Basil Stanford McNeill's Daily Journal of 1914

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Transcribed by Leo Darmitz -


Beginning 1914

Continuation of the diary of Basil Stanford MacNeill - (1914)

Note -- All text was transcribed as accurately as the condition of the diary permitted. Spelling and grammar were not altered. Punctuation and capitalization were added where it was obvious. The dates shown were as they appeared at the beginning of each entry, but were made bold for the benefit of referencing this text.

January 1914

Thursday New Years day, Weather frosty. Roads very good but ???? Mimie and I drove to Sandies for our New Years dinner. Jessie and Brad went home in morning. Gertie and Harry & family and Pauline and Allan were at Sandies also.

Fri. Jan. 2, Weather fine. Went to Piusville and bought some wood from Jack Murray. Mother and I drove up to Mary’s in evening.

Sat. Dec. 3, (obvious mistake), Weather fine. Minie and I went to Alberton in morning. She got another tooth out today. I went to Rob Matthews and to John Rix’es then down to Sandies.

Sun. Jan. 4, Weather fine. Gerty and Henry were her, also Artie. Mimie and I went to church in evening, Mr. Auld preached.

Mon. Jan. 5, Weather cold, snowing a little and drifting. Dad and I went down to Henry Williams in morning and ground the ox. Went to the woods after dinner.

Tues. Jan 6, Weather fine. Mother and I went to Elmsdale in morning. Hauled my first load of wood after dinner. Went to E.dale in evening.

Wed. Jan. 7, Weather fine. Went to E.dale for my saw. Frank Yeo and I sawed in the woods all day. Dad hauled 4 loads.

Thurs. Jan. 8, Weather fine. Hauled wood. Dad chopped in woods. Went to E.dale twice. Took mother to W.H. and F.M.S. and went after her. Gerty and Henry came in in evening. We had a goose co?? (piece of page missing).

Fri. Jan. 9, Weather fine. Hauled 4 loads wood. Levi McNeill and John Henderson were here in evening.

Sat. Jan. 10, Storming all day, heavy fall of snow.

Sun. Jan. 11, Weather still stormy.

Mon. Jan. 12, Weather fine. We broke the road from here to the school. Heavy breaking all the way. Frank Yeo and I broke the road to the woods. Levi came here this evening.

Tues. Jan. 13, Storming again.

Wed. Jan. 14, Storming still.

Thurs. Jan. 15, Weather fine. Roads was broke again. The mail driver went twice this week.

Fri., Weather fine. Levi and I went up to Jim Brennan’s.

Sat. Jan. 17, Weather dark and looking like snow. Went to E.dale in morning. Levi went home today.

Sun. Jan 18, Storming again. We have more snow down now than I have seen since I came back home. The Empress run almost till New Year.

(Mon. Jan. 19, - no entry)

(Tues. Jan. 20, - no entry)

(Wed. Jan. 21, - no entry)

(Thurs. Jan. 22, - no entry)

(Fri. Jan. 23, - no entry)

Sat. 24, Raining today. Weather has been cold and stormy by turns all week. Bruce Currie came up and took mother down to his place on Tuesday. She is there yet. Was home all week excepting a few trips to Elmsdale.

Sun. Jan. 25, Raining in morning. Turned to snow and colder.

Mon. Jan. 26, Weather fine. Went to Alberton with John Henderson in forenoon.

Tues. Jan. 27, Weather fine. Gerty & Henry were here in evening, also Harry Platts and wife. Sawed some wood and went to E.dale.

Wed. Jan. 28, Rained hard last night again, turned to snow today and was some wild. The Salvation Army opened their new burying grounds yesterday. They burried Mrs. Hinds baby.

Thurs. Jan. 29, Weather fine. Sawed some wood.

Fri. Jan. 30, Weather fine. We finished sawing the wood we hauled out.

Sat. Jan. 30, (obvious mistake), Weather fine. Sawed wood with Frank Yeo. Mimie and. Went up to Charlie Dunn’s in evening. Mother came home Thursday. George Murray’s wife had a young son the same day Ellen Bell died on Friday.

(February 1914)

Sun. Feb. 1, Weather dirty again, snowed last night and drifted today. Mimie and I went to Ellen Bell’s funeral. Gerty and Henry were in in evening.

Mon. Feb. 2, Weather a little cold. Frank Yeo and I went to the woods.

Tues. Feb. 3, Weather fine in morning, snowing in evening. We finished cutting in woods today.

Wed. Feb. 4, Weather fine in morning. Raining in afternoon. We yarded out wood today.

Thurs. Fri. 5, Weather fine. Finished yarding wood and took ? (piece of page missing) load home in afternoon.

Fri. Feb. 6, Weather fine. Finished the wood today.

Sat. Feb. 7, Storming bad in morning, turning to thaw in afternoon. Holson was here yesterday. Bill Quinn was buried yesterday.

Sun. Feb. 8, Weather clear and cold with heavy wind. Was up to Robt. Matthews in morning. To church after dinner.

Mon. Feb. 9, Weather colder, still blowing hard. Rob. Matthews and I drove out to Thos Rufe’s in afternoon. Got Prince shod in morning.

Tues. Feb. 10, Weather still very cold with high wind. Frank Yeo and I drove out to Fortune Cove and home by Mill River. Drove Mother out to the Dock in evening.

Wed. Feb. 11, Weather very cold and blowing.

(Thurs. Feb. 12, - no entry)

Fri. Feb. 13, Weather still cold but milder, has been very cold all week. Mother came home today. Mimie and I drove to O’Leary in evening. Weather was pretty sharp.

Sat. Feb. 14, Weather fine all day, storming in evening. Was into O’Leary twice today. Storming in the night very wild.

Sun. Feb. 15, Weather some cold and drifting. The train got stuck at Lord’s (not sure of name) Mill last night. Moore and I helped shovel her out.

Mon. Feb. 16, Weather very cold in morning, milder in evening. Moore and I started for Tignish on the snow fight. Got as far as Elmsdale by 2 in the morning. Left train and came home.

Tues. Feb. 17, Storming wild all day.

Wed. Feb. 18, Weather finer. Moore and I went to Elmsdale in evening. Train left Alberton today for Tigmish.

Thurs. Feb. 19, Weather fine. I walked to O’Leary for Mimie and the horse and sleigh. Got home in evening.

Fri. Feb. 20, Weather fine. Frank Yeo and I went out to Alberton and bought a mud digger from Son Wilkie. Called at Frank McCrai’s on way home.

Sat. Feb. 21, Weather fine but cold. Frank and I went out and shovelled out the digger. Mr. William Matthews died in evening.

Sun. Feb. 22, Weather blustery. Went up to see Mr. Matthews in evening.

Mon. Feb. 23, Weather cold. Mr. Matthews was burried today.

Tues. Feb. 24, Weather fine. Frank Yeo, Geo. Matthews and I went to Klondyke for some sticks for the digger.

