Some McEacherns from Mull who arrived at Charlottetown on The Humphreys In 1806 and settled on Lot 57 and elsewhere

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Submitted by Harry McEachern -

Reformatted and edited by David Campbell –

There are additional generations of this family to share. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

Some McEacherns from Mull

who arrived at Charlottetown

on The Humphreys In 1806

and settled on Lot 57 and elsewhere !!

--Harry McEachern




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Donald McEachern

c. 1746 – 1830

The First Generation


The writer became interested in his McEachern family about 1974, at 50 years of age, living in North East Ohio and having been born in Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada.

I can only speculate that this interest arose from a realization that my own family would have little knowledge of who they were or where their father grew up unless the distance between the Miramichi River and Hudson, Ohio was bridged.

It started one Sunday afternoon, while visiting my mother and step-father, when I asked if we could visit one or more of the older cemeteries in Chatham looking for the marker of my great great grandfather, John McEachern (ca 1784 – 1879), whom my cousin Katherine Bernetta McEachern, told me was buried in an old cemetery somewhere near the Rockheads between Chatham and Loggieville.

I have yet to find that old cemetery or his headstone, but the journey that started that day, has been and continues to be an exciting one, even as I write this. It allowed me to correspond and meet with distant cousins all over North America and put me in touch with people, such as Jack Connell and Carm Williston of Chatham, Bob and Shirley McDonald of Petaluma, California, (our great grandparents were brother and sister) and Jim Allen then of Toronto, without whom, some of what I am about to write, would not have been possible.

In the ensuing years of research, two discoveries were pivotal. The first was the finding of a petition for land by John McEachern, dated 1824, in which it became known for the first time, that he had moved from Prince Edward Island in 1819, with his wife and children.

The second was the finding by Mrs. Beryl Barrett of Charlottetown, PEI of the sale of land by John McEachern and family, which linked him to a family on PEI, which in turn showed that family was on the brig Humphreys when it arrived in 1806 in Charlottetown from Tobermory, Mull, Scotland.

The early goal of the writer was to learn where in Scotland the family originated, whether or not it was really Mull. The only proof so far are the headstones at St. John’s Church in Belfast, PEI.

In all of the following the spelling McEachern has been used regardless of the spelling in any of the data researched. Whether it is Mac or Mc, or Ran, Arn, Eron, Ren or Ern is not important; we are all one family regardless of the spelling.

It is ironic that the writer at an early age was traversing the area between Chatham and Point Escuminac with his paternal grandfather, James Burbridge, and was unaware until some 40 years later that this was the land which knew his father’s family so well.

I remember clearly, one of the earliest trips made to Point Escuminac to spend two weeks with my grandfather, James Burbridge, at the canning factory owned and operated by the W.S. Loggie Co. of Chatham.

It would be early July, probably 1932, I was 8 years old, school was over as of June 30 and two months vacation lay ahead. My mother thought it would be great for me to spend some time with my grandfather.

Monday morning, Campbell Russell, truck driver for W.S. Loggie pulled up to the old house on McCurdy Street., no numbers then, in an old chain drive Federal built truck piled high with "stuff" for the factory.

The first stop would be the Terminal Hotel in Loggieville to see Ben Williston, the proprietor, an old acquaintance. Perhaps the two sons, Leonard and Bernie were there also. Bernie was the book-keeper for my grandfather one summer.

Loggie’s store at Hardwicke was the next stop as Loggie’s did not have a store at Bay du Vin or Miramichi. I remember grandfather arranging credit for a family and seeing a small boy, my own age, struggling home carrying a gallon jug filled with molasses.

Grandfather always stopped at Escuminac Village, for it was here that many of his fishermen and their families lived. One memory is of a line of unpainted two story shingled frame houses on the south side of the road and the locals sitting in front of them waiting for something to happen or just putting in time. One person remembered was Ozzie Williston who was a good natured person and a fishermen. He was lost in the 1959 gale that claimed many lives. Ozzie’s name is on the statue commemorating the disaster.

You never went "to the point" without stopping at the home of Will and Kate Nash, the last house before you started across the road over the barren to the point. This road changed every year because of the erosion along the shore. It was road over a peat moss bog, hugging the shore line until you hit solid ground about half a mile from the factory run by A & R Loggie Co., of Loggieville.

Kate Nash was a spirited woman, who was very kind to the writer, who was extremely shy. She and her husband loved company and were most hospitable.

The journey covered about 50 miles, and took most of the day. Campbell Russell "chewed" tobacco, probably a fig of Navy Cut. There was a small hole in the floorboard of the cab and between the noise of the engine, Campbell and my grandfather yelling their conversation at each other, the heat and Campbell trying to hit the hole as he frequently spit, how could one forget such an experience.

There were 3 factories at Point Escuminac before you got to the lighthouse run by Capt. MacLennan, his son Bliss and daughter Jean.

The factories were owned by A&R Loggie, W.S. Loggie and Harrison Smith.

The two covered bridges, first at the Little Branch then the Bay du Vin River were always a mile marker for the writer. The noise from the floor boards as you crossed was so distinctive.

  1. Donald McEachern – ca. 1746 – 1830. Very little is known about Donald or his wife Sarah. Research so far after 20 plus years has not revealed where they lived in Scotland, where they were born, when they were married and so on. We do know that in July of 1806, they boarded the brig Humphreys with family and worldly possessions, and left Scotland forever, bound for the New World, arriving in Charlottetown, PEI.Donald and Sarah had 9 children,Archibald,Donald,John,Mary,Dugald,Charles,Janet and Hector.
  2. John was listed as 60 years of age, hence born about 1746. Sarah was 53 years old upon entering the colony. There were 14 McEacherns on the Humphreys.

    Of note is a statement by Jim Allen, originally from Peterborough, Ontario, that his grandfather Captain Angus McEachern (1866 – 1933) always said that the MacKinnons and McEacherns were very close.

    If this statement referred to the MacKinnons on board the Humphreys in 1806, of which there were 25, comprising four (4) families, then possibly these six families were neighbors in Scotland and planned to emigrate together. Three McEachern spouses were MacKinnons.

    An indenture, dated Dec.14,1808, indicates, Donald and three of his sons, Archibald, John and Charles, purchased some 558 acres of farm land on the Portree River, Lot 57, from James Williams, attorney for Lord Selkirk.. The purchase price was 231£. The indenture does not say whether it was Donald Sr., or Donald Jr. who signed. These four also bought an island of 20 acres adjoining the 558 acres purchased.

    We find Donald in the legal system in 1811 looking for some 67£ owed him by a James Sinclair.

    The next reference to him concerns the murder of a John Ross. The accused was John Nicolson. Petitions were circulated in the Flat River, Great Belfast and Wood Islands areas requesting clemency for Nicolson; the date is March 13,1813 and Sarah and Donald, plus John, Nancy, Charles, Margaret and Archibald, all McEacherns, made their mark.

    Note – John McEachern and Ann (Nancy) MacDougald were married at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Charlottetown on January 27/1812, and apparently are living near or with his parents, brothers and sisters.

    On Aug 9,1821 the estate of Lord Selkirk went to court to obtain 46£ plus, from Donald McEachern and a James Wilson, which monies were paid on Aug.13,1821. It is assumed this is our Donald McEachern , who is now some 75 years of age. No mention of Sarah, his wife, or who was James Wilson?

    Aug 12/1830 saw the recording of the sale of 130 acres of the land bought in 1808, to Alexander Frazer. It is stated in this indenture that Donald McEachern, farmer, died intestate, but no date is given. Neither is there any mention of Sarah. Presumably both passed away, and no record of their deaths or burial has been found. Why they are not recorded or listed at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Belfast is a puzzle.

    Finally it is of interest to speculate on how this family accumulated 231£ to purchase the land from Lord Selkirk. No mention of mortgages or loans in those days.

  3. Sarah (?) McEachern - Sarah was 52 when she left Scotland, hence born about 1754. The only reference to her is the signing of the John Nicolson petition in 1813. Who her family was, etc. is not known.Perhaps she was a MacKinnon?
  4. Ann McEachern – born about 1756 in Scotland. Was Ann a sister or sister-in-law to Donald? Charles age 17 in 1806 is noted as her son, but he is also stated to be the son of John and Sarah in the indenture for the sale of land in 1830. Another puzzle!!


Donald McEachern

Ca 1746 – ca 1830

The Second Generation

  1. Archibald McEachern (1) – ca 1776 – 20 Nov 1868 – age ca. 92 years.
  2. Presumably born in Scotland, probably Mull, he married Sarah MacKinnon about 1798. They had 3 children born in Scotland, Jane ca 1800, Laughlin, ca1803,died in Belfast,ca1891, and Margaret,b.1806, one month old when they left Tobermory. Six more children were born on P.E.I, viz. Donald,b.14Feb.1810,Neil b.ca1814, Archibald,b.ca1818, Ann,b,ca1816, Mary,b.ca1820, and Jessie,b.ca1822. Sarah was 83 when she died 20 Oct. 1859,according to her headstone.

    Archibald’s will was filed 22 Dec. 1868. In it, he left 70 acres to Neil, 50 acres to his grandson Archibald (by Donald), Laughlin got 1 shilling, as did Ann McTavish, Mary McTavish, and Jessie, his 3 daughters. Lastly son Donald also received one shilling.

  3. Donald McEachern (1) born about 1782, he was 24 when he left Scotland for N.A. with his parents.
  4. The only reference to Donald extant is the bond required of his brother,John as executor of his estate registered Aug. 18. 1808 in which it is stated that Donald was lost at sea, drowned on a voyage to Newfoundland.

    It is noted that John McEachern signed this indenture, hence is now literate at age 24.

    Presumably, Donald was not married and there were no issue.

  5. John McEachern (1) , ca 1784 – March 15, 1879.
  6. John was born in Scotland, and was 22 years of age when his family left Tobermory. His participation in the purchase of land in Lot 57, is recorded, as was his becoming executor of his drowned brother Donald’s estate in 1808.

    Nancy (Ann) MacDougald became his wife 27 Jan 1812 as recorded at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Charlottetown.She was born ca 1793 and died 12 Sept 1873. John was a staunch Presbyterian all his life, while Nancy was equally committed to the Roman Catholic Church. Despite this difference in religion they had 12 children, namely Donald, Isobel, Angus, Allan, John Jr., Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Clemence (Clementina), Marjorie, Allan (the first Allan was drowned in a storm in1827), Allan Charles, Jr. and Ann. These 12 spanned a period of 23 years from 1813 to 1836. John was 28 when he married. Nancy was very young, perhaps 18 or 19 at the time of their union.

    Their signing the petition for clemency to John Nicolson in 1813 indicates they were living in the Belfast area, along with other members of the family.

    Donald McEachern, their first born is recorded at St. Paul’s in Charlottetown, the 28th of June 1813 and baptised on the 13th of September, the same year.

    A petition for land at Escuminac Point to the governor of New Brunswick dated 21 Jan 1824, states he lived on P.E.I. for 12 years and more recently five (5) years at Escuminac. Also his family in 1824 consists of his wife and five (5) children, 4 boys and one girl. Allan and John Jr. are both recorded in the church records at Baie-Ste-Anne, N.B. very near Escuminac. Presumably the first 3 children were born on P.E.I. and prior to 1819. So far the births of Isobel and Angus have not been found and possibly are at the local R.C church at or near Belfast, P.E.I.

    On Feb. 21, 1821, suit was brought against John McEachern for monies owed to the estate of Lord Selkirk for land in Lot 57, presumably the farm land purchased in 1808. It is noted that John is absent in New Brunswick.

    Why did John and Nancy with family leave P.E.I. and why did they go to the Miramichi in New Brunswick? Bob McDonald feels they left because they owed money and had no alternative but to leave. No doubt this was part of the problem. Note that between 1808 and perhaps 1817, life for John and Nancy was normal. No lawsuits, etc. something changed for them and I suspect it had to do with religion and perhaps the passing of his mother,Sarah McEachern.

    John and Nancy had 2 or 3 children by this time and which church they would attend was probably the centre of many arguments. Also we could speculate as to who was living with whom, which again would raise the level of the argument. Donald, their first born was a Presbyterian and moved across the Bay from Escuminac to Tabusintac, marrying Janet Campbell in Newcastle Sept. 14, 1840.

    By 1818, there were some 20 McEacherns in the Belfast area. Assuming Archibald and Sarah and their 5 children lived elsewhere, this would leave some 15 or 17 living under one roof, or perhaps two. It could be that their mother Sarah, was the peacekeeper in the family and his brothers and sisters continued to help, sharing the work load. With Sarah’s passing, help for John and Nancy would diminish and this may have caused him to fall in arrears on his debts. In any case, it is certain they decided to leave and did so in 1818 or 1819 moving to the Bay of Winds between Bay du Vin and Escuminac,N.B. This area was very busy at that time, lumbering, fishing, etc. Transportation by ship would be readily available, and they may have had friends there.

    In 1821, John became a Branch Pilot on the Miramichi River, which avocation was to be carried on by a number of his sons and grandsons.

    Allen, number 5 of the children was born 15 June 1820 and is so recorded at Baie-Ste-Anne R.C. Parish church. Father Blanchet was the local missionary priest. Alexander McDonnell and Anne Elizabeth McDonnell were the witnesses. It is noted that the father was absent. Apparently he would not attend a Catholic Church even when his son was being baptised.

    Apparently, John did not receive the grant of land he applied for, so must have lived in or near EscuminacVillage. Mrs. D.A. MacDonald Sr. of Black River Bridge, in one of her letters enclosed a note from Thomas Lewis that the house John McEachern lived in was bought by his uncle Mr. John Lewis. A letter to Mrs. MacDonald from Muriel Fleigher, states there were 2 families living in Escuminac. Where Mrs. Hugh Lewis lives, that house is built on the foundation of the McEachern house, while the other family had a house where Dannie O’Neill lived.

    The newspaper, The Mercury, listed 43 pilots of the harbour of Miramichi of which John is a member. Seven were Senior Pilots while four were rated at Junior. John was not one of this eleven. The date is 18 April 1862.

    A violent storm late November 1827, claimed the life of seven year old Allan along with a Patrick McRae of Chatham, when John’s boat broke from its anchor off Point Sapin and the two on board were lost. Why the seven year old was on the boat was not explained in the report in the Mercury, 20 Nov. 1827.

    John McEachern in 1848, now 64 years of age, bought a farm for 95£ in Auburnille on the Little Branch of the Bay du Vin river from his son-in-law John McDonald Jr. who in 1845 married Isobel McEachern. Possibly he was thinking of retiring from "piloting" and continuing to farm. The census data for 1851 and 1871 shows him living in Hardwick Parish.

    Nancy passed away on 12 Sept 1873 at age 79, and is buried at St. Michael’s in Chatham directly behind the church in the older part of the cemetery. Her headstone is still legible.

    According to Bob McDonald, his great grandfather John jr. moved firstly to Richibucto, then to Boston, then on to Colorado. His story about his family paying taxes on a silver claim in Telluride and learning his family came from the Miramichi is most interesting.

    Apparently John and Nancy never lived in Chatham but nevertheless were strong adherents to their churches. Nancy is buried at St. Michael’s, while John, passing in 1879 at 94 or 95 years of age, was buried, presumably, in the old St. Andrew’s Cemetery at the north end of St. Andrew’s Street at Water Street. A headstone for him has not been found, but as was the custom at a later time, his marker may have become a stoop for someone’s house "on the hill" at Chatham.

