List of Fires as Recorded in the Diary of Lauretta (Machon) Brooks

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Transcribed by Anne Brooks -

The following is a transcription of a list of fires as recorded in the diary of Lauretta (Machon) Brooks of Murray Harbour, PEI. (1882-1964).


Mar 19: Preston Buell’s house
July 31: Both Hazen Moore and John Robert Bull lost their barns to fire on the same night.
Nov 2: Stanley Bull’s store, High Bank
Nov 14: Arbott Bull’s house (Will Haberlin’s)
Dec 14: Falconwood Hospital (eight lives lost)

Feb 2: Rustico convent ?
Feb 6: Prince of Wales College
Sept 7: Lorne Jim Bull’s barn

Mar 23: Our house caught fire from the kitchen stove
July 6: Luther Jordan’s barn

June 22: H.E. Brehaut’s barn and outbuildings
July 5: Jim Richard’s house

Jan 13: John Martin’s barn (Wood Island), outbuildings, horses, cattle and himself

June 18: Jim O’Connor’s house and barn
July 24: Jim White’s house (our old house)
July 15: Old Stavert residence; Wilmot Valley
Sept 25: John M. Stewart’s barn, Murray Harbour

Nov 17: Presbyterian church, Wood Islands

Sept 22: Ernest Bull’s house (John Bull’s)

Aug 8: Jim White’s barn (our old barn)
Oct 19: Roy Nicolle’s barn

July 11: Tom Gosbee’s barn struck by lightning; not burned but 5 pigs killed

Feb 7: Fred Herring’s house ( P. Robertson’s farm)

Mar 19: Stella Maris school
May 16: Murray River fire, Cook’s store and house combined occupied by Mrs T. L. Cook, Mrs May MacLeod and Mrs Percy Sharam, Harold (Roddie) Keenan’s house, shop and outbuildings, Will Moore’s (Campbells) house and shop, Millburn Buell’s restaurant and house combined and Cook’s barn and outbuildings.

Jan 13: Raymond MacAuley’s barns, Peter’s Rd.
April 4: Alex Buell’s store, White Sands.
June 21: Clarey’s house on Whim Rd. burned from an exploding oil stove, Mrs Clary killed and he in hospital.

Feb 7: John Earl Jenkins’ restaurant and bake shop burned
Aug 21: Joe Bell’s factory at Fish Alley (formerly Will MacDonald’s ) burned.
Oct 8: George Campbell’s store, Murray River burned.
Nov 20 : Clow’s store, Murray Harbour North burned

April 18: Isaac Bull’s barn
May 9: Grass and bush fire Murray River, John Moore’s Jr. barn burned
May 19: Rollie White’s house (Reuben Penny’s) gutted by fire
Sept 1: Building housing "Patriot" office completely destroyed by fire
Dec 2: Hazlebrook Dairying company’s building

Jan 11: Murray Harbour starch factory caught fire but extinguished by fire Brigade
Jan 12: Completely destroyed by fire
April 29:Old Market building, Charlottetown completely destroyed
Sept 20: S.S. Prince Edward Island ferry boar gutted by fire at dock at Borden.
Oct 16: Joe Osbournes’s house at cape (George MacLeod’s old house)
Nov 12: Roland LeLacheur’s house and all its contents except chesterfield and piano

May 12: Andrew O’Connor’s vacant house at Wilmot Corner
July 6: Four million dollar fire at Pictou Waterfront; old ferry boat "Prince Nova"
Oct 30: George D? Whiteway’s barn (Edgar Giddings)

June 11: Lester Richard’s barn (Willie Bell’s) burned and another building
Nov 27: Alan Cameron’s barn, crop and stock burned

March 27: George MacLean’s (White Sands) barn, crop, stock and machinery burned

April 21: John Beck’s house on Commercial Rd, occupied by Elwood, completely destroyed.

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