Death Notices And Obituaries from The Maple Leaf Magazine

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Transcribed by Patti Noonan -

Death Notices And Obituaries from The Maple Leaf Magazine

Note: The following information was gathered from back issues of The Maple Leaf. This is not a complete list. It is simply a list of some entries from the magazine that may be of interest to others researching family members from PEI. The names appear in the order they appear in the actual listing. This was collected during research for our family tree and I will add to it as I read more films – I hope it can be of use to other researchers. Please note that I have left in some entries for others from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick – it may be useful.

October 1931

MacLELLAN – In Montreal, September 24th, Elmer MacLellan, aged _8 years, leaving a widow (Laura Hammill), mother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

July 1934


His many friends throughout Prince Country were shocked and surprised to hear of the death, on Friday morning, June 29, of Michael P. Driscoll at his home in Summerside, P.E.I., after five weeks’ illness. Mr.Driscoll was well and favorably known to the traveling public, having been a C.N.R. Station Agent at the Freetown Station for 37 years, and was held in high favor with the C.N.R. management. About five years ago, owing to ill health, he retired from active service, removing to Summerside with his family, where he has since resided. He was in his 65th year, a good Christian man, and devout Catholic, receiving the last rites of Holy Mother Church in his last hours from Rev.Bennet McDonald, who was with him frequently during his last illness. He was born in Cape Traverse, P.E.I., and was the son of the late John Driscoll and Mary Deegan. He leaves to mourn the loss of a kind husband and devoted father, his widow Georgenia McIvor, two sons and seven daughters. Namely: John S., teacher in this Province; Lorne, a student at St.Dunstan’s University, Charlottetown; Kathleen, Georgenia, Florence, and Katherine, at home; Emily (Mrs.Cecil Monaghan), Trail, BC; Mary (Sr.St.Georgetta), St.Paul, Minn., and Marion, also in Trail, B.C., (Sister Georgetta and Marion were unable to be with their father before his death). He leaves also three sisters, Mrs.V.J.Harrington, Summerside; Mrs.John F.O’Connor, Carleton, and Mrs.James Mulligan, Cape Traverse, as well as three grandchildren, children of Mr. and Mrs.Cecil Monaghan, Trail.

The funeral took place from his residence in Summerside to St.Malachi’s Church, Kinkora, where burial mass was celebrated by Rev.M.Smith, after which all that was mortal of a loyal friend and upright citizen, was laid to rest beside his first born son, Willie Driscoll. The pall-bearers were: Hon. A.E.McLean, M.P., Wm.Noonan, A.A.Scales, E.P.Foley, T.L.Compton, and William Deegan.

Sorrow for the dead seems to be the only sorrow from which we refuse to be divorced. Every other wound we seek to heal, every other affliction to forget, but this wound we consider a duty to keep open. These words aptly describe the tie of melancholy affection that binds us to our beloved dead, though gone from us by death we fancy that we can hear the gentle fall of their muffled footsteps as they silently glide along the hallowed halls of memory, and in our hearts we build a shrine wherein we inscribe their names, and to which we go from worldly distractions to live once more amid the scenes made memorable by their presence. There we love to recall their presence. There we love to recall their virtues, or to hear again their kindly voices now stilled in death; till our hearts grow tender, and our tears fall anew, until we realize what a hollow mockery is all our musing, for it cannot bring back the friend we have lost. Those thoughts bring back in reminiscence the form and face of our dear departed friend, M.P.Driscoll, His faults, if faults he had, have gone the way of oblivion, while his many excellent traits of character stand forth in high relief from the well filled background of affectionate memory.

He was a man of simple and strong faith who never made an unnecessary parade of his religious convictions. In the last days of his illness death seemed to hold no terrors for him, but with the faith of the Catholic gentleman that he was, he settled all his worldly affairs, with hope and confidence in a merciful Judge, and when the end at last came it was with a touch so gentle that his family and friend who knelt beside his dying beside scarcely knew his soul had taken flight. He had passed into another state of existence, and then we realize that: "Between us and you there is a fixed chaos, so that they who would pass from hence to you, cannot, nor from thence come hither."

We may ask, "If in that moment of dissolution, did he retain an impression of the eager love that strove to keep him with us?" Who knows?


Mrs.Ellen Lewis

A notable tribute of affection and esteem was paid by her many friends to the memory of Mrs.Ellen Lewis of Hollister, who died at her home on March 6, fortified by the Sacraments of the Church. By her death the parish of Hollister loses a loyal and earnest member, a woman of sterling Christian character.

Mrs.Lewis, a native of Prince Edward Island, had lived in California four decades, and was 69 years old when she was called to her reward. She is survived by seven children: Rev.James J.Lewis, C.M.; John Lewis, an attorney, of Hollister; Thomas Lewis, a rancher, also of Hollister; William Lewis, construction foreman; Sister Mary Elizabeth of the Catholic Orphan Asylum, San Francisco; Margaret Lewis, a teacher, of Hollister; and Mrs.Eugene Wahl, of Sunnyvale. Father Lewis is well known in Los Angeles. He was a student at old St.Vincent’s, and from 1930 to 1932, a professor of the junior Seminary. In January last he returned to the vicariate of Yukiang, China.

The funeral Mass for Mrs.Lewis was sung in the Church of the Sacred Heart, Hollister, on March 8, by the pastor, Rev.Daniel J. Keenan. Rev.Donald F.McNeil, C.M., of the Junior Seminary was deacon, and Rev.William G. Ward, C.M. of St.Vincent’s Church, Los Angeles, was subdeacon. Father Keenan was a fellow pupil of Father Lewis at St.Vincent’s, and Fathers McNeil and Ward were his classmates in the days of his religious novitiate. After the Mass, Father McNeil extended the condolences of the clergy and people to Mrs.Lewis’ family, and paid fitting tribute to her exemplary life.

A large gathering of priests of the Diocese of Monterey-Fresno assisted at the Mass. Thirtenn members of the daughters of Charity of St.Vincent de Paul and several Sisters of St.Mary of Namur were present. The internment was made in the local Catholic cemetery.

May Mrs.Lewis’ soul rest in peace.

March 1935

‘Departed Friends’

KELLY – In Albany, N.Y., on Feb. 11, Mary, widow of Patrick Kelly, formerly of Charlottwtown, P.E.I., aged 76.

CAMPBELL – In St.John’s, NFLD., on Feb.1, Charlotte (McWade), wife of Dr.Alexander Campbell, formerly of Souris West, P.E.I.

JONES – In Hartford, Conn., on Feb.17, Henry A., husband of the late Charlotte (Steadman) Jones, in his 93rd year. Service and burial at Moncton, N.B.

SCRIVENOR – In Brooklyn, N.Y., on Feb.17, Pearl (Arbing), widow of John Scrivenor, leaving three brothers and three sisters. Burial was at Summerside, P.E.I.

THOMPSON – In Waite, Me., on Feb.4, Earle E. Thompson, formerly of Conway, P.E.I., leaving a widow, four young children, his father, four brothers, and three sisters.

RUSSELL – In Ellenton, Fla., Isobel (McLaurin), formerly of Central, Lot 16, P.E.I., widow of John Russell, aged 86, leaving a daughter, two sons, 13 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.