Wed. Feb. 25, Weather fine. We all went out and repaired the digger and hauled her out.

Thurs. Feb. 26, Weather fine. Holson took mother home in morning. We took the gear down and set the digger up but did not dig much mud.

Fri. Feb. 27, Weather fine. Landed a load and brought a small jag home.

Sat. Feb. 28, Weather fine. Landed a load and took a load home.

(March 1914)

Sun. Mar. 1st., Weather fine. Mimie and I were down to Eby’s. Gerty & Henry were in. Mimie and I went to church in evening.

Mon. Mar. 2, Weather cloudy in morning. We went for mud, got one load. Rained after 11 a.m. I? is s?m? and getting bad.

Tues. Mar. 3, Raining still, big sil?? thaw. Mother went up to Harry O’Brien’s. His wife had a young daughter today.

Wed. Mar. 4, Weather still cloudy and misting, rain and snow by turns. Was over helping Frank Yeo saw wood. He and I went to Elmsdale in evening.

Thurs. Mar. 5, Weather still stromy, snowing today. Frank Yeo and I went over to Anse O’Brien’s in morning.

Fri. Mar. 6, Weather fine. We went down and moved our digger.

Sat. Mar. 7, Weather fine. Went to E.dale in evening.

(Sun. Mar. 8, - no entry)

Mon. Mar. 9, Weather fine. Repaired digger and cut a new hole and lifted two loads.

Tues. Mar. 10, Weather fine. Cleared our mud hole and landed 3 loads.

Wed. Mar. 11, Weather fine. Landed six single loads.

Thurs. Mar. 12, Weather fine. Landed six single loads.

Fri. Mar. 13, Weather fine. Land 5 team loads, also on Saturday.

(Sat. Mar. 14, - no entry)

Sun. Mar. 15, Weather fine. Mimie and I went up Mary’s. Gerty and Henry were in. Mimie and I went to church in evening.

Monday Mar. 16, Weather fine. Landed 4 team loads.

Tues. Mar. 17, Raining in morning. Hauled one load home. Gray mare lost her foal through the night. Artie Matthews lost a mare last Sunday.

Wed. Mar. 18, Weather fine. Went for Artie to doctor the mare and to Elmsdale.

Thurs. Mar. 19, Weather dirty. Raining some. Was down to Wells’es and got my hair cut.

Fri. Mar. 20, Weather fine but blowing hard. Drove mother up to Mary’s. Went to E.dale in evening.

Sat. Mar. 21, Weather very cold. Went to O’Leary in morning on train, back on night train. Got my check for shovelling snow.

Sun. Mar. 22, Weather fin. Mimie and I went out to Gerty’s. Harry and I drove down the ice to Gordons Wharf. Artie was up in the evening.

Mon. 23 & Tues 24, Weather fine. Hauled mud single. Mrs. Anse O’Brien had a young son on Tuesday.

Wed. Mar. 25, Weather fine. Hauled mud in forenoon. Went to a sale at George Sweet’s after noon.

Thurs. Mar. 26, Weather fine. Hauled 2 loads mud.

Fri. Mar. 27, Weather some damp in morning, fine after noon. John Henderson and I went to St. Louis after noon.

Sat. Mar. 28, Weather fine. Hauled one load of mud. Jessie came up on train.

Sun. Mar. 29, Weather very fine. I drove out to Gerty’s. Anna came in with me. Susie Wells came home last week.

Mon. Mar. 30, Weather fine. We set the mud digger on the river today. We pulled her off the ferry Mon. Mar. 23. It began to snow in the evening.

Tues. Mar. 31, Weather stormy, snowing and drifting. Took some oats to the mill to be crushed.

(April 1914)

Wed. Apr.1st., Weather fine. Landed 2 loads of mud.

Thurs. Apr. 2, Snowing and drifting wild, as bad a storm as we had for the winter.

Fri. Apr. 3, Weather fine. Went to Artie’s and to E.dale

Sat. Apr. 4, Weather fine. Roads very bad as much snow down as ther was all winter. Train was stuck. Landed 5 loads of mud.

Sun. Apr. 5, Weather fine all day. Snowing thick in evening. Harry Matthews was here. He and I drove up to Mary’s.

Mon. Apr. 6, Weather fine but cold. Jessie went home today. Landed 4 loads of mud.

Tues. Apr. 7, Weather fine. Landed one load of mud and took the digger ashore.

Wed. Apr. 8, Weather fine in morning, snowing before noon and raining in evening. Went to O’Leary with a birch log to be sawed. Came home in the rain. Got home just after dark. Had my dinner at Havelock’s

Thurs. Apr. 9, Rained hard all day.

Fri. Apr. 10, Weather fine. Mimie and I drove down to Elmsdale.

Sat. Apr. 11, Weather fine and cold. Went down to Levi’s in forenoon. Plenty of snow in most places, from a foot to 3 ft.

Sun. Apr. 12, Weather fine. Stayed at Levi’s all day.

Mon. Apr, 13, Weather cold all day. We went to the woods after dinner and took out some wood and sawed logs.

Tues Apr. 14, Weather fine. Froze very hard last night. I started for home. Took 2 logs in to O’Leary to the mill. Levi took another for me and came as far as O’Leary. I got home before one o’clock. Jim Brennan got a load of straw from us today.

Wed. Apr. 15, Weather fine. Went to the Dock and to Alberton. Harry Matthews lost 3 out of a litter of 4 foxes. They were all black.

Thurs. Apr. 16, Weather fine in morning. Hauled mud back to the field. It began to snow and blow about 4 o’clock.

Fri. Apr. 17, Weather fine but cold. Hauled mud up to field. There was a young son born to Mary and Holson on Tues. the 14th. John Henderson and Artie Matthews were here in evening.

Sat. Apr. 18, Weather fine. Sold half a ton of hay to Jack McAulduff today. Dad went up to Mary’s. I went to E.dale in evening.

Sun. Apr. 19, Weather fine and warm. Harry Matthews was here. I went down to Sandies in the evening. Sandie is not well. Will came up last evening.

Mon. Apr. 20, Raining a little in morning, turning to silver thaw hail and finally a Nor East snow storm. Hauled the last of the mud back also some manuer. Sold 240 of hay to Art Rennie. Was down to Eby’s and over to Anse’s.

Tues. Apr. 21, Weather stormy. This is awful weather for the time of year. Snow banks to the tops of the fence yet and no sign of letting up.

Wed. Apr. 22, Weather fine. Sold a ton of hay to Jack McAulduff. I went to E.dale in forenoon. Mimie and I drove out to Gerty’s in evening. They have 8 young foxes. There they are raising 4 young on cats. They lost 3.

Thurs. Apr. 23, Weather bad again, drifting and blowing hard. Sold half a ton of hat to Jack McAulduff.

Fri. Apr. 24, Weather fine. Harry Brought the twins in today.

