine & calm, but 19 degree below zero, but due to calmness, severe frost not noticed.

Jan. 19th/98 - Stephen Campbell’s family down with Scarlet Fever.

Wild Storm Presaging C’cold, Derails Train!

Jan. 21st/98 - Wildest storm this winter. Passenger train from Ch-town off tracks in Traveller’s Rest.

Jan. 31st/98 - Past ten days has been the coldest continuous spell we’ve had in many years.

Jan. 28th/98 - Meeting held in S’side today relative to Pork Packing establishment.

Feb. 2nd/98 - No mails got through today.

Many Drawn to Learn About Ben Franklin.

Feb. 8th/98 - Joe Higgins, A. D. Gillis, & C. E. MacDonald attended a lecture in Clinton, Lot 20 this eve, .delivered by John Harrington on Ben Franklin -- very large crowd present.

Feb. 12th/98 - John Gillis Jr., Clermont was badly hurt at Edward Hogg’s on way home from S’side by Dan MacKinnon.

Feb. 21st/98 - A basket social was held in St. Mary’s Hall, I. River this eve. R. Ready, presided, and J. A. MacDonald, M. P. P. & Jas. Ready auctioned the baskets. $175 was realized.

Feb. 25th/98 - Word comes from Ottawa today that S. F. Perry M. P. died there yesterday of Slow Fever age 75. Has been in House 1854 - 1874 and sat several terms in Commons.

Feb. 28th/98 - The case of MacKinnon vs Aitken, who were tied at local election last July, came before Judge Hodgson Mon. last and the seat was awarded to three votes. Sheriff MacDonald, who was returning officer at the time, and who gave partial decision, was ordered to pay all costs. Murray Harbour was the district contested.

Mar. 4th/98 - Ontario Gov’t under Hardy was returned by a decreased majority.

Mar. 5th/98 - A telegram received last eve by A. L. Owen brings sad news of death of his brother Bradford Dean Owen, in Boston, yesterday A. M.

Lecture on Mary Queen of Scots!

Mar. 6th/98 - Mass in I. River. Rev. J. A. MacDonald lectured in St. Mary’s Hall in P. M. on Mary Queen of Scots. Rev. F. Arsenault of Fifteen Point was present and favoured the audience with a few vocal solos. Rev. Msgr. Gillis moved a vote of thanks, seconded by R. Ready & presented to lecturer, to which he fittingly acknowledged.

Mar. 9th/98 - John V. MacLellan died this eve, 7:30, sick since Jan. 1st, blood poisoning being the cause of death , was 28 & leaves a wife & six children.. Funeral Friday A. M.

Mar. 11th/98 - Leslie Ramsay died this A. M. 10 o’clock, 26 years old and was sick since last September Msgr. delivered a lecture under the auspices of the I. River Literary and Debating Club in I. River school house this eve , subject "A Trip to Europe". Following the complimentary remarks a short program was rendered , first being a musical selection by Miss Janie B. MacDonald & Austin Campbell on mandolin & violin, song by David R. Gillis, dialogue parts taken by Austin Campbell, Missies Christie MacLellan, Rose Campbell & Maggie E. MacLellan, Masters Bernard C. MacLellan, R. B. MacDonald, Sanctinus MacLellan, & Willie MacLellan. C. E. MacDonald presided.

Mar. 12th/98 - Leslie Ramsay buried today at 2:30 P. M. Rev. Mr. Fisher officiated.

Mar. 24th/98 - Writ have been issued for the by-election in West Prince caused by death of S. F. Perry. Nomination Ap 6, polling 13th April. Ed Hacket, Tory candidate & Bernard MacLellan, Grit candidate.

Mar. 27th/98 - Ice considered very unsafe being only 3-4 inches in places. Mud-diggers being hauled in.

First Wheels on Road This Year

Mar. 31st/98 - Rained all day. Postman had sulky today, first wheels on road this spring.

Apr. 5th/98 - A Kilbride man drowned last week by driving into an opening near Cascumpec.

Apr. 13th/98 - By-election in W. Prince returned Bernard D. MacLellan, majority of 316, over Hackett (Conservative), MacLellan being Liberal.