    The entry in the church records for St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Chatham, reads, "a faithful member of his church, but sorely tried."

    Bernetta McEachern, the writers cousin, explained this church record entry as follows. Apparently, John would steal Nancy’s beads so she would not be able to say her prayers. Sometimes she would tie knots in lengths of string so she could say her beads. Sixty one years of marriage and twelve children did not change either in their beliefs.

    It should also be mentioned that this also could refer to the loss of Allan in 1827, and the three in 1873. The latter would be disastrous to him having lost his wife a few months earlier.

    A possible reference to their diamond wedding anniversary in 1872 in the local newspapers has not been found, nor an obituary for either of them. In 1879, some of John’s family were past middle age, Donald living in Tabusintac was 66, Angus was 61, while Annie, the youngest, a school teacher and probably living with him at Bay du Vin was 43 years of age.

    The farm some 70 acres on Lot 7 on the Little Branch of the Bay du Vin River was sold 15 May 1885, by Catherine, widow of the late John McEachern, Jr. Annie McEachern, Mary (McEachern) Lynch, wife of Thomas Lynch, and John A. McEachern, all children of John Jr. The buyer was John Stewart and the price was £320.00.

    In April of 1846, John Hamilton, the school teacher for District 9, the parish of Glenelg, reported on 23 pupils attending one of which was John McEachern Jr. at age 25.

    Dec 31 of 1850, John Jr. bought some 130 acres from his former school teacher for 60£. On 9 Nov 1851 he married Catherine Leitch of P.E.I. at Pointe-Sapin, in Kent Co., N.B. The 1851 census shows John jr. living at home.

    Reviewing 1871 and John and Nancy’s family, we find Donald is married (1840) and living in Tabusintac, Isobel is married to John McDonald (1845) and living in Bay du Vin, Allan (#1) was drowned in 1827, John Jr. is married (1851) and living in Escuminac, Sara is married (1851) and living in Bay du Vin, Mary is married to Angus McDonald (1845) and by 1871 was in Denver Colorado, Elizabeth married a Christopher Leonard of Chatham about 1850 and moved also to Colorado. Clemence married Hugh Keenen (1848) at St. Louis de Kent in Kent Co. and is not living with John & Nancy, Marjory married Alexander Fraser (1854) and is living in Rexton, N.B. Allan, wife Isabella and their four children are living with John and Nancy at Bay du Vin. The last of the family, Ann, married John McKinnon of Newcastle (1861) and by 1871 was also in Colorado.

    Sometime after 1871, Allen and family moved out of the house in Bay du Vin and John Jr. and his family moved in. Why this happened we do not know. Possibly it was because John’s wife was from P.E.I as were John Sr. and Nancy. In any case it seems John Jr. and his family inherited the farm which was subsequently sold to John Stewart in 1885.

    It would be interesting to know how many of his family attended his funeral?

  7. Mary McEachern (1) – Mary was born in Scotland about 1786 as she was 20 years of age when she boarded the Humphreys. She is not mentioned in the purchase of the property in 1808, nor the sale to Alex Frazer in 1830. No record of her signing the petition in 1813 is known.It is believed she died before 1820?

  9. Dugald McEachern (1) – He was 18 when he entered the colony in 1806,hence born ca 1788. He was not mentioned in the sale of the property in 1830, hence something happened to him, yet undiscovered.
  10. He married Catherine MacLeod about 1818; there were five children, Malcolm,b.18 May,1819, John, 1820, Donald,b.23 Nov.1820 Angus,b.5 Mar.1822, and Archibald,b.30 Apr 1830,at West River. (No daughters.) All were born on P.E.I.

  11. Charles McEachern (1)(3)? – born about 1789 - in Dobson’s Directory of Scotland Settlers in N.A.. It is suggested that Charles was the son of Ann McEachern. In the sale of the property in 1830, Charles is listed as the son of Donald and Sarah.
  12. He married Margaret (Mary) MacKinnon about 1815 who was born in Inverness, Scotland about 1792.She died 8 May 1884,at Lot 57 on PEI.

    They had 12 children, Laughlin,b.? Simon,b.? Janet, 1794, Marie,b.16 Feb 1823, Charles,b.?, James,b.17 Sept,1825, Marion,b ?, Donald,b.25 May1828 John,b.3April 1832, Archibald,b.3July1834, Jessie,b.? and Margaret Ann,b.13March1837.

    There are a number of indentures registered for and against Charles; the most important in 1811, would indicate he was acting for his father Donald. If it were his brother, Donald, then John would have acted.

    Charles died 29 Nov.1856 and is buried at St. John’s in Belfast. He was about 67 years of age. Margaret survived him until May 6, 1884, dying at the age of 92 years.

  13. Janet McEachern (1) – born about 1793. She married Simon MacKinnon probably around 1820. She died in 1877 and is buried at St. John’s Presbyterian Cemetery in Belfast, P.E.I.Simon was born in Scotland ca 1797,and died on PEI ca 1866.
  14. Simon and Janet had 8 children, Marion,(Sarah),b.7 Sept 1821,and died 1Oct1921.She mar.Peter Martin. Jane,(Janet),b.14 Sept 1823,and died 25 Feb 1890, Mary,b.16 June 1825,and died in 1912, John,b.5 Feb.1827, Elizabeth,b.1 Dec 1828,and died 9 May 1920,age ca 91, Margaret,b.1Jan1831,and died 7 Nov 1881, Donald,b.21Dec,1832 and died ca 1860, and Charles,b.1Feb.1836.He was lost at sea in 1868,second mate on the "Berhampore"

  15. Hector McEachern (1) –b ca 1797.He was about 10 years old when he left Scotland with his parents. Hector married Sarah (Marion) unknown, about 1825.She was born on the Isle of Mull ca 1801 and died on PEI,28 Dec 1838. They had 6 children, namely, Mary,b.12Dec.1826 ,and died after 1881, John, 1828,and died after 1881, Flora,b.1Aug1829,and died after 1881, Donald, 1831,died after 1881, Janet,b.24Jan1832, and Laughlin,b.12Jan1834 at Mill Dam Settlement.Sarah died at a young age, and is buried at Belfast.

She signed the indenture in 1830 conveying the land to Alex Frazer.

Hector died May 10,1888, a very old man of over 90 years, and is buried at St. John’s at Belfast, according to the Summerside Journal.Sarah died in 1838.


Donald / Sarah McEachern

The Third Generation

(Archibald (4), Donald (1))

  1. Jane McEachern -(Archibald (4), Donald (1)) – presumably the first grand child of Donald and Sarah (1800). If Archibald and Sarah were continuing the old Scottish manner of naming their children, then the maternal grandmother was also Jane. ? No further information and not mentioned in her father’s will of 1868.
  2. Laughlin McEachern (4) (1) – Born about 1803 in Scotland. He married Janet McSwain about 1826. They had four (4) children, namely, Archibald,b.9 Dec 1826, John,b.28 July 1828, Donald,b.13June 1832, and Margaret,b.1 Nov.1836. It is believed he died after 1868, as he is mentioned in his father’s will but not favourably.
  3. Margaret McEachern (4) (1) – Probably born in Scotland about a month before the Humphreys set sail in July, 1806. No further information is known, nor is she mentioned in her father’s will of Dec. 1868.
  4. Donald McEachern (4) (1) – born Feb. 14/1810, the first born in the new country. Nothing else is known about Donald except his father left him 1 shilling as shown in his will of 1868. He must have been married as his son Archibald is charged in his grandfather’s will to support and maintain his mother (Sarah McKinnon McEachern) decently and kindly in and during her life time, for which he would receive 50 acres of land plus one third of a marshland in Orwell. Donald was 58 when his father died.
  5. Archibald McEachern (4) (1) – born 6 Feb, 1818 presumably on Lot 57 and on his grandfather’s farm. He is not mentioned in his father’s will and is believed to have died in June of 1852.
  6. Neil McEachern (4) (1) – probably born about 1814.He died 18 Nov,1887,on Lot 57 on PEI. His father thought him deserving and left him 70 acres of farm land in his will dated 1868 at which time, he was some 54 years of age. Apparently Neil married twice. The first was to Catherine McLeod by whom there were four (4) issue, namely Hugh,b.?, Catherine,b.?, Charles,b.?, and Mary (Margaret)b.?. The second marriage was to Catherine (Christy) Stewart from which there were four (4) more children, Sarah,b.20 Jan.1845, Catherine,(Christy),b.2Aug,1846, Jessie,b.?,and John,b.ca1846,and died 21Oct 1860.
  7. Three daughters, Margaret, Jessie and Sarah, plus his wife Christy are mentioned in his will of 1887, which left the residue of his estate to son Hugh, at age 61.

  8. Ann McEachern (4) (1) – born about 1816 on P.E.I. She is mentioned in her father’s will of 1868 and received one (1) shilling sterling. She married Tavish McTavish, born in Scotland about 1800. Whether or not they had children is not known. She died 30 Nov. 1875 and is buried at St. John’s Church in Belfast, P.E.I. The inscription on her headstone reads "We all do fade as a leaf."
  9. Mary McEachern - (4) (1) – no record of her birth had been found. However, she is mentioned in her father’s will of 1868 as Mary McTavish, possibly she and her sisters married brothers. M. Whyte’s Dictionary #9312 is a John McTavish who settled in Pinette, Queen’s co. P.E.I. around 1815.
  10. Jessie McEachern (6) (1) – like her sister Mary, nothing is known about Jessie, as to her birth, marriage or death. She is mentioned in her father’s will of 1868.
  11. Presumably she was the last child of Arch and Sarah.

    The Family of John and Nancy McEachern

  12. Their first born was Donald (6) (1), born on 28 June 1813, on Lot 57, P.E.I. We know nothing about Donald save he was brought up as a Presbyterian, while the other eleven (11) children across some 23 years went to the R.C. Church. When he was 27 he married Janet Campbell,14 Sept.1840 at Chatham at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Archibald.They lived in Tabusintac some 20 miles across Miramichi Bay from Bay du Vin and Escuminac. Possibly McEachern’s Wharf at Wishart’s Point is named for him or his any case, Donald and Janet started a dynasty that continues today, having some thirteen (13) children, viz Mary, Margaret, John Campbell, Colin, Donald, Alexander, Norman Campbell, Isabella, Catherine, Jessy, Janet, Anna and William. The last two were twins in 1867. Janet born about 1818, died 9 Feb.1890,at Tabusintac. while her husband outlived her, passing,18Aug1893.
  13. Isabel McEachern (6) (1) –b.11 June1815 and died,at Bay du Vin, May 1901, (age 86). She was the second of the three children born on P.E.I. to Nancy and John. She married John (Stiff) McDonald about 1843.The nickname resulted from a stiff knee.He was born ca 1803 in Inverness,Scotland to Angus and Ann McDonald.They had 5 children, namely Angus,b.16 May1844 also nicknamed "Stiff", Ann,b.9 Jan.1846,and died 1Sept1927,at Denver,Co.She mar.Ronald Peter McDonald in 1877.He was born20Sept.1852,and died 9Aug.1939,John,b.18 July 1847,and died at Bay du Vin,before 1851,and Catherine Josephine,b.22Feb.1849,and died 24 Nov.1932 at Chatham,and was interred at St Michaels Cemetery,and Isabella,b.ca1867.She died May 1901,and is buried at St.Margarets
  14. .

  16. Angus McEachern (6) (1) –The writer’s great grandfather. Born on P.E.I. about 1818 and just prior to the move to N.B. he followed in his father’s footsteps becoming a Branch Pilot on the Miramichi. In the census of 1851 for Glenelg, he is living separately from his father having married Margaret Preston in Escuminac 6 Feb.1842 at age 24. His bride was 19,and born ca 1822,and died 30 May1895. The census for 1871 shows them living in Chatham with six of their eventual eleven children. Of note is the bride’s parents, William Preston and Clemence Guimond (Jimmo). Her line can be traced to Louis Guimond in Quebec in 1653.
  17. They had eleven children, Donald Alexander, William, Catherine, Clementia, John (the writer’s grandfather), Marjorie Anne, Angus, Elizabeth, Allen Charles, James Archibald (Uncle Arch) and Ernest Everett.

    In 1859, Angus bought a farm of 130 acres from John and Ann Hamilton, schoolmaster, in the parish of Newcastle. The farm was in Glenelg Parish somewhere in the Escuminac or Bay du Vin area.

    When Angus and Margaret moved to Chatham is not known, but he probably built or bought the long low white house behind the lilac bushes that stood in the north west quadrant of the intersection of King and Duke Streets in Chatham. It was the second house from the corner. I have a vague recollection of being in it only once, but must have walked by it many, many times.

    As Margaret had died 30 May 1895 at age 72, Angus left this house and estate to his youngest surviving son, James Archibald (Uncle Arch) and his wife Mary Ann Shea.

    The will is indenture 57, dated 12 March 1901. He passed away on 14 March 1902. His obituary stated he was the oldest pilot on the Miramichi, and one of the town’s most respected citizens. Four sisters, two sons and one daughter survived him. The two sons were Allen Charles and "Uncle Arch." The daughter was Elizabeth (Mrs. John Lane).

    There was a note in one of the newspapers dated 20 June 1857, announcing the launching of the pilot schooner Leader, owned by Messers John and Angus McCachran, Branch Pilots at Escuminac. The schooner was 42 tons burthen.

    He was mentioned in the local newspapers 18 Mar. 1834, when at age about 17 he piloted the ship William Dawson up the Miramichi, carrying a number of dignitaries, including __ Henry Wyse.

    Angus must have been well known and perhaps prosperous, as he was elected to the Grand Jury for the January 1853 sessions.

  18. Allan McEachern (6) (1) – born 15 Jan 1820. He was lost at sea off Point Sapin, N.B. in 1827 when the boat he was on broke its anchor in a violent storm. What he was doing on a boat at so young an age was not explained.
  19. John McEachern Jr. (6) (1) – born 12 Oct.1822 at Escuminac N.B.and was lost at sea on 23 Aug.1873.
  20. The school returns for 1834 by John Devitt, schoolmaster for District #6 Glenelg Parish lists John age 8. The girls Sarah, Mary and Jannet are also listed. Jannet must be Elizabeth born about 1828.

    Similarly in 1835, John is now listed as 12 years of age, Sarah and Mary are also listed but not Jannet.

    Andrew Reid, the school teacher, lists John in 1841 age 17, while sisters Janet, Clementia and Margery are 12, 10 and 8 respectively.

    In 1845 John is 25 and still in school, and John Hamilton is the school teacher.

    John jr. married Catherine Leitch, 1831,on P.E.I. Nov. 9,1851. She was the daughter of Colin Leitch and Anne (Smith) Leitch, both of P.E.I. They had ten children,Hugh,Mary Elizabeth,Colin,Ann (Annie),Mary,John Alexander,Duncan Allan,Charles (Cha)Angus,James Rogers,and WilliamArchibald.

    The tax returns for Glenelg and Hardwick parishes for 1852, 1853 and 1864 show John, Sr., Angus and John, Jr. all living in the area.

    According to Muriel Fleigher there were two McEachern houses in Escuminac. One was nearer the water's edge at what was called McEachern’s Rock from which a boat could easily be launched. The other was close by probably on the other side of the main road.In 1885 the house was sold to Mrs. Hugh Lewis’ grandfather and later Harry Flater (Fleigher) sold it to Mike Jimmo.

