The Descendants of Ronald McDonald and Agnes Hamilton

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Submitted by Laing MacDowell

We regret to inform you that we have learned Laing passed away last year. He was a strong supporter of the Island Register, and he will be truly missed by all who knew him.

"MACDOWELL, Charles Laing - Died peacefully at the Credit Valley Hospital after a short illness on June 25, 2010. Born on November 4, 1920 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island to Arthur and Melissa MacDowell. Enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1942. Predeceased by his wife Doreen Weeks from Sault Ste. Marie. Worked for the Bank of Nova Scotia as Bank Manager in Fort William, St. Thomas and Toronto until his retirement. Survived by his daughter Heather Loria of Long Island, NY and son Ross MacDowell of Kitchener, as well as four grandchildren Vincent, Colleen and Christina Loria and Cameron MacDowell. He enjoyed skating, curling and golfing. Volunteered with the CNIB, Masons, Scouting, Lakeshore Rehab and the Bank of Nova Scotia Pensioners club. Active on his computer composing poetry, researching genealogy and keeping in contact with many friends and family across Canada via email. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to a charity of one's choice. Luncheon to be held at Amica Retirement Home at 4620 Kimbermount Avenue, Mississauga on July 14th from 12 until 3 p.m. Visitation at Ridley's Funeral Home at 3080 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Toronto on July 15th from 12 until 2 p.m."

Published in the Toronto Star from July 9 to July 10, 2010

The Descendants of Ronald McDonald and Agnes Hamilton


First Generation

1. Ronald MCDONALD. Ronald died in DIED AT THE AGE OF 70.

Ronald married Agnes HAMILTON, in Probably In Glasgow, Scotland. Born in 1810-1814 in Glasgow?

They had the following children:

2 i. Robert Hamilton (1833-1924)

3 ii. Margaret* Hamilton (Mag) (1854-1948)

4 iii. Ronald (Jr)

5 iv. Agnes

6 v. Plus 3 More?

Second Generation

2. Robert* Hamilton MACDONALD. Born on Dec 15, 1833 in Glasgow Scotland. Robert Hamilton died in P.E.I. on Mar 3, 1924; he was 90. Occupation: Currier Tanner, Store Owner, Farmer. Education: Well Read. Religion: P.

On Mar 27, 1855 when Robert Hamilton was 21, he first married Grace BOUNDY, daughter of William BOUNDY Jr. & Catherine GAY, in St. Eleanors, P.E.I. Born on Wednesday, February 13, 1828. Grace died in P.EI. on Wed, Jan 30, 1861; she was 32.

They had the following children:

7 i. Dorcas (1858-1937)

8 ii. Ida (1860-1947)

On Apr 7, 1862 when Robert Hamilton was 28, he second married Dorcas* Ann BOUNDY (298) , daughter of William BOUNDY Jr. & Maria CORNISH (293), in St. Eleanors PEI. Born on Tuesday, July 7, 1840 in Kilkhampton, England. Dorcas* Ann died in P.E.I. on Wed, Mar 7, 1917; she was 76.

They had the following children:

9 i. Marie Agnes* (1863-1910)

10 ii. Margaret (Mag) Emma (1865-1957)

11 iii. Thomas Charles Laing* (1868-1918)

12 iv. Albert Desbrissy (Dick) (1870-1944)

13 v. Robert Wesley* (1873-1960)

14 vi. Sarah Hooper Jones (Sadie) (1875-)

15 vii. Bertha* Lillian (Bird) (1878-1965)

16 viii. Melissa* Gertrude (1880-1967)

17 ix. Flora Hamilton (Floss) (1884-1977)

3. Margaret* Hamilton (Mag) MACDONALD. Born on Feb 21, 1854 in Glasgow,Scotland. Margaret* Hamilton (Mag) died in Murray Harboour PEI on Mar 8, 1948; she was 94.

On Feb 14, 1881 when Margaret* Hamilton (Mag) was 26, she married Henry Joseh MACHON, son of Thomas MACHON & Rachel TAUDVIN. Born on May 31, 1849 in Murray Harbour, P.E.I. Henry Joseh died in Murray Harbour, P.E.I. on Jul 8, 1910; he was 61.

They had the following children:

18 i. Horatio Lorne* (1882-1952)

19 ii. Alfred Hayden (1885-1932)

4. Ronald (Jr) MACDONALD.

Ronald (Jr) married Helen GRAY, in (New Zealand).


Agnes married Tom CADDENS.

6. Plus 3 More? MACDONALD.

Third Generation

7. Dorcas MACDONALD. Born on Saturday, May 1, 1858 in St. Eleanors, P.E.I. Dorcas died on Sun, Jul 4, 1937; she was 79.

Dorcas married Fletcher* Bert CANNON (301) , son of Nathan CANNON & Maria BOUNDY (295). Born in Lived In Massachusetts.

They had the following children:

20 i. Robert* Hamilton (1891-)

21 ii. Edith* Grace (1893-)

22 iii. Rollin* Mariner (1896-1918)

23 iv. Adrian Allen (Al.) (1897-1985)

24 v. George Fletcher (1897-1955)

25 vi. Anna Elizabeth (1904-)

8. Ida MACDONALD. Born on Tuesday, April 24, 1860 in St. Eleanors, P.E.I. Ida died on Fri, Nov 21, 1947; she was 87. Occupation: Teacher Of The Blind.

Ida married Edward C. DAMON, in Rutland Mass. Born in Lived Westminster.

