The Descendants of the Highfield MacKinnons

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Submitted by Joan M MacKinnon -

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The Highfield MacKinnons

There has long been a belief in my family that there was a connection between the Highfield MacKinnons, descended from Hugh MacKinnon, and the Canoe Cove MacKinnons, descended from Charles MacKinnon. Recently, the diary of the trip made by Ian McKean from New Zealand to Prince Edward Island in the summer of 1937 came to light. Ian was a grandson of Charles McKinnon who left the Island for New Zealand in 1858, and the great great grandson of Charles MacKinnon of Canoe Cove. Ian mentions meeting and socializing with David, Albert and Dan MacKinnon and their sister Kitty, and describes Dan as a distant relative. Since I knew from other references that Albert and Dan were brothers, I went looking for who their parents were, and learned that they were all children of Hugh MacKinnon and Catherine Darrach. While far from definitive, this seems to corroborate the theory that Hugh MacKinnon was either one of the seven sons of Charles ‘The Bard" MacKinnon, who is buried in Canoe Cove, P.E.I., or the son of one of the seven. More research is needed to establish the relationship with accuracy.

Generation 1

1. Hugh MacKinnon, born about 1800 in Mull, Scotland, married Elizabeth unknown. He built the family home known as ‘Evergreens" at Highfield, P.E.I. Hugh died 25 July 1885 and is buried in Highfield Cemetery, Winsloe, Prince Edward Island. Hugh had a number of other children, but at the present time, I cannot be sure of identifying them correctly.

Children of Hugh MacKinnon and unknown:

2. i. Hugh MacKinnon born in 1832 at Highfield, Lot 33, married Catherine (Kitty) Darrach. Hugh died 22 January 1912 at Highfield, P.E.I.

Generation 2

2. Hugh MacKinnon (Hugh1) was born 19 March 1832 at Highfield, Lot 33. He married Catherine (Kitty) Darrach, daughter of John Darrach and Catherine MacFadyen, born 11 April 1850, probably in Lot 31, P.E.I. , on 27 June 1867. Hugh was a farmer. He was instrumental in building Highfield Presbyterian Church. Hugh died 22 January 1912 at Highfield and Kitty died 7 April 1925. They are buried in Highfield Cemetery, Winsloe, P.E.I.

Children of Hugh MacKinnon and Catherine Darrach:

3. i. Elizabeth MacKinnon, born 1 December 1868, died 28 January 1886. Buried in Highfield Cemetery, Winsloe, P.E.I. Unmarried

4. ii. Catherine (Kitty) MacKinnon, born 20 January 1870, married Benjamin Crabbe. Kitty died 15 March 1948.

5. iii. Hugh (also seen as Ewen, known as Owen in Saskatchewan) MacKinnon, born 5 September 1871, married Euphemia (Effie) MacCannell. Hugh died 14 September 1947 in Regina, Saskatchewan.

6. iv. John Darrach MacKinnon, born 13 January 1873, baptized 14 September 1875, died 18 August 1896. Buried in Highfield Cemetery, Winsloe, P.E.I. Unmarried

7. v. Mary Frances MacKinnon, born 28 October 1875 in Highfield, P.E.I., married David William Ross. Frances died 15 November 1922 in Boston, Ma.

8. vi. Isabella Margaret MacKinnon, born 23 January 1877 at Highfield, P.E.I., married Albert Hyde Farquharson. Margaret died 6 September 1923 in Mount Herbert, P.E.I.

9. vii. Daniel (Dan) Archibald MacKinnon, born 9 January 1879 in Highfield, P.E.I., married 1. Mabel Gertrude Tomlins, daughter of Alfred Frazer Tomlins and Anna Maria Kelly, born 22 November 1878 in Charlottetown, P.E.I., on 7 October 1908 at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Charlottetown. Mabel died 16 February 1948 in Charlottetown, P.E.I. Dan married 2. Hannah Lillias Hooper, daughter of David Conroy Hooper and Louisa Peardon, born 14 January 1883 in P.E.I., on 25 January 1950. Dan worked for the Dominion Saving Bank, and later was the manager of the Bank of Montreal in Charlottetown. Dan died 2 April 1952 in Charlottetown, P.E.I. and Lilias in 1962. They are buried in the People’s Cemetery, Charlottetown. No children

10. viii. Hector Alexander MacKinnon was born 1 August 1880 in Winsloe Station, PEI., married Jennie Cochrane. Alexander died 19 September 1939 in Albany, California.