    John, Jr. was drowned in the McEachern Storm Aug. 23, 1873, age 50 leaving behind a large young family to be looked after by his widow. Two of their sons Hugh and Colin were also lost in the McEachern Storm of 1873, as was William Nowlan, a neighbor. Hugh was about 21 and engaged to be married to Abigail Donalds.

    The loss of another son and two young grandsons may have been too much for the mother, Nancy McEachern, as she passed away some three weeks later, on Sept. 12, 1873. This also may have been another reason for the notation in the records at St. Andrew’s Church in Chatham.

    Catherine survived John by some 43 years passing away 27 June 1916 and was buried at St. Michael’s in Chatham.Apparently she did not remarry.Following the fatal storm,Catherine and family moved to Chatham,where she ran a grocery store.

  21. Sara McEachern (6) (1) – the sixth child of John and Nancy, was born in 1824 on May 12, at Escuminac. She is noted in the school returns for 1834 and 1835 only. She married Alexander McDonald 18 Nov.1844, age 20, at Bay St. Anne, N.B.He was born 29April 1817,the son of Angus and Ann McDonald.
  22. Two children have been found for them, namely Isabella,ca.1845,and Catherine, ca. 1847.

    Alexander and his brother Angus purchased some 200 acres of land from Joseph Cunard, 4 Aug. 1843, which 200 acres were on the north side of the Bay du Vin River.

    The 1851 census shows Sarah and Alexander and their two children living in Glenelg Parish with her widowed mother-in-law Ann McDonald.

    A record of her death and burial have not been found.

  23. Mary McEachern (6) (1) – Born the 1st of December 1826 in Escuminac, N.B., We only know she attended school, according to the school returns as noted previously. She married Angus McDonald,10 Nov.1845, a year after her sister Sarah married Alexander.Angus was born ca1814 in Invernesshire,Scotland,and was the son of Angus and Ann McDonald.
  24. About 1868, Mary and Angus left N.B. and moved to Boston and then to Colorado,ca 1873 with their five children,all born on the Miramichi River. They were Angus,b.Jan.1847, an infant son born late 1848 who did not survive,a second infant son,that did not survive, John,born at Bay du Vin,April 1851,and died before 1861, Allen Charles,b.17 Nov.1852, Alexander R.b.15 March 1855, and John Archibald,b.15 Dec.1857, who was their last child born in Bay du Vin.

    Mary passed away 10 Dec. 1904 at 88 years of age and was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Denver, Colorado. Her husband predeceased her Nov.15, 1893.

  25. Elizabeth Jane McEachern (6) (1) – (Jannet) born about 1828/1829,and died16 Dec.1915 in Denver Co.
  26. The school return for 1834 lists a Jannet McEachern age 5, while in 1841 she is 12.On 30 Aug.1863,she married Christopher Leonard of Chatham, N.B., and is now using the name Elizabeth.He was born in Ireland ca 1827,and died on 11 Jan.1905 in Denver,Co.His parents were Michael Leonard and Elizabeth Rider.His first marriage was to Mary Quinn,ca 1847,and there were children?

    Elizabeth and Christopher had one child recorded in Chatham, Dec.23, 1872, a daughter Maria Clementina who died at age 1 yr. 9 months and is buried at St. Michael’s in Chatham, beside her godmother Isabella McDonald, Oct. 5, 1874.

    Elizabeth and her husband emigrated to the U.S. and are buried in Denver, Colorado.

  27. Clemence (Clementina) McEachern (6) (1) – was born July 30, 1830 at Escuminac, N.B. and is recorded in the school returns for 1841, age 10, and 1845, age 15.
  28. She married Hugh Keenan on 2 may 1848 at St. Louis de Kent,in Kent County.

    Nothing further is known about these two people.

  29. Marjury McEachern (6) (1) – born 28 March 1832 at Escuminac.
  30. She is in the school returns for 1841, age 8; she is 19 in the 1851 census for Glenelg parish and living with her parents. She married Alexander James Fraser Jan 10/1854 at Escuminac. He was born 27 June 1831.He was from Bartibogue on the north side of the Miramichi River and was the son of Donald Fraser and Christine Annabella Macdonald. They lived firstly in Richibucto, 3 years, then moved to Rexton, N.B. a few miles farther south where they spent the rest of their lives. They had 11 children the first of whom did not survive. The others were, Donald, John, Alexander, Angus, Annabella, Clementina, Elizabeth, Mary, Christine and Catherine. She died on 3 Jan. 1919, at her home, and was survived by her husband, 2 sons John and Alexander, and four daughters, two of whom lived in the U.S. (Annabelle and Mary). Her husband passed away four months later on Apr. 7,1919.

    John Welsh of Brookhaven, PA has done the genealogy on this branch of the family, being a descendant of Marjury’s.

    She died 3Jan.1919 at Rexton.In her obituary, it is mentioned she was a niece of the late Bishop McEachern of Charlottetown, P.E.I. This may be a reference to the Rev.Angus Bernard (1757 – 1835). This connection has not been substantiated.

  31. Allen Charles McEachern, (6)(1), was the 11th child of John and Nancy being born at Escuminac about 1834. He is listed in the school returns for 1845 (age 11) and 1846 (age 12). The 1851 census for Glenelg lists him as 17 and living with his parents. In the 1871 census he is 37 married to Isabella MacDonald, 25 years of age,b.ca1843 at Bedeque Bay,PEI,and the daughter of Ronald and Margarite MacDonald.They are living with John and Nancy. The wedding was 5 Nov. 1863 at Indian River, P.E.I.
  32. There were eight children from this marriage, namely, James Raymond,b.1Sept.1864,at SummersidePEI,Angus (Gus) Bernard,b.3Feb1866 John Nelson,b.8July1868,and died after 1881,Allan Charles,5Jan.1870,and died after 1881,Catherine (Kate) Anne,b.30Sept 1871, Hugh Colin,b.6Nov.1873,and died at Panama City,Fl.on13July1930,and buried there.He drowned off the Florida coast.He never married. Donald Francis,b.28May1876 at Chatham,and died there on13Feb,1877,lastlyMary Isabella.b.26Nov.1877.Aunt Maisie was living in Butte,Mt in 1919,with her husband Frank and their children

    Isabella (Ellen),had tuberculosis,and died Jan 30, 1879 and is interred at St. Michael’s in Chatham.

    On the 2nd of Aug 1880, he remarried in Chatham to Mary Regan Hurley, born in Ireland about 1851. He was 44, she 29 or 30.She died on19 March,1910 at Anaconda,Mt.

    There were five children from this union, viz. Isabella Jane,b.2Sept 1881 and died ca 1960 at Anaconda,Mt.She mar.John Condon,2 Aug 1905 at Butte,Mt. John was born ca 1871 in New York State and died ca 1913 at Butte,Mt. Elizabeth Ann (Bessie),b.27 July 1884 at Chatham,and died of Typhoid Fever,8 Nov.1893, Charles Francis,b.6Jan1887. Agnes Theresa,b.21Aug1888,at Chatham,and died before 1891, and William (Billy)Joseph,b 7June 1890 and died at Fort Harrison,Mt. on 23Apr1960.He was a bartender in Anaconda,and served in the US Army in WW1,as a private in the Quartermasters Corp.He was well known as a baseball player.

    Allen Charles, "the greatest sailor who ever sailed the Miramichi" and "the man who could not be drowned" met a watery grave in 1890, leaving a very large family for his wife to look after.In 1894 the family moved to Montana,USA.

  33. Ann (Anna) McEachern (6)(1), the last child of John and Nancy was born about 1836. She is mentioned in the school rolls for 1846 Glenelg Parish at age 10, the 1851 census lists her 15 and living with her parents.She died 24July1923 at Denver,Co.and buried there.
  34. She married John McKinnon 19 Aug. 1861 in Newcastle. Interestingly,John was the son of Simon McKinnon and Janet McEachern from P.E.I., hence her first cousin.He was born on Lot 27, Simon MacKinnon and Janet McEachern.He was a shipbuilder of some fame and mentioned in the book,"Down by the Shore",a history of Summerside,published in 1980.His obit was carried in the Rocky Mountain News,30 Jan 1905.

    They had three children, Charles Alfred,b.26Oct.1862, Clementina (Teanie),b.19June 1964, and William,b.19Aug1866,all born on P.E.I. at Summerside.Also Allan John,b.6Feb1869,Elisabeth (Bess) Isabella,b.5July1870,Anna May,b.6Mar.1877,and Winnifred Bertha,b.14June1879. Both Ann and John died in Colorado and are buried in Denver.His obit stated he was survived by his wife,and four children,Mrs.James H.Webster,Anna McKinnon,Winnifred McKinnon and A.J.McKinnon.

    Family of Dugald (8)(1) and Catherine MacLeod

  35. John McEachern (8)(1) – born ca 1818, probably Lot 57 P.E.I.and died ca 1895. he married Jane Sutton 26 June 1841 in Nelson,N.B., a few miles up the Miramichi River from Chatham.She was born ca 1820 and died before 1851. They had five children, Jonathan, 1842 and died after 1851, Catherine, 1844, Mary, 1845, Daniel,b.12 Sept1847, and Wm. Henry, 1849,and died 1944.
  36. It was Wm. Henry, a "distant cousin," who stepped forward and married Abigail Donalds in May 1877 when her intended passed away. Who was he and what happened to him?

    How John arrived on the Miramichi from P.E.I. is not known, but this is the Nelson connection with the other McEacherns on the Miramichi at Chatham/Escuminac and Tabusintac,and which frustrated Jean Little and Diane Carmichael until Jim Allen put it together.

  37. Malcolm McEachern (8)(1) – born 18 May 1819
  38. Donald McEachern (8)(1) – born 23 Nov. 1820
  39. Angus McEachern (8)(1) – born 5 Mar 1822
  40. Archibald (8)(1) – born Apr 30/1830 at West River, P.E.I., baptised10 Nov. 1820 in Charlottetown.
  41. Laughlin McEachern (9)(1) – born 15 Oct 1815 Lot 57
  42. Simon McEachern (9)(1) – born 26 Oct 1817 Lot 57
  43. Janet McEachern (9)(1) – born 16 Oct 1821 Lot 57
  44. Marie (Marion) McEachern (9)(1) – born 16 Feb 1823 Lot 57
  45. Charles McEachern (9)(1) – born 16 Feb 1823 Lot 57
  46. James McEachern (9)(1) – born 17 Sept 1825
  47. Marion McEachern (9)(1) – born 17 Sept 1825
  48. Donald McEachern (9)(1) – born 25 May 1828 at Newton, P.E.I.
  49. John McEachern (9)(1) – born 3 Apr 1832
  50. Archibald McEachern (9)(1) – born 3 July 1834
  51. Jessy McEachern (9)(1) –
  52. Margaret Ann McEachern (9)(1) – born 13 March 1837 at Belfast
  53. Marion Sarah MacKinnon(10)(1) – born Sept 7, 1821 Belfast, P.E.I., bap 8 July 1825,and died 1Oct1914 on PEI.She mar.Peter Martin,6March 1844 at Belfast.They had 11 children,Sarah Elizabeth,b.1845.She mar.William McKenzie,Janet,b.9Jan1847,and died 15March1912 at Washing,DC.Buried at Belfast.Donald Charles,b.1Feb1849,and died 10Jan1888.Buried at Belfast.Mary Alice,b5Jan1851,died 29April 1941.Simon,b.27Dec.1852.He was a contractor in Portland,Or.Catherine,b.23Apr1853,and died 19June 1912.John,b.7Nov.1857,and died 20Apr.1934.He ran the family farm,at which his mother and sisters,Hannah and Catherine,lived.Charles William,,b.ca1860.Kenneth John,b.21Nov.1862.He was a lawyer and lived in Portland,Or.Margaret E.b.3Nov 1865 and died 6Feb.1916.Hannah Louise,b.6Dec.1869,and died 18July1945.
  54. Jane MacKinnon(10)(1) – born 14 Sept 1823, Belfast, P.E.I., bap 22 Oct 1823
  55. Mary MacKinnon(10)(1) – born June 16, 1825, Lot 57, P.E.I.; bap 8 July 1825
  56. John MacKinnon (10)(1) – born 5 Feb 1827, Lot 57, P.E.I.; bap 8 Feb 1827. Married his first cousin Ann (Anna) McEachern Aug 19, 1861. Died in Denver, Colorado on 29Jan.1905.She was born ca 1836 at Escuminac,and died in Denver,Co. on24July1823.Seven children, Charles, Clementina,William,Allan John,Elizabeth (Bess)Isabella,Anna May and Winnifred Bertha.
  57. Elizabeth MacKinnon (10)(1) – born Dec 1,/1828. Bap Dec. 9/1828. Lot 57
  58. Margaret MacKinnon (10)(1) – born Jan 1/1831 Lot 57.Bap Jan 12, 1831.
  59. Donald MacKinnon (10)(1) – born Dec. 21, 1832 Lot 57. Bap 22 Dec. 1832. Died in 1850 – age 18.
  60. Charles MacKinnon (10)(1) – born Feb 15, 1836 Lot 57. Bapt. 22 Feb. 1836 – lost at sea, age 33 in 1869.

