The Descendants of Timothy McNeill

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The Descendants of Timothy McNeill

Generation No. 1

1. TIMOTHY1 MCNEILL was born on May 9, 1840 in Miscouche, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. He married first MARY ANN CONNORS. She was born about March, 1846 in Grand River, Prince County, Prince Edward Island and died in 1879, probably in child birth or shortly thereafter. He married second MARY ANN GAY. She was born June 6, 1847. It is believed that she was born in Wellington, Prince Edward Island.

The children of TIMOTHY and MARY ANN CONNORS are:

2. i. MARY2 MCNEILL, b. December 19, 1870, Miscouche, PEI.

3. ii. JOHN JAMES MCNEILL, b. December 12, 1871, Miscouche, PEI; m. MARY HELEN CAMERON, November 24, 1896, Grand River, PEI.

iii. MARTINA LYLE MCNEILL, b. July 1, 1873, Miscouche, PEI.

4. iv. DANIEL RASHE MCNEILL, b. February 23, 1875, Miscouche, PEI; m. HARIET ROSELINE BUSHY, November 30, 1899, Boston, Massachusetts.

v. JOSEPH FRANCIS MCNEILL, b. December 8, 1876, Miscouche, PEI.

vi. ALFRED WILLIAM MCNEILL, b. January 19, 1879, Miscouche, PEI.

The children of TIMOTHY and MARY ANN GAY are:

i. CHRISTINA JANE MCNEILL, b. July 10, 1880, Miscouche, PEI.

ii. GEORGE EDMUND MCNEILL, b. February 8, 1883, Miscouche, PEI.

iii. CATHERINE LILY MCNEILL, b. July 3, 1886, Miscouche, PEI.

iv. ANNE ISABEL MCNEILL, b. August 12, 1888, Miscouche, PEI.

5. v. CECIL BERNARD MACNEILL, b. September 9, 1891, Miscouche, PEI; m. (1) MARY ADELINE BAGLOLE, November 3, 1914, Grand River, PEI; m. (2) MARY ELLEN GAMBLE; d. September 1, 1970.

Generation No. 2

2. MARY2 MCNEILL (TIMOTHY1) was born December 19, 1870 in Miscouche, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. There is no record of a marriage, but she did produce a child at the age of 19. The 1890 Roman Catholic Census of Prince Edward Island indicates the child’s last name as SHAW.

The illegitimate child of MARY is:

i. AGATHA3 SHAW, b. September 11, 1889, Miscouche, PEI.

3. JOHN JAMES2 "TIM" MCNEILL (TIMOTHY1) was born December 12, 1871 in Miscouche, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. JOHN married MARY HELEN CAMERON (daughter of PETER CAMERON and AGNES MACDOUGALL) November 24, 1896, in Grand River, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. She was born 17 July 1869, Grand River, Prince County, Prince Edward Island.

4. DANIEL RASHE2 MCNEILL (TIMOTHY1) was born February 23, 1875 in Miscouche, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. He immigrated to Boston in 1898 or 1899 and married HARRIET ROSELINE "ROSE" BUSHY (daughter of JOSEPH BUSHY and LUCEY CHENALL) November 30, 1899, in, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. She was born in 1878 on Prince Edward Island, and died in 1941 in Massachusetts.

The children of DANIEL and "ROSE" are:

6. i. LILLIAN GERTRUDE3 MCNEILL, b. November 10, 1900, Boston, Massachusetts; m. HERBERT WATSON; d. 1975, Abington, Massachusetts.

7. ii. LAWRENCE ARNOLD WILSON MCNEILL, b. March 8, 1910, Boston, Massachusetts; m. ISABELLA MAE GARDNER, 1937, Everett, Massachusetts; d. June 24, 1992, Quincy, Massachusetts.

5. CECIL BERNARD2 MACNEILL (TIMOTHY1) was born September 9, 1891 in Miscouche, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. CECIL married first MARY ADELINE BAGLOLE (daughter of DAVID BAGLOLE and ANNIE CAMERON), November 3, 1914, in Grand River, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. MARY ADELINE was born July 14, 1893 in Grand River, Prince County, Prince Edward Island. She died April 24, 1923, in Grand River. CECIL married second MARY ELLEN GAMBLE (daughter of JOHN WILLIAM GAMBLE and FLORA MACKINNON). MARY ELLEN was born February 20, 1893, and died May 15, 1974, on Prince Edward Island. CECIL died September 1, 1970.

Generation No. 3

6. LILLIAN GERTRUDE3 MCNEILL (DANIEL2, TIMOTHY1) was born November 10, 1900, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. LILLIAN married HERBERT WATSON. She died in 1975, in Abington, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

The children of LILLIAN and HERBERT are:



7. LAWRENCE ARNOLD WILSON3 "LAWRY" MCNEILL (DANIEL2, TIMOTHY1) was born March 8, 1910, in East Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He married ISABELLA MAE "BILLIE" GARDNER (daughter of ROSS GARDNER and ISABELLA TRITOR CAIE) in 1937, in Everett, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. ISABELLA MAE was born July 29, 1914, in Quincy, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, and died on June 12, 1993, in Salinas, Monterey County, California. They lived on Houghs Neck in Quincy. LAWRENCE died June 24, 1992, in Quincy.

The children of LAWRENCE and ISABELLA are:

i. BILLIE ANNETTE4 MCNEILL, b. March 17, 1938, Malden, Massachusetts.

8. ii. BEATRICE LEE MCNEILL, b. September 19, 1939, Malden, Massachusetts; m. FRANCIS DANIELS ANDERSON, March 9, 1962, Arlington, Virginia.

9. iii. RONALD WILSON MCNEILL, b. April 12, 1942, Boston, Massachusetts; m. (1) MARY LEONARDI; m. (2) PATRICIA ANN TREROTOLA.

10. iv. AUSTIN ARNOLD MCNEILL, b. January 13, 1945, Quincy, Massachusetts; m. (1) EVELYN LETRICIA DUNCAN; m. (2) NANCY JEAN MAIN, Santa Cruz, California.

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