Sat. Apr. 25, Weather fine. Went into John Henderson’s wood for a load of stakes. He got a load of straw here yesterday. Went to Elmsdale in evening. Frank and Lloyd were in today.

Sun. Apr. 26, Weather fine. Drove out to Harry’s in the morning. Dr. Campbell was there. Went through to Mary’s in afternoon. Mother came home with me. I took her out to Gerty’s. They had a young daughter born to them while I was gone.

Mon. Apr. 27, Weather fine. Went to Jim Brennan’s woods for a few posts. Real spring day, snow going fast.

Tues. Apr. 28, Weather fine. Went to E.dale in morning. Called to Wells’es and Hy Williams’es. Henry butchered a pig for us after dinner.

Wed. Apr. 29, Weather very cold. Was down to Eby’s in morning. Had a bad head ache after dinner. John Wells was married to Jen McPherson in the evening. Mother came home last evening. She is not well.

Thurs. Apr. the last, Weather fine but very cold went for the doctor for mother today. She was pretty sick but is better now. Frank came in and took the twins home.

(May 1914)

Fri. May 1st., Weather dark, snowing thick in afternoon. Mrs. Jim Brennan and Mrs. J.A. Matthews were here, also Jim Brennan.

Sat. May 2nd., Weather cold and dirty, raining some. Mrs. Charlie Dunn was here. Went to E.dale in the afternoon.

Sun. May 3, Weather cold. Mrs. Hy Williams was here in evening. There was preaching in our church today. Mr _______ was the minister.

Mon. May 4, Weather fine. Sawed wood with Frank Yeo today.

Tues. May 5, Weather nice and warm. Went to Hills River for smelts and got none. Fresh herring were beddled today for the first of the season. Jim Brennan and Rob. Matthews were here. Frase Wells moved out from home today.

Wed. May 6, Weather fine. We broke the road through the lane today. There is a lot of snow by the pole fences. Went to E.dale after dinner.

Thurs. May 7, Weather very fine. Sawed the wood today.

Fri. May 8, Weather fine. Clipped the horse. Mimie and Anna walked to the dock. Harry drove her home.

Sat. May 9, Weater dark. Raining in evening. Was down to E.dale.

Sun. May 10, Weather fine. Daddy and I went to church. Sandie Forsyth and Artie Matthews and wife were here in the evening.

Mon. May 11, Weather dark in forenoon, raining and snowing after dinner. Artie and I went to Campbellton for young pigs. He got 2. I got 2 also.

Tues. May 12, Weather fine. Went to E.dale in forenoon to Jack Henderson’s after dinner to Bob Matthews in evening.

Wed. May 13, Weather fine. Hauled the engine and pearled our clover seed.

Thurs. May 14, Weather fine. Cleaned clover seed. Went to E.dale in evening.

Fri. May 15, Weather fine. Cleaned seed and went for a load of mud.

Sat. May 16, Weather fine but very cold. Hauled two loads of mud.

Sun. May 17, Weather fine. Mimie, baby and I drove down to Sandies. Pauline and Allan were there. Mother and I went to church in evening.

Mon. May 18, Weather fine. Hauled 2 loads of mud.

Tues. May 19, Weather fine. Began to farm, harrowed all day and every day the rest of the week till Sat. Afternoon. Eby and I went to Alberton. Richard Bell’s barn was burned from sparks from train. Mrs. Donald McNeill died on Sat. Morning. Dad walked out to Gerty’s on Friday.

(Wed. May 20, - no entry)

(Thurs. May 21, - no entry)

(Fri. May 22, - see May 19)

(Sat. May 23, - see May 20)

Sun. May 24, Weather fine. Mimie, daddy and I went to church after noon. Gerty and Henry were in. Mr. Mc???errie is our minister for the summer.

Mon. May 25, Weather fine. Sowed oats in forenoon. Blowing too hard after dinner went to E.dale in evening.

Tues. May 26, Weather fine. Sowed oats and wheat. Bought our seed wheat from Jim O’Brien today for $1.30 per bush.

(Wed. May 27, - no entry)

(Thurs. May 28, - no entry)

(Fri. May 29, - no entry)

Sat. May 30, Weather has been fine all week. Rained a little on Thursday. Harrowed all week. Sowed oats in barn field today. Rained some in evening. Mother went up to John Gordon’s on Thurs.

Sun. May 31, Weather fine. Gerty & Henry were in today. H. And I went over to Anse’s. I went to church in evening.

(June 1914)

Mon. June 1st., Weather fine. Finished sowing oats in morning. Spike harrowed rest of the day.

Tues. June 2, Weather fine. Finished spike harrowing in forenoon. Went to Arties with his harrows. Levi came up on the night train last night. He took our team home with him. Harry O’Brien’s barn was burned this evening or rather Rob Matthews barn.

Wed. June 3, Weather fine in morning. Raining and snowing before noon. Cleared up after dinner but very cold. Jim Brennan and Mrs. Called here.

Thurs. June 4, Weather fine in forenoon, began to rain in evening. Helped Frank Yeo to haul out manuer.

Fri. June 5, Snowing a little and raining a lot most all day. Heavy Nor Wester ??? it very bad storm.

Sat. June 6, Weather fine but cold. Helped Yeo at the manuer after noon. Went to E.dale in evening.

Sun. June 7, Weather fine. Mimie and daddy went to church. I stayed home with the baby.

Mon. June 8, Weather fine. Helped Yeo to plant potatoes.

Tues. June 9, Weather fine. Finished at Yeo’s at 2 o’clock. Levi brought the tem home in evening. Him and I went to E.dale.

Wed. June 10, Weather fine. Yeo helped me haul manuer.

Thurs. June 11, Hauled manuer again.

Fri. June 12, Weather fine. Rained a little in the evening. Planted today. Mother came home in evening.

Sat. June. 13, Weather fine. Finished planting at noon. Yeo helped me sow 4 bushel of oats. Moore came up on the train.

Sun. June 14, Weather fine. Went to church in afternoon, to Eby’s in evening. Gerty and Henry called on way home from Mary’s.

Mon. June 15, Weather fine. Moore and I hitched the foal (Biss) in the harrows in morning, to the wagon in evening. She went fine. Mother and I went to E.dale after dinner.

Tues. June 16, Weather fine in forenoon, raining after noon, terrible rain in evening. Moore and I went to Campbellton in morning. Got some cod fish. Had dinner at Holson’s.

Wed. June 17, Weather dark in forenoon, cleared up after dinner. Moore went home today. Fenced in afternoon. Picked over potatoes in morning.

Thurs. June 18, Weather fine. Fenced today.

Fri. June 19, Weather fine. Went to Alberton in afternoon.

Sat. June 20, Weather fine in morning, raining in afternoon. Mimie and I went to O’Leary . It rained most all the way down.

Sun. June 21, Weather fine but blowing hard. Moore and I went out to Lot 6 and to the village.

