"Passengers of the Prince Edward"

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Here is a passenger list of the ship "Prince Edward" which set sail for New Zealand from Charlottetown Harbour in 1859. It is a compilation from several published passenger lists. One of the best and most often referred to was published in the Island Magazine, Number 19, Spring/Summer 1986, page 37. Copies of this issue likely still are available through the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation.

Ship's Captain: Nowlan, Edward and Wife Mary Ann Collins Children Anne, Bridget, Margaret, Mary - in another list, Mrs. Nowlan was listed without her husband, and with 3 in the party.

Haszard, Robert - listed in another list as bringing an additional person, likely his wife.

Haszard, Moore H. - not listed in another list.

Haszard, Charles A.

Haszard, William and Wife Louisa Hayden, Children Harriett, Amelia, Alex, Elizabeth, William Jr., Sarah, Anna, Sydney.

Millner, James with family, - Surname "Milner" in another list. Bridget, Anne, Elizabeth, James Jr., Augustas, Henry.

Morpeth, H.D. Henry Douglas and family Mary, W.J.(William J.), J.B., Matilda, Catherine, H., H.D., and T.S.

Smith, Henry and Wife Anne (nee Bovyer) Children Henry Jr., John, Margaret, Catherine, Isaac, and Anne. [Daily Patriot, Weds., 7 Nov., 1894, page 2: DIED On September the 19th, at his residence Wellington Street, Auckland, New Zealand, Henry Smith, builder, formerly of Prince Edward Island, aged 66 years. - Info from Gary Carroll]

Mann, Thomas and family Caroline, Charles, Eliza, and Edward.

Pendergrass, Kate - Listed as "Miss Pendergast" in another list.

Owen, George W. and family Annabel, Thomas C., and Charles S.

Smith, Mrs. C. and 2 children (poss. EmmaJane and Jane).

Oxley, J.P. and family Elizabeth, John, Dan, Frances, Charlotte George, Mary, Anne, and Margaret.

*Rigg, Louisa, James J., John R., Louisa J. Gregory B., and Evelyn. - In another list the surname is spelled Riggs, and there is one more person in the party.

Ryder, Jonathan and Elizabeth. - In another list, the surname is spelled Rider, and there are 5 people in the party besides himself.

Stewart, Angus and Margaret. - Another list shows only Angus in the party.

Boswall, A. H., Ship's doctor. Dr. Boswall did not stay in New Zealand, he returned to P.E.I. ca. 1859.

Fennell, Robert.

McLean, Neil.

Dewar, Annie. - Unmarried, listed as "Miss Annie Dewar" in another list.

Welsh, John. - surname Walsh in another list.

MacGregor, Roderick.

Sneeston, Joseph.

McLeod, John.

McGregor, Alexander. - not listed as a passenger in another list. See the Examiner, August 5, 1861: "DROWNED, from on board the ill-fated Brigt. Union, on the coast of New Zealand, in June 1860, Mr. Alexander McGregor, aged 22 years, a native of Rosshire, Scotland, the deceased emigrated from this Island on board of the Prince Edward." [Transcription by Christine Gorman]

Stewart, Donald B. - Listed as "Dan" Stewart in another list.

Webster, Joseph.

Auld, Henry.

McDermot, Joseph. - listed as "Jas" in another list.

Paul, John.


On another printed passenger list, a John McDonald, Neil MacFadyen, and John Delaney were shown as passengers.

* In the New Zealander, May 14, 1859, a female servant is also listed. This was probably Ann McGammon, who was listed with the family in land documents. (Note: she may explain the difference in the number in the party between the two lists.)

Another record shows the vessel carrying 98 passengers, 13 of whom were Haszards.

The owner/partners of the vessel were Henry Douglas Morpeth (25 shares), Robert Haszard (20), and James Mil(l)ner (19).

Robert Haszard was the son of James Douglas Haszard, the publisher of the "Prince Edward Island Register", "Royal Gazette", and then,"Haszard's Gazette", newspapers devoted to publishing vital statistics and educating Prince Edward Islanders in the 1800's. In many cases, extant copies of these publications are the only record of births, deaths, and marriages here on P.E.I. in the early days. There were no births or deaths on the voyage, but the presence of Dr. Boswall must have been comforting to the passengers.

The passengers settled into the following areas of N.Z.

Charles A. and Robert Haszard - Mangonui East
H. D. Morpeth - Mangonui East
Edward Knowlan, James Millner, and W.J. Haszard - Oruru
John Rigg and John Oxley - Waiwera
Angus Stewart - Kaiwaka
George Owen - Mangapai
Thomas Mann - Maungakaramea
Henry Smith - Omaha
Capt. Edward Nowlan - Oruru

The Prince Edward was bought in 1859 by Capt. William Butler and sailed to Mangouni, where it was outfitted for the whale fishery. In 1864, it was resold to Piggott Bros., Melbourne, Aust., who sailed her in Australian waters. In 1869, under the command of Capt. Pallant, she foundered off West Cape, in the South Island, while carrying a cargo of coal to Timaru.

Half an hour after her crew abandoned ship, she fell over onto her starboard side, and went down, bow first.

A sad ending for a vessel that brought so many families 14,000 miles safely to their new home. There were no deaths on board during the journey, a testiment, perhaps to the ministrations of Dr. Boswall.

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