FREEMAN – In Newton Centre, on Feb. 15, Maria C. Freeman. Service and burial at Milton, N.S.

WOODLAVER – In Swampscott, on Feb.22, J.Norman Woodlaver, aged 68, formerly of Walton, N.S.

REDMOND – In Dorchester, on Feb.9, Nellie Richmond. Burial was at Vernon River, P.E.Island.

MacLEOD – In Arlington, on Jan.28, Miss Kate A. MacLeod. Burial was at St.Ann, Cape Breton.

SHREENAN – In Somerville, on Jan.9, James Shreenan, formerly of Maple Plains, P.E.Island.

OXNER – In Waltham, on Jan.20, Lewis H., husband of Dollie (Snow) Oxner, formerly of Halifax, N.S.

TRASK – In Dorchester, on Feb.5, Susan E., widow of Israel H. Trask, in her 81st year, formerly of Nova Scotia.

JONES – In South Sudbury, on Jan.23, Mary, widow of John Matthew Jones, formerly of Halifax, N.S., in her 94th year.

MacFADDEN – In Malden, on March 2, Mary A., widow of Charles MacFadden, aged 86. Burial was at New Glasgow, N.S.

RITCEY – In Somerville, on Jan.30, Joel Freeman Ritcey, husband of Martha M.(Crouse). Burial was at Bridgewater, N.S.

WELLMAN – In Watertown, on Feb.5, Margaret (MacNeil), wife of Leslie R. Wellman, formerly of Elmsdale, P.E.I.

CLEVELAND – In Lynn, on Feb.15, Elizabeth R. (Hubley), widow of Edwin O. Cleveland, in her 88th year, leaving two sons, three daughters, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Deceased was a native of Halifax, N.S., had lived in Lynn for over half a century and was a member of the First Baptist Church of Lynn for 50 years.

McKAY – In Haverhill, on Feb.3, Hector M. McKay, aged 71, formerly of P.E.Island.

KELLY – in Medford, on Feb.17, Philip, husband of Germaine M. Kelly, formerly of Glace Bay, N.S.

PURCELL – In Boston, on Jan 24, Sarah A. (Mason), in her 88th year, widow of John Purcell, formerly of Lunenburg, N.S.

MacLENNAN – in Dorchester, on Feb.2, Catherine, widow of Murdoch MacLennan, in her 84th year, formerly of Cape Breton.

VAUGHAN – In Boston, on Feb.2, Ada, daughter of the late Dr.Vaughan of Summerside, P.E.I. Burial was at St.Eleanors on Feb.7.

FERGUSON – In Monument Beach, on Feb.15, Miss Christine Ferguson, aged 72, formerly of Nova Scotia, leaving two brothers and three sisters.

MacKENZIE – In East Bridgewater, on Jan 24, Annie, wife of Malcolm MacKenzie, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a husband and two daughters.

WHITNEY – In Norwell, on Feb.1, Mrs. Cecil E. Whitney (nee Georgie Campbell) formerly of Borden, P.E.I., leaving a husband, mother, brother, and sister.

KINNEAR – In Peabody, on Feb.27, Julia A., widow of William B. Kinnear, aged 87, a native of Sackville, N.B., leaving a son, two daughters and grandchildren.

BLACK – In Roxbury, on Jan.19, Ottie O., husband of Charlott (sic) K. (Cook) and son of Angus O. and Lottie (Ripley) Black, formerly of Amherst, N.S.

TUTTLE – In Concord, on Jan.26, Annie R. (Harrison), wife of Edward L. Tuttle, aged 74, formerly of Nova Scotia, leaving a husband, sister, half-sister and half-brother.

MUTTART – In Wakefield, on Feb.5, Miss Myrtle, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sampson Muttart, Union Corner, Lot 15, P.E.I., leaving a brother and five sisters.

GODDARD – In Newton, on March 3, Jessie A., widow of Maurice Goddard. Deceased was a native of Digby, N.S., aged 80. She left an estate of $200,000 and in her will made generous public and private bequests, a hospital and church at Digby being given $2,000 each.

GUNN – In Boston, on Feb.10, Robert D.Gunn, in his 5th year, formerly of Nova Scotia.

HAUSER – In Dorchester, on Feb.18, Ellen (Mahon), wife of Augustus Hauser, formerly of Nova Scotia.

MacDONALD – In West Roxbury, on Feb.7, Margaret, widow of Kenneth N. MacDonald, formerly of Sydney, C.B.

BEAN – In Mattapan, accidentally, on March 5, John C., husband of Coral O. (Duggan) Bean, formerly of Halifax, N.S.

ANDERSON – In Melrose, on Feb.1, Miss Janet Anderson, aged 65, formerly of Musquodoboit Harbor, N.S., leaving a brother.

MacNEIL – In Westboro, on Feb.10, Joseph MacNeill, aged 77, formerly of Boisdale, N.S., leaving four sons, three daughters and four brothers.

BONNEVIE - In Lynn, on Feb 19, Simon S. Bonnevie, aged 85, formerly of Cape Bald, N.B., leaving four sons, six daughters, 30 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.

MacINNIS – In Lynn, on Feb.4, Margaret A. (MacLellan), wife of Hector F. MacInnis, aged 51, formerly of Glencille, Inverness County, N.S., leaving a husband, daughter and brother.

BROWN – In West Somerville, on Feb.23, Ralph T. Brown, aged 62, leaving a widow and daughter, Burial was at Yarmouth, N.S. Deceased had been employed with Prudential Insurance Company for 36 years.

WOOD – In Lynn, on Feb.26, George Wood, aged 96, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a widow, daughter, two sons, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Deceased has been a resident of Lynn for 60 years.

WELLMAN – In Watertown, on Feb.5, Margaret (MacNeill), wife of Leslie R. Wellman, in her 57th year, leaving a husband, two sons, three sisters, a brother and a granddaughter. Deceased was a native of Elmsdale, P.E.Island.

June 1935

‘Departed Friends’

DIGNAN – In Cardinaton, Ohio, on March 29, Mrs.George Dignan (nee Carroll), formerly of Carleton West, P.E.I., aged 77, leaving a husband, daughter, son, brother, and three sisters.

O’CONNOR – In Bush Prairie, Washington, Maurice O’Connor, in his 82nd year, formerly of Alma, Lot 3, P.E.I., leaving a widow, three sons, two brothers, and four sisters.

RAYNOR – In Culver City, Calif., Earl V. Raynor, aged 40, formerly of Travelers Rest, P.E.I., leaving a widow, four brothers, five sisters, and his mother.

MALONE – In Detroit, Mich., on May 11, Mrs. Michael Malone (nee Sarah Ann McQuaid), formerly of P.E.Island.

HUGHES – In Chicago, Ill. Mrs.J.M.Hughes. Burial was at Charlottetown, P.E.I. on May 22.


HEARTZ – In West Roxbury, on June 7, Robert H.Heartz, aged 81 years, formerly of Charlottetown, P.E.I., leaving a daughter and two grandchildren. Deceased had been connected with the store of Gilchrist, Boston, in various capacities for 62 years and was widely known among department store employees.

