The Descendants of Frederick Praught and Susannah Wagner

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Submitted by - J. Leonard Praught -

Leonard has number of additional generations of this family to share and please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!


J. Leonard Praught,
21 Pine Grove Lane,
Waverley NS B2R 1R2

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Frederick Praught (Pracht) first appears as a private in the King's Rangers posted March 1782 to the Island of St John (renamed Prince Edward Island in 1799) under Captain Samuel Hayden to relieve Major Hierlihy's troop. The King's Rangers were local militia troops raised by British Loyalists in New England. Many of the officers of this troop posted to PEI had originally joined the New Jersey Volunteers. As the war in US began dying, various efforts were made to attract Loyalists settlers to the Island, including the soldiers posted there.

In Oct. 1785 by an order in council, Governor Patterson confirmed a grant to Frederick Praught "formerly of Monmouth Co New Jersey" of 100 acres in Lot 50 between lands granted Lt. Throckmorton (also of Monmouth Co., NJ) and Ensign Beers (of NJ) in an area that became known as Cherry Valley. Some of this land had been vacated by the earlier French settlers. In 1788, Fred traded his grant for another nearby, beside Beers. Fred prospered as a farmer, adding 150 acres from Throckmorton and Beers in 1794-95. Finally, in 1801, he purchased 200 acres in the hamlet of Pownal Lot 49 and relocated there, allegedly because his relatively younger wife Susannah Wagner wanted to be close to German speaking families - the Jenkins (Henckell) and Ballem (Baum). The earlier property was sold to the Irving's and in more recent times was referred to as "the old Irving place". The Pownal property can be located by Fred's sale of an acre on which "the frame of a meeting house has been lately erected" to the Wesleyan Methodist Society for the sum of 20 pounds in 1812.

Going back to the family name: in June 1784, Frederick appears as "Prout" in the troop muster role, with a wife and 2 children under 10 years, having drawn provisions to April 1784, and being granted 100 acres Pownal Bay Lot 50. Note, most officers had families with them, but of 62 privates only 3, including Fred, did so. In March 1785, he is listed as Frederick Praught in a general election poll. In Oct. 1785, his land grant deed is to Frederick Praught. He appears as Frederick "Prock" in a newspaper petition 1792 Feb. 25 supporting Governor Fanning. The 1798 census of Lot 50 has Frederick Praught as well as his son John Praught, as latter now married. In 1802, Frederick Praught served as a juror on a Supreme court case. His will prepared in 1821 is signed Frederick "his X mark" Praught. Family tradition says the name was previously Pracht, meaning "splendid or boastful" in German, and the pronunciation Prokt led to Praught when spelled by Scottish clerks. I found some support for this in Pennsylvania where a Daniel Pracht arrived in 1751 from Germany and appears in PA records as Pracht, Prag, Braugh, Braught, and Praught. However, the only current Praughts I have ever found are all descendants of our Fred.

Fred Praught, the Loyalist, married Susannah Wagner. They had 8 children grow up - Catherine, John, Mary, William, David, Ann, Peter, and Fred. The eldest two, Catherine bc1778 and John, were born in USA before coming to PEI. The rest were born on the Island, the youngest - Fred, in 1802. Fred, the Loyalist, died 1831 Dec 22 at 102 years according to the newspaper, although the 1798 census enters him in 16-60y column, rather than the 60+ needed to suit age listed at death. Fred's will, prepared 1821 Nov 16, divided the Pownal property 50 acres each to his sons William, David, Peter, and Fred; 5 shillings each to daughter Catherine, and son John as they have received their "full share beforehand"; 5 shillings to daughter Mary "as she has received one good cow already"; and to daughter Ann "all my moveable property except the household furnishings and farming utensils" and "what she has received beforehand to be deducted from her share of the cattle"; lastly "myself and my dearly beloved wife Susannah shall be maintained in a decent moderate manner .... by our above named sons". The will was not proved until Oct 1841 - perhaps this is when Susannah died?, or perhaps prompted by the temporary return of recently married Fred jr from NB?

1. Frederick Praught (Pracht) c1730 Germany-1831 Dec 22 Pownal Lot 49 PEI, farmer, C of England, m. Susannah Wagner bc late 1750's-still living 1821. Fred/Susannah 8 children, surname Praught:

1.1 Catherine Lydia c1777 USA-1831 March 1 North River Lot 32 PEI, m1st license date 1797 Sept 23 PEI, George Heartz c1760 USA-1824 Dec 4 North River, farmer North River, s/o John Jacob Heartz/Dorothea Rhene; m2nd 1825 March 12 St Paul's CofE Charlottetown, William Cummings 1762 May 4 Targant England (or NFLD)-1866 Dec 13 North River, widower of Mary Eddie. George/Catherine 9 ch., surname Heartz, C of England; no issue by William.

1.2 John bc late 1770's USA-1826 Aug 8 Mt Mellick Lot 49 PEI, farmer, m. license date 1797 May 27 PEI, Sarah "Sally" McPhee c1780 Scotland-1850's, probably d/o Donald McPhee Lot 50. Tradition says John farmed near RC chapel Waterside Lot 49, but unable to get clear title, relocated to Mt Mellick in 1822, where he died leaving large young family. In April 1839, widow Sarah Praught was paid 7 pounds 10 shillings for a right of way through her land for the road, which still corners through the property. John/Sarah 11 ch., surname Praught, RC.

1.3 Mary c1784 PEI-1864 April 14 Village Green Lot 49 PEI, m1st license date 1799 Jan 3 PEI, John Hayley 1760 King's Co. Ireland-1810 Waterside Lot 49 PEI, said to have been a secretary to Gov. Fanning PEI, farmed Waterside. Family tradition is that Mary was too young to marry and they had to wait. Mary m2nd Henry Green c1789 Ireland-1863 May 16 Village Green, farmer Village Green for whom the locale was named. John/Mary 5 ch., surname Hayley, RC; Henry/Mary 6 ch., surname Green, RC.

1.4 William F. 1790 May 2 Cherry Valley Lot 50 -living Pownal 1878 June, not apparent 1881 census, farmer/owner of 17t schooner Maria with brother Peter/notary public Pownal, m1813 Jan 4 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Ann Sinnott b. Ireland. William/Ann 6 known ch., surname Praught, RC.

1.5 David 1793 Nov 11 Cherry Valley Lot 50-living Lot 38 1863, on pauper list 1848/63, farmed Pownal and then Ft Augustus Road Lot 38 PEI, mc1821 PEI Christine Stewart c1802 Scotland-living 1861, d/o Neil Stewart/Mary who came to PEI in 1808 on the Clarendon. David/Christine 8 known ch., surname Praught, RC.

1.6 Ann "Nancy" bcc1794 Cherry Valley Lot 50- living Alexandra Lot 49 PEI 1861, m1812 Feb 18 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Robert Burhoe 1793 July 29 PEI-1882 Alexandra, farmer Alexandra, s/o John Burhoe/Jane Douglas. Robert/Nancy 8 ch., surname Burhoe, Methodist.

1.7 Peter 1796 Cherry Valley Lot 50-living Pownal 1876 June, not apparent 1881 census, farmer/shipowner/innkeeper "Rising Sun Inn", m1817 April 8 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Mary Keoughan c1800 PEI-1866 Jan 18 Pownal, d/o William Keoughan/Barbara Aitken. Peter completed the Smith-Alley questionnaire in June 1876 re early Island conditions. Peter/Mary 13 ch., surname Praught, RC.

1.8 Frederick 1802 Feb 16 Pownal Lot 49-1868 Jan 31 Blissfield, Northumberland Co. NB, farmer Pownal PEI for few years early 1840's, then Blissfield, m1838 Oct 2 Blissfield, Susannah Dixon 1819 March 30 Ludlow NB-1909 March 22 Blissfield, d/o John Dixon/Margaret Suitter. Fred/Susannah 12 ch., surname Pratt, Baptist/RC.