Apr. 14th/98 - Dan Bennet, Port Hill, here today, on way to Fish Island, to run Sinclair’s Lobster Factory.

Apr. 16th/98 - Desperate bad wagon roads.

Apr. 25th/98 - War between U.S. & Spain full blast & daily papers in great demand.

Apr. 27th/98 - Basket social in I. River. Rev. D. Morrison gave an address on Education

May 5th/98 - Potatoes selling for 40c & oats also 40c. Boats dragging for oysters all over Bay.

May 6th/98 - Donald S. MacLellan died last night at 7 o’clock after a short illness, aged 84 yrs.

May 8th/98 - I. River Literary & Debating Club was photographed by R. S. Bowness today.

May 9th /98 - Ice on north side causing great destruction of fishing traps & nets.

May 18th/98 - Sowed 5 bushel of Renison wheat.

May 19th/98 - Sowed 3 bushel peas.

May 28th/98 - Dr. Keir up to see Janie. She has measles.

June 6th/98 - Sheared the sheep. John A. Berndice & Pansie down with measles.

June 12th/98 - Edward G. Gillis arrived home from Montreal last night.

June 16th/98 - Mrs. Archie Ramsay, who died 2 nights ago, widow of Hamilton, buried today.

June 23rd/98 - Johnny Campbell held his Jubilee tonight. Proceeds over $6.00.

June 30th/98 - Sold John Tuplin 2 trees, 30’ long, square 12" at top, at 50c per 100 board measure

Killer Storm Strikes Island

July 3rd/98 - Heavy rain, thunder & lightening storm; great destruction of life & property. Two young men killed in Kelly Cross, Owen Trainor & Thomas Monahan. Barns & animals destroyed in all parts of Island. Worst electric storm to ever visit P.E. I.

July 7th/98 - Tea party in Wellington.

July 10th/98 - Edward Gillis & I visited Freetown today.

July 14th/98 - His Grace Archbishop O’Brien of Halifax visited friends in Kensington, guests of John T. Mullins, Esq.

July 19th/98 - Rained all day. I. River tea party at New Annan not as successful, but $400.00 realized.

July 31st/98 - To Lennox to Mass accompanied by A. D. Gillis, Wm Taylor, Ed. G. Gillis, & Walter Sinclair.

Aug. 7th/98 - Mr. Pat Murphy died after long illness at 3:30 P. M.

Aug. 15th/98 - A picnic in aid of new St. Mary’s was held in field of P. L. Murphy at I. River bridge. Nearly $80.00 raised. Speeches were made on coming election.

Aug. 16th/98 - A "White Chaff" wheat throughout Island failed due to rust. Several farmers will not thresh their wheat but haul it for compost.

Aug. 23rd/98 - Mr. & Mrs. Severis MacIntyre arrived in I. River for a visit from Boston, she being the former Johanna MacLellan. They were married in Boston last Tue.

Sept. 12th/98 - Meeting of people interested in "Temperance" held in Hamilton Hall to discuss the issue now before the people, and to be decided at pole Sept. 29th. Speeches were delivered by V. G. Gillis, Msgr. Gillis, John H. Woodside, and several others.

Sept. 13th/98 - Shingling John A. Gillis’ new granery this P. M.

Sept. 15th/98 - Oysters $1.80 to $2.00 per barrel

Sept. 18th/98 - Daniel B. Ready died day before last, buried today, very large funeral, was a member of B. I. S. of Emerald & only 33 years old.

Sept. 19th/98 - Misses Pansie & Annie MacLellan left for Boston, also Ed. G. Gillis left this A. M. for Montreal on his 4th year of medical school at McGill University Alban MacLellan arrived home night before last from Berlin, N. H.

Sept. 27/98 - Putting out manure at Edmond Phillips. Stully Joe’s barn & buildings burned this A. M.

Sept. 29th/98 - Picnic & Highland games for new church in field below church largely attended . The aforementioned sports held & A. D. Gillis 3rd disk throw. W. Delaney 1st. Bernard C. - MacLellan 1st in 100 yd boys race. Girls race Mamie MacLellan 3rd. Prominent members present were Rev. R. B. MacDonald, Rustico, Rev. Jos. Aeneas MacDonald of Hope River & Dr. Johnson, Emerald.