9. Marie Agnes* MACDONALD. Born on Friday, September 4, 1863. Marie Agnes* died on Wed, Oct 19, 1910"; she was 47.

On Aug 19, 1891 when Marie Agnes* was 27, she married Cephus GRIGG. Born on Nov 3, 1857 in West Devon P.E.I. Cephus died in 1940; he was 82.

They had the following children:

26 i. Roy (1892-)

27 ii. James Albert (Al) (1896-1964)

28 iii. Ruth (1897-1986)

29 iv. Arthur MacDonald (Don) (1901-1979)

10. Margaret (Mag) Emma MACDONALD. Born on Saturday, May 6, 1865 in St. Eleanors, P.E.I. Margaret (Mag) Emma died in 1957; she was 91.

Margaret (Mag) Emma married James SQUAREBRIGGS, in Miscouche, P.E.I.. James died in 1928.

They had the following children:

30 i. Wesley (1895-1958)

31 ii. Dora (1896-1976)

32 iii. Edna* Earle (1900-1991)

33 iv. Jack (1901-)

11. Thomas Charles Laing* MACDONALD. Born on Tuesday, June 9, 1868 in St. Eleanors P.E.I. Thomas Charles Laing* died on Sun, Jan 27, 1918; he was 49. Occupation: Houe Carpenter (1891).

Thomas Charles Laing* married Annie EVERTON, in Norfolk Virginia. Born on Aug 24, 1875 in North Carolina. Annie died in At Age 105 in 1978; she was 102.

They had the following children:

34 i. Robert Wesley (2) (1904-1986)

35 ii. Charles Laing (Twin) (1908-1977)

36 iii. Paul A. (Twin) (1908-1988)

12. Albert Desbrissy (Dick) MACDONALD. Born on Tuesday, August 30, 1870. Albert Desbrissy (Dick) died on Mar 5, 1944; he was 73.

13. Robert Wesley* MACDONALD. Born on Apr 14, 1873 in St. Eleanors, P.E.I. Robert Wesley* died on Wed, Feb 10, 1960; he was 86.

On Aug 7, 1895 when Robert Wesley* was 22, he first married Sadie* Russel CLARK, in W. Somerville Mass.

They had one child:

37 i. Atwood* Laing (1896-1957)

On Jun 1, 1918 when Robert Wesley* was 45, he second married Violet (Doll) WHEELER, daughter of Albert Sidney WHEELER & Sarah Louise BOORMAN. Violet (Doll) died on Oct 12, 1983 in Bremerton Wa.

They had one child:

38 i. Louise* May (1919-)

14. Sarah Hooper Jones (Sadie) MACDONALD. Born on Sun Sep 5, 1875.

Sarah Hooper Jones (Sadie) married Edward (Or Edmund?) THOMPSON, in NORTHERN STATES?

15. Bertha* Lillian (Bird) MACDONALD. Born on Friday, December 13, 1878. Bertha* Lillian (Bird) died in St. Eleanors P.E.I. on Thu, May 13, 1965; she was 86.

On Jun 10, 1907 when Bertha* Lillian (Bird) was 28, she married Artemus Bruce* CLARK, son of John* William CLARK & Barbara* Catherine CLARK. Born on Sunday, August 15, 1880. Artemus Bruce* died on Sat, May 28, 1960; he was 79.

They had the following children:

39 i. Melissa* Hamilton (1908-1983)

40 ii. Dorcas Fern* (1917-)

41 iii. Charles* Bruce (1920-)

16. Melissa* Gertrude MACDONALD. Born on Wednesday, September 22, 1880. Melissa* Gertrude died in Summerside, P.E.I. on Feb 22, 1967; she was 86.

On Sep 25, 1901 when Melissa* Gertrude was 21, she married Arthur* Wellington MACDOWELL, son of David MACDOWELL & Mary ARTHUR, in ST. Eleanors P.E.I. Born on Wednesday, July 19, 1876 in St. Eleanors P.E.I. Arthur* Wellington died in Summerside, P.E.I. on Thu, Mar 12, 1970; he was 93.

They had the following children:

42 i. Arthur Eric* (1902-1988)

43 ii. Bertha Lillian* (Jim) (1904-1970)

44 iii. Gertrude* Pearl (Bill) (1910-1998)

45 iv. George* Ferno (1913-1986)

46 v. Davida Jean* (1918-1974)

47 vi. Charles Laing* (1920-)

17. Flora Hamilton (Floss) MACDONALD. Born on Thursday, December 4, 1884 in Summerside, PEI. Flora Hamilton (Floss) died in P.E.I.Lot 17 Cemetary 4,Stone 485 on Thu, Jun 30, 1977"; she was 92.

On Dec 22, 1908 when Flora Hamilton (Floss) was 24, she married George* Ferno LUTZ, son of Catherine MACPHAIL, in St. Eleanors, PEI.

They had one child:

48 i. Flora H. (1916-)

18. Horatio Lorne* MACHON. Born on Jan 31, 1882 in Murray Harboour PEI. Horatio Lorne* died in Murray Harbour PEI on Aug 16, 1952; he was 70.

Horatio Lorne* married Edith Margaret PENNY, daughter of John PENNY & Priscilla Ann (Annie) ROBERTS. Born on Jan 1, 1888. Edith Margaret died in 1950; she was 61.

They had the following children:

49 i. John* Henry (1911-)

50 ii. Ernest* Joseph (1914-1997)

51 iii. Albert* Horatio (1918-)

19. Alfred Hayden MACHON. Born on Nov 22, 1885. Alfred Hayden died in Los Anglees in 1932; he was 46.

Alfred Hayden married Nellie MORGAN.

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