1.1 Catherine Praught/George Heartz issue, surname Heartz, all born North River Lot 32 PEI:

1.1.1 Martin 1800 Feb 4- . Unknown.

1.1.2 John Jacob 1801 Sept 23- . Unknown.

1.1.3 Ann 1804 March 1-1892 April 3 W. Royalty, Charlottetown, m1822 Jan 1 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Thomas Doyle, c1800 Ireland-1865 May Royalty, farmer Royalty. Thomas/Ann 10 known ch., surname Doyle, RC, born Ch'town: Catherine "Kate" 1825 June 30-living 1911 Elmwood Lot 31 PEI, m1843 Jan 17 RC PEI James Sinnott of Ireland, farmed Riverdale Lot 30 PEI; George, in father's will 1865, unknown after; Jane 1830 Jan 14-living 1901 Lot 10 PEI, m1852 Oct 27 St Paul’s CofE Ch’town George W. Cook of England, farmer/miller Dunk River Lot 26; Thomas 1832 May 1- not in father's will, unknown; Mary 1833 Aug 12-1876 Jan 2 PEI, m1862 May 12 St Dunstan’s RC Ch’town Lawrence Morris of Tracadie Lot 36; William 1835 Nov 15-not in father's will, unknown; Margaret 1837 Oct 2-not in father's will, unknown; Ann 1841 Dec 26-living 1911 Ch’town, m1863 Nov 4 Rustico RC Thomas Johnson of Miramichi NB of African origin, fisherman Rustico; Ellen 1844 Jan 19-not in father's will, unknown; Christopher 1845 Feb 20-not in father's will, unknown.

1.1.4 Simon George 1806 March 14-living 1861 Lot 21, farmer North River Lot 32 until early 1840’s, then to Lot 23 about 1844, then to Lot 21 about 1855, m1832 Oct 15 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Martha Hiscock bNFLD- living 1861, d/o John Hiscock/Sarah H. Roper Lot 32. Simon/Martha at least 5 ch., surname Heartz, born PEI, Bible Christian (Methodist): John 1833 July 26, unknown; Ann 1835 Feb 8-1918 Nov 8 Chicago IL, m1859 May 19 PEI John Keilor Clark, Lot 21 to Newfield, Hesperia, Michigan; George C. 1838 Aug-1926 May 10 Concord. Merrimack Co NH, farmed Fredericton Lot 67, m1862 Nov 18 Wheatley River Lot 24 PEI Margaret E. "Maggie" Hiscock of Bungay PEI; Thomas Henry 1841 Jan 18-1912 April 6 Muir, Ionia Co MI, to Michigan, md 1st c1874 wd Susan Houser of Ohio, md 2nd 1891 Aug 6 Alma, Gratiot Co MI Sarah (Johnson) Reagan of Alma; Lemuel 1853 Feb 16-1933 Sept 4 Hamilton, Wentworth Co ON, pattern maker Teeswater, Bruce Co ON until early 1900’s, then to Hamilton, mc1876 Grace Kitson of PEI.

1.1.5 Jane 1808 May-1897 Sept 13 Teeswater, Bruce Co ON, m1st 1832 April 19 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, widower Abraham Sellick 1790 July 5 N. Petherton, Somersetshire England-c1849 PEI, farmer Rustico PEI; m2nd 1849 Archibald Sprowl c1820 Ireland-1898 July 28 Teeswater, farmer Teeswater. Abraham/Jane 7 ch., surname Sellick, Methodist, all born PEI: Elizabeth 1833 Feb 14-1907 Feb 7 Colchester N. Essex Co ON, mc1854 ON Joseph Calhoun, farmed Raleigh, Kent Co ON; John 1836 March 12-1914 Oct 25 Teeswater, farmed Teeswater, m1st1861 March 21 Bruce Co ON Ann Newman of ON, m2nd 1904 April 15 Wingham, Huron Co ON Alice (Thynne) Stroud of Scotland, m3rd 1909 Nov 9 Wingham Rosa Field; Charles 1837 Oct 8-1912 Jan 28 Teeswater, farmed Teeswater, m1861 Bruce Co ON Ellen Geddis of Ireland; Sarah, md Archie Hall, to Ann Arbor Michigan; Isaac 1842 July 25-1888 Nov 26 Teeswater, merchant Teeswater, m1874 May 27 Culross, Bruce Co ON Jane Ann Porter of PQ; Abraham c1844-living 1901 Culross, died Moosimin SK, remained single, farm laborer; Jane Marie 1846 Dec 5-1920 Feb 13 York twp MI, m1867 Sept 23 Bruce Co ON John Rowe of Ireland, farmed Saline, Washtenaw Co MI. Archibald/Jane 2 ch., surname Sprowl, Methodist, born ON: Catherine "Cassie" 1850 Dec 2-living 1920 Moosimin SK, m1876 May 22 Walkerton, Bruce Co ON James Graham of Scotland, moulder Teeswater; James 1855 Jun 3-1906 Dec 28 Dubuc, Assiniboia East SK, farmed Teeswater and then to SK by 1891, m1876 Dec 25 Mt Forest, Grey Co ON Merinda Annie Chilton.

1.1.6 Thomas 1810 Aug 4-1881 Oct 31 North River Lot 32 PEI, farmed North River, m1837 Dec 26 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Margaret Jones c1812 NS-1892 Cornwall PEI. Thomas/Margaret 8 ch., surname Heartz, CofE, all born PEI: George 1839 Sept 18-unknown; Catherine 1841 Aug 14-deceased by 1881, m1864 April 21 North River John Moore, farmed Milton Lot 32 PEI; John Edward 1843 Sept 17-1915 April 1 Gloucester, Essex Co MA, carpenter, m1874 April 16 Gloucester Josephine Witham of Gloucester; Thomas 1846 Jan 3-1944 April 10 Woburn, Middlesex Co MA, bank messenger, m1874 Dec 24 Woburn Mary Almira Jewett of ME; Sarah 1847 Aug 27-unknown; Henry 1849 Nov 28-unknown; Anne 1853 April 17-living 1920 Deshler, Spring Creek, Thayer Co NE, m1876 July 26 Salem, Essex Co MA William F. Irwin of ME, brick mason Deshler; Joseph Alexander 1854 March 10-1938, farmed homestead, m1878 March 13 PEI Margaret Ann Jenkins of Little York Lot 32 PEI.

1.1.7 Catherine Lydia 1813 Jan 3-1898 May 6 Lot 32, m1831 Jan 27 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, her step brother John Cummings 1801 June 4 NFLD-1884 March 7 Lot 32, farmed his father's homestead Lot 32, s/o William Cummings/Mary Eddie. John/Catherine 11 ch., surname Cummings, Baptist, all born Lot 32: William 1831 Nov 8-1912 Sept 7 E. Wiltshire, Lot 32, not in fathers will 1879, farmed Lot 32, m1855 Nov 27 PEI Margaret McKinley of PEI; Catherine 1833 Sept 15-1912 Oct 25 Lot 67 PEI, in fathers will 1879, m1861 March 7 North River James Millar Stevenson , farmer Fredericton Lot 67; George W. 1835 July 15-1884 Aug 9 City Hosp. Boston, Suffolk Co MA, not in fathers will 1879, tailor Boston, m1st1861 Feb 8 Ch’town PEI Sarah Hobbs of Ch’town, m2nd1876 April 13 Boston MA Mary Ann Caladen Sealy of Birch Hill Lot 40 PEI; John 1837 Nov 8-unknown, not in fathers will 1879; Francis 1839 Nov 12-unknown, not in fathers will 1879; Robert Gould 1841 Oct 9-living 1911 North River, in fathers will 1879, farmed homestead, m1874 Nov 26 PEI Adelaide Jenkins of Little York Lot 32; Mary Ann 1842 June 24-1918 April Hampshire Lot 31, in fathers will 1879, m1872 April 27 PEI Enoch Ackland, of England, farmer Lot 31; Jane 1848 Aug 18-living 1911 Ch’town, m1875 Nov 13 Ch’town John Henderson, vet/ blacksmith Lot 32 and Ch’town; Ann 1849 Oct 28-1919, in fathers will 1879, mc1872 PEI wd William James Stevenson, farmer Lot 22; Jacob 1852 July 18-living 1911 North River, killed about 1912 in threshing accident, in fathers will 1879, farm labourer Lot 32, m1872 Oct 9 St Paul’s CofE Ch’town Sarah Horriel of PEI; Elizabeth E. "Lizzie" 1858 June 10-living 1917 Denver CO, m1874 Aug 29 Ch’town Neil Henderson of PEI, laborer to Denver CO about 1880.

