The Descendants of John McLeod and Mary MacKinnon of Lot 37

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Descendants of John McLeod of Lot 37

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN2 MCLEOD (ALEXANDER1) was born in the late 1790's in Nova Scotia, Canada (or Scotland?), and died Abt. 1879 in PEI, Canada. He married MARY MACKINNON Abt. 1834 in PEI, Canada, daughter of JOHN MACKINNON and UNKNOWN MCRAE. She was born Abt. 1818 in PEI, and died Abt. 1880 in PEI, Canada.

Notes for JOHN MCLEOD:

Believed to have resettled on PEI from Nova Scotia. No John McLeod ancestors have been found prior to the 1830's on PEI. Family stories say John came from Nova Scotia. His father, possibly a John McLeod, was alleged to have been killed by a bear after arriving on PEI. Research is ongoing.


Mary McKinnon's father was John McKinnon of Pisquid. There is a John McKinnon shown in the 1841 census of Lot 37. But, it is not known if this is the John McKinnon in question. However, it is a good possibility. The 1841 Census for John McKinnon shows an adult male and female both upwards of sixty. One of whom was born in Scotland. That could be John or his wife.


i. ALEXANDER ANDREW3 MCLEOD, b. 03 May 1835, PEI, Canada; m. MACDONALD.

ii. ANN MCLEOD, b. 15 Dec 1836, PEI, Canada; m. JOHN WALKER; b. 25 Mar 1830, PEI, Canada.

2. iii. CATHERINE MCLEOD, b. 22 Jul 1837, PEI, Canada.

iv. MATILDA MCLEOD, b. Abt. 1839, PEI, Canada; d. Massachusetts, USA; m. NOONAN; d. Massachusetts, USA.

3. v. HUGH MCLEOD, b. 20 Apr 1841, PEI, Canada.

4. vi. MARY MCLEOD, b. 28 Feb 1845, PEI, Canada; d. PEI, Canada.

5. vii. ANGUS MCLEOD, b. 1851, PEI, Canada; d. 15 Apr 1897, PEI, Canada.

viii. JOHN MCLEOD, b. Jun 1855, PEI, Canada.

Generation No. 2

2. CATHERINE3 MCLEOD (JOHN2, ALEXANDER1) was born 22 Jul 1837 in PEI, Canada. She married ALEXANDER WALKER. He was born 21 Aug 1836 in PEI, Canada.


i. ALEXANDER JOSEPH4 WALKER, b. 26 Jul 1874, PEI, Canada.

ii. CATHERINE ANN WALKER, b. 06 Jan 1867, PEI, Canada.

iii. JOHN JAMES WALKER, b. 09 Nov 1868, PEI, Canada.

iv. MATILDA WALKER, b. 06 Jun 1872, PEI, Canada.

v. ELIZABETH WALKER, b. 02 Jul 1870, PEI, Canada.

3. HUGH3 MCLEOD (JOHN2, ALEXANDER1) was born 20 Apr 1841 in PEI, Canada. He married CATHERINE MCINTYRE Abt. 1880 in PEI, Canada. She was born 06 Feb 1851 in PEI, Canada.


i. JOHN4 MCLEOD, b. 16 Jan 1881, PEI, Canada.

ii. ELIZABETH MCLEOD, b. 02 Mar 1883, PEI, Canada.

iii. MARY MCLEOD, b. 08 Jul 1884, PEI, Canada.

iv. LAURETTA MCLEOD, b. 08 Dec 1885, PEI, Canada.

v. CHARLES MCLEOD, b. 28 Jul 1887, PEI, Canada.

vi. PATRICK JOSEPH MCLEOD, b. 23 Mar 1888, PEI, Canada.

vii. DONALD MCLEOD, b. 24 Apr 1891, PEI, Canada.

viii. IRENE MCLEOD, b. 26 Jul 1897, PEI, Canada.

4. MARY3 MCLEOD (JOHN2, ALEXANDER1) was born 28 Feb 1845 in PEI, Canada, and died in PEI, Canada. She married ANDREW HAND, son of ANDREW HAND and CATHERINE. He was born 02 Feb 1843 in Ireland, and died in PEI, Canada.