WATSON – In Revere, on May 19, Caroline O., widow of Alexander Watson, aged 85, formerly of Westchester, N.S., leaving two daughters, a son, sister, two grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

DUNBRACK – By accidental fall from a staging in Revere on May 22. Elwood Fraser Dunbrack, aged 51, of Lynn, formerly of Halifax, N.S., leaving a widow, son, daughter, three brothers, and three sisters.

BROPHY – In Roxbury, as the result of an automobile accident, Mrs.Ella Brophy (nee Greenen, formerly of Newton, P.E.I), leaving a husband, four sons, two daughters, two sisters, and three brothers.

MORGAN – In Beverly, on April 17, Annie (Arthur), wife of J.H.Morgan, aged 57, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a husband, three sons, four daughters, three brothers and two sisters.

MYSHRALL – In Arlington, on May 25, Charles Alfred, husband of Justina C. (Fowler) Myshrall, formerly of Fredricton, N.B., leaving two daughters, two brothers and a sister.

FULLER – In Brockton, Minnie (Hopgood), formerly of Kensington, P.E.I., wife of Edmund Fuller, aged 64, leaving a husband, five daughters, four brothers and six sisters.

PLATTS – In Haverhill, recently, William O.Platts, aged 73, formerly of Montrose, P.E.I., leaving a widow (nee Margaret Riley), son, sister, seven brothers and four grandchildren.

CHISHOLM – In East Boston, on June 10, Lemuel, husband of Annie (Wallace) Chisholm. Burial was in P.E.Island.

July 1935

SULLIVAN – In Marlboro, on June 27, Sister Mary Albertus, superior of the order of the Sisters of St.Joseph. She had been a member of the order for 37 years. Before assuming the veil she was Miss.Mary Sullivan, Moncton, N.B. She leaves a brother and three sisters.

RENDLE – In Melrose, on July 16th, William S. Dendle, aged 72, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a widow, son and daughter. Deceased was for more than 50 years a builder of bridges and building foundations on the Atlantic Coast from New York to Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island

YEO – In Lot 16, on June 21, Jabez Yeo, aged 83.

BAKER – In O’Leary, on June 25, Stephen Baker, aged 81.

SHARAM – In Gladstone, on July 7, Henry Sharam, aged 86.

DUFFY – In Bunbury, on June 11, William Duffym aged 74.

LANE – In Montague, on June 19, Philip Lane, in his 70th year.

HOWATT – In Victoria, on June 9, Mrs.Calvin Howatt, aged 78.

AULD – In Covehead, on June 18, Artemus Auld, in his 91st year.

MacAULAY –in Belfast, on June 28, Mrs.Annie MacAulay, aged 74.

MacLEOD – In North Milton, on June 13, Angus R.MacLeod, aged 81.

CAMPBELL – In Mt.Ryan, on June 12, Donald A.Campbell, aged 89.

WOODSIDE – In Hamilton, on July 23, Mrs.John Woodside, aged 82.

MacLEOD – In Glasgow Road, on June 20, Malcolm MacLeod, aged 89.

ROACH – In Kelly’s Cross, on July 21, Ada (Trainor), wife of Frank Roach, aged 42.

DesCHAMPS – In Village Green, on July 20, Murdoch G. DesChamps, in his 63rd year.

CASEY – In Summerside, on June 28, Octave Casey, aged 68. Burial was at St.Gilbert’s.

CAMPBELL – In Summerside, on June 23, Archibald Campbell, aged 71. Burial was at Glenwood.

BERNARD – In St.Eleanor’s, on July 8, Samuel Bernard, aged 78, leaving a son and daughter.

FLAHAVEN – In Kensington, on July 21, Mrs.Peter Flahaven, aged 68, leaving two sone and two daughters.

SCHURMAN – In Freetown, on June 4, Miss Sussanah Schurman, aged 81, a well-known and respected nurse.

PROFITT – In Kensington, on July 23, James B. Profitt, aged 58, leaving a widow, brother, and two sisters.

ARSENAULT – In Summerside, on June 10, Benjamin A. Arsenault, aged 60, leaving a widow, four sons and four daughters.

LINKLETTER - In Linkletter, on June 23, Mrs.Major Linkletter, aged 74, leaving seven sons, three daughters and two sisters.

CULLETON – In West Devon, on July 4, William D. Culleton, aged 60, leaving a widow, four sons, six daughters and three sisters.

HOWATT – In Victoria, on June 9, Bessie (Rogerson), widow of Calvin Howatt, aged 78, leaving a son, sister and other relatives.

MacSWEEN – In Montrose, on June 7, Mrs.John MacSween, aged 82, formerly of Brookline, leaving two sons and two daughters.

MacLEAN – In Southwest, Lot 16, on June 13, Alexander R. MacLean, aged 74, leaving two sons, two daughters, two brothers and a sister.

CHISHOLM – In West Devon, on May 27, George Chisholm, aged 61, leaving a widow (nee Cain), two sons, two daughters and a half-brother.

MURPHY – In Freeland, on June 20, Ellen E. (McKenna), wife of Otto Murphy, aged 52, leaving a husband, two sons, four brothers, a sister and mother.

GAUDET – In Summerside, on July 5, Mrs.Flovine Gaudet, aged 79, leaving a husband, two sons, two daughters and a brother. Burial was at Miscouche.

MacDONALD – In Fredericton, on July 19, Daniel MacDonald, aged 45, leaving a widow. Deceased was working in a gravel pit when it caved in, crushing him to death.

HOWATT – In Summerside, on June 5, Robert C. Howatt, aged 60, leaving a widow (nee Margaret Affleck), six daughters and a brother. Burial was at Cape Traverse.

EVERETT – In Litchfield, Me., recently, Lydia (Francis), formerly of Gamble’s Corner, P.E.I., wife of Frank Everett, aged 53, leaving a husband, son, father and three sisters.


MAY 31 – William Harrington, aged 80.

MAY 31 – Peter Deagle, aged 52, of Rollo Bay.

November 1935

‘Departed Friends’

LEWIS – In Royal Oaks, Mich., on Oct.20, (?).F.Lewis, in his 47th year, formerly of P.E.Island.

SAWYER – In Portland, Me., in October, Mrs.Sawyer (nee Annie Inman), formerly of Crapaud, P.E.I.

BARR – In Toronto, Ont., on Nov.2, Mrs.Hannah Barr, aged 81, formerly of Charlottetown, P.E.I.

MURRAY – In Oroville, Wash., on Aug.10, Judson Murray, formerly of Linkletter Road, P.E.I., in his 81st year, leaving a widow and three sisters.

DICKIESON – In Saskatoon Hospital, on Oct.19, Ella Jane (Robertson), wife of George W. Dickieson of Gunworth, Sask., aged 61, formerly of P.E.Island.

RAMSAY – In Avon-by-the-Sea, N.J., on Nov.12, Capt. Russell S.Ramsay, aged 62, a native Malpeque, P.E.I., leaving a widow, four brothers, four sisters, and his mother.

GALLANT – In Los Angles, Cal., in November, Charles J. Gallant, leaving a wido, two sons, three brothers, three sisters, and his mother. His mother and his three brothers reside in Summerside, P.E.I.