1.1.8 Susannah Dorothy 1816 Jan 27-living 1901 Lot 31 as widow ?Ferqueres? with niece Mary A. Ackland, m1840 Jan 9 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, George Fraser of Royalty, Ch'town. Unknown otherwise.

1.1.9 Elizabeth Mary 1818 July 7-1895 Lot 67 PEI, m1st 1840 Dec 8 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Charles Sellick 1784 Dec 5 N. Petherton, Somersetshire England-1851 Nov 10 Fredericton Lot 67, farmer Lot 67, brother of Abraham above; m2nd 1861 March 26 St Paul's CofE, George Coles 1812 Jan 18-living 1881 Lot 67, widower of Elizabeth Younker. Charles/Elizabeth 6 ch., surname Sellick, protestant, all born Lot 67: James William 1842 April 2-died as infant; Sarah M. c1843-1888 April 28 Bay Fortune Lot 43, 44y, m1871 March 16 PEI William Stead, farmer/blacksmith Lot 24/43/56 who md 2nd Sarah Rebecca Blaisdell; Catherine M. 1845 June 2-living 1911 N. Rustico PEI, m1st Joseph Carson, m2nd 1876 March 24 John Alfred Publicover, fisherman Rustico; Mary Jane 1847 July 31-1932 May 7 PEI, m1871 Feb 16 PEI James Smith, farmed Pleasant Valley Lot 21; Charles William 1849 Aug 3-1947 May 28 Greenmount Lot 2 PEI, farmed Greenmount, m1874 July 31 St John’s CofE, Milton Lot 32 PEI Catherine McLure of Granville Road; Elizabeth Ann 1850 cAug-deceased by 1875, m1871 Dec 30 Lot 67 Simon Blondon, farmed Lot 67 who md2nd 1875 Catherine McLean. George/Elizabeth 1 ch., surname Coles, Baptist: George Thomas 1862 June 18 Fredericton Lot 67-1940 Nov 1 Claremont, Sullivan Co NH, teamster/farmer Claremont NH, m1st 1883 Dec 18 Trinity Meth. Ch’town Sarah Jane Smith of Ch’town, m2nd c1890 his 1st cousin once removed Mary Emily Cook of Freetown Lot 26 PEI, m3rd 1902 Oct 29 Claremont NH Janie Reeves of Freetown Lot 26.

1.2 John Praught/Sarah McPhee issue, surname Praught, all born Cherry Valley Lot 50 or Waterside Lot 49 PEI, except youngest born Mt Mellick Lot 49:

1.2.1 John c1799-1867 April 8 Rafting Grounds, Restigouche Co. NB, farmer/lumberer Rafting Grounds, mc1833 NB, Ann Pollock c1815 NS-living 1881 Rafting Grounds. John/Ann 10 ch., surname Pratt, all born Rafting Grounds Restigouche Co NB, bp RC but mainly Protestant later: Mary Margaret 1834 April 6-died as infant; William 1836 Jan 2-1923 May 18 Sillarsville Bonaventure Co PQ, farmer/lumberer Flatlands, Matapedia Quebec, m1871 April 18 Presb. New Carlisle PQ Miron McCormack Irvine of Flatlands; Bridget 1838 June 14-at home 1871 single, unknown after, said to have gone to US; Daniel 1840 Jan 26-, at home 1861 single, unknown after, said to have been in US army - civil war?; Mary c1843- at home 1861 single, unknown after, said to have gone to US; John c1846- at home 1871 single, unknown after; Margaret Ann 1849 Oct 8-1942 March 12 Robinsonville, Restigouche Co NB, m1871 Oct 26 Eldon NB Nathaniel Thomas Cleveland of Matapedia Quebec, farmed Robinsonville NB; Sarah Jane 1854 May 20-1937 Dec 9 McDavid’s Mtn, Bonaventure Co PQ, md in her 3rd relationship1886 March Dawsonville, Restigouche Co NB John David Fraser McDavid, farmer McDavid's Mtn PQ; Allan Joseph S. 1856 Feb 7-1914 Oct 18 Glen Levit Restigouche Co NB, lumberer Matapedia area, mc1892 RC Agnes Coloumbe of NB; Robert 1861 Feb 11-drowned 1884 July 29 Restigouche NB, cook, 23y, single. Several of this family to USA and unknown after.

1.2.2 George c1800-1881 May 16 Lot 48 PEI, farmer/railroad worker Mt Mellick Lot 49 PEI/Millvale Lot 22 PEI/Brighton, Carleton Co NB/Maccan, Cumberland Co NS/Bathurst, Gloucester Co NB, m1834 Jan 27 PEI RC, Catherine "Kate" McInnis c1813 PEI-1893 Nov 30 Somerville, Middlesex Co MA, d/o John McInnis/Isabella --- Lot 50. A reconciliation letter written in April 1874 from Bathurst NB by mother Kate to her son Neil, who married a protestant, has survived, and speaks of her children being scattered around the world. George/Kate 14 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born PEI: Sarah c1835-living St John NB 1874, md, unknown otherwise ; Isabella "Bella" c1836-living 1891 St John NB, m1858 Nov 23 RC Moncton NB John Nicholson, ship carpenter of Moncton NB. Bella a wd by 1871; John Wellington 1837 Jun 17-1903 Dec 11 Lincoln, Penobscot Co ME, stone mason NB, mid 1880's to Lincoln ME, m1875 July 6 Bapt. Ludlow, Northumberland Co NB Christiana Nelson of Ludlow; Alexander "Alec" 1839 March-not heard from in 4 years, 1874, may be the one who was seaman lost at sea; Mary Ann 1841 Jan 8-1925 June 5 Joggins, Cumberland Co NS, m1860 Jan 8 St Anselme RC, Salisbury, Westmoreland Co NB Amos Noiles, of River Hebert, Cumberland Co NS, carpenter Peticodiac NB; Neil Jarvis 1842 June 19-1924 June 9 Brighton, Carleton Co NB, farmed Brighton NB, took spelling Pratt, m1866 NB Phoebe Jane Orser of Brighton; Peter 1844 Jan 31- may have died young; George 1845 Sept 27- may have died young; William "Willie" 1847 Jan 14- to USA c1872, at parents PEI 1881 single, unknown after; Margaret E. 1848 Nov 3-living 1920 El Paso TX, m1871 May 20 Moncton NB Alexander Tays, farmer of Stewiacke, Colchester Co NS, divorced 1880’s TX; Teresa c1851-living 1881 San Antonio, Bexar Co TX, m1871 May 9 St Bridget’s RC, Little Forks, Cumberland Co NS John Murray, labourer of Mabou Cape Breton, unknown after 1881; Susan Catherine 1853 Feb 5-died as child; Agnes Anastatia 1855 Feb 8-1917 May 4 Welwyn SK, m1881 Jan 14 Bedford RC, Halifax Co NS John Old, carpenter of Boulardarie Cape Breton, separated in CB 1916; Daniel George 1856 Sept 4-1926 Sept 4 Fairlee, Orange Co VT, quarryman/boarding house keeper VT, m1888 Dec 31 Barre, Washington Co VT Ella Sarah Lawless of Norton Mills, Essex Co VT.