11. ix. Ella Jane MacKinnon, born 12 March 1882 in Charlottetown Royalty, P.E.I., married John S. Pierce. Ella died 20 August 1942 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

12. x. Alice Grace MacKinnon, born 21 December 1883, in Highfield, P.E.I., married Ernest Leigh Coffin. Alice died in 1957.

13. xi. Lemuel Angus MacKinnon, born 7 July 1885, married Sarah (Sadie) Elizabeth MacDonald. Lemuel died 26 December 1964 in P.E.I.

14. xii. David Longworth MacKinnon, born 9 June 1887 in Highfield, P.E.I., married Lulu Ellen Hurry. David died in 1959 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

15. xiii. Annie Elizabeth MacKinnon, born and died 13 April 1889, buried in Highfield Cemetery, Winsloe, P.E.I.

16. xiv. Albert Theophilus Jenkins MacKinnon, born 23 May 1891 in Highfield, P.E.I., married Caroline Walsh. Albert died 9 May 1945 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

17. xv. Neil James Stewart MacKinnon, born 25 June 1893, married 1. Georgina Pearl (Jean) Coles Following her death 2. Winnifred Connolly Hooper. Stewart died 6 February 1980 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Generation 3

4. Catherine (Kitty) MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 20 January 1870 in Highfield, Lot 33, P.E.I. She married Benjamin Crabbe, born 9 November 1871. They lived at 24 Kent Street in Charlottetown in 1911 and 1921. Benjamin worked in hardware. Kitty visited her sisters in Massachusetts in 1917 and 1929. She died 15 March 1948 and is buried in Highfield Cemetery. Benjamin died 23 September 1943 and is also buried at Highfield.

Children of Catherine MacKinnon and Benjamin Crabbe:

    1. i. Simon Walker Crabbe, born 1 January 1904 in P.E.I., died 28 April 1947 in Dartmouth, N.S. of a heart attack while a mate on a tugboat. Simon was buried in Highfield Cemetery. Unmarried
    2. ii. Catherine E. Crabbe Fraser, born 15 September 1911, married Vincent A. Fraser, born in 1919, died 18 March 1990. Catherine died 10 September 1991.
    3. 5. Hugh (also seen as Ewen/Owen) MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 5 September 1871 in Highfield, PEI. He married Euphemia (Tillie) MacCannell, daughter of Malcolm MacCannell and Euphemia Darrach, born 10 January 1873, on 22 November 1899. Hugh and Tillie were first cousins, as his mother Kitty Darrach was sister to Tillie’s mother, Effie Darrach. Hugh and Tillie moved to Saskatchewan in 1911 where Hugh had been hired to be the manager of the W. E. Sellers farm in the Lake Centre District, near Strasbourg. In 1912, the family moved to the Edenkillie district near Rowan’s Ravine, and remained there until 1915 when they moved into Strasbourg in the winter so the children could attend school. In 1917, the family purchased Section 17 three miles west and one mile south of Strasbourg for $28 per acre. It had not been cultivated in 4 years and was a mass of weeds. In 1918, a prospective bumper crop was hit by frost; in 1919, dry weather produced a small crop and by 1921 the price of wheat had dropped from $3 per bushel to 60¢, making it impossible to pay off the farm. Although they paid off over $18,000 between 1917 and 1925, that did not even pay the interest at 8% and the farm was abandoned in 1926. The family moved to Briercrest, south of Moose Jaw. Hammond and Jack rented a nearby half section in 1923 and joined the newly organized What Pool. In Saskatchewan, Hugh was known as Owen. Owen died 14 September 1947 in Regina, Saskatchewan and Tillie on 9 August 1946.

