Master Mariners Who Have Gone Forth From Grand Old Belfast District!

From the Patriot P.E.I. Newspaper, 22 April 1922, Pg. 6

Original Newspaper article researched and submitted to the Register by - Donna Collings -

"This District has produced more deep water Captains than any other section of Prince Edward Island. No part of Prince Edward Island has given to the sea faring world so many master mariners as the grand old district of Belfast, as the following list, kindly furnished the Patriot, by a retired sea captain, will show."

( Further notes have been added from Hebridean Pioneers by Malcolm A. MacQueen which reprinted and added to this same list, pgs. 58 to 61. Many Mc and Mac names are spelled differently in both articles. Name spellings have been adopted from the Hebridean Pioneers presentation. Those names added from the MacQueen's listing, or with additional information adopted from it are suffixed [HP] )

List of Point Prim Deepwater Captains sailing on Canadian, English and American ships to all parts of the world:

Note. The youngest Captain was Sam Macdonald, who at the age of 18, took the command of the brig "Tam O'Shanter" owned by the late Daniel Davies.

Deepwater Captains from other parts of Belfast, sailing to all parts on Canadian, English and American ships:

Coasting Captains out of Point Prim and other part of Belfast:

"Not one of the young generation now growing up at Point Prim, go to sea. They take up other callings or leave for the West."

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