1.2.3 Margaret c1801-1881 Sept 28 St Michaels Otsego Wright Co. MN, mc1821 Angus Campbell c1785 highlands Scotland-1873 Dec 14 St Michaels, to NB c1821, farmed to c1858 Blackville, Northumberland Co NB, then with younger members of family joined older children in St Michaels MN, where many Praught relations from PEI migrated to over next 30 years. Angus/Margaret 10 ch., surname Campbell, RC, most born Blackville, possibly all to MN: John 1822 Dec 8-1898 Aug 18 Brainerd, Crow Wing Co MN, to MN c1856, farmed Brainerd, m1858 Dec 21 Hennepin Co MN Mary Ann Weaver of Blackville NB. After John decease, Mary Ann md twice more – John A. Spencer, William Henry Hilyar; Sarah Ann "Sadie" 1826 May 10-1902 Nov 14 Lowell, Snohomish Co WA, to MN c1856, m1858 Feb 2 MN Michael Kenna of NB, died 1864 Milan Georgia in US civil war, Sadie later to Lowell WA; Angus 1828 Feb-at home NB 1851 single, deceased by 1882, unknown otherwise; Mary Ann 1829 Sept 6-1873 March 22 Otsego, Wright Co MN, to MN c1856, m1864 April 26 Wright Co MN James McCosh of NB, farmed MN; Daniel 1832 Jan-1918 March 22 Frankfort, Wright Co MN, remained single; George 1834 May- living 1882, unknown otherwise; Joseph 1837 July 20-1908 June 30 St Michael’s, Wright Co MN, to MN c1856, farmed St Michael's, m1874 Oct 26 St Michael’s RC, Albertville, Wright Co MN Victoria Mittelstadt of WI; Catherine "Kate" 1839 Dec 11 Lot 49 PEI (while father in debtors jail PEI)-1922 Aug 15 Frankfort, Wright Co MN, m1st1858 Jan 17 St Michael’s RC, Albertville, Wright Co MN James McDougall of NS or NB, ship carpenter, died 1869 of civil war injuries, m2ndc1870 MN widower Bernard "Barney" Duffy of NB, farmed St Michael's; Malcolm 1844 Jan 19-died as infant; Peter 1845 Aug- died as child.

1.2.4 Daniel c1803-1891 March 2 Mt Mellick Lot 49 PEI, farmed the homestead Mt Mellick, mc1834 PEI RC, Catherine "Kitty" Campbell c1812 PEI-1881 June 2 Mt Mellick. Daniel/Kitty 9 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Mt Mellick: John A. 1834 Dec 14-1911 March 12 Albertville, Wright Co MN, to MN c1866, farmed St Michael's, m1870 June 29 RC Albertville, Wright Co MN Catherine J. "Kate" Donahue of NB; Mary 1837 Aug 28-1900 Aprilc9 PEI, remained at home, single; Emily 1840 March 20, unknown, may have died as child; Sarah Agatha 1842 April 27-1891 Sept 7 Mt Mellick (died at their old house, waked at their new house), m1878 March 4 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI Patrick Cannon, farmed Mt Mellick, their son John F. Cannon took over remaining Praught homestead farm from his uncle Joseph below; Catherine "Kate" 1844 June 14-1915 Octc2 Pownal PEI, remained at home, single; Angus Peter 1846 March 26-1933 Jan 3 Old Folks Home, St Cloud, Sherburne Co MN, to MN c1866, farmed Albertville MN, m1876 June 14 St Michael’s RC, Albertville, Wright Co MN Sarah J. Walker of NY/MN; Francis J. "Frank" 1848 June 23-1924 Octc20 PEI, shoemaker Mt Mellick, wrote poetry/essays, remained single; Margaret E. 1850 May 2-living Charlottetown PEI 1915, m1877 Oct 2 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town PEI Philip Curley, farmer/butcher Lot 49/35/Charlottetown; Joseph P. 1852 Aug 10-1937 Nov 17 Cherry Valley Lot 50 PEI, farmed homestead but later moved to Cherry Valley Lot 50, mc1885 PEI Margaret T. Wood of PEI.

1.2.5 Mary c1805-1887 Feb c12 Afton Rd. Bethel Lot 48 PEI, m1845 Feb 3 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI, Robert Lund c1817 PEI-1878 Sept 6 Bethel, s/o Robert Lund/ Eleanor, farmer/sawmill Bethel. Robert/Mary 3 ch., surname Lund, RC, all born Bethel: John Frederick 1845 Sept 11-1913 July 21 Afton Road, Lot 36 PEI, farmed Tracadie Lot 36, m1st c1866 Margaret Ann Jennings of PEI, m2nd 1882 Feb 21 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town PEI Bridget McInnis of PEI; Mary 1847 Sept 9-1891 May c9 Johnson’s River Lot 35 PEI, m1875 Sept 20 St Patrick’s RC, Ft Augustus Lot 36 PEI Patrick Brazel of PEI, farmed Johnson's River Lot 35; Robert 1849 Nov 22-1934 Jan 11 Sacred Heart home, Ch’town PEI, labourer Bethel, then to Ch'town, m1875 Oct 5 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town Mary Ann Carroll of Scotchfort Lot 36 PEI.

1.2.6 William c1808-1899 Feb 20 Ch'town PEI, farmer/blacksmith Millview Lot 49 PEI, mc1833 PEI, Elizabeth Wisener c1812 Seal River Lot 50 PEI-1887 Sept c12 Millview, d/o Richard Wisener/Elizabeth Hayden. William/Elizabeth 10 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Millview: William 1834 Dec-1908 Feb 7 Ch’town, storekeeper Ch'town, m1869 Jan 25 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI Maria Kielly of Montague PEI; Margaret c1835-1900 March c2 Cherry Valley Lot 50 PEI, m1861 April 8 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI John Wright of Cherry Valley PEI, farmed Cherry Valley Lot 50; Mary 1837 Feb 4-1919 April 2 Ch’town PEI, remained at home, single; John 1839 Jan-last heard of in Green Co PA per father 1874 Boston Pilot newspaper query, unknown; Charles 1840 Dec 18- , unknown; James 1842 Nov- , unknown; Edward C. Haythorne 1845 March 10-living 1919 Ch’town, remained at home, single; Elizabeth 1846 April 10- probably died as child; Catherine Ann 1847 Nov 8-1864 April 2 Millview; Peter Eusilius 1849 Dec 15- died as child.

1.2.7 Cornelius "Neil" c1810-1886 Feb. Earnscliffe Lot 50 PEI, farmed Earnscliffe, m.1848 Jan 17 St Mary's RC Indian River Lot 18 PEI, Bridget Morrison 1827 Aug 28 Darnley Lot 18-1911 Dec 4 Earnscliffe, d/o Peter Morrison/Johanna Cody. Neil/Bridget 11 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Earnscliffe: Barbara Ann 1849 Jan 13-1859 Sept 27 Earnscliffe, diphtheria; Johanna 1850 Nov 1-1859 Oct 3 Earnscliffe, diphtheria; Mary Ann 1852 Oct 16-1859 Sept 30 Earnscliffe, diphtheria; John A. "Red John" 1855 Jan 23-1933 Aug 19 Albertville, Wright Co MN, to MN c1882, farmed Wright Co. MN, m1904 Aug 9 St George’s RC, Glencoe, McLeod Co MN Ellen Bonner of PA; Sarah Jane 1858 Jan-1859 Sept 24 Earnscliffe, diphtheria; Peter Francis 1860 April-1926 April 26 Monroe, Snohomish Co WA, farm labourer, miner, RY track walker, to MN c1898, later to Alaska and finally Seattle area WA, m1890 March 6 St George’s RC Lot 55 PEI Catherine "Kate" Campbell of Lot 54, divorced mid 1890’s. Kate m. 2nd 1905 MA, Daniel W. Goodwin; Ann 1862 Sept-1900 Jan 13 Earnscliffe, m1889 Feb 26 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI John Doyle, farmed Earnscliffe; Cornelius James "Neil" 1865 April 18-1940 Dec 27 Earnscliffe, remained at home, lost an arm in gun explosion, remained single; Mathias Ambrose 1869 March 21-1943 Feb c15 Earnscliffe, remained at home, blacksmith, single; Michael "Mick" 1871 April 30-1936 June c12 Earnscliffe, remained at home, mentally challenged, single; Mary Teresa 1875 June 15-1960 March 6 hosp. Ch’town PEI, remained at home, single. The eldest 4 girls died of diphtheria in autumn 1859.