Mon. June 22, Weather fine. Came home today. Called to Tom Caughlan for little pig. Had dinner at Holson’s. Went down to Sandies with John Henderson in evening.

Tues. June 23, Weather fine. We worked on the road today.

Wed. June 24, Weather fine. Harrowed the potatoes today. Went to Elmsdale in evening.

Thurs. June 25, Raining again, heavy thunder in morning, also yesterday morning early. Picked over potatoes.

Fri. June 26, Weather fine. Took banking from house. Will Matthews came here.

Sat. June 27, Weather fine. Helped Yeo stretch some wire. Sowed some turnips yesterday. Went to Elmsdale in evening.

Sun. June 28, Weather fine. Drove Will to Sandies. Went to church in afternoon, to Charlie Dunn’s in evening.

Mon. June 29, Weather dark, raining just a sprinkle most all the afternoon. Hauled old poles to the door in forenoon. Put in post on line fence afternoon. Mother and I went to Elmsdale in evening. Mrs. Masser came home last week.

Tues June 30, Weather dark and cold, raining some. Went to Harry O’Brien’ and Rob Matthews in forenoon, to Gerty’s in afternoon. She and I went to Alberton.

(July 1914)

Wed. July 1, Raining some in forenoon. Dug post holes and streched the road fence.

Thurs. July 2, Weather fine. S???? the road fence and harrowed potatoes. Moore drove Mimie home in the evening.

Fri. July 3, Weather fine. Got Prince shod in morning. Went to Tignish with Charlie Dunn after noon. First time I was ever there. Lot Brennan also Jessie and Dugie came home.

Sat. July 4, Weather fine and warm. Began to tear down line fence between us and Eby. Drove mother up to Holson’s in afternoon.

Sun. July 5, Weather fine. Baby Ruth is one year old today. Dad and I went to church in evening.

Mon. July 6, Weather fine. Finished tearing down the line fence. Mother and dad went to Arthur Rennie’s baby’s funeral. She died on Saturday.

Tues. July 7, Weather fine. Stretched the line fence and went fishing with Charlie Dunn and Jimmie Todd. This is Mary’s birthday.

Wed. July 8, Weather fine all day with very heavy showers in the evening. When back milking I got the benefit of it all. I went down for Aunt Maggie in the morning. Mimie took her home in evening. Harrowed potatoes twice.

Thurs July 9, Weather fine. Went for a load of mud after dinner.

Fri. July 10, Weather fine. Fenced in forenoon. Hauled mud in afternoon.

Sat. July 11, Weather fine. Fenced in forenoon. Hauled mud in afternoon.

Sun. July 12, Raining all day. Daddy, Mimie and I went to church. Jim Harne’s daughter was married to a Gordon last Wednesday.

Mon. July 13, Weather fine. Hauled mud in afternoon. The Orange Tea was in Charlottetown today. Harry Matthews took Maud in here this evening.

(Tues. July 14, - no entry)

(Wed. July 15, - no entry)

(Thurs. July 16, - no entry)

(Fri. July 17, - no entry)

Sat. July 18, Raining. Hauled one load of mud every day this week except today. Got the mare shod today. Fine in afternoon but heavy thunder shower in evening. Got soaked milking.

Sun. July 19, Weather fine. Was up to Bob Matthews in afternoon. Gerty an Harry, mary and Holson were here in evening. Maud went up to Mary’s.

Mon. July 20, Weather fine. Mimie and I picked berries in forenoon, hauled mud in afternoon.

Tues. July 21, Weather fine till evening, heavy rain after supper. Hauled one load mud. Went to Alberton with Hugh Williams in evening for his licence but didn’t get it.

Wed. July 22, Weather fine. Mimie and me went to Gerty’s. Went from there to Alberton with Hugh Williams and got his licence. He and Caroline were married in the evening.

Thurs July 23, Weather fine and cool. Went to Elmsdale in forenoon. Mimie and I picked berries in afternoon.

Fri. July 24, Weather fine. Mimie, mother and I, Gerty, Henry and the family, Pauline, Perce Matthews and family went to the shore for a picnic.

Sat. July 25, Weather fine and hot. Went over to H. Williams in the morning. Repaired mower knife in afternoon. Mrs. Wallace came up in the evening,

Sun. July 26, Weather fine. Mimie, mother and father went to churchin the afternoon. Mimie and baby and I went to Mary’s in the evening.

Mon. July 27, Weather fine. Went to Elmsdale in the morning. Cultivated the potatoes in the afternoon.

Tue. July 28, Weather fine. Hugh Williams and wife came up in evening. Bob Jeffery was here. Also Gerty and Harry. Margarite has typhoid fever. I drove mother up to mary in forenoon. Took mower from black-smith shop in afternoon.

Wed. July 29, Weather fine. Began the hay in afternoon.

Thurs. July 30, Weather fine. Finished cutting hay except some thimothy bottom and alsike for seed. Coiled in evening.

Fri. 31, Weather fine. Finished coiling hay. Mimie done the raking in three loads in evening.

(August 1914)

Sat. Aug. 1, Raining. Mimie and I went to Elmsdale.

Sun. Aug. 2, Weather fine. Mimie and I drove down to Sandies. Went to church in evening.

Mon. Aug. 3, Raining again. Went to Eby’s and out to Harry’s with Bob Matthews.

Tues. Aug. 4, Weather fine. Mother and I went to Dave Botts in forenoon. Shook out and took in 3 loads in evening. Mrs. J. Brennan and Mrs. Rob Matthews were here.

Wed. Aug. 5, Weather fine. Hauled in seven loads.

Thurs. Aug. 6, Weather fine. Finished haying. Drove mother to Mat Harnes to W.H & M.S. Mimie and I drove out to Gerty’s in evening.

Fri. Aug. 7,Weather fine. Worked with Anse O’Brien at the hay. Mother and Dad went down to Sandies. Little Georgie has the fever too.

Sat. Aug. 8, Thunder shower in morning. Went to Elmsdale. Mimie and I went down to Levi’s in afternoon.

Sun. Aug. 9, Weather fine. Came in to O’Leary. Moore and I went to English church in evening.

Mon. Aug. 10, Weather fine. Came home in morning. Worked with Anse after dinner.

Tues. Aug. 11, Weather fine. Worked with Anse at hay. Mother went to J.W.Forsyth’s. Their little girl got kicked by horse.

Wed. Aug. 12, Weather fine. Went to E.dale in morning. Cultivated potatoes after dinner. Gerty and Harry came in in evening.

Thurs. Aug. 13, Weather fine. Worked with Anse at hay.

Fri. Aug.14, Weather fine. Worked with Anse at hay.

Sat. Aug. 15, Weather fine. Sawed wood. Went to Sandy’s. Drove Will down.

Sun. Aug. 16, Weather fine. Dad and I went to church.

Mon. Aug. 17, Weather fine. Worked with Anse. ((Our baby started to walk yesterday.))