HUGHES – In Mankato, Minn., Rev.Robert Hughes, a native of Millcove, P.E.I., leaving a sister and other relatives. Deceased, a week before his death, observed the golden jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood.


BEATON – In Inverness Memorial Hospital, C.B., last month, Mrs. Florence Beaton (nee McKay), wife of the late Samuel Beaton of Scottsville, in the 59th year of her age. Mrs.Beaton took a keen interest and active part in connection with St.Matthew’s Church, of which she was s devout member. Prior to 1906, the year of her marriage in Boston, Mass., she was well known among the Canadian down east church going people in that city, being a member of the Christian Endeavor. She was also a member of the choir of the old Scotch Church during the pastorate of Rev.Dr. Gunn. The funeral was one of the largest ever held from St. Matthew’s Church, friends from all parts of Cape Breton attending. Rev. H. G. Wright, pastor, conducted the services, assisted by Rev.M.McLean of Strathlorne. Left to mourn are her loving mother, two sons, Albert and Charles, and tow daughters, Mrs.Hugh Ferguson of Boston, and Catherine, at home. Also, one sister, Mary of Los Angeles, and three brothers, J. Norman McKay of San Francisco, John of Seattle, Murdock, at the old homestead. Peter D., a half-brother, resides in Inverness.

DECKER – In Halifax, N.S., on Nov.5, Peter Decker. Burial was in P.E.Island. Deceased died as a result of a collision between a tram car and an automobile he was driving on Nov.2. Another died as the result of the same accident.


JOST – In Stoughton, on Nov.11, Annie bird Jost, formerly of Halifax, N.S.

SEAMAN – In Roslindale, on Oct.22, Annie M. Seaman, formerly of P.E.Island.

ROSS - In Boston, on Nov.2 , Ruby C. Ross. Burial was at South Granville, P.E.I.

BOYLE – In Dorchester, on Nov.14, Catherine, widow of Patrick Boyle. Burial was at Caledonia, N.S.

O’BRIEN - In Brookline, on Oct 21, Isabell F., widow of Joseph P. O’Brien, formerly of Antigonish, N.S.

YOUNG – In Roslindale, on Oct 29, Agnes M. (Johnson), wife of Herman J. Young, formerly of Nova Scotia.

HOGAN - In Everett, on Oct.22, Arthur F., husband of Pauline M. (Kenney) Hogan, formerly of Antigonish, N.S.

HERMAN – In Quincy, on Oct.31, Augusta Rachael, wife of Robert L. Herman. Burial was at Lunenburg, N.S.

EDGE – In West Somerville, on Nov.14, by accident, James Malcolm Edge, aged 35. Burial was at Black River, N.B.

TOMPKINS – In Stoneham, on Oct.25, Dennis J., husband of Ellen (McGary) Tomkins (sic), formerly of Cape Breton.

FARRELL – In Jamaica Plain, on Nov.17, Ida J. (Canning) Steele, wife of Joseph A. Farrell, formerly of P.E.Island.

McLEOD - In Roxbury, on Nov.5, Colin M., husband of Florence McLeod. Burial was at Little Narrows, Cape Breton.

MELANSON – In Lynn, on Oct.29, Issac Melanson, aged 91, formerly of Nova Scotia, leaving three sons and three daughters.

McLEAN – In Marblehead, on Nov.5, Annie M., widow of William H. McLean, aged 85. Burial was at Bridgetown, N.S.

KEYES – In Boston, on Oct.25, Jennie (McVicker), widow of William H. Keyes, formerly of Egerton, Pictou County, N.S.

PEACH - In Lynn, on Oct.22, Benjamin W. Beach (sic), aged 65, formerly of Louisburg, N.S., leaving a widow, son, daughter, brother, four sisters, and a grandchild.

MARSHALL – In Newburyport, on Nov.16, Fredrick H. Marshall, aged 48, formerly of South Range N.S., leaving a widow, daughter, two sisters, and two brothers.

NEEDHAM – In Swampscott, on Nov.8, Mary F., wife of William Needham, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a husband, son, four daughters and seven grandchildren.

AICKEN – In Revere, on Nov.5, Robert N. Aicken, aged 91, formerly of Cummerland, N.S., leaving two sons, three daughters, two grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

YOUNG - In Peabody, on Nov.15, Susan (Sederquist), wife of William Young, aged 71, formerly of Lower Granville, N.S., leaving a husband, son, daughter, sister, two brothers and a granddaughter.


BRUCE – In Valleyfield, on Nov.7, John D. Bruce, aged 81.

DEROCHE – In Bedeque, on Oct.30, Moses Deroche, aged 52.

MacNEVIN – In Coleman, on Nov.5, Allan MacNevin, aged 62.

FARROW – In Hampton, on Nov.7, George Farrow, aged 84.

EASTON – In Georgetown, on Nov.7, William Sanderson Easton, in his 84th year.

FOUGERE – In Montague, on Oct.30, Capt.Dan Fougere, aged 48, of Sampsonville, N.S.

MacNEVIN – In DeSable, on Oct.31, Catherine (MacKay), wife of John C. MacNevin, aged 81.

CURTIS – In Cardigan, by accident on Oct 19, Leo Curtis, aged 62, leaving a widow, son and daughter.

MUTTART – In Albany, on Nov.6, John Muttart, aged 45, leaving a widow, four daughters and two brothers.

CROSMAN – In Bedeque, on Oct.20, George Crosman, in his 66th year, leaving a widow, brother, sister and other relatives.

MacMILLAN – In Campbellton, Lot 4, on Oct.17, Mrs.James A. MacMillan, aged 44, leaving a husband and seven children.

METHERALL – In Mill River, on Oct 20, Lulu (Wilkie), wife of Arthur Metherall, aged 29, leaving a husband, child, six brothers and five sisters.

MacLELLAN – In Indian River, on Oct.15, Austin MacLellan, aged 62, leaving a widow (nee Margaret Campbell), two sons, two brothers, and two sisters.


OCT.14 – E.R. Brow, in his 80th year, leaving a widow, daughter, and two sons.

OCT.15 – Mrs.Gordon Dennis, aged 53, leaving six sons, three daughters and two sisters. Burial was at O’Leary.

OCT.28 – Miss Viola MacKenzie of French River.

OCT.28 – Brenton McInnis, in his 47th year.

OCT.29 – John H. Henry, aged 90, formerly of Summerside.

NOV.2 – James Quinn, farm worker, formerly of New Brunswick.

February 1936

‘Departed Friends’

RODD – In St.Petersburg, Fla., on Dec.21, Mrs. Annie Rodd, aged 91, formerly of Charlottetown, P.E.I.

MacINTYRE – At the Sailor’s Home, Staten Island, N.Y., on Jan. 27, James D. MacIntyre, aged 89, a native of Fairfield, P.E.I.

DRUMMOND – In Morrill, Me., on Jan.22, Sarah (Williams), formerly of Elmsdale, P.E.I., wife of B.A. Drummond, leaving a husband, three brothers, and five sisters.

ROBINSON – In Calgary, Alberta, on Jan. 10, Robert C. Robinson, M.D., aged 57, leaving a widow (nee Henrietta Pearl Hinton), formerly of Summerside, P.E.I., and three sons.