1.2.8 Joseph "Joe" c1812-1885 Aug. Earnscliffe Lot 50 PEI, farmed Earnscliffe, m. 1850 Jan 28 St Joachim RC, Flora Morrison 1818 Jan 2 Darnley Lot 18-living Earnscliffe 1886, aunt of Bridget Morrison above and d/o Malcolm Morrison/Bridget Ahearn. Joseph/Flora 5 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Earnscliffe: Elizabeth 1850 March 5-1889 Dec 1 Glenfanning Lot 53 PEI, m1st c1874 Edgar William Helm, teacher, m2nd 1884 Sept 2 St George’s RC Lot 55 widower Ronald Campbell, ship carpenter Lot 54/55; Bridget 1851 July 28-living 1911 Souris Lot 45 PEI, nurse, ancestor of Souris Praughts, m mid 1890’s widower John Wilson, labourer Souris; George 1853 Aug 3-1910 Dec c26 Earnscliffe, farmed Earnscliffe, m1889 Oct 22 RC Cardigan Lot 53 PEI Bridget Fogarty of Cardigan; Malcolm 1855 March 25-living 1901 Lot 45 PEI, tailor, single, unknown after; John Joseph 1857 July 14- , unknown.

1.2.9 Peter c1814-1893 July 27 Grand River Lot 14 PEI, farmed Millvale Lot 22 to 1875 and then he and eldest son John joined younger sons in Grand River Lot 14 PEI, m. 1842 April 11 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI, Julia Hackett c1815 Co Wexford Ireland-1881 March 24 Grand River. Peter/Julia and all their adult children moved to Grand River and are ancestors of Grand River Praught's. Peter/Julia 8 ch., surname Praught, RC, last 6 born Millvale: John Harold 1843 Jan 28-1914 Dec 17 Grand River, farmed Grand River, m1874 Feb 16 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town PEI Catherine Adelia Barron of North River Lot 32; George 1846 Feb 16 Brae Lot 9 PEI - died as child; Angus F. 1847 April 27-1936 Oct 4 Grand River, farmed Grand River, m1874 Feb 3 RC PEI Mary Eliza McDonald of Grand River; Edward Joseph 1849 Jan 2-1925 Aug 14 Grand River, farmer Grand River, m1884 Sept 2 Immaculate Conception RC Wellington Lot 15 PEI Angelina McKinnon of Harmony, Lot 13; Daniel 1850 Aug 25-died as child; Peter Leo 1852 June 4-1889 Oct 11 Grand River, farmed/mail courier Grand River, m1878 Jan 29 St Johns RC Miscouche PEI RC Mary Jane McKinnon, sister of Angelina, of Harmony; Catherine 1854 Feb 23-1889 Sept Kinkora Lot 26 PEI, m1878 Nov 19 St Patrick’s RC Grand River Peter Paul McDougall of Grand River, labourer, Kinkora PEI.

1.2.10 Angus c1820-1866 July 9, killed when barrel of flour fell off his wagon on road to Ch'town, farmer/miller Millvale Lot 22 PEI, m. 1846 Sept 30 St Mary's RC Indian River Lot 18 PEI, his 2nd cousin Ellen Cody 1822 Aug. PEI-1902 Sept 23 Anoka Co MN, d/o Mark Cody/Margaret Morrison. Margaret Morrison and Angus' mother Sarah McPhee would have been 1st cousins. Angus/Ellen 10 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Millvale: John 1847 Feb 15-died as child; Sarah Cecily 1848 Nov 13-1916 Jan 13 Procter, St Louis Co MN, m1st1877 Jan 22 St Ann’s RC, Hope River Lot 22 PEI Augustine Fraser of PEI, m2nd c1900 Jan MN wd Joseph F. Schweigert of MN. As widow Fraser with her son and mother widow Ellen Praught left PEI in 1897 and joined brother Angus W. in St Michaels, Wright Co MN; Mary 1850 Dec 5-died as child; Daniel Bernard "Cpt Dan" 1852 June 8-1933 Dec 31 Sydney Mines, Cape Breton NS, sea captain PEI and then late 1890's to N. Sydney, Cape Breton NS, mc1880 Mary Lannon of St John's NFLD; Mark Peter 1854 April 13-1891 June 6 Millvale Lot 22 PEI, took over the Millvale farm but died 1891, 37y, single; Margaret 1856 March 26-died as child; Emilia Ann 1857 Nov 8-died as child; Joseph Ambrose 1859 April 17-1918 Oct 27 Gardiner, Kennebec Co ME, mariner when young, then house builder Lancaster Coos Co NH and later Gardiner ME, m1894 Nov 24 Boston MA Louise Mary Muise of Surettes Island, Yarmouth Co NS. After Joseph death, Louise m1921 ME Edward D. Bailey, and 1927 ME Thomas Curry; Angus William 1861 May 19-1928 June 14 Albertville, Wright Co MN, to St Michael's, Albertville MN c1882, farmed St Michael's, m1886 Sept 8 RC Albertville, Wright Co MN Mary T. Walker, sister of Sarah above; Patrick Neal 1863 March 18-1938 Oct 26 Lancaster, Coos Co NH, to Lancaster NH c1890, carpenter, m1891 Nov 23 RC Lancaster NH Emma Cecilia Whyte of Frampton Quebec.

1.2.11 Frederick 1826 April 29 Mt Mellick Lot 49 PEI-1903 Jan 1 Millvale Lot 22, farmed Millvale, m1860 April 30 St Augustine RC Rustico PEI, his 2nd cousin Anastatia "Ann" Cody 1828 June 8 PEI-living 1901, sister of Ellen above, d/o Mark Cody/Margaret Morrison. Fred/Ann 7 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Millvale: Mary Ellen 1861 May 8-1897 Nov 4 Charlestown, Sullivan Co NH, m1891 July 19 Claremont, Sullivan Co NH Hugh H. Burns of Scotland, gardener/teamster Charlestown NH; Sarah 1862 Aug 28-died as child; Margaret "Maggie" 1863 Oct 27-1907 Aug 20 Millvale PEI, m1893 Nov 28 St Ann’s RC, Hope River Lot 22 PEI Patrick Murphy widower of Cecilia Foley, farmed Millvale; John Peter 1866 July 1-living 1901 Millvale, not apparent 1911 census, took over home farm as well as later uncle Angus', remained single; Christianna "Christie" 1867 March 11-1921 Jan 12 Charlestown, Sullivan Co NH, to Charlestown NH c1892, m1900 April 19 Charlestown widower Hugh H. Burns above, after her sister Mary died; Bridget 1869 Sept 21-died as child; Catherine Susanna 1873 March 8-1951 July 11 PEI, m1907 PEI James Evans of PEI, farmed Tracadie Lot 36 PEI.

1.3a John Hayley/Mary Praught issue, surname Hayley, RC, all born Waterside Lot 49 PEI:

1.3a.1 Mary c1802-1893 Feb 25 Mt Mellick Lot 49 PEI, m. 1837 April 30 RC PEI Angus McDonald c1804 PEI-1880's Lot 49, farmer Mt Mellick Lot 49. Angus/Mary 4 ch., surname McDonald, RC, all born Mt Mellick: Mary1839 Jan 29-living 1911 Mt Mellick, remained on homestead, single; John V. 1841 May 8-living 1911 Mt Mellick, remained homestead, single; Michael 1842 March 9-living 1911 Mt Mellick, m1876 Jan 11 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI Mary McDonald of Lot 50, merchant Lot 49; Peter 1844 Sept 8-living 1911 Mt Mellick, remained homestead, single.

1.3a.2 Nancy 1805-1812 April 6 Waterside Lot 49 PEI, buried Waterside with father.

1.3a.3 Michael c1806-1874 Nov 8 Waterside Lot 49 PEI, farmed Waterside, m1835 Nov 15 RC PEI, Flora McDougall -died before Michael. Michael/Flora 4 ch., surname Hayley, RC, all born Waterside: John 1837 June 4-living 1910 Chicago, Cook Co IL, deceased by 1920, carpenter, m1861 Nov 22 PEI Sarah Ann Huggan of Cherry Valley PEI; Joseph 1840 March 21-1909 June 5 PEI, farmer/fisherman Lot 52, m1871 Nov 28 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town PEI Mary Ann McInnis of Earnscliffe; Catherine 1841 cOct-may have died young, unknown.