Tues. Aug. 18, Wed. Aug.19, Thurs. Aug. 20, Weather fine. Worked with Anse at haying.

Fri. Aug. 21, Weather fine. Went to O’Leary for flooring. It wasent finished so helped Havelock at hay. Came home in evening. Jessie came with me. It rained most all night.

Sat. Aug. 22, Weather fine. Mimie, Jessie and I went to Alberton in forenoon. Went to Gerty’s for potatoes in the afternoon. Artie Matthews got call, cut very bad on the wire.

Sun. Aug. 23, Weather fine till evening. We had a light shower. We went to church in afternoon. I went up to Jim Brennans and Rob Matthews in evening.

Mon. Aug. 24, Weather fine in forenoon. We cut the thimothy. Hugh Williams cut it for us. It rained some in afternoon. I started the plough after supper.

Tues. Aug. 25, Weather fine. I mowed the thimothy bottom and alsike clover.

Wed. Aug. 26, Weather fine. Hauled in hay.

Thurs. Aug. 27, Weather fine. Hauled in the alsike seed. Henry Williams helped us. We sold Prince to Cameron today for $170.00.

Fri. Aug. 28, Weather fine in forenoon, raiining in afternoon. We finished hauling in the alsike and one load of thimothy. Went up to Jim Brennan’s after dinner. Amos McNeill is very sick.

Sat. Aug. 29, Weather fine. Went to E.dale, got the mare shod in morning. Mother and dady went to Levi’s in afternoon. Memie and I went down to Artie’s in evening. He had to kill his colt.

Sun. Aug. 30, Raining all day. Mimie baby and I were all alone.

Mon. Aug. 31, Weather fine Joseph Rix Called in the morning and told us Amos McNeill is dead. I went to Edale in morning. Worked at fencing in afternoon. I threw a pole off my shoulder and it fell on Trixie our little dog and it killed her. Gerty and Henry were in in evening.

(September 1914)

Tues. Sept. 1, Weather fine. Fenced in forenoon. Worked with Anse at hay in afternoon. Mother and dad came home in evening. Amos was buried today.

Wed. Sept. 2, Weather fine. Mimie and I went to Alberton. She got her teeth today. Called to Paulines. I bought an old mare today from Mack McNeill. Ralph McNeill and I came to Alberton for in evening. He came up yesterday. Holson was here today, also John Henderson.

Thurs. Sept. 3, Weather fine. Fenced and ploughed.

Fri. Sept. 4, Weather fine in morning, raining heavy before noon, fine after noon. Hauled a load of mud in forenoon, ploughed in afternoon.

Sat. Sept. 5, Weather fine. Ploughed. Mimie, baby and I went to Holson’s in evening.

Sun. Sept. 6, Weather fine. Mother dad and Mimie went to church.

Mon. Sept. 7 & Tues. Sept 8, Weather fine. Ploughed. Went up to Jim Brennan’s Tues.evening.

Wed. Sept. 9, Weather fine. Went to Miminegash for shingles and boards. Hauled home 7 thousand shingles & 225 ft. boards on the grey mare. Went to St Louis after dinner and got 3 windows and frames.

Thurs. Sept. 10, Fine in forenoon. Hauled in the rest of the timothy in forenoon, ploughed in afternoon. Rained heavy in afternoon.

Fri. Sept. 11, Fine. Cut 7 acres of oats. Mimie and I went up to Rob. Matthews in evening.

Sat. Sept. 12, Weather fine. Went to Klonkyke for spruce for studding. Will Brennan helped me. Gerty Matthews went away this morning.

Sun. 13, Weather fine. Holson and Mary came out today. Mother daddy and I went to church in the evening.

Mon. 14, Weather fine. Went to Miminegash in the morning. Ploughed after dinner.

Tues. 15, Wed. 16, Fine. Finishes ploughing sod.

Thurs. Sept. 17, Fine & cool. Mimie & I went to Miminegash in forenoon for fish. Hauled in rakings after dinner. Started to plough stubble in evening.

Sat. Sept. 19, Fine. Ploughed in forenoon. Mimie and I went to O’Leary in evening.

Sun. Sept 20, Cold and drizzling rain all day. We came home in evening.

Mon. Sept. 21, Fine. Artie was here in morning. We cut grain.

Tues. Sept. 22, Fine. Finished cutting all but an acre of late oats. Hy Williams was working here. We tore the roof from off the old kitchen.

Wed. Sept. 23, Fine. Stacked oats. Thos Caughlan and wife were here all day.

Thurs. Sept. 24, Fine. Went to Alberton after dinner.

Fri. Sept. 25, Hy Williams was here, we worked at kitchen.

Sat. Sept. 26, Cold and Drizzling rain. Henry and I worked at kitchen.

Sun. Sept. 27, Fine and showery by turns. Went to Eby’s in afternoon. Mimie, dad and I went to church in evening.

Mon. Sept. 28, Cold and showery. Henry and I worked at kitchen.

Tues. Sept. 29, Cold, showery in forenoon. I went to Bloomfield in morning. Mother and dad went to Sandies in afternoon.

Wed. Sept. 30, Fine. Shingled on roof of kitchen. Hugh Williams helped me after dinner.

(October 1914)

Thurs. Oct. 1, Fine. H. Williams worked here till noon. We began to stack oats.

Fri. Oct. 2, Fine. Stacked oats. Hauled in the wheat yesterday evening.

Sat. Oct. 3, Fine. Finished the oats that was cut. Jim Yeo fell off a load of grain in Frank’s barn yesterday and hurt his leg bad. Mimie and I went to the this evening. Heavy thunder and rain when we were there.

Sun. Oct. 4, Fine. Mother dad and I went to church in afternoon.

Mon. Oct. 5, Hauled out manure in forenoon. Cut the late oats in afternoon. Went to Holson’s in evening for doors for kitchen. Rained in evening.

Tues. Oct. 6, Fine Went to Alberton in the morning, to Mat Harne’s in evening with mother and to Alma for Wallace McNeill to pick potatoes. H. Williams worked here. Jessie Gibbs came up in evening

Wed. Oct. 7, Fine. We began to dig the potatoes today. Henry W. worked he??

Thurs. Oct. 8, Fine. Dug potatoes. Henry worked at kitchen. Hauled in the last of the oats in evening.

Fri 9 and Sat 10, Fine. Dug potatoes. Rained a little on Sat. and a lot on Sat. night. I drove Wallace home. Mother came as far as Sandies and stayed till Sun. Margaret has been sick.

Sun. Oct. 11, Fine. Mother came home ?? We went to church in evening.

Mon. Oct. 12, Fine. Finished digging pot’s. Rained a few light showers.

Tues. Oct. 13, Hauled out manure. Jim O’Brien was here.

Wed. Oct. 14, Fine. Went to E.dale in morning. Helped Harry O’Brien to thresh in afternoon.