WAKEFIELD – In Oakland, on February 6, Lydia A. Wakefield, wife of James Wakefield, sister of Mrs. Mary A. Gough, Mrs. Augusta McLellan, Mrs. Henry S. Goddard and Rev. Chesley A. Stevens, a native of Amherst, Nova Scotia, aged 81 years.

MacMILLAN – In Oakland, on February 6, Neil J., beloved husband of Elois H. MacMillan, father of Robert N. MacMillan; son of Mrs. and the late Duncan C. MacMillan, and brother of Annabelle Carpenter, Frank and Wallace MacMillan, Mrs. Ruth Craig and the late Mrs. Grace Williams, a native of San Francisco, aged 46 years.

STEVENS – In Oakland, on February 14, Rev. A Chesley Stevens, a native of Amherst, Nova Scotia, aged 80 years. For 35 years of his life he practiced evangelism and was a member of the Elim Full Gospel Church of Oakland. Besides his widow, Mrs. Mary W. Stevens, he is survived by a son, Brett L. Stevens, and three sisters, Mrs. Ardella Gough and Mrs. Henry S. Goddard of Portland, Oregon, and Mrs. Leonard E. McLellan of Oakland.


DOWNIE – In South Acton, on Feb.1, Floyd W. Downie, formerly of Nova Scotia.

McCORMACK – In Dorchester, on Feb.5, Abbie (Clough), formerly of P.E.Island.

MacLEOD – In Mattapan, on Jan.23, Margaret E. (Barnes), widow of James MacLeod, formerly of P.E.Island.

TAYLOR – In Hingham, on Jan.28, Alexander W. Taylor, in his 66th year, formerly of Annapolis Royal and Antigonish, N.S.

GORMAN – In Lexington, on Feb.4, William J. Gorman, aged 77, formerly of Rawdon, N.S., leaving a sister and two brothers.

MATHESON – In State Sanitarium, Rutland, on Jan.23, Miss Jean B. Matheson, R.N., in her 26th year. Burial was at Windsor N.S.

MacEACHERN - In Weston, on Feb.1, Agnes (MacDonald), widow of Angus MacEachern. Services and burial at Souris, P.E.I.

PATTERSON – In Lexington, on Jan.26, Janet Maud (Webster), aged 60, formerly of Waterville, N.S., wife of Harry W. Patterson, leaving a husband, daughter, son, sister and two brothers.

McNEIL – In Newton, on Jan.19, Mary A. McNeil. Burial was at Guysboro, N.S.

HILL – In Roxbury, on Feb.9, Phebe (sic) A., wife of J. Payne Hill, formerly of Nova Scotia.

MacINNIS – In Boston, on Jan.13, Neil MacInnis, in his 64th year, formerly of Cape Breton.

BEARS – In Somerville, on Feb.12, Nina (Morrison), wife of William V. Bears, formerly of P.E.Island.

PHEE – In Jamaica Plain, on Feb.9, Helen G. (Alsworth), wife of Henry F. Phee, formerly of P.E.Island.

MacDONALD – In Dorchester, on Feb.8, Mary, widow of Angus MacDonald. Burial was at Judique, Cape Breton.

MacLEOD – In Quincy, on Jan.31, Daniel B. MacLeod, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a widow, daughter, two sons and four brothers.

MAHAR – In Jamaica Plain, on Jan.20, Elizabeth (McCormic), wife of Martin Mahar. Mass and burial was at Charlottetown, P.E.I.

McLEAN – In Milton, on Feb.9, Annie M., daughter of the late Capt. James R. and Isabella McLean, in her 80th year, formerly of St.John, N.B.

SURETTE – In Lynn, on Jan.25, Celine (Amiro), widow of Theopelus Surette, formerly of Nova Scotia, aged 87, leaving a son and two daughters.

VOSMUS – In Revere, on Jan.19, Sarah A. (Aicken), wife of Fredrick J. Vosmus, aged 56, formerly of Nova Scotia, leaving a husband, son, two brothers, two sisters, and a grandson.

FORSYTH – In Lynn, on Feb.13, Katherine I., widow of William Forsyth, in her 94th year, a native of Charlottetown, P.E.I., leaving a son, two grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

MINER – In Concord, on Feb.4, Edith M. (Dechamp), aged 66, formerly of Shelburne, N.S., wife of Owen L. Miner, leaving a husband, son, two daughters, a brother and three sisters.

HODGKIN – In Boston, on Feb.6, Ruth s. (MacKeown), aged 78, formerly of Albany, Annapolis County, N.S., wife of Arthur E. Hodgkin, leaving a husband, two brothers, two sisters, nephews and nieces. Deceased had resided for over 50 years in Lynn, where services and burial took place.

Prince Edward Island

DEAN – In Tryon, on Jan.19, William Lord Dean.

ALLAN – In Mt.Albion, on Jan. 8, Mrs. John Allan, aged 75.

CROSBY – In Coveland, on Jan.9, Mrs. Emma Crosby, aged 69.

WHITE – In Rollo Bay, on Jan.31, Mrs. Rachel White, aged 83.

MacNEVIN – In Bonshaw, on Jan.11, Daniel MacNevin, aged 61.

RAYNER – In Casumpec, on Jan. 12, John James Rayner, aged 99.

PROWSE – In Mount Herbert, on Jan.18, Elias R. Prowse, in his 80th year.

HENNESSEY – In Borden, on Jan. 2?, William Edward Hennessey, aged 52.

DOCKENDORFF – In Mount Hope, on Jan.11, Mrs. Jacob Dockendorff, aged 86.

SHREENAN – In Kinkora, on Jan.25, Joseph Shreenan, an aged and esteemed native.

MATTHEWS – In Alberton, on Jan, 14, Miss Belle Matthews, leaving three brothers and four sisters.

ARSENAULT – In St.Eleanors, on Jan.4 (?), Philip Arsenault, for over 40 years a resident of that place.

BOULTER – In Lot 8, on Dec.27, Mrs. John Boulter, aged 85, leaving six sons, a daughter, sister and 16 grandchildren.

GILLIS – In Montrose, on Nov.10, Mrs. Margaret Gillis, (nee McIntyre), aged 84, leaving a sister, nephews and nieces.

COLLICUT – In Alberton, on Jan.29, Mrs. A. Collicut (nee Leard), aged 66, leaving a son, five daughters and two brothers.

LOWTHER – In Carleton, on Feb.2, Mrs. Dealia (Harper) Lowther, aged 82, leaving a son, daughter, sister and grandchildren.

MacMURDO – In Kelvin, on Dec.27, Archibald R. MacMurdo, aged 80, leaving two sons, two daughters, two brothers and a sister.

LEE – In Summerside, on Jan.23, Richard Caleb Lee, in his 70th year, formerly of Lot 16, leaving a son, daughter and two brothers.

ROGERS – In Linkletter Road, on Jan.7, Mrs. Ernest Rogers (nee Parkman), aged 62, leaving a husband, two sons, two daughters and three sisters.

MacGOUGAN – In Malpeque, on Jan.3, Percy MacGougan, aged 47, leaving a widow (nee Charlotte Montgomery), a son, brother and two sisters.

