The Descendants of Terrance McGarry and Mary Lannon

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The Descendants of Terrance McGarry and Mary Lannon

Generation No. 1

1. TERRANCE1 MCGARRY was born Abt 1811 in County Monaghan,Ireland, and died October 1888 in Montague Cross,P.E.I.. He married MARY LANNON Abt 1830 in County Monaghan,Ireland.

Children of Terrance McGarry and Mary Lannon are:

2. i. RICHARD2 MCGARRY, b. Abt 1836, Monaghan,Ireland; d. 1921, Iona,Prince Edward Island.

3. ii. PETER MCGARRY, b. Abt 1841, Monaghan Ireland; d. October 14, 1926, Iona,P.E.I..

4. iii. CATHERINE MCGARRY, b. November 22, 1843, Montague Cross,,P.E.I.; d. 1923, Iona,P.E.I..

iv. MICHAEL MCGARRY, b. October 15, 1846, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. Unknown, St.Charles,P.E.I..

5. v. JOHN MCGARRY, b. July 30, 1850, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. 1921, Iona,P.E.I..

Generation No. 2

2. RICHARD2 MCGARRY (TERRANCE1) was born Abt 1836 in Monaghan,Ireland, and died 1921 in Iona,Prince Edward Island. He married MARY DOUGHERTY Abt 1864 in Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island.

Children of Richard McGarry and Mary Dougherty are:

i. MICHAEL3 MCGARRY, b. September 13, 1865, Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island; d. Kansas,U.S.A; m. ?, Unknown, Kansas,USA.

ii. MARY-ANNE (ANNIE) MCGARRY, b. September 15, 1867, Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island; d. May 1967, New Brunswick; m. FRANCIS MCCANN.

iii. PETER MCGARRY, b. September 23, 1869, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. Abt 1905, New Hampshire U.S.A..

iv. PATRICK MCGARRY, b. November 12, 1871, Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island; d. March 05, 1961, Iona,Prince Edward Island; m. GEORGINA FLYNN, Abt 1903, Iona,Prince Edward Island.

v. RICHARD MCGARRY, b. January 07, 1874, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. April 06, 1952, Boston,Mass.; m. SARAH FLYNN, Abt 1900, Boston,Mass..

vi. MARGARET MCGARRY, b. December 16, 1876, Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island; d. 1965, Boston Mass.; m. WILLIAM REILLY, Abt 1907, Boston Mass..

vii. CATHERINE (KATE) GERTRUDE MCGARRY, b. June 03, 1879, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. New Brunswick; m. ALEXANDRE MARTIN, June 03, 1898.

viii. TERRANCE MCGARRY, b. November 15, 1880, Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island; d. 1882, Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island.

ix. FRANCIS XAVIER MCGARRY, b. August 17, 1882, Montague Cross,Prince Edward Island; d. 1957, Hermitage,P.E.I.; m. ROSE MARTEL, October 12, 1906, Sommerville,Mass..

x. OWEN MCGARRY, b. 1883, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. Iona,P.E.I.; m. ROSE MCINNIS, Unknown, Iona,P.E.I..

xi. JOHN MCGARRY, b. June 14, 1885, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. March 26, 1972, 8492 132 Street, Surrey,B.C..

xii. SARAH (SADIE) MCGARRY, b. July 08, 1889, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; m. .ALFRED KING, November 12, 1912, Fredericton,N.B..

3. PETER2 MCGARRY (TERRANCE1) was born Abt 1841 in Monaghan Ireland, and died October 14, 1926 in Iona,P.E.I.. He married MARY CAIN Abt 1873 in Vernon River,P.E.I..

Children of Peter McGarry and Mary Cain are:

i. JOHN3 MCGARRY, b. Abt 1875, Montague Cross ,P.E.I.; d. Unknown, Natick,Mass..

ii. EDWARD FRANCIS MCGARRY, b. November 11, 1878, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. May 28, 1960, Iona,P.E.I.; m. CATHERINE (KATIE) GILL, June 16, 1913, St.Joachems,Vernon River,P.E.I..

iii. MARY MCGARRY, b. 1882, Montague CrossP.E.I.; m. ALEXANDER MAC MILLAN, Abt 1911, Iona,P.E.I..

iv. BRIDGET MCGARRY, b. Abt 1884, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; m. PETER D. MCIVER.

v. ANASTASIA MCGARRY, b. October 19, 1886, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. May 09, 1987, Malborough,Mass.

vi. KATHERINE FRANCES (KATIE) MCGARRY, b. November 07, 1888, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. November 27, 1981, Lynn,Mass.; m. ALLAN MCQUARRIE, Abt 1911, Iona,P.E.I..

vii. ELLEN MCGARRY, b. November 1890, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. June 1965, Orwell,P.E.I.; m. JAMES HUGHES, Abt 1916, Iona,P.E.I..

viii. FRANCIS MCGARRY, b. October 12, 1892, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. May 18, 1966, Sudbury,Ont.; m. ELIZABETH SHANNON, 1946, Sudbury,Ont..

4. CATHERINE2 MCGARRY (TERRANCE1) was born November 22, 1843 in Montague Cross,,P.E.I., and died 1923 in Iona,P.E.I.. She married JOHN LYONS Abt 1879 in Montague Cross,P.E.I..

Children of Catherine McGarry and John Lyons are:

i. ANN (ANNIE)3 LYONS, b. 1880, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; m. AUSTIN MACMILLAN, Unknown, Iona,P.E.I..

ii. PATRICK LYONS, b. Iona,P.E.I..


iv. CASSANDRA (CASSIE) LYONS, b. Iona,P.E.I.; m. JAMES EDMONDS, Abt 1912, Iona,P.E.I..


vi. MARY LYONS, b. Iona,P.E.I.; m. GEORGE WRIGHT, 1908, Iona,P.E.I..

vii. THERESA LYONS, b. Iona,P.E.I.; d. Unknown, Boston,Mass..

5. JOHN2 MCGARRY (TERRANCE1) was born July 30, 1850 in Montague Cross,P.E.I., and died 1921 in Iona,P.E.I.. He married MARY LYONS Abt 1874 in Montague Cross,P.E.I..

Children of John McGarry and Mary Lyons are:

i. MICHAEL3 MCGARRY, b. 1876, Montague Cross,P.E.I..

ii. JOHN JOSEPH MCGARRY, b. 1879, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. Abt 1883, Montague Cross,P.E.I..

iii. JOSEPH MCGARRY, b. 1888, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. December 25, 1974, Iona,P.E.I.; m. HELEN ROACH, 1923, Iona,P.E.I..

iv. ELIZABETH (BETSY) MCGARRY, b. July 24, 1890, Iona,P.E.I.; d. September 15, 1965, Charlottetown,P.E.I.; m. CORNELIUS CORRIGAN.

v. JAMES MCGARRY, b. October 20, 1892, Montague Cross,P.E.I.; d. August 20, 1963, Iona,P.E.I.; m. LAURA MCCABE, 1919, Iona,P.E.I..

vi. MAUDE MCGARRY, b. October 08, 1899, Montague Cross ,P.E.I.; d. 1965, Iona,P.E.I.; m. RICHARD GILL, 1918, Iona,P.E.I..

vii. WILLIAM (WILLIE) MCGARRY, b. November 18, 1906, Iona,P.E.I.; d. 1971, Iona,P.E.I.; m. JESSICA BURKE, 1920, Charlottetown,P.E.I..

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