Descendants of Galien McNeill

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Descendants of Galien McNeill

Generation No. 1

1. Galien1 McNeill died Abt. March 1863 in Vernon River, P.E.I.. He married Catherine McNeill.

Notes for Galien McNeill: I have a copy of Galien's Will where he named two sons, there may have been other children.

Notes for Catherine McNeill: Catherine’s maiden name may not have been McNeill.

Children of Galien McNeill and Catherine McNeill are:

2 i. James2 McNeill, born Bef. 1816.

+ 3 ii. Roderick McNeill, born Abt. 1816; died January 1883 in St. Peter's Bay,PEI Canada.

Generation No. 2

3. Roderick2 McNeill (Galien1) was born Abt. 1816, and died January 1883 in St. Peter's Bay,PEI Canada. He married Euphemia McMillan/McMullen November 04, 1844 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada.

Notes for Roderick McNeill: Roderick is living next door to his son Gallion in the 1881 on Lot 41 census age 65 years making him born about 1816, he was born in PEI. Roman Catholic, of Scotch Origin, his occupation was Farmer and he was a widower. Following is his Last Will and Testament. (Note: spelling is as it was written):

In the Name of God Amen, I Roderick McNeil of Cardigan Road Lot 41 in Kings County in the Province of Prince Edward Island. Farmer, being of sound will memory and understanding although bodily ill. do make this my last will and testament. That is to say,

1. I bequeath to my son Michael McNeil, thirty acres of land. Part of my homestead fronting on the said Cardigan Road and adjoining the road leading from said road towards Grand River together with the buildings theron erected.

2. I bequeath to my son Ronald James McNeil, twenty acres of land being the remainder of the fifty acres of land now in my possession on the first mentioned road and lot adjoining Gallion McNeil. I also wish that the aforesaid Ronald James McNeil will have an equal share of the black mud that is on the first mentioned thirty acres.

3. I wish and ordain that one of my cows (over) will be given to the Rev. Pius McPhee now Parish Priest at St. Peter's Bay with the understanding that if my sons or any of them wishes to pay to the said mentioned Priest the value of the said cow, they can do so. And I wish that the ballance of the horned cattle may stay up on the said place for the benefit of my sons and daughters as they think proper. And I wish that one Black Sheep may be given to my sons son Roderick James and the remainder of my sheep to be given to my daughters Rachel and Mary Ellen And I now wish and order that this my home may be a home my said daughters, as it has been before now until provided for by Marriage or otherwise. And my aforesaid Ronald James McNeil the same priviledge. Should my sons think proper to buy one from the other they can do so to suit themselves.

4. I wish the sum of one dollar to be paid to my son Gallian McNeil and also the sum of one dollar to be paid to my son Joseph McNeil and also one dollar to be paid to my son Alexander. The said amount to be paid from my aforesaid mentioned estate.

And I appoint Michael McMullen of Bay Fortune Road and Hugh McMullen of Head of St. Peter's Bay to be my executors to carry out this my last will and testament. and signed sealed in the presence of each other this thirtyeth day of August, A.D. 1882.

Signed - Roderick McNeil (his mark)

Signed by Hector McKinnon and
Alfred W. Hayden, witnesses.

This will was proved on the 17th January A.D. 1883.

Notes for Euphemia McMillan/McMullen: Euphemia was not listed in the 1881 census, so must have died by this time. McMullan and Mc Millan are interchangeable names.

Marriage Notes for Roderick McNeill and Euphemia McMillan/McMullen: Roderick McNeil (b) married Euphemia McMillan (s) married by bans by F.J. McDonald. 4 November 1844. Recorded 31 December 1844. R. Hodgson, Surrogate. Witnesses James McNeal and Jessie McMillan.

Children of Roderick McNeill and Euphemia McMillan/McMullen are:

4 i. Michael3 McNeill, born October 04, 1847.

Notes for Michael McNeill: In the 1891 Census for Lot 41 Michael lived nest door to his brother Galien as head of the household, with his sisters Rachel and Mary Ellen.