MacNEILL – In Kensington, on Dec.13, Katie (Hogg), wife of Alfred MacNeill, aged 55, leaving a husband, three daughters, two brothers and a sister.

WOODSIDE – In Summerside, on Jan.28, Miriam (Montgomery), wife of Wilfred Woodside, aged 21, leaving a husband, daughter, her parents, a sister and brother

GALLANT – In Summerside, on Jan.29, Mrs. Joseph Gallant, aged 98, leaving two sons and two daughters. During her life she had enjoyed the pleasure of seeing five generations of her own family about her.

June 1936

The following information was taken from page 98 of the June 1936 issue. The names appear in the order they appear in the actual listing. I hope it can be of use to other researchers.

Departed Friends

JARDINE – In Regina, Sask., on May 10, Samuel J. Jardine, aged 69, formerly of P.E.Island.

WYAND – In Heward, Sask., on April 6, Silas Wyand, aged 80, formerly of Mayfield, P.E.Island

McKAY – in Southcott Hospital, St.John’s Newfoundland, Dr.Alexander P. McKay, a native of Merigomish, N.S.

CLARK – in Edmonton, Alberta, on Mary 25, John M.Clark, formerly of Summerside, P.E.I., aged 82, leaving four sons and two daughters.

MacKAY – in Edmonton, Alberta, on April 4, Mrs.J.K.MacKay, aged 76, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a husband, two sons and four daughters.

LONGE – In Vancouver, B.C., recently, Mrs. William H. Longe (nee Wigginton), aged 76, formerly of P.E.Island, leaving a husband, brother and sister.

GILLIS – In Montreal, on May 16, Rev. Sister St. M. Pauline, Congregation de Notre Dame. She is survived by her aged father, Peter J. Gillis, Arlington, Lot 14, P.E.I., and five sisters.

MATHESON – In Duncan, B.C., by accident on May 27, Donald Matheson, aged 29, formerly of Read’s Corner, P.E.I., leaving a widow, his mother, three brothers and six sisters.

MacDONALD – In Aggasiz, B.C.,on May 12, Stephen MacDonald, formerly of Bedeque, P.E.Island. Burial was at Summerside. Deceased was a brother of D.B. MacDonald of Bedeque.

GOULD – In Vancouver, B.C., recently, Mrs.Issac Gould (nee Lauretta Bernard), aged 82, formerly of New London, P.E.I., leaving a husband, three brothers, two sisters and other relatives. Deceased had taught school in Summerside in the late 70’s. She had been a resident of Vancouver for 45 yers.

Nova Scotia

FRASER – In Trenton, on May 26, Daniel A. Fraser, aged 73

MITCHELL – At Halifax, on May 21, James Burton Mitchell, prominent Halifax wholesale merchant and sportsman, aged 66.

LYNDS – In North River, on May 2, William Lynds, aged 86. The funeral was held from the United Church at Stewart’s Bridge, Rev.M.K.Charman officiating.

REID – In Pictou, on May 29, Captain James Reid, the last surviving Pictou sea captain who commanded wooden ships in the age of iron men. He was born in Pictou in 1844 and went to sea at the age of 16. He was the last surviving member of his family.


KING - In Boston, on May 16, Julia E. King. Burial was at Sussex, N.B.

MacKENZIE – in Cambridge, on May 14, George V. MacKenzie, formerly of Vernon River, P.E.I.

McRAE – in Watertown, on June 4, Jessie A. (Edwards), widow of William McRae, formerly of Halifax, N.S.

MESSINGER – In Everett, on May 14, Jennie H., widow of Thaddeus Messinger, aged 81, formerly of Nova Scotia.

McINNIS – In Brighton, on May 17, Helen Claire (Delaney), wife of Francis V. McInnis, formerly of P.E.Island.

MacKENZIE – In Wollaston, on May 20, Margaret, wife of Hector MacKenzie. Burial was at South Granville, P.E.I.

MacDONALD – In Melrose, on May 12, Stewart MacDonald, aged 57, formerly of Halifax and Sydney, N.S., leaving a widow, son and daughter. Deceased was struck by an express train at a crossing.

Prince Edward Island

MORRIS – In Dundas, on March 29, Dr.D.L.Morris.

DRAKE – In Cornwall, on May 11, Mrs. Samuel Drake, aged 78.

CRASWELL – in Rustico, on May 25, James Bismark Craswell, aged 65.

FRASER – In Vernon, on May 20, Mrs. George A. Fraser, aged 72.

McQUAID – in Souris, on May 20, Johanna, widow of James McQuaid.

SHEA – In Souris, on May 22, Mrs. Thomas Shea, in her 85th year.

PARTRIDGE – In Kensington, on May 28, William H. Partridge, aged 74.

MAYNE – In Summerside, on May 12, Mrs. Margaret J. Mayne, aged 80.

FITZPATRICK – In DeGros-Marsh, on May 27, John Joseph Fitzpatrick, aged 42.

PETERS – in Miscouche, on May 19, Joseph Peters, World War Veteran, aged 62.

DURANT – In Summerside, on May 31, Bertha (Noonan), wife of Ezra Durant, aged 23.

MacPHERSON – In Montague, on May 17, Mary Ann, wife of James MacPherson, aged 69.

WEBSTER – In Kensington, on May 29, Sidney Webster, aged 70, leaving a son and sister.

MacDONALD – In Greek River, on May 15, Mrs. John MacDonald (nee Flora MacSwain), aged 63.

MacKAY – in New London, on May 18, John W. MacKay, aged 64, leaving a widow and two sons.

CHIASSON – In Bloomfield, on May 2, Sylvain Chaisson, aged 71, leaving a widow (nee Adeline Gallant).

BRYAN – In Foxley River, Lot 11, on May 12, George A. Bryan, in his 68th year, leaving a brother and sister.

MacFAYDEN – In Tignish, on May 16, Mrs. A.J. MacFayden (nee Hubbard), leaving a daughter and two sons.

WEDGE – In Wellington, on May 25, Andrew Wedge, aged 91, leaving a family of sons and daughters.

GARDNER – In Freetown, on May 30, Mrs. John B. Gardner, aged 79, leaving two sons and four daughters.

MATTHEWS – In Kensinton, on May 31, Gordon A. Matthews, aged 75, leaving a half-brother in Brandon, Manitoba.

DOYLE – In Prince County Hospital, Summerside, on May 27, Peter A. Doyle, aged 67. Burial was at Norway, Lot 1.

IRVING – In Cape Traverse, on May 26, William H. P. Irving, aged 68, leaving a widow, two sons, two daughters and a sister.

HENDERSON – In Freeland, Lot11, on May 18, R. C. Henderson, aged 67, leaving a widow, three sons, and six daughters.

LECKY – In Milburn, Lot 8, on April 14, William Lecky, aged 89, leaving a daughter, four sons, two sisters and 18 grandchildren.

MacDOUGALL – In Richmond, on Feb.14, Agatha, wife of William MacDougall, aged 75, leaving a husband, two sons, four daughters and two brothers.

ARSENAULT – In Howlan, on March 28, Mrs. Andrew L. Arsenault, aged 70, leaving four sons, four daughters, two sisters, a brother and 18 grandchildren.