      Children of Hugh MacKinnon and Euphemia MacCannell:

    4. i. Hammond Addison MacKinnon, born 19 February 1900 in Highfield, PEI. Hammond taught in the Strasbourg and Mountain Chase school districts. (Between Long lake and Last Mountain: Bulyea, Duval, Strasbourg Vol. 1 & Vol. 2). Hammond joined the Canadian Army in 1940 and was sent overseas in August of 1940. He served in Britain and North West Europe, returning to Regina in June 1946. Hammond died in 1991 and was buried in Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, Regina. Unmarried
    5. ii. John (Jack) Daniel MacKinnon, born 4 July 1901 in Highfield, P.E.I., died in 1984 in Regina, Saskatchewan, buried in Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, Regina. Unmarried
    6. iii. Leslie Hugh MacKinnon, born 10 July 1902 in Highfield, P.E.I., married Laura Anastasia Townsend, born 7 April 1912, on 17 June 1950 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Leslie served in the Canadian Air Force for 4 years during World War II, two of them overseas. Laura worked for MacLean’s then at the Leader Post newspaper in the advertising Department. Leslie died in 1995, and Laura on 10 August 2005 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Both are buried in Riverside Memorial Park, Regina. No children
    7. iv. Percy Parker MacKinnon, born 21 August 1903 in Highfield, P.E.I., died in 1983 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Buried in Riverside Memorial Park, Regina. Unmarried
    8. v. Catherine Euphemia MacKinnon, born 31 May 1905 in Highfield, P.E.I., died 20 May 1923 in near Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, buried originally in Crescent Road Cemetery, then her body was moved to Regina when Tillie died.
    9. vi. Gordon Steven MacKinnon, born 7 November 1906 in Highfield, P.E.I., married Mary unknown
    10. vii. Ivan MacKinnon, born February 1908 in Highfield, P.E.I., died in March 1908
    11. viii. Malcolm Benjamin (Bennie) MacKinnon, born 25 April 1910 in Highfield, P.E.I., married Corrin MacKay
    12. 7. Mary Frances MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 28 October 1875 in Highfield, P.E.I. She married David William Ross, son of Walter Ross and Catherine Murchison, born 18 April 1873 in Eldon, Lot 57, P.E.I., on 9 May 1900 in Boston, Ma. David, who was naturalized on 17 September 1900, was a plumber in Boston, Ma. Frances died 15 November 1922 in Boston, Ma. David remarried Anna Bell unknown.

      Children of Mary Frances MacKinnon and David William Ross:

    13. i. David Gordon Ross, born 11 May 1903 in Boston, Ma., married Muriel Elizabeth Teele. David died in 1947 in Boston, Ma.
    14. ii. Helen Catherine Ross, born 24 March 1905 in Boston, Ma., married William F. Phelps. Helen was a bookkeeper and William a plumber. Helen died 21 March 2002 in Boston, Ma. No children
    15. iii. Anna Elizabeth Ross on 2 October 1911 in Boston, Ma.
    16. 8. Isabella Margaret (Maggie) MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 23 January 1877 at Highfield, P.E.I. She married Albert Hyde Farquharson, son of James Farquharson and Jane Hyde, born 19 January 1866. They farmed in Mount Herbert, Lot 48, P.E.I. Maggie died 6 September 1923 and is buried in Mermaid, P.E.I., and Albert died 21 July 1945 and is buried in Mermaid.

      Children of Isabella Margaret MacKinnon and Albert Hyde Farquharson:

    17. i. Charles Edward Farquharson, born 21 May 1901 in Mount Herbert, P.E.I., married Martha Pearle Fraser, born in 1904 in Montague, Prince Edward Island. Edward died 20 February 1988 in Charlottetown, PEI, and Martha died 23 September 2001 in Charlottetown, P.E.I., both buried in Floral Hills Cemetery.
    18. ii. Albert Lloyd Farquharson, born 17 February 1904 in Mount Herbert, P.E.I., died 19 February 1926,
    19. iii. James Ivan Farquharson, born 18 November 1905 in Mount Herbert, P.E.I., died in 1925
    20. iv. Daniel MacKinnon Farquharson, born 11 June 1913 in Mount Herbert, P.E.I., married Kathryn Isabel MacLeod. Daniel died 5 December 1962.
    21. 10. 10. Hector Alexander MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 1 August 1880 in Winslow Station, PEI. He left Prince Edward Island in 1903, originally moving to Boston, Ma. and then to Oakland, California where he was a real estate agent. He married Jennie Cochrane, daughter of James William Cochrane and Sarah Hudson, born 30 November 1883 in Weldford, New Brunswick, shortly after 19 May 1907 when their intention to wed was published in the Oakland Tribune. In 1908, they moved to El Cerrito, Ca. He was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1914, and later was town marshal and tax collector. He went to France in 1918 in connection with the Y.M.C.A. Alexander died 19 September 1939 in Albany, California. At the time of his death, he was facing a drunk driving charge, but had pleaded not guilty, stating that his illness gave him the appearance of drunkenness. Possibly he suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, which might give that impression. The family lived at 550 Norvell Street in El Cerrito.

      Children of Hector Alexander MacKinnon and Jennie Cochrane:

    22. i. Winifred Jean MacKinnon, born 8 September 1907, married August Louis Bernes, Jean died 13 May 1986 in San Francisco.
    23. ii. John Hector MacKinnon, born 13 June 1912, married Olga Maslov. Hector died 12 June 1987 in El Cerrito, Ca.
    24. 11. Ella Jane MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 12 March 1882 in Charlottetown Royalty. She married John S. Pierce on 7 October 1911. In 1921, they were living in Charlottetown, where John was a ‘wholesale merchant’. Ellen died 20 August 1942 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

      Children of Ellen Jane MacKinnon and John S. Pierce:

    25. i. William Stewart Pierce, born 9 April 1912 in Charlottetown, P.E.I., married Edith Ross, daughter of John Alexander Ross and Marion Monro. Stewart died in 1981 in P.E.I. and Edith died 14 July 1992.
    26. ii. John Fulton Pierce, born 12 March 1917 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.
    27. 12. Alice Grace MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 21 December 1883 in Highfield, P.E.I.. She married Ernest Leigh Coffin, son of Erasmus Coffin and Mary Ann Anderson, born 30 July 1879 in Mount Stewart, PEI, on 22 June 1907 in Boston, Ma. Leigh was a traveling salesman at the time of his marriage. However they returned to P.E.I. before 1911, when Leigh was farming with his father in Bristol, Lot 40. In 1921, he was a grocer in Charlottetown. The family moved to Cambridge, Ma. in 1925, where Leigh sold butter and eggs. Alice died in 1957 and Leigh in 1958, and are buried in Highfield Cemetery, P.E.I.

      Children of Alice Grace MacKinnon and Ernest Leigh Coffin:

    28. i. Margaret Shirley Coffin, born 12 April 1917 in St. Peter’s Harbour, P.E.I., married unknown Clarke. Shirley died 13 September 2004 in Windsor, Vermont.
    29. ii. Mary Coffin, born about 1926 in Massachusetts.
    30. 13. Lemuel Angus MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 7 July 1885 in Highfield, P.E.I. He married Sarah (Sadie) Elizabeth MacDonald, born 8 November 1888. In 1921, Lemuel was farming on Brackley Point Road in Lot 33. Lemuel died 26 December 1964 and Sadie on 4 December 1979.

      Children of Lemuel Angus MacKinnon and Sarah Elizabeth MacDonald:

    31. i. Lemuel Raymond MacKinnon, born 23 June 1918, married Margaret Frances Atkins, born 22 April 1921. Raymond died 5 January 1999 in Halifax, N.S.
    32. 14. David Longworth MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 9 June 1887 in Highfield, P.E.I. He married Lulu Ellen Hurry, daughter of Daniel Hurry and Elizabeth Ferguson, born 3 October 1889. David was a plumber in Charlottetown. David died in 1959 and Lulu on 26 August 1970. They are buried in Highfield Cemetery, Winsloe, P.E.I.