    Family of Hector (#11) and Sarah (?) or (Marion)

  62. Mary McEachern (11)(1) – born 13 Dec. 1826.See Hector,#11
  63. John McEachern (11)(1) – born ca 1828 – 1881 census – age 52,See # 11.
  64. Flora McEachern (11)(1) – born Aug 1/1829 at Newton, P.E.I.See #11.
  65. Donald McEachern (11)(1) – born ca 1831 – age 50 in the 1881 census.See #11
  66. Janet McEachern (11)(1) – 24 Jan 1831 – Lot 57, P.E.I.See #11.
  67. Laughlin McEachern (11)(1) – 12 Jan 1834 – age 40 – 1881 census.See #11
  68. The fourth Generation

  69. Archibald McEachern (Laughlin 13, Archibald 4, Donald 4) born Dec. 9. 1826, P.E.I.
  70. John McEachern (13, 4, 1) – born 28 July 1828 P.E.I.
  71. Donald McEachern (13, 4, 1) – born 13 June 1832 P.E.I.
  72. Margaret McEachern (13, 4, 1) – born 1 Nov. 1835 P.E.I.
  73. Archibald McEachern (15, 4, 1) – son of Donald and mentioned in his grandfather’s will
  74. Hugh McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  75. Catherine McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  76. Charles McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  77. Mary (Margaret) McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  78. Sarah McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  79. Catherine McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  80. Jessie McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  81. John McEachern (17, 4, 1)
  82. Mary McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born about 1849 in Alnwick Parish, probably Tabusintac. She married Richard Murphy on 24 Feb. 1871 at Chatham, N.B. there were 6 children from this union, namely, Elizabeth, Richard, Donald, Charles, Jessie and Nellie. Richard’s parents were Luke and Elizabeth Murphy. They both died on or before 1901.
  83. Margaret McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born about 1843, probably at Tabusintac,and died after 1897. She married Robert Ferguson 8 April 1876.They had two children,Catherine,b.17 March,1877,and Ann,b.6May1880. The 1861 and 1871 census data shows her living with her parents.It is also recorded,she mar.Richard Murphy?
  84. John Campbell McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born 2 May 1846,and died18Mar.1901. He married Mary (Margaret) McLeod, the 23rd of Sept. 1869. Her father was Angus McLeod and her mother Mary Murray, and she was born,9March1851,and died6Oct1929.. They had seven children, namely, Margaret Jane (Aunt Maggie), Donald(ShortDan), Catherine Flora, Alexander, Mary (Mamie), Murdoch and Janet C.. He died 18 March 1901. In his will he stipulated that Murdoch, his grandson, by Donald and his three daughters to be his heirs.
  85. Colin McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born 15 April 1851,at Tabusintac.He married Jane McLeod,on12Oct1871 the younger sister of his brother’s wife, born 22May1853,and died ca1944.She was the daughter of Angus McLeod andMary Murray. They had seven children, viz. Angus,b.28Feb.1872, Donald (LongDan),b.13Apr1876, Margaret A. (Maggie),b.16Sept1878, John,b.19Feb1883 and died in Chatham in1947.Big John was an oyster fisherman. Jessie Florence,b.11July1886, William Colin,b.5Oct 1891 and Norman,b.26Aug1893. Colin died 15 may 1909, age 58.
  86. Donald(Daniel?) McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born,3 March 1844. He married Margaret Ann Stymiest,Aug.8.1870.She was born 26 May 1848 and died 2 Nov.,1925 at Chatham. It is believed the Stymiests were U.E.L.s who emigrated from Connecticut in 1783. They had eight children, viz.William Norman,b.5Nov1870,in 1925 he was living in Pennsylvania,Margaret,(Janet)Campbell,17Jan1872,Isabel Susan,b.3July1881,and died after 1925.She never married. Robert Jardine,b.3 March 1878,James Frank Stymiest,b.16Jan1877,in 19255 he was living in Detroit,Isabella,b.3 July,1882, Ann(Annie),b.7 April,1885,at Chatham.She mar.Harry Allen Fownes,30 June1909,at Chatham.He was from Hopewell Cape.Parents were A.J.and Dorcas Fownes Jessie Florence,b.9March,1887,and died in Chatham on26 April1890, and John Alexander,b.23Jan1875 and died at Chatham6Feb.1898 Donald died Nov. 22, 1916 and she survived him, passing on Nov. 2, 1925.
  87. Alexander McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born about 1852. He was living with his parents, according to the 1861 and 1871 census for Alnwick parish.
  88. Norman Campbell McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born 14 March 1856, and living at home, according to the 1861 census. No mention of him in the 1871 census.
  89. Isabella(Bella) McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born about 1858 – at home with her parents 1861 and 1871.
  90. Catherine McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born ca 1860, and like Isabella at home in 1861 and 1871.
  91. Jessie McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born 22 Feb. 1861 – at home in 1871.
  92. Janet McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born about 1863, at home in 1871 – 8 years of age
  93. William McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born 13 Mar 1868 and age 4 in the 1871 census. A twin to Anna.
  94. Anna McEachern (21, 6, 1) – born 13 mar 1868 – a twin to William
  95. Angus (Stiff) McDonald (22, 6, 1) – born 16 May 1844 at Bay du Vin, N.B. He married Elizabeth Sullivan 2Sept1873.She was born at St Margarets 2Sept1852,and died 17May1924 at Black River.Her parents were William Sullivan and Mary Flynn.They had twelve children, John,b.10June 1974,and died30June1890 ofTB.Ann K.(Annie),b.27Sept1875,and died 3July1849at Moncton,she mar.Lute William Cahill,22Nov1903.He was born in Chatham ca 1875 and died there 15May1932.Wm.Cahill and Elizabeth Farrell were his parents.Mary Margaret (Mayme),b.17June1877, Josephine,b.11July1878,and died 3Dec1965.She mar.John William Wallace,24Nov1919.He was born 26July1879,to Edward Wallace and Anna Smith.He died 13Sept1971,at Chatham, Isobel (Belle),b.17Oct1879,Elizabeth Louise, William Joseph,b.6Jan1883 at Bay du Vin, Ronald Peter, Angus (Gus),Charles Edmund, Catherine, and Rebecca,Beckie, Angus died 29 Sept1936 at age 92, while she predeceased him 17 May 1924.
  96. John McDonald (22, 6, 1) – born 18 July 1847 – died ca. 1851.
  97. Ann (Annie) McDonald (22, 6, 1) – born Jan 9, 1848 at Bay du Vin. She married Ronald Peter McDonald in 1877. He was born on P.E.I. Sept 20, 1852. They moved to Colorado, U.S.A. where she died Sept 1/1927 and he, on Aug 9, 1939. Both are buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Denver County, CO. There were no children.
  98. Catherine (Kate) Josephine McDonald (22, 6, 1) – born about 1850. She died about 1932.
  99. Isabella McDonald (22, 6, 1) – born Nov.12, 1851 at Bay du Vin, N.B. the last child of Isabel and John.She died31Aug1916 at Chatham. She married(1) James Allen 3 May 1882 in Chatham. He was born June 1853,at Barnaby River and was the son of Wm.Allen and Joanna Walsh. They had 5 children, namely, Wm. Joseph,b.14June,1882and died at St John,19April1963.He married Edith Merryweather on8July 1920.She was born ca1882,toWilliam Merryweather and Innis Sears.Anne Isobel,(Sister Maria Delores),b.30May1884,and died at Halifax, Mount St.Vincent, John Raymond Allan,b.18Sept1886 and died at St John,3Aug1966.He mar. Effie Lena Corey, James Henry Allan,b.6Oct1888,and died before 1970, and Catherine Josephine (Josie).b.5Feb1891 He died 18 April 1891. Isobel married (2) John Keenan six years later on Feb.22, 1897.He was born ca1864 at Nelson.One child,Mary Loretta Keenan was born9June 1895.
  100. Donald Alexander McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born 21 Nov.1842 at Escuminac,N.B. He was baptised at Point Sapin 3 March 1843. He died 19 Dec.1867 at age 25 years. He is noted in the census data for 1851 and 1861 with his parents.He mar.Jane Isabella Stephenson,one child,Helena Barbara,b.29Jan 1867.
  101. William (Willie) McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born about 1844,at Escuminac,and died 28Oct1883. He married Mary Margaret Hurley 6 Aug 1867 at Chatham,and died2Dec.1889.They had 3 children, Mary Margaret,b.10Dec1869, Catherine Jane,b.29Dec1872 and William John,b.3Dec1875,and died 7Nov 1876.
  102. Catherine McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born about 1846 at Escuminac,N.B.,and died 1June 1870. She is at home in the 1851 and 1861 census. She married Peter England 12 Dec.1866.He was born at Chatham ca 1843.They had one child,Ann.b.ca1868,and died after 1871. Catherine died 3 June 1870. Peter died after 1901.
  103. Clementina McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born in Feb. of 1849 and died at age 16 months on 2 June 1850.Interred at Bay du Vin on 26 Sept 1854.
  104. John McEachern (24, 6, 1) – (the writer’s grandfather) born about 1850 at Escuminac N.B. He is listed in the 1871 census for Chatham, age 21, a seaman, and living at home.He was a Branch Pilot. At age 23,on 11Mar1873, he married,(1) Mary Hogan, born Sept1850 in Chatham,and died9Jan1885.Her parents were Joseph and Margaret Hogan.
  105. They had six (6) children, William(Willie)Hugh,b.24July1873,and died18March1902.JosephJohn (Capt Jack),Aenus(Sam)Angus Bernard,Donald Alexander,Jucentius James, and Colin Thomas; all boys.

    Mary died Jan 9, 1885, age about 34, leaving her husband with 6 children, ages 4 to 12.

    He remarried some eight years later, on Jan. 10. 1893 at Kelly’s Cross, P.E.I. to Margaret Monaghan who was about 36 years of age, living in Chatham and probably "keeping house" for her brother Charles who was a cobbler or shoemaker.

    There was one child from this marriage, Charles Arthur, the writer’s father.

    John McEachern suffered from consumption,for 12 months,dying on April 11, 1897 age 47. Margaret outlived him by 45 years, dying at "the Mount" 3 Aug. 1942, age 82 years.

    The writer well remembers the Connell Store, as it was called, as grandmother Margaret, remarried, to John Connell,11 Sept.1905.John Connell (1841-4Dec.1921) was a well known merchant in Chatham.The Connell store at the corner of Water and King Streets was built in 1907. There was a photograph of John McEachern in the front parlour and the name was spelled MacEachern.

    The Hogans lived in the house next to Connell’s Store at Water and King across from the old Town Hall. The Connell Store where the writer spent his first years was built in 1907. Jack Riley, his wife Beryl, and their family lived in the house next door, in one half of a double house?

  106. Marjorie Anne McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born Aug 18/1852. She died at age 16 on July 31, 1868.Buried at Chatham,2 Aug 1868.
  107. Angus McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born 19 Mar 1855 at Escuminac. He married Jane Landers, 17 Nov.1882 in Chatham. They had two children, Peter,b.ca1884? and Margaret Gertrude,b.7July1883.For some reason,Angus and Jane separated/divorced.In 1885 he is living in NewYorkCity,and working as a printer.The property they owned in Chatham was sold for $365.00.
  108. Elizabeth McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born 3 June 1857 at Escuminac N.B. She married John Lane, Feb. 22, 1876 at Chatham.He took his life ca 6July1878 Only one child is recorded, namely Mary Elizabeth,b.29Dec.1876.In the 1881 census,she and daughter are living with her father.
  109. Allen Charles(Junior) McEachern Jr. (24, 6, 1) – born 1 Nov.1859 at Escuminac, N.B,and died at Chatham,5Jan1895. He married Elizabeth Ann Foster at Chatham, N.B. on 16 Nov.1885. She was born 7July1867 at Escuminac,and died at Chatham19May1943.Her parents were Oliver Foster and Elizabeth Margaret Savoy. There were 7 children. Ernest Everett, Margaret Mary (Rita), Elizabeth Agnes, Frederick James, Angus Bernard, Clara Isabel, and Allen Charles.
  110. Allen Charles Jr. died 5 Jan 1895, age 35. His wife remarried, on 23 June 1898 to John Joseph (Captain Jack) McEachern, from which there were 7 more children, Mary, John Joseph, Helen Dorothy, Francis Roy, Harold Germain, Angus Colin, Colin and Katherine Bernetta.

  111. James Archibald McEachern (24, 6, 1) – the famous and well known Uncle Arch of the Miramichi–" Mr. Music", – born on Jan. 31, 1862 at Escuminac, N.B. The Chatham census for 1871 and 1881 shows him at home with his parents.
  112. He married MaryAnn Shea,12. Nov.1883, age 21, at Chatham. She was born ca 1860 on PEI and died at Chatham,1Dec1941.

    They had eight children, William Raymond, Joseph Alexander, Margaret (Mabel), Archibald James, Arthur Preston, Walter Allen, John Earl and Mary Gladys.

    There is a picture in the archives at St. Michael’s in Chatham, taken at the Opera House which stood on the south side of Wellington Street between the houses then occupied by Dr. Freeman and Gerry O’Brien. In this photograph are Uncle Arch and his family orchestra; he played the violin, Joseph/violin, Mary/piano, Arch, Jr./trombone, Arthur/coronet, Walter/drums, and John/saxophone.

    The writer has a vague recollection of Uncle Arch, but knew John and Earl, as they played in the orchestra that Elwood Shields had in the ‘30’s,and 40’s, called Elwood and his Melody Boys. They were very popular and in great demand in northeastern N.B.

    This family lived in the house on King Street, owned by Angus, who left it to Mary Ann in his will in 1902. Arch died on June 22, 1933. She died Dec. 1, 1941, at age 82.

  113. Ernest Everett McEachern (24, 6, 1) – born May 4, 1866 at Escuminac, N.B,and died28Aug1900 He married Catherine (Margaret) Burns in Chatham on 30 Sept 1896.She was born to John Burns and Jane Butler at St,Louis de Kent,ca 1878. They had three (3) children, Richard Bernard, Marguerite, and Everett Allan. Ernest Everett died at the young age of 34 on the 28 Aug.1900. Further information on Catherine has not been found.
  114. Hugh McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born 2 Sept.1852 at Escuminac, B.C. he was lost in the McEachern Storm in 23 Aug.1873 along with father and brother Colin.
  115. Mary Elizabeth McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born 19 Feb.1854, deceased the same year Sept. 15, only 7 months old.On 26 Sept.interred at Escuminac area,probably Baie Ste.Anne.
  116. Colin McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born Sept 25, 1855 and was lost in the McEachern Storm of Aug. 1873.Only 17 years old.Baptised at Baie Ste.Anne on 23 Jan.1856
  117. Ann McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born 23 Oct 1857 at Escuminac. She became a school teacher and taught at Escuminac for many years. She never married and died in 1943 on 22nd of December at St. Anne’s Home. She was 86 years old.
  118. Mary McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born 13 Oct.1859 at Escuminac,and died31May1914 She married(1) Thomas Lynch of Napan, N.B. on Oct.31,1883 at Chatham, N.B.He was born ca 1883,and died,of cancer 1March1896 His father was Michael Lynch and his mother was MaryAnn Elkin. They had five (5) children. Mary Ann, Catherine Ida, Ann Isabella, John, and Mary Elizabeth (Libby).She mar(2),John McKinnon28Sept1898at Chatham.He was born22Nov1862 at Truro,NS,to Roderick McKinnon and Susan Whilderer.
  119. She passed away about 1914 while he died March 1/1896. Both are probably buried at St. Michael’s.

  120. John Alexander McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born 8 Jan. 1862,and died ca 1913. The only data we have on John, is that he moved to the U.S.A. and letters stopped about 1913. He would have been about 51 at that time.He was not recorde in his mother;s obit in 1916.
  121. Duncan Allan McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born 15 Nov. 1864 at Escuminac.Called the "Wanderer"by his family,He mar. a woman from Montreal and had two children,Jimmie and Clara.Recorded as living at home with his mother,on her obit in 1916.
  122. Charles (Cha) Angus McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born ca 26 Jan 1867, he was baptised 11 March 1867, 6 weeks old, at Escuminac. He died 29 Apr.1908 but nothing further is known.
  123. James Rogers McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born at Escuminac,6 Aug.1869 and named for the first Bishop of the Chatham Diocese, namely James Rogers. He married Mary Margaret (Minnie) MacLean on 24 Aug.1893 at Chatham. She was the daughter of Angus MacLean, perhaps the sea captain,and Anna Isabella MacDonald.Her sister mar.William James Elkin.
  124. They had 6 children, the first died at birth, Mary Catherine, Hugh Colin, Annabella, Elizabeth Anne, Veronica Jane.