CULLETON – In West Devon, on May 16, Mrs. John Culleton (nee Palmer), aged 85, leaving three sons, three daughters, two brothers, a sister and two half-sisters.

MONTGOMERY – In Summerside, on May 15, Mrs. Donald Montgomery (nee Sadie Reeves), aged 38, leaving a husband, two young sons, her parents and two brothers.

July 1936

‘Departed Friends’

MILLER – In Bozeman, Montana, Sabina E., widow of Alexander Miller, formerly of West Devon, P.E.I., aged 74.

MCKAY – In Frenchman’s Creek, B.C., in June, James L. McKay, pioneer rancher and miner, a native of Charlottetown, P.E. Island.

FRIZZLE – In Port Elgin, N.B., on June 6. Joseph Frizzle, formerly of P.E. Island, leaving a widow, daughter, three brothers and three sisters.

NORTHRUP – In St. John, N.B., Mary Ellen (Stewart), aged 89, formerly of Malpeque, P.E.I., widow of Thomas Northrup, leaving a son, three daughters, two brothers, and a sister.

MACEACHERN – In Jersey City, N.J., on May 24, Tamer (Milligan), formerly of Brae, P.E.I., widow of Donald MacEachern, formerly of Crapaud, P.E.I., leaving a son, two daughters, a brother and two sisters.

SUTTLE – In Jacksonville, Fla., on July 17, Ida E. (Johnson), widow of James A. Suttle, in her 57th year, formerly of Truro, N.S., leaving a son, four daughters, three brothers and three sisters. Burial was at Saugus, Mass., where deceased had lived many years.

HOWARD – In Victoria, B.C., Rev. William Jost Howard, B.A., retired, a native of Cornwall, P.E.I., leaving a widow, son, three brothers, three sisters and two grandchildren. Much of his early ministry in the Methodist Church was served in the Maritime Provinces.


MULLEN – In East Boston, on June 29, John P. Mullen, formerly of P.E. Island.

MATHESON – In Melrose, on May 15, John P. Matherson (sic), aged 73, formerly of P.E. Island.

SANFORD – In Somerville, on June 21, Miss Nellie G. Sanford, formerly of Nova Scotia.

TUCK – In Roxbury, on June 30, Eliza W. (Smith) Tuck, aged 65, formerly of Nova Scotia.

MACKENZIE – In Boston, on June 11, Margaret MacKenzie. Burial was at Big Bras d’Or, Cape Breton.

LITTLE – In Dorchester, on June 21, Sarah, widow of John B. Little. Burial was at Glen Holme, N.S.

MACKENZIE – In Malden, on June 9, Margaret E., wife of John A. MacKenzie, formerly of P.E. Island.

JARVIE – In Brookline, on July 1, Georgie (Higgins), wife of William A. Jarvie, formerly of Moncton, N.B.

BARRETT – In East Boston, on July 12, John B., husband of Alice (itts) Barrett, formerly of Nova Scotia.

SHEA – In Roxbury, on June 14, Micheal, husband of Margarite A. (Burke) Shea, formerly of Kentville, N.S.

CLAY – In Mattapan, on May 25, Flora (MacKay), wife of Gustavus Clay, aged 59, formerly of P.E. Island.

SCULLY – In Roxbury, on June 16, Delia (Turley), wife of John Scully. Service and burial at Souris, P.E. Island.

LE CLAIR – In Malden, on June 21, Elizabeth Guthro, widow of Alexander Le Clair, formerly of Cape Breton.

CROWLEY – In Dorchestre, on July 17, Catherine E. (Connolly), wife of Laurie Crowley, formerly of P.E. Island.

BROWN – In Sommerville, on June 30, Laura W. A., wife of Percy A. Brown, in her 54th year, formerly of Halifax, N.S.

DONOVAN – In Roxbury, on July 17, Thomas J. Donovan, husband of Anna M. (Thompson), formerly of Chatham, N.B.

STEWART – In Woburn, on June 20, Dr. Vernon Champney Stewart, leaving a widow and mother. Deceased was born in St. George, N.B., Nov. 11, 1879.

WILSON – In Eastondale, on May 29, Roselyn (MacDougall), formerly of P.E. Island, wife of Jesse C. Wilson, leaving a husband, two brothers and five sisters.

CONRAD – In Arlington, on July 13, Thomas A., husband of Susan A. (Risser) Conrad, aged 60, formerly of Lunenburg, N.S., leaving a widow, son and daughter.

BREAU – In Lynn, on June 19, Lena (White), formerly of Amherst, N.S., wife of Rufus Breau, aged 37, leaving a husband, her parents, four brothers and three sisters.

OLIVER – In Lynn, on June 26, George W. Oliver, aged 76, formerly of Annapolis County, N.S., leaving a widow, two sons, three daughters, two sisters and six grandchildren.

CHURCHILL – In Lynn, on June 18, Gilbert G. Churchill, aged 57, formerly of Hebron, N.S., leaving a widow, daughter, a brother, two sisters, his mother and a granddaughter.

MURPHY – In Boston, on June 9, George Murphy, formerly of Kinkora, P.E.I., leaving a widow, eight children, his parents, five brothers, and two sisters. Deceased was a World war veteran.

Nova Scotia

BLACK – In Halifax, on June 19, Walter Allan Black, aged 58, prominent Halifax shipping man and president of Pickford & Black, Ltd.

SUTHERLAND – In New Glasgow, on July 10, J.W.H.Sutherland, editor and manager of the Evening News, in his 65th year, one of the most beloved and well-known citizens.

REDMOND – In Musquodoboit, on June 12, Miss Sarah E. Redmond, aged 55. She had been assistant superintendent of Vincent Memorial Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts for 15 years. She had a stroke of paralysis several months ago and was taken back to her native province.

Prince Edward Island

GILL – In Elliotvale, on June 16, Richard Gill, aged 73.

CREED – in Albion, on June 15, William H. Creed, aged 76.

BURDEN – In Montague, on May 31, Ossac E. Burden, aged 63.

MURRAY – In Tyrone, Lot 62, on May 1, Peter Murray, aged 68.

LING – In Wheatley River, on June 13, Norman Ling, aged 68.

McINNIS – In Elliots, on June 13, Malcolm McInnis, aged 74.

CLARKIN – In Emyvale, on May 30 (20? spot on film), Mrs.Annie Clarkin, aged 77.

ROGERSON – In County Line, on June 17, Allen Rogerson, aged 72.

GARDNER – In Freetown, on May 30, Mrs.John B. Gardner, aged 79.

McQUAID – In Riverdale, on May 2, Bridget McQuaid, aged 85.

O’CONNELL – In Frenchfort, on June 14, William O’Connell, aged 76.

CLARK – In Cape Traverse, on June 2, Mrs. Major Clark, aged 92.

LAMONT – In French River, on June 1, Hugh John Lamont, aged 69.

HOOD – In Cornwall, on June 4, Mrs. Wesley Hood, in her 58th year.

MATTHEWS – In Kensington, on May 31, Gordon A. Matthews, aged 75.

MacDONALD – In Glenfinnan, on June 7, Alexander MacDonald, aged 83.