1.3a.4 John c1807-1884 Nov. Waterside Lot 49 PEI, farmed Waterside, m. 1843 Feb 13 St Andrews RC Mt Stewart PEI Bridget Corrigan 1824 March 24 Ireland-1915 March 22. John/Bridget 11 ch., surname Hayley, RC, all born Waterside: Susannah 1843 Dec 2-living 1911 Millview Lot 50 PEI, mc1871 John McDonald, farmed Vernon River PEI; Annie 1846 Jan 1-living 1870 but died young, single; Mary 1847 Aug 29-living 1911 Ch’town PEI, m1874 Nov 10 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI John Walsh, died as young man; Michael M. 1849 Nov 3-1938 Jan 14 PEI, farmed Waterside, remained single; Rose Anna 1852 March 9-1934 Sept 24 PEI, remained at home, single; Catherine "Kate" 1854 March 13-1938 Feb 2 PEI, remained at home, single; Bridget 1856 Oct 15-1938 March 28 PEI, remained at home, single; Francis James 1858 July 15-1938 May 5 PEI, remained at home, single; John Martin 1861 Nov 10-1912 Sept Regina SK, typhoid fever, at home 1901 single, then to western Canada; Joseph Bertram 1864 March 21-1948 PEI, took over home farm, remained single; Lucinda Marion 1867 June 22-1946, m1897 Sept 28 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI John James McGillvray, farmer and JP Vernon Bridge PEI.

1.3a.5 Joseph c1808-1884 Dec 14 Earnscliffe Lot 50 PEI, farmed Earnscliffe, m 1843 Jan 9 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI Maria Cavanaugh c1823 PEI-1881 Dec 26 Earnscliffe, d/o John Cavanaugh/Matilda Beers. Joseph/Maria 9 ch., surname Hayley, RC, all born Earnscliffe: Annie A. 1843 Nov 1-1943 PEI, m1870 Jan 19 St Joachim RC John Andrew McInnis, farmed Earnscliffe; Margaret 1845 June 12-1936 Earnscliffe, remained at home, single; Matilda 1847 cApril-living 1872 USA, m1870 July 19 Boston, Suffolk Co MA Rudolph Turner of MD; John T. 1850 Jan 4-1886 Oct 27 Stockton, San Joaquin Co CA, to Stockton CA c1879, m1877 July 23 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town PEI Catherine G. "Katie" Grimes of PEI; Joseph "Brother Prudent" 1853 Feb c9-1927 May 17 Montreal PQ, Montreal, RC teaching brother, remained single; Michael A. 1856 Dec 15-1934 July 28 CA, carpenter, to Stockton CA c1892, m1885 April 14 St Joachim RC Mary Ann Wright of Cherry Valley; Frederick Francis 1859 Sept 17, teacher on PEI, md, lived CA; Virginia Agnes 1863 Oct 20- living 1937 Montreal PQ, m1885 Feb 10 St Joachim RC Alexander Lewis, farmed/house plasterer Lot 50, later to Montreal; Bernard Ronald 1867 March 7-1931 May 2 San Joaquin Co CA, flour miller, to Stockton CA c1886, mc1895 CA Genevieve Sutter of WI.

1.3b Henry Green/Mary Praught issue, surname Green, RC, all born Village Green Lot 49 PEI:

1.3b.1 Susannah c1816-living 1891 Lake Verde Lot 48 PEI, m. 1844 Oct 7 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI Thomas Murphy c1814 PEI-1900 April c10 Lot 48, farmer Lake Verde. Thomas/Susannah 7 ch., surname Murphy, RC, all born Lake Verde: Mary 1845 Aug 3-living 1892 PA as Mrs Mary Martin, unknown otherwise; Bridget 1847 Aug 11- living 1911 at home, single; Ann 1849 Sept 29, unknown; John 1852 Jan 14- living 1911 at home Lake Verde, farmer, single; Mary Martha "Susannah" 1854 March 25-living 1911 at home, single; Catherine "Kate" 1856 March 21-living 1911 at home, single; Johanna or Hannah 1859 Jan 15-living 1911 at home, single, seamstress.

1.3b.2 Henry c1818-1888 May 8 Village Green Lot 50 PEI, farmed Village Green, m. 1858 Jan 26 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI Margaret Clarkin c1840-living 1881. Henry/Margaret 1 ch., surname Green, RC: Margaret c1861-living 1881 at home, single.

1.3b.3 Richard died before 1881, farmed Cardigan Lot 54 PEI, m. 1851 Aug 4 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI, Ann King c1824 Ireland-1900 April 17 Mitchell River, Cardigan Lot 54 PEI. Richard/Ann 4 ch., surname Green, RC, all born PEI: Mary 1853 Feb 5-wd living 1920 E. Boston, Suffolk Co MA, to Boston c1880, m1875 June 14 PEI Allen Gregory McLean of PEI, plasterer Boston MA; Henry William 1858 July 15-living 1927 Cardigan PEI, farmed Mitchell River Lot 54, m1888 Jan 31 St Teresa RC, Cardigan PEI Emily McCormack of Cardigan; Anne 1862 Sept- wd living 1910/20 Boston MA, mc1880 PEI Michael Sweeney, farming Mitchell River 1901; Minnie 1865-living 1927 Cardigan as Mrs Peter McPhee, m1887 Jan 25 St George’s RC Kings Co PEI Peter H. McPhee, farmed Mitchell River Lot 54 PEI.

1.3b.4 Peter c1820-1893 Feb 20 Cardigan Bridge Lot 54 PEI. Tailor, farmer Cardigan, single.

1.3b.5 John c1825-1896 Jan 1 Boston, Suffolk Co MA, sea captain Montague PEI, m. 1859 Oct 10 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI, m1859 Oct 10 St Joachim RC Catherine M. Corrigan c1840-died late 1880's. John/Catherine 10 ch., surname Green, RC, all born PEI - several Montague: Mary R. 1860 Aug 14-1900 Jan 20 Brewster, Barnstable Co MA, m1895 Feb 3 Boston, Suffolk Co MA wd Washington F. Eldridge, mariner, of Brewster; Francis Peter 1862 June 7-living 1920 Silver Bow MT, miner, single; Bridget "Annie" 1864 Oct 30-1900 Dec 5 Boston MA, m1898 Aug 24 Boston Peter Jackman, of PEI, lineman; Susan 1867 Oct 25-living 1910 Boston MA, waitress, single; Edie Catherine "Ada" 1871 June 6-living 1920 Boston, waitress, single; Henry Thomas 1872 July 12-1899 July 22 Boston, clerk, single; Eveline Lucinda 1874 July 4-living 1900 Boston, dressmaker, single; John E. 1876 July 27-living 1900 Jefferson Co MT, miner, single; George Richard 1879 Feb 20-living 1920 Boston, clerk, m1907 Dec 25 Boston Catherine Ann Jones of MA; Celina Bertha 1882 Sept 8-living 1920 Boston, clerk, single.

1.3b.6 Robert c1826-1888 Feb 10 Mt Albion Lot 48 PEI, house painter, m1st 1850 Nov 4 St Joachim RC Mary Manuel -living 1868, died by 1873; m2nd 1873 Sept 21 PEI, his 1st cousin once removed Margaret Acorn 1839 March 27 Lot 49-living 1911 Dundas Lot 55, d/o Benjamin Acorn/Ann Burhoe. Robert/Margaret "valid marriage" blessed by St Joachim RC 1888 Feb 2, just a week before Robert died. Robert/Mary 9 ch., surname Green, RC, all born PEI: Mary Johanna c1851-living 1881 at home, unknown after; Susannah 1852 Oct 15- , unknown; Peter 1854 June 3- , unknown; Henry 1856 Feb 16-living 1881 at home; John c1860-living 1881 at home; Margaret c1862-living 1881 at home; Bridget Ellen 1864 Jan 6-living 1881 at home; Ann Catherine 1866 March 23-living 1881 at home; Barbara 1868 Feb 1-probably died as infant, unknown. Unable to find any trace of these Green children after 1881 PEI census. Robert/Margaret 3 ch., surname Green, RC, all born Mt Albion: Benjamin 1877 Jan 12-died as infant; Peter D. 1879 Nov 11-1966, remained single; Francis Richard 1882 March 5-1963, carpenter, md after 1910 Lola A. Nicholson.