Thurs. Oct. 15, Fine. Helped Harry O’Brien thresh in forenoon. Hauled the mill home and threshed home after noon. It was John Rady’s mill. It rained in the night. We threshed on Friday and finished on Saturday at 2:30. Rained on Sat. evening and night.

(Fri. Oct. 16 - no specific entry - see Oct. 15)

(Sat. Oct. 17, - no specific entry - see Oct. 15)

Sun. Oct. 18, Fine. Mimie , dad and I went to church in evening. We drove up to Alma and got Wallace McNeill to come down to plough for us.

Mon. Oct. 19, Fine. Helped Anse O’Brien to thresh in forenoon and H. Williams in afternoon.

Tues. Oct. 20, Rained in forenoon. Threshed with H. W. In afternoon.

Wed. Oct. 21, Threshed for H.W. also on Thursday.

(Thur. Oct. 22, - no specific entry - see Oct. 21)

Fri. Oct. 23, Fine. Finished threshing for H.W. at noon. Took Mimie to train. She went to O’Leary to wait on Jessie who is very sick. Mimie went down yesterday on early train and back on night train. Hauled oats to Kennedy in afternoon.

Sat. Oct. 24, Fine. Hauled the rest of oats to Kennedy. Went out to Gerty in the evening.

Sun. Oct 25, Fine. Went up to Jim Brennan’s after dinner. Mother, Maud, Anna, and I went to church in evening.

Mon. Oct. 26, Fine. Went to Alberton with Joseph Rix in fornoon. Shingled on the house after dinner.

Tues. Oct. 27, Fine in forenoon. Raining after dinner. Hy Williams worked here on the kitchen. I went to O’Leary on noon train, home on night train. William McNeill and T.A. Matthews were here with a call for a minister. Mrs. Tom O’Brien drowner herself. Charlie Veno died in hospital. Jack Ceameron lost his baby.

Wed. Oct. 28, Fine but cold. H. Williams was here working in afternoon. I shingled all day.

Thurs. Oct. 29, Fine. Threshed at Frank Yeo’s.

Fri. Oct. 30, Fine in forenoon. Threshed at Yoe’s till 3 o’clock. Raining hard after noon. Went to E.dale in evening.

Sat. Oct. 31, Raining. Mother went up to Fred Remmie. I helped Chas Dunn to thresh after dinner. Went to O’Leary for Mimie after ??ght.

(November 1914)

Sun. Nov. 1st., Fine. Jessie is a little better. Mimie and I cam home after dinner. Mimie’s uncle Tom Sweet was buried today. Lizzie Matthews, Archie Matthew’s daughter, died today. I went to church. John McNeill preached today.

Mon. Nov. 2, Fine. Helped Chas Dunn thresh. Wallace and daddy helped Frank to finish.

Tues. Nov. 3, Snowing by showers. Finished threshing with Dunn in forenoon. Worked home in afternoon.

Wed. Nov. 4, Dark weather, drizzling rain in afternoon. Wallace went home on evening train.

Thurs. Nov. 5, Fine. Ploughed in forenoon. Took some oats to mill in afternoon. Also took 5 bags of oats to E.dale and sent it to the war.

Fri. Nov. 6, Showers of snow all day. Threshed for Artie Matthews.

Sat. Nov. 7, Fine. Shingled. Ross Matthews ploughed for me. Levi’s Jen came here today. Went to Edale in evening.

Sun. Nov. 8, Raining in forenoon. Mother came home after dinner. Mimie, dad and I went to church in evening.

Mon. Nov. 9, Fine. Went to Alberton. Traded the old mare I got from Mack McNeill with Jim Adams for an old red horse, 17 years old with ??aves.

Tues. Nov. 10, Fine. Ploughed.

Wed. Nov. 11, Fine. Painted doors.

Thurs. Nov. 12, Fine. Ploughed.

Fri. Nov. 13, Fine. Finished ploughing.

Sat. Nov. 14, Cold and blowing. Got team shod. Hauled down a load of oats for Harry O’Brien. He is moving down to Melvin McAusland’s house.

Sun. Nov. 15, Fine. Mimie and I went to church in afternoon. Gerty and Henry came in in evening. Also Hy Williams and wife.

Mon. Nov. 16, Raining. Henry, Hugh and I shingled on kitchen in afternoon. Went to E.dale in the morning.

Tues. Nov. 17, Fine. Henry worked at kitchen. I went to Alberton for boards in forenoon. Took mother out to get some teeth out after dinner.

Wed. Nov. 18, Fine and cold. Was home all day. Ordered some fruit trees from an agent. Mother and I went to church in evening. Our new minister Mr. E. Lockhart was indueled.

Thurs. Nov. 19, Fine & cold. Threshed at Robt. Matthews.

Fri. Nov. 20, Snowed and rained hard. Cleaned some thimothy seed.

Sat. Nov. 21, Fine. I banked the house. Went to E.dale in evening.

Sun. Nov. 22, Fine. Mimie, baby and I went to Holson’s. Mary and Holson came out with us. Gerty and Henry were here. Mary stayed out and went to Dock. Mimie and I went to church in evening.

Mon. Nov. 23, Fine. Threshed at Bob Matthews.

Tues. Nov. 24, Fine. Threshed with Bob Matthews till near evening. Went with grist to Hayward’s mill. Young Jim O’Brien is away getting married.

Wed. Nov. 25, Snowed a little. Hauled a load of mud. Mimie went to O’Leary.

Thurs. Nov. 26, Fine. Hauled mud, one load. Went to Alberton with Charlie Forsyth to a patriotic meeting in hall.

Fri. Nov. 27, Fine and soft. Hauled one load of mud. Mother and dad went to Sandie Matthews in afternoon. Mary came here from Gerty’s in evening. Mother stayed down at Sandies all night.

Sat. Nov. 28, Cold and clear. Went to Alberton in afternoon

Sun. Nov. 29, Fine. I went down to Arties in the morning. Holson came out for Mary. Mother came home yesterday. Mother and I went to church in evening.

Mon. Nov. 30, Fine. Was home all day. Edith McNeill. Was here. Will Matthews came here. He and I went to Eby’s.

(December 1914)

Tues. Dec. 1st., Fine, Went up to McKenna’s and bought some wood. Mimie and I went to Gerty’s in evening.

Wed. Dec. 2, Fine. Cut wood in the woods. Will Brennan helped me. Went to the mill and got my grist.

Thurs. Dec. 3, Dark and raining a bit.

Fri. Dec. 4, Fine and colder. Piled up some wood in woods in forenoon. Cut some more in afternoon. Ross Matthews helped me.

Sat. Dec. 5, Fine and cold. Dad and I finished yarding the wood, hauled home a load in evening.

Sun. Dec. 6, Fine. Walked down to Sandies. Mimie and I went to church in evening.

Mon. Dec. 7, Fine. Went to Alberton in forenoon. Artie butchered an ox for us after dinner.