Children of MARY MCLEOD and ANDREW HAND are:

i. ANDREW4 HAND, b. 11 Dec 1871, PEI, Canada.

ii. MARY CATHARINE HAND, b. 18 Aug 1874, PEI, Canada.

iii. ANDREW HAND, b. 31 Oct 1875, PEI, Canada.

iv. MATILDA ANN HAND, b. 17 Apr 1877, PEI, Canada.

v. CATHERINE EMMA HAND, b. 23 Feb 1879, PEI, Canada.

vi. AMBROSE HAND, b. 14 Sep 1880, PEI, Canada.

vii. MARY ELLEN HAND, b. 27 Nov 1882, PEI, Canada.

viii. JOHN ANDREW HAND, b. 14 Oct 1885, PEI, Canada.

ix. JOHN J. HAND, b. 10 Apr 1887, PEI, Canada.

5. ANGUS3 MCLEOD (JOHN2, ALEXANDER1) was born 1851 in PEI, Canada, and died 15 Apr 1897 in PEI, Canada. He married BRIDGET HUGHES 23 May 1882 in St. Patrick, Fort Augustus, PEI, Canada, daughter of FRANCIS HUGHES and ANN MCMANNUS. She was born 15 Dec 1861 in Dromore, PEI, Canada, and died Abt. 1927 in Massachusetts.


i. MARY ANN JOSEPHINE4 MCLEOD, b. 01 May 1883, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. Jul 1974, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States of America; m. EDWARD JOSEPH KEENAN; b. 21 Feb 1882, Massachusetts, USA.

ii. JOHN FRANCIS MCLEOD, b. 10 May 1884, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 04 Feb 1975, Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts; m. MARY J MC LEOD; b. 07 Nov 1891, Massachusetts; d. 22 Dec 1980, Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States of America.

iii. CATHERINE MCLEOD, b. 16 May 1885, Dromore, Prince Edward Island.

iv. DANIEL JOSEPH MCLEOD, b. 15 Jun 1886, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 21 Nov 1971, Middlesex, Massachusetts; m. FRANCES L MC LEOD; b. 09 Aug 1891, Massachusetts; d. 04 Apr 1990, Massachusetts.

v. VINCENT MCLEOD, b. 27 Nov 1887, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 01 Jan 1929, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; m. GERTRUDE KELLY, 1916, PEI, Canada; b. 1895, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 1971, Dromore, PEI, Canada.

vi. GEORGE ANGUS MCLEOD, b. 21 Apr 1889, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 23 Dec 1971, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts; m. ROSE TRAINOR; b. 1895, PEI, Canada; d. Massachusetts.

vii. BRIDGET ELLEN MCLEOD, b. 19 Jun 1890, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 09 Apr 1987, Portland, Maine USA; m. DUNPHY, 14 Oct 1914; b. PEI, Canada.


Bridget's middle name was Ellen. She is referred to as "Ellen" in the 1911 Census. "Nellie" is a common nickname for Ellen. Bridget called herself "Nellie".

viii. TERESA MCLEOD, b. 04 Jul 1891, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. Abt. 1991, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Teresa was a Nun who worked at a Catholic Hospital in Vancouver BC. She lived to be 101.

ix. ANGELINA MCLEOD, b. 08 Jun 1893, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 05 Mar 1998, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States of America; m. PHILLIP CARL STRANDAL; b. 21 Dec 1887, Sweden.

x. ALLEN JAMES MCLEOD, b. 22 Aug 1894, Dromore, Prince Edward Island.

xi. ELIZABETH MCLEOD, b. 11 Aug 1895, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 09 Sep 1976, Rumford, Oxford, Maine, United States of America; m. ALOYSIOUS ALLEN STEELE; b. 22 Feb 1893, Prince Edward Island, Canada; d. 02 Mar 1984, Rumford, Oxford, Maine, United States of America.

xii. AMBROSE MCLEOD, b. 22 Nov 1896, Dromore, Prince Edward Island; d. 21 Jan 1990, Jackson, Amador Co., California; m. MILDRED LLOYD, 1923; b. 1901, Lake Mills, Winnebago, Iowa; d. 27 Aug 1940, Lafayette, California.

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