    James Roger died 18 June 1944 at Chatham.Minnie died18June1944

  125. William Archibald McEachern (25, 6, 1) – born 20 Oct. 1871,and is thought to have died before 1881.
  126. Isabella McDonald (26, 6, 1) – born about November 1845, probably at Bay du Vin.Baptised at Chatham,12 April 1846.
  127. Catherine McDonald (26, 6, 1) – born April 1847 probably at Bay du Vin. Baptised at Chatham 24 June 1848..
  128. Angus and Mary McDonald - This is the writer’s connection with Bob McDonald of Petaluma, CA, who found his forebears came from the Miramichi.
  129. Angus McDonald (27, 6, 1) – born Jan.1847 at Bay du Vin N.B,and died9June1900. He married Agnes Anna Traylor 15 Sept. 1889 in Denver, CO. She was born 6 Sept.1869 in Litchfield,Il. To Thomas J.Traylor andAnna Agnes Moore Shortall.and died15Sept1903 at Denver,Co.. They had 3 children, Henrietta Mary,b.27Feb1892 at Denver,Co.and died at PaloAlto,Ca.15May1967.She mar.John(Jack)Ward Lemon14Feb.1935,at PaloAlto.Ronald Joseph,b.11July1890,and Angus Thomas,b.27Nov1894.

  130. Infant son McDonald (27, 6, 1) – died 1848.
  131. John Alexander McDonald (27, 6, 1) – born April 1851 at Bay du Vin, N.B. No further information.
  132. Allen Charles McDonald (27, 6, 1) – born 17 Nov.1952 at Chatham, N.B. Married Amelia Mary Kavanagh in May of 1889,at Denver. He died 22 Dec.1913 in Denver, Colorado.She was born 22Feb1864 atWaukesha,Wi.and died at Denver on5Feb.1946 There were 7 children, Edward,b.12Jan1890,and died 1892, Mary Catherine (Mayme),b.ca1891 and died 3Aug1949,Allen,b.31Mar1894,died ca 1897, Leo Joseph Aloysius(Ted),b.5Mar1898, Angus Charles,b.18Feb1900 and died20Aug1981 at Delta,Co. Regina Cecilia,(Sister Marie Williams)b,14May1903,and died at Mount St.Joseph,Ohio26Dec.1985 and Helen Elizabeth,(Sister Benedict)b.15May1906 at Denver,and died at Colorado Springs,Dec.1982.She was a Sister of Charity.
  133. Alexander R. McDonald (27, 6, 1) – born 15 Mar.1855 at Chatham,and died 9Jan1942 at Pueblo,Co Married Mary Saunders about 1880.She was born ca 1850 in NB,to Steven Saunders and Mary McKay and died 15June 1915 at Denver. There were 5 children, Harry, William, Mary (Mamie)b.Dec1886, Helen Elizabeth(Bessie),b.15Aug1887,and died 9Oct1906,at Denver,and Gertrude,b.Dec.1889.
  134. John Archibald McDonald (27, 6, 1) –born about 1860 in Chatham. May not have survived?
  135. Clementina Leonard (28, 6, 1) – born 23 Dec. 1872 and lived less than two years. Buried at St. Michael’s in Chatham.
  136. Donald Hugh Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 28 Oct.1854 at Bay du Vin. Did not survive.He was baptized at St Charles de Kent on 7 Dec.1854
  137. John Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 11 Jan 1856 at Rexton, N.B.and died ca1920. Married Mary Anne MacArthur, 25 Feb.1876.She was born ca 1853and passed away ca1921, at Rexton, N.B. They had 6 children, Hugh Agustine,b.28Aug1885,James,b.?,William,b.1876,John,(?) Allen C.b.29Mar1891, Ernie,b.28Aug1883,and died at Moncton,29Jan1961 and Edith,b.14July1888,and died 15Dec.1977.She was a practical nurse at Childrens Hospital in Moncton.
  138. Alexander James Fraser (Jr.) (30, 6, 1) – (Captain Eck) born19 Sept.1858 at Rexton, N.B.and died12Aug1942. He married Bridget Annie Burgess at Rexton 20 Sept.1883.She was born1March1860,and died20Oct.1933 at Rexron. They had 6 children, Margaret Ellen,b.6July1884,(Captain)Alexander Carson,b.ca1886, Robert Burgess (Father Bob),b.14Nov1888,and died ca 1978, David John,b.19Jan1891, William Agustine,b.26Jan1892, and Francis (Frank)Patrick,b.16Mar1895.
  139. Angus (Capt. Gus) Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 4 June 1861 at Richibucto N.B. Apparently he did not marry. He died about 1916 at Rexton.
  140. Annabelle Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 1 July 1863 at Richibucto.and died at Denver,Co.15Sept1947. She married Patrick Joseph Moore at Westfield, MA 14 May 1888. He was from Cork, Ireland.He died 14Sept1902,at Denver. They had 7 children, Mary Catherine,b.21Feb1889., Elizabeth,b.28Oct1892 Patrick Joseph Jr.b.5July1898and died20July1962, Anna Grace,b.28June1900 Christine,b.5July1898 James Alexander,b.16Oct1891and died ca 1893 and ThomasFrancis,b.25Dec1893,and died 27Dec1902 of pneumonia.
  141. Clementina Mary Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 8 Feb. 1866,and died 2 Aug.1868,of diptheria.Age ca two.
  142. Elizabeth Jane Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 4 Feb. 1869 at Rexton,and died ca1898. She married Charles Duncan MacLean of Richibucto N.B. on 5 Aug. 1896. What happened to Charles, we do not know, but she married a Mr. Fred Hackett in Berlin Falls,NH., where it stated she was from Harcourt, N.B. near Richibucto. She died in 1898 at Allegheny,NY. No children were recorded.
  143. Mary Margery (Min) Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 24 Feb. 1871 at Rexton, N.B. She married Henry Clay Cady in 1893 at Denver, CO. they had four children, Arthur Bruce, Frank, Charles Alexander and Bryon Virgil. He died about 1911, while she lived to 1964. Both are buried in Denver.
  144. Christina Ellen Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 11Aug.1873 at Rexton,N.B.She married John Tiimothy Savage of Rexton, about 1910,He was born 19June 1855. There were 3 children,Alexander (Allie)T.b.1911,Margery Mary,b.ca1914 and Mary Anna E lizabeth Grace,b.7Nov1915 at Melrose NB,and died at St John 22Feb1987 She mar.Arthur Bruce(Buster) Cady ca1980.He was born 2Nov1903 at Denver and died at St John, 1Aug1983.His parents were Henry Clay Cady and Marjory "Min" Fraser Both are buried in Rexton. Note: This is the Allie Savage of Newcastle,N.B. and well known on the Miramichi River as a writer and journalist.
  145. Catherine Grace Fraser (30, 6, 1) – born 11 June 1876 at Rexton. Presumably she did not marry. She died about 1965. Apparently she lived in Denver, CO for some 20 years before returning to Rexton.She was the executrix of her father’s estate.
  146. James Raymond(Ray)McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 1 Sept 1864 at Summerside, P.E.I. On the 24th March 1891 he married Augusta (Gusta) Langalier at Florence,WI. She was born in Lowell, Ma. about 1873,and died9Feb1920 at Marinette,Wi.Her parents were P. and Louise Landelier They had four children, namely, Gertrude L.b.24March1892 at Iron Mountain,Mi.and died12Feb1958 at Milwaukee,Wi.She was a teacher. Royal G. (Roy),b.5Nov1895,at Iron Mountain,and died26June1949 at Tampa Fl.He mar.Elizabeth C (Betty) Cooper,ca 1940.She was from Canada.Roy was a professional football player for the Racine,Wi. Team,later to become the Detroit Lions. Lester D.stillborn,5Sept1905.

  148. Angus Bernard McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 3 Feb 1866,at Chatham, N.B. (Captain Gus).baptised on 3 April 1866.Sponsors were Angus and Elizabeth McEachern. He married,a widow,Mary Ethel Shea on 17 Nov. 1919 at Renous, N.B. She was born,1889 on Lot 1,(Tignish) P.E.I. and the daughter of Capt. Joseph Laughlin Shea and Catherine Henrietta Bigelow.Her first husband was Edward Blake Barnett(Bernard). Gus was a sea captain and worked for the Cunard Lines. He was responsible for notifying the British Navy of the position of the German Battle Cruiser Emden in the Indian Ocean, after being chased and escaping.The British sank the Emden and after the war,in 1919, Capt. Gus was decorated.
  149. They had 3 children, John(Mac) Murdock,b.19April1920, Isabel Elizabeth,b.26Oct1921 and Mary Eleanor Louise,b.3Aug1926.

    Captain Gus died in Chatham, 8 Dec.1933 while she lived to 15 Apr. 1967.

  150. John Nelson McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 8 July 1868 at Escuminac, N.B.
  151. Allen Charles McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 5 Jan. 1870 at Escuminac, N.B.
  152. Catherine(Kate)Anne McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 30 Sept.1871 at Escuminac,N.B. She married Robert Stanislaus (Stanley) Allen on 6 Sept. 1892 at Chatham, N.B. They had 9 children all born in Chatham, James Arthur,b.28July1893, Ronald Charles,b.1Sept1895 Mary Lillian (Lily),b.17July1898, Hugh Colin (Bill),b.13April1901, Robert (Robbie),b.5Nov.1903,and died Jan1911,(drowned), Mary Isabella,b.6Dec1905 and died at Washington,DC,14Feb.1989.She mar.Daniel Luke O’Conner,6May1943.She was an RN. Angus Bernard,b.13July 1908, Robert Benedict (Ben),b.20Sept1911, and Raymond Maurice,b.10March1914,and died at Ganges,BC on1June1982,and interred at Victoria,BC.
  153. He died 27 Apr.1931 in Saskatoon, Sask. Age 70, while she died in Vancouver, B.C. 16 Oct. 1961 age 90 years.According to Jim Allen, she was much depressed during her lifetime owing to the tragic loss of her two sons, Robbie who drowned at age seven, and Arthur who was killed at Passchendaele,WWI, Nov. 6, 1917.a member of the 26thNew BrunswickBtn.

  154. Hugh Colin McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 6 Nov.1873 at Escuminac, N.B. he was named for his two cousins lost in the McEachern Storm of 1873. Like his forbearers, he took to the sea, and was drowned off the coast at Panama City, FL, where he was buried 16 July 1930.No marriages recorded.
  155. Ronald Francis McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 23 May 1876 at Escuminac, N.B. he died 8 months later on 13 Feb. 1877.
  156. Mary Isabel McEachern (31, 6, 1) – born 26 Nov. 1877 at Chatham, N.B. Known as Aunt Maisie. She married Frank ? and was living in Butte, MT in 1919.
  157. There were five more children as Allen Charles remarried, to Mary Hurley (nee Regan).

  158. Isabella Jane McEachern (32, 6, 1) – born 25 Sept 1881.See Allan Charles McEachern,#32
  159. Elizabeth Ann (Bessie) McEachern (32, 6, 1) – born 27 July 1884 at Chatham, N.B.See # 32
  160. Charles Francis(Frank) McEachern (32, 6, 1) – born 6 Jan. 1887,at Chatham and died at Anaconda,Mt on 5April1966.He mar.Ella Florence McGuire,12Sept1916.She was born ca 1895 and died ca1966.They had three children,Mary,b.?,Ruth,b.?,Unknown,b.?.
  161. Agnes Theresa McEachern (32, 6, 1) – born 23 Aug.1888 at Chatham, N.B.See #32
  162. William Joseph McEachern (32, 6, 1) – born 7 June 1890.See#32
  163. Charles Alfred McKinnon (33, 6, 1) – born 26 Oct. 1862 at Summerside, PEI.SE # 33
  164. Clementina(Teanie) McKinnon (33, 6, 1) – born 19 June 1864 at Summerside, PEI.and died at Berkeley,Ca28Feb1984.She mar.James Hay Webster,26Sept1895at Denver.He was born at Dunbar,Scotland,4Nov1862 and died at Berkeley on25July1927.His parents were George Webster and Mary Thompson.James was an auditor.There were 2 children,Marjorie Helen,b.8July1896,and died at Oakland,Ca.on19Jan1972.She mar.John Edward Lambert ca1960.She was a piano teacher.James Kenneth,b.10Oct1904.See # 33.
  165. William McKinnon (33, 6, 1) – born 19 Aug.1866 at Summerside, PEI.See # 33
  166. John(Johnathon) McEachern (34, 8, 1) – born about 1842.See #34
  167. Catherine McEachern (34, 8, 1) – born about 1844.See#34
  168. Mary McEachern (34, 8, 1) – born about 1845.See #34
  169. Daniel McEachern (34, 8, 1) – born,15 March.1848 at Beaubear’s Island, N.B. he married Anne Donoher on 22 Aug 1872 probably at St. Patrick’s Church in Nelson.She was born,1 May,1943,and died 20 Feb.1905. They had 8 children, Charles Albert,b.1Feb1873 and died ca1881, William John.b.16Dec1874 and died15June1897,.George Patrick (Geordie),b.1 Feb.1877,and died 13 June 1936.He mar.Brigit Clara Foley 20 Sept.1898,at Blackville.She was born21 Feb.1878 at Barnaby River and died 25 Nov. 1962. James,b.22 May,1878.He mar.Helena B.English,25April 1913.She was born in Nelson,and died before 1921.He remarried,Annie Mildred Burns on 28 April 1928,She was born at Red Bank19 Dec.1900. Daniel,b.15 1880 and died 15 Oct.1940.He mar.Mary Masterson11 Nov 1908.She was born at Barnaby River June 1888. Mary Loretta,b.14 September,1883.She mar.Martin English,27 April,1910. Charles Everett,b12 Feb 1888.He mar. Mary Ahern 28 July 1915.Lived in South Nelson, and Thomas Vincent,b.26 June1890.He mar. Josephine Catherine Allen 7 Sept 1915.She was born ca 1891 and died 1986.
  170. He died age 84 at Nelson 16 Jan. 1931. She preceded him, dying in 1905 about age 60.

  171. William Henry McEachern (34, 8, 1) – born about 1849. He married Abigail Donalds 21 May 1877. Her father was John Donalds while her mother was Ann Buckley and they lived at St. Louis de Kent.Srr #34.
  172. William and Abigail had two children, Jane and John.

  173. Charles Alfred McKinnon (54, 10, 1) – born 26 Oct.1862 at Summerside,P.E.I.and died ca 1879 of spinal meningitis.
  174. Clementina (Teanie) McKinnon (54, 10, 1) – born 19 June 1864 – PEI.
  175. William McKinnon (54, 10, 1) – born 19 Aug.1866 – PEI.and died,perhaps of burns from a fire,ca 1858.
  176. Allan John McKinnon,(54)(10)(1),b.5Feb1869 at Char;ottetown,and died 18July1908 at Denver,Co.He mar.Bertha A.Lott,27Sept1896 at Denver.He was a plumber and apparently an alcoholic,as he was living with his parents in 1900,and recorded as single.No record of his death?
  177. Elizabeth (Bess)Isabella McKinnon,(54.10.1)b.5July1870
  178. Anna May McKinnon,(54.10.1)b.5March1877.
  179. Winnifred Bertha McKinnon,(54.10.1)b.14June1879
  180. Mary McEachern (58, 11, 1) – born 13 Dec. 1862 – Lot 57 – PEI
  181. John McEachern (58, 11, 1) – born 1828 – Lot 57, PEI.
  182. Flora McEachern (58, 11, 1) – born 1 Aug. 1829, Lot 57, PEI.
  183. Donald McEachern (58, 11, 1) – born 1831 – PEI.
  184. Janet McEachern (58, 11, 1) – born 24 Jan. 1832 – PEI.
  185. Laughlin McEachern (58, 11, 1) – born 12 Jan 1834 – PEI. At Mill Dam Settlement.

The Fifth Generation

Mostly McEachern with Some Others

171,Elizabeth Murphy (78) (21) (6) (1) –b. ca 1871.

