The Descendants of John McLean

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The Descendants of John McLean

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 MCLEAN was born Abt. 1754 in Scotland?, and died April 26, 1839 in Poplar Island, North River, PEI. He married UNKNOWN. She was born Unknown. Immigration: 1775, John went AWOL off a British Navy Ship when docked in Chalottetown. Military service: Started as press gang member

Children of JOHN MCLEAN and UNKNOWN are:

i. DONALD2 MCLEAN, b. 1799.

2. ii. HECTOR MCLEAN, b. 1800, PEI; d. September 04, 1862, Poplar Island, North River, PEI.

iii. ARCHIBALD MCLEAN, b. 1811.

Generation No. 2

2. HECTOR2 MCLEAN (JOHN1) was born 1800 in PEI, and died September 04, 1862 in Poplar Island, North River, PEI. He married FLORA RANKIN January 05, 1842, daughter of COUN DOULY RANKIN. She was born 1822, and died November 20, 1876.

More About HECTOR MCLEAN: Burial: Elm Avenue Cemetery Occupation: August 15, 1820, License to retail Spirituous Liquorsand it is beleived that Hector McLean and Co. operated the Thistle Inn until Sept. 1826 Property: March 01, 1820, in Lot No. 86 in 3rd and 87 in third 50 for 50 L. to Hector McLean From Margaret MacPhee, Witnessed by Alexander MacLean

More About FLORA RANKIN: Burial: Highfeild Cemetery


i. ANN3 MCLEAN, b. 1843, North River, PEI; d. 1930.

ii. MARGARET MCLEAN, b. June 30, 1844, North River, PEI; d. April 08, 1861, Poplar Island, North River, PEI.

iii. MARY ANN MCLEAN, b. June 15, 1846, North River, PEI; d. October 10, 1925, North River, PEI; m. NEIL MATHIESON, June 15, 1870.

iv. COUN DOULY MCLEAN, b. January 22, 1849, Poplar Island; d. November 30, 1856, Poplar Island.

3. v. ALEXANDER JOHN MCLEAN, b. October 14, 1850, North River, PEI; d. October 19, 1922, Charlottetown, PEI.

vi. MARY JESSIE MCLEAN, b. April 27, 1852.

vii. HECTOR ARCHIBALD MCLEAN, b. December 27, 1854, Poplar Island; d. February 06, 1890, Poplar Island.

viii. COUN DOULY MCLEAN, b. August 16, 1855; d. August 25, 1882.

ix. FREDERICK NEIL MCLEAN, b. August 15, 1858; d. Abt. 1919, Seattle, Washington.

x. EWIN C. MCLEAN, b. August 02, 1860, Poplar Island; d. November 16, 1890, Poplar Island.

xi. HECTOR ANDREW MCLEAN, b. July 02, 1862, Poplar Island; d. July 27, 1870, Poplar Island.

Generation No. 3

3. ALEXANDER JOHN3 MCLEAN (HECTOR2, JOHN1) was born October 14, 1850 in North River, PEI, and died October 19, 1922 in Charlottetown, PEI. He married LAURA SKINNER November 26, 1884 in Charlottetown, PEI, daughter of MICHAEL SKINNER and MARY WOOLNER. She was born June 16, 1857 in Lunenburg or Chalottetown, and died August 11, 1952 in Charlottetown, PEI.

More About ALEXANDER JOHN MCLEAN: Burial: Peoples Cemetery, Sherwood, PEI

More About LAURA SKINNER: Burial: Peoples Cemetery, Sherwood, PEI Namesake: Laura Had the Mclean changed to McLaine at this time


i. FREDERICK RANKIN4 MCLEAN, b. October 01, 1890, Souris, Prince Edward Island; d. April 17, 1979, Charlottetown, PEI; m. ANNA MARY HANSEN.

ii. BANNERMAN PRESTON MCLEAN, b. October 01, 1890; m. MILDRED HOWE PROWSE, September 15, 1915; b. September 10, 1889, Charlottetown, PEI; d. Charlottetown, PEI.

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