Tues. Dec. 8, Fine. Hugh Williams and I finished collecting the missionary money in forenoon. We went half the round last night. I hauled 2 loads of wood in afternoon.

Wed. Dec. 9, Fine. Went into Wm. Donahue’s and bought some trees for lumber. Hauled home a load of posts I left in Henderson’s field.

Thurs. Dec. 10, Joe Ellsworth and I cut logs at Donahue’s.

Fri. Dec. 11, Mimie is very sick. Went for Doctor Kier.

Sat. Dec. 12, Fine. ???itched logs at Donahue’s

Sun. Dec. 13, Fine. Went to church. Dr. Kier was here. Gerty and Henry were in on Friday evening.

Mon. Dec. 14, Raining hard, cleared up in evening was down to E.dale.

Tues. Dec. 15, Fine but blowing hard and cold. Ws over to Anse O’Brien’s.

Wed. Dec. 16, Fine and cold. Jessie came up on train.

Thurs. Dec. 17, Fine and cold. Helped Chas Dunn to butcher an ox in fornoon. He and I butchered our two pigs after dinner. I took them to market in evening. Weighed 210 & 174.

Fri. Dec. 18, Fine. I helped Jim O’Brien to thresh.

Sat. Dec. 19, Fine. Went for a load of mud. Jessie went home on frt train. Mimie got up on Friday.

Sun. Dec. 20, Fine but cold and blowing hard. Went out to Gerty’s in afternoon.

Mon. Dec. 21, Fine in forenoon, snowing in evening. Went for a load of mud. Will Matthews was here in the afternoon.

Tues. Dec. 22, Fine but cold. Went to Edale. Will M. Came up from Sandies in evening. He and I went to Eby’s.

Wed. Dec. 23, Very cold. Drove Will to station in morning. Very cold also cold on Thurs.

(Thurs. Dec. 24, - no specific entry - see Dec. 23)

Fri. Dec. 25, Christmas day. Cold still. I went down for the mail in forenoon. Artie Matthews, Charlie Forsythe were here in evening.

Sat. Dec. 26, Still very cold. Picked over potatoes in cellar. It is hard to keep the frost from getting them.

Sun. Dec. 27, Weather cold. Went to church in evening Mimie and I. Will Brennan’s wife found a young son last night.

Mon. Dec. 28, Fine but cold. Went to E.dale in morning. Hauled a load of wood on waggon from McKenna’s woods. In afternoon.

Tues. Dec. 29, Fine. Went to Klondyke and bought a half acre of wood from Rob Matthews. Cut it the rest of the day.

Wed. Dec. 30, Fine in forenoon. Raining after dinner some. There was a silver thaw last night. I hauled wood from McKenna’s in the forenoon. Got mare shod after dinner.

Thurs. Dec. 31, Fine but some cold. Cut wood in at Klonkyke.


Key dates in 1914

Saturday Jan. 31, -- Announced that George Murray’s wife had a young son on Jan. 30.

Saturday Jan. 31, -- Announced that Ellen Bell died Jan. 30.

Saturday Feb. 7, -- Announced that Bill Quinn was buried Feb. 6.

Saturday Feb. 21, -- Announced that Mr. William Matthews died in evening.

Tuesday Mar. 3, -- Harry O’Brien’s wife gave birth to a daughter.

Tuesday Mar. 24, -- Mrs. Anse O’Brien gave birth to a son.

Friday Apr. 17, -- Announced that Mary and Holson had a son on Apr. 14.

Sunday Apr. 26, -- Gerty had a daughter.

Wednesday Apr. 29, -- John Wells and Jen McPherson got married.

Tuesday May 19, -- Announced that Mrs. Donald McNeill died May 16.

Sunday July 5, -- Baby Ruth is one year old.

Monday July 6, -- Arthur Rennie’s baby’s funeral. She died July 4.

Tuesday July 7, -- Mary’s birthday.

Wednesday July 22, -- Hugh Williams married Caroline.

Monday Aug. 17, -- Ruth started to walk Aug. 16.

Monday Aug. 31, -- Amos McNeill died Aug. 30 or 31

Tuesday Oct. 27, -- Mrs. Tom O’Brien committed suiside.

Tuesday Oct. 27, -- Charlie Veno died.

Tuesday Oct. 27, -- Jack Ceameron lost his baby.

Sunday Nov. 1, -- Mimie’s uncle Tom Sweet was buried.

Sunday Nov. 1, -- Lizzie Matthews, Archie Matthew’s daughter, died.

Thursday Nov. 5, -- Basil donated 5 bags of oats to war effort.

Sunday Dec. 27, -- Will Brennan’s wife gave birth to a son Dec. 26.