Oct. 2nd/98 - His Lordship Bishop MacDonald of Nflnd. visited Indian River this eve (Harbour Grace).

Oct. 19th/98 - Mrs. Angus J. MacLellan died suddenly early A. M. today, was complaining slightly a few days but nothing serious was expected, passing away without a pain, 72 yrs.

Oct. 22nd/98 - Frank Simpson arrived home from Boston this eve.

Oct. 29th/98 - Oysters selling at 4. per barrel.

Nov. 2nd/98 - St. Mary’s branch of C. M. B. A. held Grand Ball in Ken. this eve, 70 couples attended, music by J.E. Delaney & Son of Sside.

Nov.4th/98 - George Owen came home from Boston this eve.

Nov. 10th/98 - A concert & supper in aid of St. Mary’s church fund held in St. Mary’s Hall, $25.00.

Nov. 14th/98 - Rose MacLellan died after a long illness, age 38yrs.

Nov. 15th/98 - Rose MacLellan and Mrs. Stephen MacMillan buried today at same hour.

Nov. 21st/98 - A. D. Gillis and I butchered a hog for us & one for V. G. Gillis this eve.

Nov. 24th/98 - Went to Curtain Is. to help quarry stone for new church, following men worked at job: John Cann (foreman), Dan Campbell, A. D. Gillis, R. J. MacLellan, Jerry Noonan, and Herbert MacLellan.

Nov. 28th/98 - James MacLellan, Herbert MacLellan, & James Campbell left for lumber woods, Pictou County.

Dec. 2nd/98 - Raining. Roads in desperate state. Highest tides Sun., since 1851. Great damage done to wharves & bridges. Here was listed reliable farmers in Morris, Manitoba.

Dec. 25th/98 - Mass in Freetown & I. River. Fr. Gillis arriving on time to say Mass at noon. Wagon roads getting beat down. Fair congregation present.

Dec. 31st/98 - Bushed ice between here & Raynor’s.



Jan. 2nd/99 - Basket social for St. Mary’s held in Ken. this eve, over $80 realized.

Jan. 10th/99 - Mark Cody & Miss Johanna Morrison wedded this A. M. , Msgr. Gillis officiating. Best people were A. D. Gillis & Miss Jean Morrison (sister of bride).

Jan. 17th/99 - Many people laid up with La Grippe.

Jan. 18th/99 - All hands laid up with La Grippe. Janie not able to teach.

Jan. 24th/99 - School inspector visited I. River & Hamilton -- found the former in ship-shape condition.

Jan. 30th/99 - Dr. Gillis died very suddenly of brain hemorrhage last night. Funeral 10 A. M. tomorrow.

Feb. 13th/99 - Basket social & entertainment in aid of new church was diminished by big storm that hit around 4 P. M. Only $20 dollars was realized. Taking art in the program was: Msgr Gillis, Missies Laura MacLellan, Clara Hickey, Gertie Campbell, and Mary Hickey, Miss Glover and others. Baskets were auctioned by V. S. Gillis.

Feb. 25th/99 - I. River debating club re-organized. Pres. J. A. MacLellan; vice pres. Joe Driscoll; Treasurer J. A. L MacLellan. Executive council R. J. MacLellan, Horace Hickey, Alban & Austin MacLellan. Club meets Monday of each week.

Mar. 12th/99 - Mass in I. River. Female orchestra practicing here tonight.

Mar. 15th/99 - Word from Boston of death of Edmond Sinclair of Hamilton. The team he drove was struck by an electric car and overturned, causing instant death. Was 45 yrs, very popular and well-liked.

Mar. 21st/99 - St. Pat’s concert in Emerald postponed. Special train from S’side brought 100 passengers to entertainment.

Mar. 24th/99 - Msgr. lectured in I. River school on his trip to Europe this eve., proceeds in aid of school.

Apr. 3rd/99 - Basket social & entertainment this eve in St. Mary’s hall largely attended.

Apr. 7th/99 - Patrick Byron, son of Joe Driscoll, died this A. M. of injuries received from a horse last night.

Apr. 10th/99 - Anthony Lockerts, son of Robert, died today of infection of brain due to a fall received some time ago, age 17.