CLOW – In Murray Harbor North, on June 21, James P. Clow, aged 67.

CAMPBELL – In Mitchell River, on June 18, Mrs. Donald D. Campbell, aged 78.

MacDONALD – In Orwell Cove, on June 9, Mrs. Rebecca J. MacDonald, aged 75.

MacLEOD – in North River Road, on June 1, Mrs. John S. Macleod, aged 68.

MacPHERSON – In Orwell Cove, on June 15, Miss. Elizabeth MacPherson, aged 78.

GILLIS – In Arlington, Lot 14, on June 9, Peter J. Gillis, aged 84, leaving five daughters.

GAY – In Knutsford, on July 12, Mrs.Hannah Gay, aged 67, leaving a husband and family.

PAYNTER – In Kensington, on May 8, Edwin Paynter, aged 82, leaving a son and daughter.

HASLAM – In Hampton, on May 23, Cahterine (MacQuarrie), widow of Joseph Haslam, aged 81.

BARLOW – In Ellerslie, on June 3, Stanley Forest Barlow, aged 46, leavin his aged mother and a brother.

August 1939 ‘Departed Friends’

McPHEE - An impressive tribute to the memory of Mrs.Anna McPhee, hundreds of friends gathered on August 1 at the funeral services conducted in St.Rose’s Church. Mrs.McPhee, the wife of Wallace McPhee, Santa Rosa shoe merchant, died in a San Francisco hospital from a heart attack following a major operation, Friday, July 28.

The solemn requiem Mass was celebrated by the Rev.Henry Raters as celebrant, the Rev.Walter Tappe as deacon and the Rev.Edmund Moss as sub-deacon. The Rev.Charles Farreell was master of ceremonies. Forty-one priests were in attendance, also many Christian Brothers and Sisters of various orders. Hundreds of persons attended the burial services in Calvary Cemetery. Pallbearers were: Peter A. McIntyre, John A. MacDonald, Manuel Felciano, John March, Harvey Sullivan and Henry Noonan.

Mrs.McPhee was a former grand regent of the Catholic Daughters of America, a past president of the Santa Rosa council of the National Council of Catholic Women, a past president of St.Rose’s Mothers’ Club, and at the time of her death was secretary of the Santa Rosa High School Parent-Teacher Association.

Mrs.McPhee was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her husband, Wallace F. McPhee, is a son of Archie Joe McPhee, from Selkirk Station, Lot 42, Kings County, Prince Edward Island. Old timers will recall that he taught school in the ‘70’s at St.Margaret’s, Monticello and Bear River.

In addition to her sorrowing husband, two sons, Wallace McPhee Jr., a teacher in the Tomales High School, and John McPhee, local high school student; four daughters, Sister Mary Xavier (Ann McPhee) of the Ursuline Order, Mary, Josephine, and Virginia McPhee, all of Santa Rosa, and a brother, John McLoughlin, of Oakland, survive.

STEWART – In Winnipeg, Man., on July 26, K. Bruce Stewart, formerly of P.E.I., leaving a widow (nee Miss Matthew, formerly of Cape Breton), four sons, two daughters, his mother in Summerside, two brothers, and four sisters.

MUTTART – In Edmonton, Alberta, recently, Benjamin S. Muttart, aged 68, formerly of Union Corner, P.E.Island, leaving a wido (nee Ella Waite, Sherbrooke, P.E.I.), three daughters, three brothers, and a sister.

WAITE – In Lewiston, Maine, recently, Robert D. Waite, formerly of Travelers Rest, P.E.I., in his 81st year. He was a popular driver of light harness horses on Eastern tracks 30 years ago.

WATSON – In Limerick, Maine, recently, James T. Watson, in his 89th year, formerly of Bedeque, P.E.I., leaving a daughter, two sons, several grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

LIBBY – In Presque Isle, Maine, on July 14, Mrs. Merton Libby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Gillespie, Clyde River, P.E. Island.

CAMPBELL – In San Francisco, Cal., on July 9, Malcolm A. Campbell, aged 50, formerly of Brooklyn, P.E.I.

MACDONALD – In Rumford, Me., on July 17, Hugh F. MacDonald, aged 64, formerly of Tracadie, P.E. Island.

NEILL – In Isabella, Cal., recently, Miss Milly A. Neill, aged 78, formerly of Bedeque, P.E.Island.

CLARKE – In Providence, R. I., on July 25, Dr. Artemas E. Clarke, formerly of P.E.Island.


BEARS – In Medford, on Aug. 2, Flora M., wife of Malcolm F. Bears, formerly of P.E.Island.

KELLY – In Everett, on July 24, Frank Kelly, of Albany, P.E.I., where funeral took place.

CHANDLER – In Medford, on July 22, Bella B., wife of Henry F. Chandler. Burial was at St. John, N.B.

GARDNER - In Boston, by accident on July 29, Ella, widow of Clarence Gardner, formerly of Nova Scotia.

GORDON – In Medford, Ellen Montgomery (Donald), widow of Edward Gordon, aged 81. Burial was at Montrose, P.E.I., on July 30.

ARSENAULT – In Chelsea, on July 28, Mary Celina (Arsenault), widow of John Arsenault, formerly of P.E. Island, aged 52, leaving a son, three daughters, a sister and three brothers.

REID – In Charlestown, on July 20, Miss Mary E. Reid, formerly of Summerside, P.E.I., where burial took place.

Prince Edward Island

WALSH - In Ellerslie, on July 16, George F. Walsh, aged 70.

MacNEILL – In New Glasgow, on July 14, George R. MacNeill.

HARPER - In Tignish, on July 19, Mrs. Mary Harper, aged 52.

O’BRIEN - In Tracadie Cross, on July 15, William O’Brien, aged 94.

PICKERING - In Clinton, on July 17, Mrs. Katherine Pickering, aged 91.

CAMPBELL – In Elmwood, on July 19, Mrs. Harry Campbell, in 53rd year.

MacPHERSON - In Glen Martin, on July 17, Mrs. Neil MacPherson, in her 40th year.

CLARK - In Kensington, on July 25, Mrs. George R. Clark, aged 77, leaving four sons and four daughters.

DesROCHES - In Summerside, on July 22, Mrs. Emmett DesRoches, aged 28, leaving a husband and five children, the youngest two weeks old.

PURDY – In Summerside, as the result of a railroad crossing accident at Kensington on July 26, Miss. Bessie Purdy, aged 27, school teacher of Waterford, N.S., where burial took place.

SBRIZZI – In Summerside, as the result of an accident on July 25, Pietro Sbrizzi, aged 50. He was foreman of a road construction company of Toronto, where burial took place. The tragedy of the death was the fact that his wife and three children were on the way from Italy to Toronto where a home for the family had been provided by the industrious husband.


July 15, Mrs. Frank H. McKee, in her 66th year; July 16, Victor McCannell, aged 76; July 19, Mrs. Leslie S. MacNutt, in her 96th year; July 22, Mrs. Bradford King, aged 57; July 25, Eleanor Massey (DesBrisay), widow of Lawrence W. Watson, in her 81st year; July 28, Mrs. Malcolm MacKenzie, Rose Valley, aged 71.

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