172.Richard Murphy (78) (21) (6) (1), b.10July1872.and died ca1955.He mar.Sarah DeRoche,16June1903,at Tabusintac.One child,Margaret Emma,b.19Aug1911.

173.Donald Murphy (78) (21) (6) (1) –b.ca1874,and died ca 1883.He fell from a bridge,while returning from school, and was drowned.

174.Charles Murphy (78) (21) (6) (1) –b.8July1875,and died after 1901.

175.Jessie Murphy (78) (21) (6) (1) –b.6May1880 at Tabusintac.

176.Sarah Ellen(Nellie) Murphy (78) (21) (6) (1) –28Nov1882.

177.Margaret Jane (Aunt Maggie) McEachern (80) (21) (6) (1) – born15Sept1871, she married John Thibideau 8Oct1892.He was born ca1862 at Chatham,the son of John Thibideau and Mary Ross.Her neice was Vera Mutch.The family moved to theUSA.They had had 4 or 5 children (Vera Mutch). They were Ida Gertrude,b.27Nov1892, Herbert,b.9Aug1894, Margaret Frances,b.24Aug1896.

178.Donald(ShortDan) McEachern (80) (21) (6) (1) – born 17 Aug.1872 at Tabusintac, N.B. He married Frances Harrison(Fannie) Beattie on the 15 March 1894.She was born 9 May 1875 toWilliam C.Beattie andAnnie McWilliams.She died in 1938.They had 9 children, Bertha Janet.b.28 Sept,1805,and died at Quincy, 1977.Margaret Frances b.15 Dec 1897, Murdock Cecil.b.9 Sept 1898,and died April1987.He mar.Caroline Adeline Graham on 12 Aug.1936.She was born at Neguac,on 26 Oct.1911,and died in 1988. Annie,b.3 Aug.1900.She mar.Manford Masson at Chatham,on15 Sept.1928.He was born14 May 1902 and died 1 Nov.1940.George Garfield,b.19July1903,John Bradshaw,b.15 May 1904, died at St.John on 25 Sept 1963.He mar.Bessie Hilda Dutcher,b.25 Oct 1905 and died at Bay du Vin,6 April 1940.#2 mar.Evelyn Marjorie MacKnight on 17 Sept 1943.She was born,25 Oct 1905 and died,28 July 1966.George McLeod,b.11May1906,Katie Florence,b.20 Oct 1907and died at Dorchester Ma.27Dec1943.She mar.Herbert Burke.No issue.Donald Alexander,b.18 May 1910 at Tabusintac.James Ronaldson,b.8 May1912 and died in 1976.He mar.Dorothy Emily Janet Wishart on 30 Nov.1942.She was born in 1912 and died in1990.And lastly Robert Green,b.21 Sept.1917 and died 2 Feb 1919.Note They raised Carvel Elwood McEachern,born out of wedlock,on 24 July1915,and died 9 Jan 2001.He mar.Jean Mary Stymiest 27 Nov.1937. Donald died 8 Feb.1944, while Frances predeceased him in 1938.

179.Catherine(Kathryn) Flora McEachern (80) (21) (6) (1) – born about 1874,and died ca 1851 She married John Robertson Simpson,12Nov.1908,at Tabusintac.Three children,VeraAlice, 1935.She mar.Eugene H.Mutch 25Dec1935.The writer met her once,atTabusintac.He was born at Red Bank.Margaret,b.24Sept1911,John Lester,b.29July1913.

180.Murdock McEachern (80) (21) (6) (1) – born 30 Sept 1877, died 11April1894,resulting from a hunting accident.

181.Mary (Mamie) McEachern (80) (21) (6) (1) – born 23 Sept. 1879. She died 2 Dec. 1938, age 59 years.She lived in San Jose,Ca for some time?

182.Alexander McEachern (80) (21) (6) (1) – born June 6/1881 and died 28 Nov.1884 just over 3 years of age.

183.Janet(Jen) C. McEachern (79) (21) (6) (1) – born 23 Sept. 1884, died 17 July 1970, age 86.She was a VON nurse and lived in Montreal.

184.Angus McEachern (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 28 Feb. 1872 at Tabusintac, N.B.and died 28June 1942. he married Margery(May)McWilliams,b.7April1878,to RoderickMcLeod McWilliams andAnn M.Taylor.There were six children,William Stewart,Marjorie Mabel,b.16Aug1895,Anne,b.3Aug1903,Gertrude Almira,b.8Oct1901,JanieJohnston,b.16Mar1902,and Colin Ellerton,b.6Feb1907.

185.Donald(Long Dan) McEachern (81) (21) (6) (1) – b.13April1876,and died16March1926.He mar.Bernadette Gratton,born 19March1876,and died at Moncton,2March1956.Her parents were Anthony Gratton and Rosanna Ross from Tracadie.One child,John Andrew.b.1903.

186.Margaret A.(Maggie) McEachern (81) (21) (6) (1) – b,16Sept1878 and died 5Oct1928. She married Wm. James McWilliams.24Nov.1896.He was born1873 and died in 1946.Parents were Roderick McLeod McWilliams and Ann M.Taylor.They had 13 children,Colin,b.16Feb1897 and died in1981.Never married.Margaret Agusta,b.1899,RoderickWilliam(Roy),b.9Sept1901,William,b.5July1903,Norman,b.26May1905,JohnMcEachern,b.3Feb1907,Alvin Norman,b.2Aug1908,John Cubert(Bert)b.25Sept1910,never married,Annie Elizabeth,b.8Feb1913,Jane(Janie)Ederis,b.1Mar.1915,and died 1974.Never married.Charles Norman,b.22 May1916,Roy McWilliams,b.28Mar.1918,and Fergus,b.26Nov1919.

187.John McEachern (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 19 Feb. 1883 at Tabusintac, N.B.

187.Jessie Florence McEachern (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 11 July 1887,and died 8Dec.1963.She mar.John Peter McWilliams,b.ca1876,the son of Roderick McLeod McWilliams and Ann M Taylor.Six children,Fergus Charles,b.26Nov1909 and died before 1930,Verna Jane,b.31Aug1911,Lylia Llda(?),b.10Dec.1914,Muriel May,b.17June1916,and died before 1938,Walter Charles,b.17July1920.

188.William Colin McEachern,(81)(21)(6)(1),b.9Oct1892,and died at Covedale,5May1962.He mar.Gladys McLeod4Apr1912,the dau.of Angus McLeod and Hannah Robertson.Nine children,AnnAudrey,b.5May1916,William Roy,b.16Mar1916,Angus McLeod,b.10June1919,Mabel,b.22Dec1920,never married,Wilbert Guy,b.2Dec1924,and died 28Sept1998,never married,Myrtle,b.25April,1927,and died 11June1929,Lawrence Colin(Collie)b.25Oct1932,Donald William,b.3Nov.1933.The first born,was not recorded?

189.Norman McEachern,(81)(21)(6)(1),born 8 Aug.1893 at Covedale.and died at Newcastle,26Nov1966.He mar.Jessie Rachel McLeod,8Jan1920.She was born 1Nov.1903,and died 31May 1940.Angus McLeod was her father.There were ten children,Philip Wesley,b.26March1920,JohnWheeler,b.23June 1921,Dorothy May,b.14Nov.1923,never married,Evelyn Jane,b.9March1926,Colin Lloyd,b.14Dec1927,Helen Margaret,b.14Nov.1928,and died 16April1956,not married,Ruby Alice,b.23July1931,Wallace Angus,b.24March1934,He mar Shirley Strang19Nov1971 at Newcastle,she was born at Price Settlement,16Feb.1943 to Joe Strang and Annie McLean.No children,Norman Ira,b.29 Sept1935,Shirley Hazel,b.25July1938.

190.Norman McEachern (81 ) (21) (6) (1) – born 8 Aug. 1893. He married Jessie Rachel McLeod 8 Jan. 1920. She was Gladys McLeod’s sister. Jessie (1904 – 1940)

191.Robert Jardine McEachern (81) (23) (6) (1) – born 22 March 1879 at Chatham, N.B.and died,12 Feb.1936 at Victoria Co. He married Mary Emily Burns,on 22 Nov.1907.She was born ca 1887 at St.Louis de Kent.Her parents were John Burns and Jane Butler.They had 6 children, Margaret Isobel,b.11 March1909, Mary Ella,b.5 Nov.1911,She mar.Robert Leslie Lloyd,on16 Nov.1935 at Plaster Rock. Donald Robert,b.17Jan1914,and died at age one, Eunice Catherine,b.17Dec1915, Ruth Norma,b.18 June,1918 at Chatham, Jean Marion.b.11Feb1921,at Chatham,She mar. George Donald Duffy 22 Oct.1938 at Plaster Rock.He was from River Hebert,N.S.Joyce Edith, 1925 at Chatham.She mar.Lawrence Baker 3 Sept.1949 at Plaster Rock.He was from Grand Falls.

192.Mary Margaret(Mayme) McEachern (91) (23) (6) (1) – born,at Bay du Vin,17June 1877,and died at Wollaston,Ma.23June1945.She mar.John Thomas Bryan 2 June 1907 at Quincy,Ma.He was born in Ireland8Jan1869 and died at Quincy,4Sept1934.His parents were,Matthew F.Bryan and Anatasia Murphy.There were nine children,Myrtle Edna,b.3Apr1905 and died3March1963.Mar.Roger MacDonnell,Joseph,b.2Aug1907,Shirley Agustus,b.17Aug1908,and died 1Sept1986 at Phoenix,Az.He mar.Winnifred (Winnie)Early,29Dec1935 at Dorchester,Ma.Francis R.,b.26Sept1909,and died13Feb.1926 at Marthas Vineyard,He was in the Coast Guard.Wife’s name was Kathleen Josephine.Kathlean Leona,b.11Nov1911 at Quincy,Ma,She mar John F.Sullivan.James Lee(Leon)b.12March1912,and died 8 Aug,1977 at Phoenix,Az.Margarita,b.12Nov1914,Walter Lewis(Cap),b.8April1916.and MarieElizabeth,b.29June1918.She mar.Charles F.Murphy.

193. Catherine Jane McEachern (97)(23)(6)(1),See #97.Willie McEachern. First child was Mary Margaret,b.10Dec1869.Catherine was born,20Dec1872.

194. William John McEachern (97) (23) (6) (1)

195. Ann Catherine England (98) (23) (6) (1) – born about 1868

196.Wm.(Willie) Hugh McEachern (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 23 July1873,died18 Mar 1902 – age 29 years.He was a printer. He married MaryAnne Connelly 27 Nov.1901,the dau.of Cornelius Connelly and Ellen McKeady of Douglastown.

197.Joseph John McEachern (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 28 Jan. 1875. (Capt. Jack). The writer remembers,Uncle Captain Jack as the alternate captain of the Frances Ullock ferryboat, between Chatham and Ferry Road, crossing the Miramichi River. He was a short stocky man, ruddy complected. He lived on Duke Street across from John Grey, a local butcher, and next door to Groat’s Tea Room. A very pleasant well-kept house. His wife was Elizabeth Ann Foster and it was a second marriage 23 June 1898.she was born7July1867. Her first husband was Allen Charles McEachern (see 103). There were 8 children.

There was Mary, John Joseph, Helen Dorothy, Francis Roy (Father Roy), Harold Germain, Angus Colin, and Katherine Bernetta.

Captain Jack died 6 July 1944 at Chatham, while his wife passed away on May 19, 1943.

Mrs.Daniel McInernay was their daughter.

198.Aenus Angus Bernard(Sam) McEachern (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 8 July1876 at Chatham, N.B.. According to Bernetta he was known as "Little Sam".He died ay Whitehorse.Yukon Terr.5Oct1907.At Tacoma,Wa.he mar.Josephine Holdinger,b.ca1876.Along with A.M.Rousseau,they bought the newspaper,Whitehorse Star,in 1900.One child,Margaret, 1904.

199.Donald Alexander McEachern (100) (23) (6) (1) –born Jan 19,1878,and died before 1881?

200.Jucentius James McEachern (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 12 Sept.1879,and died before 1881.

201.Colin Thomas McEachern (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 20 July1881and died at 8 months, 5April 1882.

202.Charles Arthur McEachern (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 22 Feb. 1895 from the second marriage of John McEachern on 10 Jan 1893 at Kelly’s Cross, P.E.I. to Margaret Monaghan. Her father was Patrick Monaghan and her mother was Margaret McAllevy.

The 1891 census shows Margaret, age 28, living with her brother, Charles, a shoemaker, in Chatham. Perhaps he started the small shop later operated by Billy (Waxy) Christie on Water Street as you went to the ferry dock.

Charles never knew his father, for at age 2, in 1897 John died. By this time the first family were adults, Wm. Hugh age 24 and Colin 16.

His mother, remarried to John Connell, at Chatham, on 11 Sept. 1905. On 4 Dec. 1921 John died of diabetes.

Charlie, in the mean time enrolled at St. Thomas College about 1912. He was a good athlete, being on a number of local hockey teams.

How he and his step-father got along is not known?

About 1917 he enlisted in the army, going overseas as a "sapper" in an artillery battery. He did not get to France, but was returned to Canada and was discharged,in 1919.

I believe he was enrolled at the U. of Toronto about this time (1919) but for whatever reason he did not stay, ending up in Washington, D.C. visiting a cousin.

Upon returning to Chatham, he met and married Josephine May Burbridge, May 1922.She was born on Miscou Island 3July1903.She died,16May1991.Josie remarried Sydney Caldwell LeMarquand ca 1962 There were two children, Margaret Alice,b.26Sept1922, and Henry (Harry) Arthur.b.14Jan1924.

At the outbreak of war in 1939, Charlie re-enlisted in the army, the North Shore Regt., but being over 40 he was regulated to the Veterans Guard. From it, he was discharged and went west, working on the Alaska Highway.

He passed away at Christie Street Hospital in Toronto 12 Nov.1948, age 53, and was interred at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hildebrand, formerly of King St., Chatham, and the writer attended the Mass. Very sad. A letter to my mother, shortly after, described the poignancy of the mass said for him.

Josephine died May 16, 1991 age 88.

203.Peter McEachern (102) (24) (6) (1) – 1884.

204.Margaret Gertrude McEachern (102) (24) (6) (1) –born7July1873

205.Mary Elizabeth Lane (103) (24) (6) (1) –b.29 Dec.1876

206.Ernest Everett McEachern (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 13 Jan 1887 at Chatham,and died 2Feb1887

207.Margaret Mary (Rita) McEachern (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 9 Jun.1888,at Chatham,,and died at Portland,Me.20Dec1920.She mar.Thomas Joseph Crozier,23Feb.1913.He was born at St Agathe,Qc.11Jan.1879,and died at Portland,29Jan1969.He was an engineer on the Grand Trunk Railway,while she was a secretary to a doctor.They had nine children,Thomas Joseph Allen,b.30Sept1915,Rogers Dennis,b.4Nov1917,at Bathurst,and died at NorthWales,UK.4Nov1917.John Francis(Reverend),born at Portland,2Nov1919,and died at Waterville,Me.on30Dec1990He served churches inPortland and Orono,Me.Alice Elizabethb.28 August1921.She lived in Winslow,Me.Had a Phd. In English literature and taught at the U of Maryland.Francis Joseph,b.18Sept1922.Helen Mary,b.24Oct1924,Roy Harold, 1926,and died ca 1940 at Portland of MS.Mary Margaret,b.11Apr1928,Anne Lorraine,b.14Oct1929.