      Children of David Longworth MacKinnon and Lulu Ellen Hurry:

    33. i. Hugh David MacKinnon, born 26 January 1912, married Freda Eleanor Newson, daughter of Charles Edgar Newson and Janet McNeill, born 1915. Hugh died 14 June 1979 and Freda in 1988.
    34. ii. Elizabeth Ruth MacKinnon, born 10 October 1910, married Alphonse MacLean
    35. iii. Audrey Pauline MacKinnon, born in 1916, married Percy MacInnes. Pauline died 5 July 1976.
    36. iv. Donald Archibald MacKinnon, born 26 November 1917, married Ellen MacDonald. Donald died 26 January 1990.
    37. v. John Calvin MacKinnon, born 31 December 1920, died 22 August 1996
    38. vi. Catherine (Kitty) Davida MacKinnon, born 21 August 1927, married Clifford Orford. Kitty died in June 2006.
    39. 17. Neil James Stewart MacKinnon (Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 25 June 1893 in Highfield, P.E.I. He married Georgina (Jean) Pearl Coles, daughter of Joseph Stephen Coles and Margaret Elizabeth Rodd, born 5 July 1895 in Milton, P.E.I., on 21 May 1919 at the Watermere residence, Brighton Road, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Jean died 23 July 1924 in Highfield, P.E.I. 2. Winnifred Connolly, born in 1893. She had previously married Brenton Hooper, born 4 February 1893, died 22 September 1922. Winnifred died in 1988. Stewart died 6 February 1980 in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

      Children of Neil James Stewart MacKinnon and Georgina Pearl Coles:

    40. i. Margaret Edith MacKinnon, born in 1920, died in 1950
    41. ii. Catherine MacKinnon, born in 1921
    42. Generation 4

      25. Gordon Steven MacKinnon (Hugh3, Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 7 November 1906 in Highfield, P.E.I. Gordon enlisted during World War II, but was later discharged because of a physical disability. He married Mary unknown in July 1946 in Saskatchewan.

      Children of Gordon Steven MacKinnon and Mary unknown:

    43. i. Male MacKinnon
    44. ii. Female MacKinnon
    45. 27. Malcolm Benjamin (Bennie/Ben) MacKinnon (Hugh3, Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 25 April 1910 in Highfield, P.E.I. He married Corrin MacKay in June 1942 in Sydney, N.S. Bennie served as a radio technician in the Canadian Air Force during World War II.

      Children of Malcolm Benjamin MacKinnon and Corrin MacKay:

      51. i. Female MacKinnon

      28. David Gordon Ross (Mary Frances MacKinnon3, Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 11 May 1903 in Boston, Ma.. He married Muriel Elizabeth Teele, born 6 October 1904 in Canada, in 1930 in Watertown, Ma. David was a plumber in a private firm in Boston in 1940. David died in 1947 in Boston, Ma. Muriel, died 23 May 1998 in Duxbury, Ma.

      Children of David Gordon Ross and Muriel Elizabeth Teele:

    46. i. Male Ross
    47. ii. Female Ross
    48. 35. Winifred Jean MacKinnon (Hector Alexander3, Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 2 September 1907 in El Cerrito, California. She married August Louis Bernes, born in 25 September 1907, August graduated from the University of Nevada in 1931, and was principal of the elementary school in Hawthrone, Nevada from1932 to 1940 when he moved to Richmond, California. He joined the U.S. Army in September 1942 and served in Panama. Jean died 13 May 1986 in San Francisco, California and August died 26 February 1977 in Contra Costa, Ca.

      Children of Winifred Jean MacKinnon and August Louis Bernes:

    49. i. Male Bernes, married Peggy Jean Hargrave, born 16 September 1934. Peggy died 10 October 2007 in Fairfax, Ca.
    50. ii. Male Bernes, born c. 1937, married
    51. 36. John Hector MacKinnon (Hector Alexander3, Hugh2, Hugh1) was born 13 June 1912 in El Cerrito, California. He married Olga Maslov, daughter of Peter and Helen Maslov, born 25 October 1917 in Wyoming. In 1940, Hector worked at an oil refinery in El Cerrito. Hector died 12 June 1987 in El Cerrito, Ca. Olga died 22 December 2002 in Nevada City, Ca.

      Children of John Hector MacKinnon and Olga Maslov:

    52. i. Male MacKinnon
    53. ii. Female MacKinnon
    54. iii. Female MacKinnon

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