Apr. 22nd/99 - Wilfred Gillis got his toes badly cut while working in Woods this A. M.

Apr. 25th/99 - Mrs. Pat Noonan died 3 P. M. after a long illness.

Apr. 29th/99 - The dwelling house, shop, & out-buildings of John Noonan, Ken. burned to ground at an early hour this A. M. A large out-house of R. Tuplin burned yesterday. P. N. Tuplin loss about $500; Noonan was highly insured.

May 8th/99 - Started to haul Johnny Campbell’s house to a more suitable location, but for lack of more teams had to be left on road between J. S. MacLellan’s and John A. Campbell’s.

May 17th/99 - Mrs. David Ramsay died yesterday at 7 P. M. , aged 80 years.

June 27th/99 - Helping Joe Driscoll raise frame of new barn & spread frame of old one.

July 6th/99 - Mr. John Gillis had a cow killed by lightening yesterday, 4 P. M. A. D. Gillis & I in S’Side tonight to meet Ed. G. Gillis, home from McGill.

July 11th/99 - Tea party in Gorman’s field raised $600.

July 30th/99 - Over to Lennox Is. for Mass. A. D. Gillis, Ed. G. Gillis, R. B. MacDonald, Nelson Owen, Walter Sinclair, & F. Stewart along.

Aug. 5th/99 - I. River scholars held picnic on Wm. Ramsay’s shore this P. M.

Aug. 14th/99 - Framed well-house, J. A. L. MacLellan contractor.

Aug. 15th/99 - Thomas Donahue & Miss Ella Walker married today by cousin of bride, Rev. John McMillan, at her area, Cardigan.

Aug. 24th/99 - Hamilton folk held picnic in Archie Ramsay’s field, Beach Point, this P. M.

Aug. 31st/99 - Farewell party at J. S. MacLellan’s tonight

Sept. 2nd/99 - Robert Murphy, son of Pat, died this A. M. 4 o’c of inflammation of bowel, was a blacksmith by trade, & 37 years old.

Sept. 18th/99 - David Gillis very low with fever, Dr. Ed. Gillis, Dr. Keir attending.

Sept. 23rd/99 - David R. Gillis died 5 A. M. of meningitis of brain, 21 yrs. Funeral tomorrow at 4:30 P. M.

Sept. 26th/99 - Neill J. MacNeill married Miss Maud MacDonald of Traveller’s Rest, In S’side, by Rev. D. J. G. MacDonald.

Sept. 30th/99 - Picnic held on church grounds fairly well attended, $80 realized.

Oct. 2nd/99 - Parish house in Kelly’s Cross burned this A. M. , ins. $800.

Oct. 14th/99 - In S’Side with potatoes worth 16 c.

Oct. 25th/99 - 30 men went from PEI to take part in So. African War.

Nov. 6th/99 - Was at Dunphy’s sale, bought a pung sleigh for $1.00

Nov. 7th/99 - Ed. G. Gillis started business in Ken. today.

Dec. 18th/99 - Basket social & Lottery in I. River, $103 realized.

Dec. 24th/99 - Mrs. Roderick S. MacLellan died today.


Jan. 16th,1900 - I drove a cow to Ken. today for Alex McKelvie.

Feb. 2nd,1900 - Pat Cody died last night in Darnley.

Feb. 3rd,1900 - Was in S’Side. V. G. Gillis who was surveying up west came home with me.

Feb. 6th, 1900 - Getting out scantling for new church, also lumber yesterday.

Feb. 9th, 1900 - I finished filling bill I got from Msgr Gillis for lumber for new church. Joe G. MacLellan helping.

Feb. 11 & 15/00 - Hauling scantling to Mill. Much hauling to Mill next while.

Mar. 28th, 1900 - Frank Simpson & Lizzie Mountain marrried today.

Apr. 10th, 1900 - Was at P. L. Murphy’s sale at I. River bridge.

Apr. 27th,1900 - Was out to Ken. for cow with R. B. Easter.

Aug. 15th, 1900 - I. River tea party.

Aug. 26th, 1900 - Great electric storm -- heaviest ever on Island.

Nov. 7th, 1900 - Dominion election. Laurier gov’t returned.


Jan. 31st, 1901 - Mrs. Chas. E. Hickey died.