208.Elizabeth Agnes McEachern (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 25 Aug 1889. She died 11 Oct 1904 age 15 years.

209.Frederick James McEachern (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 20 Oct. Chatham and died at Halifax 3June 1984.He mar.Mabel Elizabeth Whittaker 13 June 1917 at St John.She was from Oak Point NB,,dau. Of George A. Whittaker and Agusta Hamilton.Fred was in the Merchant Marine in WW1,and ended up with Frigidaire,in Kentville NS.Two childrenMary Elizabeth Doreen,,b.19June1920,a ndFrederick James,b.7April 1927.

210.Angus Bernard McEachern (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 20 Oct 1892. He married Ethel Shea 17 Nov. 1919 at Renous, N.B.. They had 3 children, John Murdock, Isobel Elizabeth and Mary Eleanor. He died 8 Dec. 1933 age 67 while she died at age 79 on Apr. 15, 1967.

211.Clara Isobel McEachern (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 25 Jan 1894,and died 4Aug1919. She did not marry but entered the convent as Sister Elizabeth at Mount St. Vincent’s in Halifax, N.S.

212.Allen Charles McEachern (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 29 July1895, He married Bernadette McGowan at Dorchester, MA 4 Oct. 1923.She was born at Newcastle,7Oct1902,to Owen McGowan,and Mary Ann Hachey.Bertha died20Sept1928 at Saugus. He died in Saugus,Ma 13 Apr. 1963.He was a carpenter and served in the CEF in WW1.There were four children,Allen Charles(Jr), 1924,and died at Okinawa in 1945.His destroyer USS Luce,was struck by the Japanese.Eleanor Theresa, Boston,10Dec1926,and died at Wakefield,Ma.Aug.1997.She mar.Ellis Crossman,ca 1955.She was in TV withWBZ.Leo Owen,b.19Nov1928,Donald Harold,b.22June1932.

213.William Raymond McEachern (105) (23) (6) (1) – born 24 June 1884 at Chatham and died9May1911,ofTuberculosis He married Ann(Annie)Hebert,Aug.16,1909.She was born at Pokemouche,3July1891 to Nazarre Hebert and Susan Thibideau.She was living in St.John,in 1949,and had not remarried.No children.

214.Joseph Alexander McEachern (105) (24) (6) (1) – born 26 Aug 1886 at Chatham. He died when he was 28 years of age, 7 March 1912. He played 2nd violin in Uncle Arch’s Family Orchestra.

215.Mary Margaret (Matilda) (Mabel) McEachern (105) (24) (6) (1) – born 21 March 1889,and died26Feb.1909. She played the piano in the orchestra. She never married.

216.Archibald James(Archie) McEachern (105) (24) (6) (1) – born 2 Mar 1891,and died 10Oct.1915. He was the trombone player in the orchestra. He was 24 when he passed away on 10 Oct. 1915.

217.Arthur Preston McEachern (105) (24) (6) (1) – born 10 Nov. 1893. The coronet player of the orchestra did not live too long, passing away at age 24 on 14 April 1917.(Note,the Preston family were prominent branch pilots on the Miramichi River).

218.Walter Allen McEachern (105) (24) (6) (1) – born 24 Aug.1896. He married Abagail Alberta Mary Wardell Hutchins on 22 Sept.1920 at Bathurst, N.B.She was the daughter of Frank Hutchins and Margaret Chamberlain (Chamberland),and was born 22 Nov.1901 at North Penobscot,Me. There were two children, Mary Gladys (Molly), 1921 and Joseph Archibald Franklin,b.30Aug 1924 and baptized at St.Michaels in Chatham,NB.John McEachern and Sarah Robichaud were the godparents.Walter served in the CEF in WW1

Walter and Abby separated in 1926,and she crossed at Vanceboro,Me.on 24 Nov. 1926 with her two children. She remarried to Nelson Herrick ca 1930.He was born 3 March 1900 and died at Bar Harbor,31 March 2001.There were 3 issue from this marriage, William, Frank and Sara. Abby died 5 May 1984 and is interred at the Leland Cemetery in Trenton, Me. Molly died in 1933 at Bar Harbour,Me.

Walter died 28 May 1936 at age 40 and is buried at St.Michael’s Cemetery. My mother recalled the departure of Abagail from Chatham in 1926 when Archibald and his wife Pauline visited Chatham a few years ago.He played the trumpet in the orchestra.

Archie married Pauline Thurston in 1946 after his return from Europe and discharge from the army,after a memorable service.Pauline was born in May,1925.There were three children,Leslie (Les) William,b. at Bar Harbour,5 May 1951, and Molly Louise,b. at Bar Harbour on 9 Jan 1954 and Carol Ann. Archie passed away on 5 Aug. 2000 and is interred at Mt.Height Cemetery,Southwest Harbor,Me.

The writer knew Walter from his association with Elwood Shields and his orchestra. Walter was a big handsome man and played the drums in the orchestra.

219.John Earl McEachern (105) (24) (6) (1) – born 23 June 1898,and died at Dartmouth,NS on 1Nov1949He served in the CEF in WW1.

He played the tuba in the family orchestra, and also in Elwood Shields Orchestra. He married Seraphie (Sarah) Robichaud from Pt.Sapin on Aug. 12, 1929.He was 31 and she 28. There were no children. He died age 51 on 1 Nov. 1949 while she outlived him to the age of 73 passing away on 26 Aug. 1974.Her parents were Joseph M. Robichaud and Domatilde Fontaine.Witnesses were Walter A. and Mary E. McEachern.

The writer remembers John as being dour, and darker complected of the two brothers,while Walter had a fair complexion and a large round face.

Sarah was a very quiet pleasant person.

220.Mary Gladys McEachern (105) (24) (6) (1) – born 26 Jan 1900. She died young on the 17 June 1914. NOTE:This was a tragic family! Uncle Arch and wife Mary Ann,lost 6 of their children,at an early age, all of whom were talented musicians.

221.Richard Bernard McEachern (106) (24) (6) (1) – born 11 Jan 1897. John and Margaret McEachern were the god parents.(Possibly the writer’sgrandparents)

222.Margarite McEachern (106) (24) (6) (1) – born 27 Dec. 1897.

223.Everett Allen McEachern (106) (24) (6) (1) – born 14 June 1900.and died 3Oct1900.

223.Mary Ann Lynch (111) (25) (6) (1) – born,15Aug1884 and died 6Ocy1884,

224.Catherine Ida Lynch (111) (25) (6) (1) – born in Chatham, on 31Aug.1886. She married Martin A. Keoughan on Oct.18,1922 in Chatham.He was born,7Nov1886. They had 2 children, Martin Louis,b.26April1926.He was a lawyer in Ottawa for many years.He mar.Helen Elizabeth Brennan13Oct1953 at Barnaby River.Helen was born,13Oct1927. Mary Elizabeth.b.4Aug1927 Catherine was 77 when she died 19 July 1964, while he attained 71 years, passing 29 July 1958.

225.Ann(Annie) Isabella Lynch (111) (25) (6) (1) –b.22Feb1888,and died 5Sept1971,in Brooklyn,NY,Interred at Chatham10Sept1971

226.John(Mac)McEachern Lynch (111) (25) (6) (1) –b.11May1890,and died 6Nov1963 at Chatham.

227.Mary Elizabeth (Libby) Lynch (111) (25) (6) (1) –b.28June1892,and died 12Nov1941 at Brooklyn,NY.Libby was a nurse.She and Annie lived together.

228.Mary Catherine (Kathleen) McEachern (115) (25) (6) (1) – born 15 May 1895. She entered the convent and was Sister Kathleen McEachern at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Chatham. She died the 24 July 1943 about 48 years of age*. *Caused by early bouts of diphtheria.

229.Hugh Colin John McEachern (115) (25) (6) (1) – born 12 July 1896 and lived but one month !!

230.Anabella McEachern (115) (25) (6) (1) – born 23 July 1900 at Chatham, N.B. The writer visited Anabella several times at Sunrise Manor on Gottingen St. in Halifax. She had worked for SMT (Scotia Motor Transit) a large bus company in the Maritimes and retired in Halifax. She was very helpful in my early days acquiring data, sending lots of information, but mostly on the McLeans of Chatham. She never married and lived to age 93 passing on the 28 Feb. 1993.Interred at Sackville.

231.Elizabeth Anna McEachern (115) (25) (6) (1) – born 14 June 1906. She entered the convent and became Sister Mary Vera at Mt. St. Vincent’s in Halifax. She died 16 Apr 1967 age 61 at Vancouver, B.C.Interred at New Westminster,BC. She was a music teacher.

232.Veronica Jean McEachern (115) (25) (6) (1) – born 16 Aug. 1907 at Chatham. She became a Sister of Charity as Sister Mary Ancilla. Her role was that of housekeeper. She died in Halifax,age76,the25Nov.1983.Interred at Sackville.

233.Allie T. Savage (135) (30) (6) (1) – Allie was very well known on the Miramichi, both in Newcastle and Chatham. His column in the North Shore Leader was read by all for his comments on any and all issues of interest to the local residents.He was born in Melrose,NB.ca1911 and died at Newcastle,21Aug 1991.He mar,3 times,(1) to Beaulah Wilson at Canbridge,Ma.on 29Sept1938.She was born at Cambridge,27Nov1910.(2).He mar.Blanche Wilson,10Nov1951.She was born27Nov1908 and died 17May1968.(3).He mar.Gladys Hughina Hennessy,26July1972.Beulah and Allie had 3 children,John Alexander MacDonald (Lt.Col),b.7Mar1941,Jean Savage,b.ca1941.She mar,Kirby Burdt,and Marsha Savage,b.ca1946.


234.Gertrude L. McEachern (136) (31) (6) (1) – born 24 Mar 1892 at Iron Mountain, MI. She never married. She was known as Auntie Mac to her nieces and nephews. She died age 65 on Feb. 12, 1958 in Milwaukee, WI.

235.Royal (Roy) McEachern (137) (31) (6) (1) – born about 1894 and died about 1950. He lived most of his life in Chicago and is said to have played professional football for a team in Racine, WI which later became the Detroit Lions.(not confirmed) He was a tackle.

236.Lester D. (Mac) McEachern (137) (31) (6) (1) – born 26 Apr 1896 at Iron Mountain, Michigan. He married Margaret (Didre) Dederich Jan 8/1921 at Racine, WI. They had 3 children, Joyce,b.24Apr1924, Elizabeth (Betty),b.25Aug1929, and Jean,b.13 Aug1921 Lester or Mac, moved from Marinette,WI to Racine in 1914. He was a police officer for 34 years,and as a detective. He died 5 May 1956 of a heart attack while on duty.

237.John Murdock McEachern (137) (31) (6) (1) – born Apr. 20, 1920 in Chatham, N.B. He moved to the US and died at age 46 in Escondido, CA., June 1, 1966.

He married Hilda Louise Green of Newcastle, N.B. Aug 23, 1948.She was born at Newcastle ca 1928,and died 23 July 2000. They had two children, John Richard Angus (Ricky),b.21March1951, and Catherine (Cathy) Eleanor.b.28Sept1956.

238.Isabel Elizabeth McEachern (137) (31) (6) (1) – born,at Chatham, 26 Oct. 1921. She married Raymond Donaher 14 May 1941 in Chatham.He was born at Nelson,18Dec1912 They had seven children, Terrance(Terry) Thomas Murdock,b.26Feb1942, Joseph Pelham,b23Jan1945, Brian Angus,b.8March1947, Raymond Keith,b.11July1949, MaryAndrea,b.3Dec1951,She(1) mar.John Michael Karpiak,23June1923,and (2)Raymond Sarasin,2June 1984.Andrea ran a cosmetics shop in Marlbo rough,Ma.Deborah(Debbie) Elizabeth,b.17Dec1957, Michael Shane,b.8April1962.Raymond died 29Oct 1975.She died5 Oct 1991.


239.Mary Eleanor Louise McEachern (137) (31) (6) (1) – born Aug.3,1926 at Chatham. She married Wm.Titian Aug.15,1944.He was born at Lennard Mb.He was a pilot in the RCAF.After the war,he flew for,CP Air,Mohawk and Eastern.He died in Boston,24June1964 They had 3 children, Kenneth Wm.b.8Mar1948, Glenn Ernest Murdock,b.28Nov1959, and Tommara(Tammy) Louiseb.5June 1964.She owned and operated a chain of Merle Norman Cosmetics Stores in Ma. and NJ.

240.Ronald Charles Allen (141) (31) (6) (1) – born in Chatham Sept.1/1895,and died in Saskatoon on27June 1960. His first marriage was to Olga Emmeline Boz, 25 Feb. 1921 in Turtleford, Sask.She was born at Qu’Appelle,Sk.25Jan.1901,and died 26April944 They had two children Ronald Maurice,b.10June1928, and Roberta(Robbie) Claire,b.9May1934.When Olga died in Saskatoon, He remarried Mary Rennie McCulloch 25 June 1949.

241.Mary Lillian (Lily) Allen (141) (31) (6) (1) – born in Chatham 17 July1898,and died at Kelona,Bc.12June 1989. She married Patrick Fraser Sullivan 16 Aug.1917 in Chatham.He was born at Newcastle 26Feb1895,to James Sullivan and Sarah Fraser,and died 29Dec1949. They had two children Mary Catherine,b.28Aug1918, and Mary Constance Millicent.b.22Jan1920. Reported to be a very unhappy marriage.


242.Hugh Colin (Bill) Allen (141) (31) (6) (1) – born in Chatham, 13 Apr.1901,and died at Cultus Lake,Bc.10May1987. He married Grace Elizabeth Coulsey,7Feb1935,at Turtleford,Sk. She was born,29Sept 1913at Nottingham, England,to Robert Coulsey and HarrietBrown. They had 3 children, Robert Benedict,(Ben),b.21Sept1940, Gail Patricia,b.29June1938,Willian David,b.13Dec1946.He served in both World Wars.


243.Robert Benedict (Ben) Allen (141) (31) (6) (1) – born 20 Sept.1911 at Chatham. he married Mollie (Mary Catherine) Shillito in Montreal She was from Geelong,Australia born 16 July 1916,to James Thomas Lindsay Shillito and Mary Catherine Caulfield.Mollie was a nurse at the hospital in Mississauga as well as an accomplished violin musician.Ben was an excellent student and attended the U of Saskatchewan,taking a degree in Geology.He was in the RCN during WW2.They had two children,James Benedict(JB),born at Peterborough,14June1955.He graduated fromU of Western Ontario and became a stockbroker in NYC.He was very active in the McEachern genealogy.Laura Mary Gerarde,b.18June 1959.


244.Charles Albert McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born 1 Feb.1873.See Daniel McEachern #156

245.William John McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born 16 Dec 1874.See Daniel McEachern #156

246.George (Geordie) McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born about 1876 at Nelson, N.B. He married Bridget Foley at Blackville, N.B. on 20 Sept. 1898. Presumably she lived in Blackville, N.B. They had four children. Ann,b.16April1899,and died at Hamilton,On(?).She mar.a man named McCormick.Mary Margaret,b.27May1900,and died in NYC(?).She never married. John Gregory,b.20Aug1902,and Mary Louise,b.30June 1905,and died27July1913.Geordie was a millright at Burchill’s lumber mill in Nelson.He passed away ca 1935


247.James McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born June 1,1879, in Nelson,N.B. He married(1) Helena English 25 Apr.1911 at Nelson.She passed away ca 1916.He mar.Anne Burns ca 1928 They had six children, Helena,b.(?), Mary Corrine,b.(?), Robert Burns,b.(?), Honorine,b.(?), James,b.7April1929 and Derald, 1931 and died in 1984.