+ 5 ii. Galien McNeill, born 1848 in PEI.

6 iii. Rachel McNeill, born November 04, 1849.

Notes for Rachel McNeill: Rachel McNeil daughter of Roderick McNeil and Euphemia McMullen (McMillan?) born November 4, 1849, baptised November 11, 1849, St. Joachims Church, Vernon River, PEI.

7 iv. Joseph McNeill, born January 24, 1852.

Notes for Joseph McNeill: Joseph , Lot 41 is a shoe maker from 1881 census.

8 v. Alexander McNeill, born July 31, 1856 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada.

Notes for Alexander McNeill: Alexander, Lot 41 is a blacksmith from the 1881 census.

+ 9 vi. Mary Ellen McNeill, born 1859 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada; died 1929 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada.

+ 10 vii. Ronald James McNeill, born January 14, 1862 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada.


Generation No. 3

5. Galien3 McNeill (Roderick2, Galien1) was born 1848 in PEI. He married Catherine.

Marriage Notes for Galien McNeill and Catherine: Galien and his wife Catherine lived with their children in Southhampton, on the road leading from the Cardigan Road to Grand River, PEI, Lot 41 in the 1891 Census, he was aged 43 years old.

Children of Galien McNeill and Catherine are:

11 i. Mary Ann Euphemia4 McNeill, born February 23, 1876.

12 ii. Daniel J.J. McNeill, born 1879.

+ 13 iii. Roderick James McNeill, born January 15, 1880 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada; died Abt. 1924.

14 iv. John Joseph McNeill, born December 25, 1881.

15 v. Mary Jane McNeill, born 1884.

9. Mary Ellen3 McNeill (Roderick2, Galien1) was born 1859 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada, and died 1929 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada. She married Daniel Ronald MacAulay in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada, son of Ronald MacAulay and Anna McIntyre from Southhampton on the Cardigan Road, PEI.

Children of Mary McNeill and Daniel MacAulay are:

+ 16 i. Joseph A.4 MacAulay, born 1895 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada; died 1974 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada.

17 ii. Daniel Roderick MacAulay, born in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada; died in Ontario.

10. Ronald James3 McNeill (Roderick2, Galien1) was born January 14, 1862 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada. He married (1) Mary MacAulay in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada, daughter of Malcolm MacAulay and Penelope MacLellan. He married (2) Margaret MacLellan from Grand River, PEI.

Children of Ronald McNeill and Mary MacAulay are:

18 i. Steven4 Livingston: Adopted child.

19 ii. Marion Livingston: Adopted child.

20. iii. Given Livingston: Adopted child.

Children of Ronald McNeill and Margaret MacLellan are:

21 i. Aloysius4 McNeil.

22 ii. Kate Pineau: Adopted child.

23 iii. Rita MacIntyre: Adopted child.

Generation No. 4

13. Roderick James4 McNeill (Galien3, Roderick2, Galien1) was born January 15, 1880 in St. Peter's Bay, PEI, Canada, and died Abt. 1924. He married Alice Eva Mauger in Nova Scotia, daughter of John Mauger and Victoria Rancon. Ile Madame, Richmond County, Cape Breton Island, Canada.

Notes for Roderick James McNeill: Roderick James McNeil son of Gallien McNeil and Catherine McNeil, born June 15, 1880, baptised Jan 17 1880, St. Peter's Bay Roman Catholic Church. It is not known where Roderick McNeill is buried, possibly Nova Scotia.

Notes for Alice Eva Mauger: Although the birthdate I have for Alice agrees with the 1901 census for Richmond County, Nova Scotia, the 1891 census say she was 4 months old in that year, would need a baptismal certificate or birth record to say which year she was born.

Alice died about Jan 7, 1919 after giving birth on Jan 3, 1919 to Lillian Rachel McNeill, from phnemonia. Roderick took both Alice and Lillian back to P.E.I., Alice is buried at the Roman Catholic Church Cemetery in St. Peter's Bay, P.E.I. She is in the upper right hand corner, near the right side of the Cemetery, there is no marker or stone.

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