1.4 William F. Praught/Ann Sinnott issue, surname Praught, RC, all born Pownal Lot 49 PEI:

1.4.1 Ann cc1816-c1843 Alexandra Lot 49 PEI, m. 1833 Jan 28 PEI RC, Michael Costin c1809 Lot 49-1882 Sept 17 Palmer Road Lot 2 PEI, farmer Lot 49/31/26/Moncton NB and finally Lot 2, s/o John Costin/Catherine Power, Lot 49. Michael m. 2nd c1844 PEI Ellen Mansfield by whom several children. Michael/Ann at least 4 ch., surname Costin, RC, all born Lot 49: Michael (or Mary Ann) 1833 Dec 8 - , in father 1882 will as Michael, unknown otherwise; John c1835-1895 Dec 15 Drayton, Wellington Co ON, farmer/ merchant Drayton ON, m1st c1853 ON Mary Lee, m2nd 1873 Oct 20 RC Quelph ON Ann Kennedy; William 1837 May 12- , not in father 1882 will, unknown; Edward 1840 May 1-c1890 Weldford, Kent Co NB, carpenter Weldford, m1861 Jan 26 Weldford NB Mary Ann McAffrey of Ireland; Catherine 1842 July 18-living 1920 Boston MA, m1863 Sept 22 St David’s St John NB William Blizzard, fish packer Richibucto NB, and Alberton PEI.

1.4.2 Susannah c1818-1886 April c6 Southport Lot 48 PEI, m1846 Feb 23 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI Mathew Murphy c1819-1875 Oct 5 Southport, operated Southport House Inn. Mathew/Susannah 9 ch., surname Murphy, RC, all born PEI, only 4 children living when Mathew died 1875: John 1847 May 20-died as child; Mary Ann 1849 Feb 10-1871 June 26 Southport; Anastatia 1850 Dec- died as infant; Thomas 1852 June 3-died as child; Anastatia A. "Annie" 1854 March 9-1875 Oct 13 Southport; Catherine "Kate" 1854 March 9- in Boston 1892, in Almeda CA 1910, single; William 1856 Jan 26-died as infant; Maud Bridget 1857 Nov 19- , in Almeda CA 1910, single; Joseph Mathew 1860 July 26- living 1890 Southport PEI 1890, unknown after.

1.4.3 William 1819 Aug 1- . Probably one of the two of William sons who died 1825 March in flu epidemic.

1.4.4 John 1821 Dec 21- . Probably one of the two William sons died 1825 March in flu epidemic.

1.4.5 Frederick c1822-1890 Sparrows Road Lot 51 PEI, farmed Lot 49 to late 1850’s and then Sparrows Road Lot 51, m1853 Jan 31 St Joachim RC, Anastatia "Ann" Fraser b. PEI-deceased by 1881. Frederick/Ann 10 ch., surname Praught/mostly Pratt, RC, all born PEI with Austin and later born Sparrows Road: William Mathew 1853 Nov 29- 1888 April 15 Sparrows Road, 34y, single; Anastatia "Annie" 1855 July 7-1918 Oct 10 Waltham, Middlesex Co MA, single; Susan Matilda 1857 Oct 5-living 1930 Waltham MA, nurse, to MA with brother Frederick Nov 1891, m1912 Jan 3 Waltham MA Michael Joseph Mullen of Lot 58 PEI, Susan had natural child Mary Vickerson 1884 Nov 2 PEI who married Percy Roughsedge; Austin Joseph 1859 Aug-living Waltham MA 1920, blacksmith, to USA c1885, m1895 April 22 Waltham Mary Esther "Minnie" Cook of NY, widow of Martin Curry; Sarah 1863 cJan-1886 May 10 Sparrows Road, 23y, single, had natural child John Praught b1884 April 6 PEI; Eliza 1864 March 26-died as child; Mary Agnes 1865 Dec 9-living Waltham MA in 1943, m1897 Feb 2 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI William Hayden, farmed Vernon River, to Waltham 1907 after William death 1906; Catherine "Kate" 1868 Aug-1893 Nov 25 Waltham, 25y, single; Edward James 1870 Sept 3-1948 March 3 Waltham, to USA c1887, furniture mover Waltham, m1893 June 9 Waltham Margaret Mary King of Sturgeon Road Lot 61 PEI; Frederick George 1872 Dec 8-living 1920 Waltham, teamster, to MA with sister Susan Nov 1891, m1900 June 26 Cambridge, Middlesex Co MA Anna A. O’Hara of Ireland.

1.4.6 Edward S. 1824 Sept 25-1907 July 28 Charlottetown PEI, farmed Lot 49 to early 1860’s, then Sparrows Road with brother Fred, then in late 1870’s carpenter Ch'town with railroad, mc1847 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI, Ellen Bourke 1827 Co Kilkenny Ireland-1910 Feb 6 Ch'town. Ellen may be a sibling of Michael Bourke who married Edward’s cousin Barbara Praught. Edward/Ellen 11 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born PEI: William 1848 Sept 7-living Australia 1907/1910, at home 1881 single, seaman, deceased by 1915; John 1850 Feb-1902 Oct 18 Gladwin twp, Gladwin Co MI, farmed Gladwin, mc1888 Caroline --- of MI; Michael 1851 Sept 17- , unknown, deceased by 1907; Frederick 1854 April 28- , may have died as a child; Anastatia c1855-1876 Dec 28 Ch’town, 21y, single; James A. 1857 Dec 3-living US 1927, seaman when young, in MA 1910/1920, single; Francis Frederick "Frank" 1862 Aug 25-1915 Oct 7 Ch’town, single PEI; twin Martha Catherine 1865 Feb 11-1947 Sept 28 Ch’town, m1884 July 2 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town widower James Smith, ship stewart Ch'town; twin Mary F. 1865 Feb 11-1939 Ch’town, m1904 Jan 12 St Dunstan’s RC Frederick Power of Tracadie PEI, RY clerk, lost leg in RY accident; Susannah "Susie" 1867 June 11-1952, m1901 Sept 2 St Dunstan’s RC William O. Davey, RY baggage master Ch'town; Joseph Augustus 1870 May 17-1927 July 9 Ch’town, worked railroad Ch'town, m1893 Aug 22 St Dunstan’s RC Fanny J. Monaghan. Family tradition that one of boys a sailor, died Australia – probably William.

1.5 David Praught/Christina Stewart issue, surname Praught, RC, all born PEI, probably Pownal:

1.5.1 Susannah 1822 Feb 26-1889 Feb 15 Bethel Lot 48, m. 1846 Nov 23 St Joachim RC Vernon River, Peter "Tailor" McAdam 1820 Armagh Co. Ireland-1899 Dec 17 Bethel, tailor/farmer Bethel. Peter/Susannah 11ch., surname McAdam, RC, all born PEI probably Bethel: Sally 1846 July 22- , unknown; James 1849 June 8-1917, farmer/brickmaker Lot 48, m1887 Feb 14 St Patrick’s RC Ft Augustus PEI Margaret "Maggie" Holland of Lot 36; Margaret 1850 June- living 1882 single, unknown; Catherine 1851 April 24- , md after 1880 William Carey to Natick, Middlesex Co MA; Mary Ann 1853 Feb 12-1931, mc1886 John B. Delorey, fisherman, lived Georgetown PEI; Rose Anna 1855 Dec 22-1946 July 4 Kings Co NB, mc1882 Michael Ready, farmer Studholme, Kings Co NB; Joseph M. c1857-1906 April 25 Brookline, Norfolk Co MA, m1885 Nov 22 MA Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cahill of Norfolk Co MA; Bridget 1858 Feb 2-1937 Dec 12 Ch’town, m1881 Aug 16 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town Anthony Flynn, worked railroad Ch'town, brother of Peter below; Elizabeth "Lizzie" 1860 March 5- in Ch'town 1881, unknown after; Thomas 1861 July 12-1946, farmed Lot 48/35, m1887 Feb 21 St Patrick’s RC Ft Augustus Mary Ann Smith; Peter 1863 Aug 23-1931 E. Boston MA, mc1888 MA Emma Hughes of Lot 36 PEI.