Names listed in 1914 diary

  1. Allan Matthews -- Jan. 1, May 17,
  2. Alma -- Oct. 6,
  3. Amos McNeill -- Aug. 28,31, Sept. 1,
  4. Anna -- Mar. 29, May 8, Oct. 25,
  5. Anse O’Brien -- Mar. 5, Apr. 20, May 31, Aug. 7,10,11,13,14,17,18,19,20,Oct. 19, Dec. 15,
  6. Archie Matthews -- Nov. 1,
  7. Arthur L. Rennie -- Apr. 20, July 6,
  8. Artie Matthews -- Jan. 4, Mar. 17,18,22, Apr. 3,17, May 10,11, June 2, Aug. 22,29, Sept. 1,21, Nov. 29, Dec. 7,25,
  9. Bill Quinn -- Feb. 7,
  10. Bob Jeffery -- July 28,
  11. Brad Bernard -- Jan. 1,
  12. Bruce Currie -- Jan. 24,
  13. Cameron -- Aug. 27,
  14. Caroline -- July 22,
  15. Charlie Dunn -- Jan. 31, June 28, July 3,7, Oct. 31, Nov. 2,3, Dec. 17,
  16. Charlie Forsyth -- Nov. 26, Dec. 25,
  17. Chas. Veno -- Oct. 27,
  18. Dave Botts -- Aug. 4,
  19. Dr. Campbell -- Apr. 26,
  20. Dr. Kier -- Dec. 11,13,
  21. Dugie -- July 3,
  22. Eby Forsyth -- Mar. 1, Apr. 20, 29, May 19, June 14, July 4, Aug. 3, Sept. 27, Nov. 30, Dec. 22,
  23. Edith McNeill -- Nov. 30,
  24. Ellen Bell -- Jan. 31, Feb. 1,
  25. F.M.S. -- Jan. 8,
  26. Frank McCrai -- Feb. 20,
  27. Frank Yeo -- Jan. 7,12,31, Feb. 2,10,20,24, Mar. 4,5, Apr. 25, 30, May 2, June 4,6,8,10,13,27, Oct. 3,29,30, Nov. 2,
  28. Frase Wells -- May 5,
  29. Fred Remmie -- Oct. 31,
  30. George Matthews -- Feb. 24,
  31. George Murray -- Jan. 31,
  32. George Sweet -- Mar. 25,
  33. Georgie -- Aug. 7,
  34. Gerty Matthews-- Jan. 1, 4,8,27, Feb. 1, Mar. 1, 15,22,29, Apr. 22,26, May 19,24,31, June 14,30, July 19,22,24,28, Aug. 6,12,22,31, Sept. 12, Oct. 24, Nov. 15,22,27, Dec. 1,13,30,
  35. Gordon (surname) -- July 12,
  36. Harry -- Apr. 24,26, May 8, Aug. 3,
  37. Harry O’Brien -- Mar. 3, June 2, 30, Oct. 14,15, Nov. 14,
  38. Harry Platts -- Jan. 27,
  39. Havelock -- Apr. 8, Aug. 21,
  40. Henry --Apr. 28, Sept. 26,28, Nov.16,17,
  41. Henry (Harry) Matthews -- Jan. 1,4,8,27, Feb. 1, Mar. 1,15, 22, Apr. 5,15,19, May 24,31, June 14, July 13,19,24, 28, Aug. 12,31, Nov. 15,22, Dec. 13,
  42. Henry Williams -- Jan. 5, Aug. 27, Oct. 7,8,
  43. Holson Caughlan -- Feb. 7, Apr. 17, June 16,22, July 4,19, Sept. 2,5,13, Oct. 5, Nov. 22,29,
  44. H. Williams -- July 25, Oct. 28,
  45. Hugh Williams -- July 21,22,28, Aug. 24, Sept. 30, Oct.1,6,19,20,21,23, Nov. 16, Dec. 8,
  46. Hy Williams -- Apr. 28, Sept. 22,25, Oct. 27, Nov. 15,
  47. J.W. Forsyth -- Aug.11,
  48. Jack Ceameron -- Oct. 27,
  49. Jack Henderson -- May 12,
  50. Jack McAulduff -- Apr. 18,22,23
  51. Jack Murray -- Jan. 2,
  52. Jen McPherson -- Apr. 29,
  53. Jen McNeill -- Nov. 7,
  54. Jessie -- July 3, Aug. 21,22, Oct. 23, Nov. 1, Dec. 16,19,
  55. Jessie Gibbs -- Jan. 1, Mar. 28, Apr. 6, Oct. 6,
  56. Jim Adams -- Nov. 9,
  57. Jim Brennan -- Jan. 16, Apr.14,27, May 1,5, June 3, Aug. 23,28, Sept. 8, Oct. 25,
  58. Jim Harne -- July 12,
  59. Jim O’Brien -- May 26, Oct. 13, Nov. 24, Dec. 18,
  60. Jim Yeo -- Oct. 3,
  61. Jimmie Todd -- July 7,
  62. Joe Ellsworth -- Dec. 10,
  63. Joseph Rix -- Aug. 31, Oct. 26,
  64. John Gordon -- May 30,
  65. John Henderson -- Jan 9, 26, Mar.27, Apr.17, 25, June 22, Sept. 2, Dec. 9,
  66. John McNeill -- Nov. 1,
  67. John Rady -- Oct. 15,
  68. John Rix -- Jan. 3,
  69. John Wells -- Apr. 29,
  70. Kennedy -- Oct. 23,24,
  71. Levi McNeill -- Jan. 9,12,16,17, Apr. 11,12,14, June 2,9, Aug. 8, 29, Nov. 7,
  72. Lizzie Matthews -- Nov. 1,
  73. Lloyd -- Apr. 25,
  74. Lot Brennan -- July 3
  75. Mack McNeill -- Sept. 2, Nov. 9,
  76. Margaret (Aunt) -- July 8, Oct.10,
  77. Margarite -- July 28
  78. Mary -- Jan. 2, Mar. 20, Apr. 5,17,18,26, June 14, July 7,19,26, Sept. 13, Nov.22,27,29,
  79. Mat Harne -- Aug. 6, Oct. 6,
  80. Maud -- July 13,19, Oct. 25,
  81. McKenna -- Dec. 1,28,30,
  82. Melvin McAusland -- Nov. 14,
  83. Mimie MacNeill -- Jan. 1,3,4, Feb. 1,13,19, Mar. 1,15,22, Apr. 10,22, May 8,17,24, June 7,20, July 2,8,12,20,22,23,24,26,31, Aug.1,2,6,8,22,29,30, Sept. 2,5,6,11,17,18,27, Oct. 3,18,23,31, Nov. 1,8,22,25, Dec. 1,6,27,
  84. Moore Gibbs -- Feb. 15,16,18, June 13,15,16,17,21, Aug. 9,
  85. Mr. E. Lockhart -- Nov. 18,
  86. Mr. Mc???errie -- May 24,
  87. Mrs. Anse O’Brien -- Mar. 24,
  88. Mrs. Bob Matthews -- Aug. 4,
  89. Mrs. Charles Dunn -- May 2,
  90. Mrs. Donald McNeill -- May 19,
  91. Mrs. Hy Williams -- May 3,
  92. Mrs. J.A. Matthews -- May 1,
  93. Mrs. Jim Brennan -- May 17, Aug. 4,
  94. Mrs. Masser -- June 29,
  95. Mrs. Tom O’Brien -- Oct. 27,
  96. Mrs. Wallace -- July 25,
  97. Pauline Matthews -- Jan. 1, May 17, July 24, Sept. 2,
  98. Perce Matthews -- July 24,
  99. Ralph McNeill -- Sept. 2,
  100. Richard Bell -- May 19,
  101. Robert (Rob)(Bob) Matthews -- Jan.3, Feb. 8,9, May 5,12, June 2,30, July 19, Aug. 3,23, Sept. 11, Nov. 19,23,24, Dec.29,
  102. Ross Matthews -- Nov. 7, Dec. 4,
  103. Ruth MacNeill -- July 5,
  104. Sandie -- Jan. 1,3, Apr. 19, May 17, June 22,28, Aug. 2,7,15, Sept. 29, Oct. 10, Dec. 6,22
  105. Sandie Forsyth -- May 10,
  106. Sandie Matthews -- Nov. 27,
  107. Susie Wells -- Mar. 29,
  108. T.A. Matthews -- Oct. 27,
  109. Thos Rufe -- Feb. 9,
  110. Tom Caughlan -- June 22, Sept. 23
  111. Tom Sweet (Uncle) -- Nov. 1,
  112. W. H. -- Jan. 8,
  113. Wallace McNeill -- Oct. 6,10,18,
  114. Wells -- Mar. 19, Apr. 28,
  115. Wilkie -- Feb. 20,
  116. Will -- Apr. 19, June 28, Aug. 15,
  117. Will Brennan -- Sept. 12, Dec. 2, 27,
  118. William Matthews -- Feb. 21,22,23, June 26, Nov. 30, Dec. 21,22,23,
  119. William McNeill -- Oct. 27,
  120. Wm. Donahue -- Dec. 9,10,12,
Years Available:

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