The Descendants of Red John MacLeod and Margaret Gillis

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Submitted by Kevin MacLeod -

There are additional generations of this family to share. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above! Kevin would like to thank Harold MacLeod who wrote the MacLeods of PEI for his help and inspiration.

The Descendants of Red John MacLeod and Margaret Gillis

A1. John (Red John) MacLeod born circa 1806, probably on Prince Edward Island. He resided on the Dundee Rd. Lyndale (Orwell Rear), Lot 50, and is believed to have married Margaret Gillis in 1851. Margaret died in 1874 at the age of 52 and is buried at the Orwell Head Cemetery. She is named as the mother of Annie, Angus, and Murdock in two death certificates and by some descendants of the family. Her obituary states that she is survived by her husband and seven children.

The 1881 census for Lot 50 lists John as a widower, age 74, living with Donald and his wife Sarah, John, Murdock, Annie, and Angus. Another son, Malcolm has already moved or married and is not listed here, but will likely be listed in Caledonia or Valleyfield with his wife Margaret Stewart. Jessie Bruce is noted as the mother of Malcolm on his death certificate. The seventh child of John MacLeod has not yet been identified.

John may have died in July 1885 when an entry in a neighbor’s (Lamont) diary refers to attending "old Red John’s funeral".

The children of John (Red John) MacLeod are listed below:

B1. "Red" Donald MacLeod, 1852-1930, married Sarah Gillis, 1856-1926, from Belfast. He farmed in Vernon River on the Murray Harbor Road.

Donald and Sarah had the following children:

C1. Jessie MacLeod b. -1879 married John McQueen

C2. Mary MacLeod married James S. MacDonald

C3. Ethel MacLeod b. - 1886 married Peter MacLeod

C4. J. Ernest MacLeod b. -1888 married Myrtle Ross

C5. Cyrus MacLeod b. - 1890 married Margaret Nicholson

C6. Daniel A.MacLeod b. - 1892 married Myrtle L.Stewart

B2. John J.("Red John") MacLeod, 1853-1929, lived in Lyndale, on the Dundee Road, married Flora Anne Docherty, 1856-1943, from Lake Ainsley, Cape Breton.

Their children all moved to the USA:

C7. Margaret A. MacLeod b. - 1884 married Harvey Haines from Marblehead, MA.

C8. Mary C. MacLeod b. - 1886 married Murdock Cummings from Whycogomaugh, Cape Breton.

C9. John N. MacLeod b. - 1888 lived in Staten Island, N.Y. and worked as a ship's carpenter.

C10. Monty J. MacLeod b. - 1890 d. - 1918 was not married. He was killed in World War 1 while serving in the 72nd Seaforth Highland Regiment of the Canadian Army as a corporal.

C11. Florence MacLeod b. - 1891 married Samuel W. Lewis from St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada.

C12. Murdoch D. MacLeod b. - 1892, married Isabelle J. MacLeod From Point Prim.

C13. Catherine M. MacLeod b- 1896 married Charles Warren Penny from Auburndale, Nova Scotia.

C14. Stella MacLeod b. - 1898 married Arthur Thaxter

C15. Alex MacLeod b. circa 1900 was not married

B3. Malcolm J.MacLeod 1854-1921 married Margaret Stewart, daughter of Malcolm Stewart and Sarah McKenzie. They lived in Caledonia, PEI and in the 1890’s moved to Rockport, Mass. USA, where Malcolm worked for a granite company.

Their children were:

C16. Mary Rachel MacLeod b. -1878 married 1st to John Malcolm MacLeod, married 2nd to Herbert Rankins.

C17. Margaret MacLeod

B4. Murdock J.MacLeod b. - circa 1859 d. - 1937 married Charlotte (Moreshade or Mosher). Murdock worked as a carpenter and lived in Newton, Mass.USA

They had three sons and a daughter:

C18. John MacLeod b. - 1886 married Maisie Nickerson from Cape Negro, Nova Scotia.

C19. Harold MacLeod b. - 1889 married Catherine Tomlin.

C20. Catherine MacLeod

C21. Richard MacLeod b. - 1905 married 1st Abigail Pratt, married 2nd Estelle Daniels.

B5. Annie MacLeod 1861-1947 was married to John Gillis, from Flat River.

They lived in Flat River with children:

C22. Christy Anne Gillis b. - 1885 married John A.Clark.

C23. Margaret May Gillis b. - 1887 married Murdock Cameron from Brooklyn, PEI

C24. John Herbert Gillis b. - 1889 married Annie Laura Martin from Valleyfield, PEI

C25. Mary Gillis b. - 1891 married John Robert Ross.

C26. Hector Gillis b. - 1894 married Flostena A.Nickerson from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

B6. Angus MacLeod 1865-1949 was married to Christine MacLeod. He moved the family to the USA circa 1900. Angus was a boat builder. His wife, and many of the children, eventually settled in Quincy, Mass. Angus lived in Ellsworth, Maine for the last ten years of his life.

Their children were:

C27. Margaret MacLeod b. - 1890 married Fred Alger.

C28. John S. MacLeod b. -1893 married Grace MacKinnon.

C29. Mary Jane MacLeod b. -1894 married Charles Pendleton.

C30. Annie MacLeod b. -1897 married 1st George Orr, married 2nd John Marini.

C31. Marion MacLeod b. - 1899 married Samuel Carlino.

C32. Lillian MacLeod b. -1903.

C33. Angus MacLeod, Jr. b. - 1905.

C34. Christine MacLeod (twin to Angus) b. - 1905 married Clayton Bickerstaff.

C35. Florence MacLeod b. - 1906 married John MacPherson.

C36. Grace Fern MacLeod b. - 1907 married Walter Hayden.

B7. (unknown child)

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