Necrology, The Patriot, 1921

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The following is the one of a series of year-end death columns from the Patriot. I am looking for people with access to films of the Patriot to help transcribe this series. Sample below!

Patriot Sat., 31 Dec., 1921, page 4, transcribed by Gary Carroll

Deaths for the Year 1921

2nd Jan

Charles MacGregor

2nd Jan

W. B. Callbeck, Tryon

2nd Jan

John McAdam, North River

6th Jan

W. W. Paynter, North Rustico

15th Jan

Mrs. Ronald A. Stewart, Bethel

18th Jan

Mrs. James Aitken, City

24th Jan

Miss Helen Agnew, City

2nd Feb

Mrs. (Dr.) Johnston, City

3rd Feb

W. W. Clark, City

3rd Feb.

Chester W. LePage

4th Feb

Dr. A. A. Beers, Cherry Valley

4th Feb

Col. D. Stewart, City

4th Feb

James Egan

6th Feb

Alex Robertson

6th Feb

Rev S. Boudreault, Egmont Bay

11th Feb

Miss Eliza Griffith

11th Feb

Miss Mercy Coles

20 Feb

Elmer Duffy (son of J. P. Duffy)

4th March

Thos H. Lawson

5th March

Mrs. (Hon.) David L. MacDonald

7th March

Thos Flynn

9th March

Frank Hale

22 March

Hon. R. R. Fitzgerald

8th April

Miss Flora McSwain

13th April

Alexander Martin

16th April

Mrs. (Dr.) Anderson

25th April

Thos. Burnett

3rd May

W.G. Sutherland

8th may

Rev. Wm. Phelan

15th May

Joseph A. Lane

16th May

Mrs. A. A. Alley

23rd May

Rev. Dr. Fullerton

28th May

Mrs. Albert Duchemin

25th June

L. J. Reddin

2nd July

Alfred Thorne

3rd July

Thos. Pickard

16th July

Capt. Alex. Cameron

17th July

Edward Martin (Conductor)

20th July

Mrs. Richard Waye

22nd July

Charles Coles, Milton

24th July

W. H. Mckie, Summerside

30th July

Mrs. (Rev. Dr.) McEwen, Kinross

16th Aug

W. B. Bowness, Summerside

17th Aug

Mary Vaniderstine

31st Aug

David Cavanagh, City

9th Sept

Terrence Hagan, City

9th Sept

W. A. O. Morson

25th Sept

Mrs. Philip McGee, City

13th Oct

Frederick W. Flood, City

16th Oct

Mrs. Marjorie Norton

29th Oct

W. S. Louson, City

29th Oct

Mrs. Edward Berrigan

6th Nov

Lemuel C. Hayden

11th Nov

Frank Kelly, City

15th Nov

Mrs. Geo. A. Foster, City

15th Nov

Herbert Stanway, City

24th Nov

Mrs. A. A. Pomeroy, City

27th Nov

Mrs. John Jardine, City

8th Dec

Donald Simpson, Bay View

8th Dec

Matthew Stevenson

12th Dec

Cephas Murley, City

13th Dec

Dr. Donald Darrach, Kensington

16th Dec

Max Cohen, City

17th Dec

Mrs. Eliza McPherson, City

18th Dec

Mrs. Hiram Woodside, Kensington

20th Dec

Henry Coffin

21st Dec

John McLean, City

22nd Dec

Phillip E. Hughes, Millcove

23rd Dec

Thomas Taylor, City

23rd Dec

Malcolm McNeill, Long Creek

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