248.Daniel McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born about 1882 at Nelson, and died ca 1938. He married Mary Masterson 11 Nov.1908. They had 4 children, Merle,b.(?), ? , ? , and Loretta,b.(?).

249.Mary Loretta McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born in Nelson the 23 Sept.1883,and died ca 1980 She married Martin English jr. 27 Apr.1910 at Nelson.He was employed at Burchill’s Lumber mill.He died ca 1933 as a result of a snowplough accident They had seven children,Adrian, Joseph, Malcolm, Helena,Anna, Catherine, and Mary.No birth dates recorded.She was 97 years of age when she passed away ca 1980.



250.Charles Everett McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born 20 Feb. 1887 at Nelson,N.B.and died ca 1975. He married,(?).There were four children,John,Mark,Hubert,and Bernetta.(birthdates not known), He died about 1975.

251.Thomas Vincent McEachern (156) (34) (8) (1) – born 7 July1889 at Nelson, N.B.and died at Chatham,14April1963 He was married at St. Michael’s in Chatham on 7 Sept. 1915 to Catherine Josephine(Josie)Allen,b.5Feb1891 the daughter of James Allen and Isabella McDonald. They had 8 children,Mary Isabella,b.18March1916, Donald Joseph,b.2July191.He was an accountant,and a graduate of Northeastern University and worked for BF Goodrich in Boston.He served overseas with the NSRegt,participating in the D Day landings.He mar.Jennie Delli,11Dec1965 at East Boston.She was born,1Sept1918 at Orange,NJ.Her parents were Jerome Delli and Virginia Leo.James Allan,b.29June1920, Margaret (Peggy)b.29June 1922, Dolores,(Loli),b.1924, Catherine(Cass)Josephine,b.18June 1926, Mary (Mayme)Louise,b.29Oct1929,and Roy,b.1932. It is interesting to note that the line of Dugald joined that of his brother John.The writer recallsVince,slim and lanky,always a cap on his head.always in a hurry,and a "snappy" dresser.He died 14April 1963,while she outlived him to 1986,age 95.


252.Jane McEachern (157) (33) (8) (1) – see Wm.Henry McEachern,#155.

253.John McEachern (157) (33) (8) (1) – see Wm.Henry McEachern #155.

The Sixth Generation

(Mostly McEacherns)

254.Bertha Janet McEachern (178) (80) (21) (6) (1) – born at Tabusintac N.B. 28 Sept 1895.See # 178.She mar.(1)Glendon Ray Brown,20Nov1920.three children,Kenneth Miner,b.(?),Robert Eber,b.(?),and Alice Elizabeth(Betty),b.(?).(2) Arnold Simpson,one girl,Marion McLeod,b.24Oct1911.Janet and Kingston Carvel had a son,Carvel Elwood McEachern,b.24July1915.The Carvel family lived in Chatham,on Water St. at the foot of Henderson St. and across from the Riverview Hotel.Carvel was a policeman for Chatham.

255.Margaret Francis McEachern (178) (80) (21) (6) (1) – born at Tabusintac N.B. 15 Dec.1897.See # 173.She died at Stoughton,Ma.14Jan1980.She mar. Whitman Minor Brown,He was fromNova Scotia.Three children,Alice Frances,b.5Nov1924,Annie Jeanette,b.9Nov1925,and Donald Herbert,b.29Dec1929.

256.Murdock Cecil McEachern (178) (80) (21) (6) (1) – born at 9 Sept.1899. He married Carmel Adeline Graham (1911 – 1988).No children,but raised sister Annie’s son Manford Wasson Jr. Murdock died in April 1987.See # 173.

257.Ann (Annie) McEachern (178) (80) (21) (6) (1) – born Aug.3,1900.and died31May 1942See # 173.She marr.Manford Masson,15Sept1908,Two children,Joyce Ruby,b.2May 1929 and ManfordSamuel Donald,b.22April1937.Both Manford and Annie are interred at Burnt Church.

258.James Ronaldson,McEachern (178) (80) (21) (6) (1) – born,8 May1912,and died at Tabusintac,15Oct1976.He married Dorothy EmilyJanet Wishart,20Oct1942See # 173.She was born in 1912 to Robert J.Wishart and Janet Hierlihy.Two children,William(Billy),b.(?),and Catherine,b.8Nov1944..

259.Carvel Elwood McEachern,178/80/21/6/ Tabusintac,24July1915,to Bertha Janet McEachern.He was raised by his maternal grandparents,Donald and Frances McEachern.He married Jane Mary Stymiest 27Nov1937.She was born in 1915 to John Stymiest and Irene Hierlihy.There were four children,Robert Kenneth,b.(?),Ronald John,b.(?),Ruth Adelia,b.23Jan1941 and Phyllis, 1947.Carvel served in WW2.

260.Vera Simpson (179) (80) (21) (6) (1) –b.(?) at Tabusintac.She married Eugine H. Mutch.25Dec1935.He was born in Red Bank,but was living in Newcastle at the time he was married.

261.Margery(Marjorie) Mabel McEachern (184) (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 10 Aug.1895,She mar.Robert Morris(?),Three children,Harold Morris,b.(?),died 16Aug1998,Carl,b.(?),and Lloyd,b.(?).

  1. Margaret Isobel McEachern (191) (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 11 Mar 1909.See #191
  2. Mary Ella McEachern (191) (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 5 Nov. 1911.See #191
  3. Donald Robert McEachern (191) (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 17 Jan. 1914 at Tabusintac. He died 7 Feb. 1915.See #191
  4. Eunice Catherine McEachern (191) (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 17 Dec. 1915.See #191.
  5. Ruth Norma McEachern (191) (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 28 June 1918.See #191
  6. Jean Marion McEachern (191) (81) (21) (6) (1) – born 11 Feb. 1921.See #191
  7. Mary McEachern (197) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 15 Nov. 1898 at Chatham. On Sept. 1, 1926 she married Daniel C. McInerney at Rexton, N.B.His parents were John McInerney and Elizabeth McDonald. Mary died 11 July 1949. Children ?He died after July 1949.
  8. John Joseph McEachern (197) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 23 March 1900 at Chatham, N.B.and died at Miami Fl.25Oct1998. He married Marie Emelia (Emma) O’Neil 18 June 1923 at West Somerville, MA.She was born in Somerville ca1902,and died in Winthrop18Sept 1971.Her parents wereJohn J.O’neil and Mary Commins.He was a pharmacist. There were five children, John Jr., (Joebie), Emma Theresa, Patricia Marie (Patsy), Johanna Marie, and Charles Joseph.No birth dates available.
  9. Of late, the writer has been in touch with Joe, who lives in the Miami area of Florida.and has a summer place in Vermont.

  10. Helen Dorothy McEachern (197) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 15 Dec.1901,and died at Stuart,Fl.22Nov1985. She became a nurse and moved to New England. The writer met her in Stuart, FL where she and Bernetta had retired. She never married.
  11. Francis Roy (Father Roy) McEachern (197) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 27 Oct.1903.and died at Ottawa,On.30Occt1956. He entered the priesthood 8 Apr.1934, and served the Diocese of Regina for many years before returning to Ottawa, Ont. where he died 30 Oct.1956 at age 53.
  12. Harold Germain McEachern (197) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 4 July 1905. He married Beatrice LeBlanc Oct 6/1935 at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston, MA.She was born5Mar.1906 at Northport, Narcisse LeBlanc and Euphemia Large.She died 4April1958 at Alston,Ma. There was one son, Roy Francis,born in Boston,19Jan.1937.Roy joined the Marines ca 1958,last address was Jackson,NC. . Harold died 10Sept1957 at Boston.Hhe ran a restaurant in the North Station.
  13. Angus Colin McEachern (197) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 18 Chatham,and died 15 Dec. 1923, age 17.

  15. Katherine Bernetta McEachern (197) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 27 Dec.1908. She became a registered nurse and did private practice in N.Y.C. prior to her retirement to Stuart, Florida.Like her sister she never married.They had a beautifl house in Stuart.
  16. The writer remembers her well as a very warm and generous person. Her letters were very helpful in both our genealogical researching.

    She died 15 Dec. 1995.

  17. Margaret Alice McEachern (202) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 26 Sept. 1922. She attended Chatham Grammar School graduating in 1939. She married T. Alec Whyte, July 1945,and lives in Hudson,Quebec
  18. There were 2 children, Heather and Valerie.

  19. Harry Arthur McEachern (202) (100) (23) (6) (1) – born 14 Jan 1924 at Chatham. He graduated from Chatham Grammar School in 1941 and the U.of N.B. May 1945.They live in Hudson,Ohio
  20. He married Beverley Joan Warren of Dundas, Ont. on Oct. 30/1954. They had five children, Alison, Andrew, Duncan, Mary and Catherine.Alison Jane,b.29 Aug.1956 at Sarnia,On. Mar. Christopher Clegg,29 Sept,1984.Three children,Alexandra,Elizabeth and Emily.Andrew James,b.2 Dec.1957,at Sarnia,On.Duncan Burbridge,b.2 Apr.1959 at Sarnia,On.Mar. Catherine Reynolds,14 June,1997,two children,Sarah Warren,and John Burbridge.Mary Alexandra,b.18 Jan.1961 at Sarnia,On.Catherine Warren,b.26 Feb. at Hudson,Oh.


  21. John Murdock McEachern (210) (104) (23) (6) (1) – born Apr 19, 1920
  22. Isobel Elizabeth McEachern (205) (103) (23) (6) (1) – born 26 Oct 1921
  23. Mary Eleanor McEachern (205) (103) (23) (6) (1) – 3 Aug. 1926
  24. Mary Gladys McEachern (213) (104) (23) (6) (1) – born about 1921. She died in 1933 and is buried at the Leland Cemetery in Trenton, ME. Her mother was Margaret Chamberlain (1863 – 1929) from Bathurst, N.B. while her father was Frank Hutchins.
  25. Archibald Franklin McEachern (213) (104) (23) (6) (1) – born 20 Aug. 1924 at Chatham, N.B. He married Pauline Thurston in 1946 at Trenton, ME. They had 3 children, Leslie William, Molly Louise and Carol Ann.
  26. Arch and Pauline live at Bass Harbour, ME.

  27. Martin Louis Keoughn (220) (113) (25) (6) (1) – born 26 Apr. 1926 at Chatham, N.B. He married Helen Elizabeth Brennon Oct 13, 1956 at Barnaby River, N.B. She was a lawyer who worked for many years in Ottawa, Ont.
  28. Mary Elizabeth Keoughon (220) (113) (25) (6) (1) – born 6 Aug. 1927
  29. Joyce McEachern (231) (136) (31) (6) (1) – born ? She married Lloyd Feest
  30. Jean McEachern (232) (137) (31) (6) (1)
  31. John Richard (Ricky) McEachern (232) (137) (31) (6) (1) – born at Peterborough, Ont. Jan 14, 1955.
  32. Ann McEachern (241) (155) (33) (8) (1) – born 16 Apr. 1899. She married a Mr. McCormick. She lived in Hamilton, Ont. where she died.
  33. Mary Margaret McEachern (241) (155) (33) (8) (1) – born 27 May 1900. She did not marry. She passed away in New York City.
  34. John Gregory McEachern (241) (155) (33) (8) (1) – 20 Aug. 1902. He married Margarite Theresa Fallon 18 Oct. 1927. There were 7 children, Gerald, Ronald, Joan, Darden, Terry, Tyrone and Elaine.
  35. Mary Louise McEachern (241) (155) (33) (8) (1) – born June 30, 1905. She was 8 years of age when she died in 1913.
  36. Helena McEachern (247) (156) (34) (8) (1) – the first daughter of James McEachern and Anne Burns.b.(?).
  37. Mary Corrinne McEachern (247) (156) (34) (8) (1).
  38. Robert Burns McEachern (247) (156) (34) (8) (1)
  39. Honorine McEachern (247) (156) (34) (8) (1)
  40. James McEachern (247) (156) (34) (8) (1). born,7April 1929
  41. Derald McEachern (247) (156) (34) (8) (1)
  42. Merle McEachern (248) (156) (34) (8) (1)
  43. Loretta McEachern (248) (156) (34) (8) (1)
  44. John McEachern (215) (155) (33) (8) (1).He was the offspring of Charles Everett McEachern and(?),as were Mark.Hubert and Bernetta.No further data available.
  45. Mark McEachern (215) (155) (33) (8) (1)
  46. Hubert McEachern (215) (155) (33) (8) (1)
  47. Bernetta McEachern (215) (155) (33) (8) (1)
  48. Mary Isabella McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born 18 Mar,1916. She married John (Jack) McLeon Currie 8 July 1946.He was born,25March1911,to John Currie and Harriet McQuinn.Jjack died at Chatham,12March1988.He worked for the NBElectricPower.Four children,Harriet,b.(?).Ellen Marie,b.(?),John b.(?),and Elizabeth (Beth)b.(?).
  49. Donald McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born about 1918.
  50. James Allen McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born at Nelson,28June1920.He mar.Marie Elizabeth MacDonald at Brighton,Ma. on 2Ocy1954.She was born at Oak Point,3June 1920,to Justin MacDonald of Bartibogue and Margaret Rivers of Pokemouche.Three children,DorthyMarie Elizabeth,b.8March1956,Frances Margaret,b.4June1956,and Mary Ann,b.3March 1964.
  51. Margaret (Peggy ) McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born at Nelson,on29June1922 .She mar.Charles Vincent Blanchard,at St John,on21April1947.He was born at Pokemouche,on 23 April1919,and died at Melbourne,Fl. on 26Dec1996.One child,Paul Edward,b.25April1948.
  52. Dolores (Loli) McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born in1924.She mar.Arthur O’Leary.There were three children,Arthur,jr,b.(?),John,b.(?),and Patrick,b.(?).
  53. Catherine Josephine (Cass) McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born 16June 1926 at Nelson.She mar.Edward Francis Zatler,18Oct1952 at Detroit,Mi.He was born to Aloysius Zatler and Theresa Gerter.1 Sept1924 at Chicago,Il.Edward died at Westland,Mi.on27Oct1994.They has one son,Philip Zatler,b.16Nov.1956
  54. Mary Louise (Mayme) McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born at Chatham,29Oct1929,She mar.Thomas John (Tom) Rogers,4July1960.He was born 12July1960 to Philip Rogers and Caroline Moar and died at Newton,Ma.9Feb1998.Six children,Kathryn Mary (Kathy)b.30Nov.1961,Phyllis Ann,b.20Nov1962,Jean Marie,b.27Apr.1964,Elizabeth Ann (Beth),b.8June1965,Thomas John (Tommy)b.28Sept1967,and Margaret Mary,b.25Sept1970.
  55. Roy McEachern (251) (156) (34) (8) (1) – born about 1932at Nelson.He mar.Vivian Argent.They had four children,Lorie,b.(?),Terry,b.(?),Leigh,b.(?), and Julie,b.(?).

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