Feb. 2nd, 1901 - Queen Victoria buried today.

Feb. 4th, 1910 - Kitty MacLellan, spinster, In. River bridge, dead.

Apr. 9th, 1901 - Sold 20 acres to Norman Ramsay at $27.50 per acre.

Apr. 12th, 1901 - V. G. Gillis surveying here today.

Apr. 20th, 1901 - Dr. Keir Sr. up to see A. D. Gillis.

Apr. 23rd, 1901 - Drs. McKay & Gillis operated on A. D. Gillis tonight, very sick with inflammation.

May 31st, 1901 - A. D. Gillis helping us put out manure.

June 17t, 1901 - T.A. Driscoll & Maggie Brennan married today.

July 3rd, 1901 - Parish house in Hope River destroyed by fire & all contents lost.

July 15th, 1901 - Ernest McKelvie left today for Iowa..

Aug. 10th, 1901 - I left this A. M. for Manitoba along with A. D. Gillis, Horace Hickey, & Joe G. MacLellan and 425 other men from PEI.

Aug. 11th, 1910 - Arrived in Montreal this eve 8:30.

Aug. 14th, 1901 - Detained in Druption?, Ont. all night due to wreck on excursion train running 20 mins. ahead of us.

Aug. 15th, 1901 - Arrived in Winnipeg 7:30 and in Morris at 10 A. M. . Hired today with Jos. Hawksworth Esq., farmer in Morris.

Aug. 17th, 1901 - Started work. Rate of wages paid farm hands $1.50 to $2 and from $23 to $45 per mo. It is estimated that 300,000 labourers came into N. West during July & August. Most men - from PEI returned in Nov. The number of grain bushels grown according to grain exchange, Winnipeg, places at total of 109,000,000 bushels in Can. N. West.

Nov. 10th, 1901 - A. D. Gillis, Jos. G. MacLellan, & I left Morris, Man. for PEI today 12 o’clock.

Nov. 13th,1901 - Arrived in S’Side after midnight.

Nov. 15th, 1901 - Small Pox prevalent in St. John, N. B.

Dec. 7th, 1901 - Ernest McKelvie home from Iowa & So. Dakota last night.

Dec. 13th, 1901 - Chas. Easter & Major Taylor home from Boston night before last.

Dec. 19th, 1901 - Diphtheria at Murdoch Gillis’, Clermont.


Jan. 2nd, 1902 - John A. Gillis got foot cut today.

Jan. 22nd, 1902 - Nelson Owen came home from N. S. today.

Jan. 29th, 1902 - Wm. Simpson’s house and barn destroyed by fire.

Mar. 2nd, 1902 - Seats in new church lotteried today -- church to open on 9th inst.

Mar. 7th, 1902 - Over to Curtain Is. with Austin MacLellan for hay.

Mar. 9th, 1902 - Mass was held for first time in new church today.

Mar. 10th, 1902 - Measles in Hamilton.

June 2nd, 1902 - Fred Lackeray lost a horse by lightening today.

July 8th, 1902 - I. River tea party in Ken. $700 realized.

Aug. 18th, 1902 - Left again for harvest excursion, also Jos. G. MacLellan.

Nov. 30th, 1902 - Returning home to PEI.


Jan. 14th, 1903 - John R. MacLellan died aged 86.

Feb. 23rd, 1903 - Linus Campbell & Lucy Gillis married today.

Mar. 3rd, 1903 - Farmer’s Institute met today in Hamilton.

Mar. 12th, 1903 - Dairymen’s Ass. meet in Ken.

Mar. 20th, 1903 - R. Craig lost a horse last Tuesday while crossing from Hog Is.

Apr.-, 1903 - Bought one month old hog from E. Phillips for $2.00.

Apr. 24th, 1903 - Potatoes going for 40c.

June 23rd, 1903 - Mrs. Dan Campbell, I. River, died 11 A. M. today age 62 yrs.

July 8th, 1903 - Digging cellar under church today.

July 26th, 1903 - Hail fell in Malpeque damaging crops.


Mar. 17th, 1904 - Sanctus Hickey died today of brain trouble ae. 19 yrs. This has been an awful winter in I. River for deaths - 15 have died in parish since New Year.

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