1.5.2 Frederick c1828-1853 Sept 30 Bethel Lot 48, drowned working logs in cousin Robert Lund mill pond, 25y, single.

1.5.3 John F. "Bear Claw" c1828-living 1911 Fanning Brook Lot 38, took over father's farm Ft Augustus Road Lot 38, mc1860 Margaret Kelly c1829 PEI-1906 Oct 20 Lot 38. John/Margaret 4 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Lot 38: John Frederick 1861 Dec 11- at home 1911 single, unknown after; James 1865 Feb 2-living 1920 Anson, Somerset Co ME, farm labourer Lot 37, m1896 Aug 18 St Andrew’s RC, Mt Stewart PEI Mary Catherine "Kate" McCormack; William 1871 Jan 18-1937 Oct Bristol, Lot 39 PEI, took over father farm Lot 38, m1900 Oct 13 RC Morell PEI Maria Jane Clarkin; George Ambrose 1873 March 19-living 1920 Anson, Somerset Co ME, laborer, m1900 July 21 Anson Annie F. Burns of ME.

1.5.4 Margaret 1832 Dec 9-1912 March 8 PEI, m. 1853 April 11 St Joachim RC, Angus Currie c1820 PEI-1882 Feb 13 Bethel Lot 48, farmed Bethel. Angus/Margaret 12 ch., surname Currie, RC, all born Bethel: Mary Ellen 1854 Feb 26-died as child; Elizabeth 1855 Aug 24- living 1901, deceased before 1910, m1885 Aug 18 St Dunstan’s RC, Ch’town Peter Flynn, worked railroad Ch'town, brother of Anthony above; Unknown male c1857-living 1860, unknown after; Teresa Jane 1859 cJuly-1882 July 22 Bethel, 23y, single; Sarah Ann 1861 April 26-at home 1881, to Boston MA 1885, unknown after; Margaret "Maggie" c1862- --, m1887 March 30 Lowell, Middlesex Co MA Peter O’Hearn, barber, of PEI, unknown after; Daniel Wilfred 1865 June 2-1894 March 30 PEI, 28y, m1892 Nov 23 Lowell MA Catherine "Katie" Hearney of PQ; Mary Ellen c1866- --, to Boston MA 1885, m1888 July 16 Lowell MA John O’Hearn of PEI; Flora 1869 Aug 11-living 1911 widow, m1887 July 4 St Patrick’s RC Ft Augustus John Holland of PEI, farmed Lot 36; Angus 1871 Sept 23-1882 Feb 14 Bethel, 10y; Catherine 1874 Nov 25-1878 June c9, 3y; William Francis 1877 June 22-1937 Bethel, farmed Bethel Lot 48, mc1905 Catherine Ann "Katie" Trainor of Lot 35 PEI.

1.5.5 William c1835-1905 Dec 9 Everett, Snohomish Co WA, to MN 1869, farmed Brockway, Stearns Co MN and later Langola, Benton Co MN, m1872 June 6 RC St Cloud, Stearns Co MN, his 1st cousin twice removed Margaret Kenna 1854 Oct. Blackville NB-living 1908 Everett WA, natural d/o Sarah Ann "Sadie" Campbell before latter md Michael Kenna. William/Margaret 11 ch., surname Pratt, RC, all born Brockway, Stearns Co MN: Angus Peter 1872 June 12-1929 Dec 26 Ramsey Co MN, 57y, buried Rice, Benton Co MN, RY labourer, mc1904 Isabell "Belle" Lamb of MN; Christina Gertrude "Teenie" 1873 Aug 19-1956 Feb 29 St Paul, Ramsey Co MN, m1890 Nov 13 St Croix WI Patrick J. Needham, worked RY St Paul MN, of Ireland and St Paul MN; Sarah E. 1875 March 10-died as infant; William James 1876 April 21-1958 May 6 Stearns Co MN, lived Rice MN and later Sauk Rapids, Benton Co MN, m1897 Nov 6 Royalton, Morrison Co MN Mary Alice Lutes of Stearns Co MN; Susan Mary 1877 Sept 20-1951 Nov 5 Everett WA, mc1893 MN Alexander Tuerk, teamster, from Germany and MN; Frederick Angus 1879 May 12-1879 Brockway; Frederick Joseph 1880 May 16-living Canada 1950, unknown otherwise; Mary "Milly" 1881 Sept 21- living 1885, unknown; Rosa Margaret 1883 March 22-living 1895, unknown; Annie S. or Annastatia 1884 Aug 24-1979 Aug 26 Everett WA, m1905 Feb 20 Everett WA Charles E. Wall, boomman Everett WA from Merrill MI; John Allan 1886 July 8-1950 Nov 25 Everett WA, teamster Everett WA, m1910 March 19 Everett Julia O. Hennesey from Red Lake Fall MN.

1.5.6 David 1841 July 5-buried 1907 April 28 Vernon River PEI, labourer, single, unsound mind. Worked at various farms around district.

1.5.7 Anastatia 1844 April 7- . Unknown.

1.5.8 Ellen, m1866 Sept 10 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI, Michael McCarney, s/o Patrick McCarney/Rose Mulcairns. Unknown after marriage.

1.6 Robert Burhoe/Ann "Nancy" Praught issue, surname Burhoe, protestant, all born Alexandra Lot 49 PEI:

1.6.1 Susannah 1813-1886 Oct 12 West River, Lot 32 PEI, m. 1837 Jan 2 Methodist PEI, John Robert Drake 1806 Sept 10 Dartmouth, Devonshire England-1868 Nov 28 West River, farmer Lot 48 to 1853 and then West River, came Newcastle NB c1825 from Plymouth England with several brothers, and then to PEI in 1831. John/Susannah 9 ch., surname Drake, Methodist, all born Lot 48 except the youngest born West River: Enoch 1837 Oct 27-1904 Nov 12 West River Lot 32 PEI, farmed West River, m1866 Feb 15 Meth. West River Lot 32 Mary Howard of West River; Robert Knight 1839 Sept 7-1920 Sept 22 West River, farmed West River, m1873 March 27 Bapt. York Point, Lot 32 PEI Jane Bain of York Point; William 1841 Aug 19-1921 Boston MA, carriage maker Boston, m1868 Sept 5 Boston MA Margaret Harney of Halifax NS; John 1843 Sept 3-1922 Nov 8 Charlottetown PEI, butcher Ch'town, m1st 1871 Feb 2 Ch’town Sarah Catherine Godkin of Ch’town, m2nd 1880 June 2 Cornwall Lot 32 PEI Hannah Hyde of West River; Henry 1846 Jan 2-1916 Sept 1 West River, farmed West River, m1877 Feb 16 Cornwall Lot 32 Hannah Maria Crosby of Cornwall; Richard 1847 Jan 22-living Lot 65 1891, went west, remained single; Hannah 1850 Jan 12-1920 Oct 29 Mt Lehman BC, m1892 June 29 New Westminster BC George Anderson Boyle of West River PEI, worked railroad BC, homesteaded Mt Lehman BC; James 1852 April 13-1935 Feb 12, farmed Cornwall, m1881 March 25 PEI Eliza Bacon McCallum of Clyde River Lot 31; Samuel 1854 Dec 16-1920 Oct 3 West River Lot 32, farmed West River, m1st 1880 Dec 29 West River Ellen Boyle, sister of George above, m2nd 1894 March 14 PEI Lavinia Howard of Cornwall Lot 32.

1.6.2 Ann 1816 Feb 18-1906 Dundas Lot 55 PEI, m. 1836 Feb 23 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Benjamin Grey Acorn c1813 Pownal-1898 July c1 Dundas Lot 55 PEI, farmed Lot 49 to mid 1850's, then Dundas, s/o John Acorn/Eleanor Williams. Benjamin/Ann 9 ch., surname Acorn, Methodist, all born Lot 49, except youngest two probably Dundas: Robert c1836-1896 Feb 26 Dundas, farmed Dundas, m1861 July 4 PEI Catherine Stewart of Scotland; Margaret Anne 1839 May 27-living Bridgetown Lot 54 1911, m1st cousin once removed widower Robert Green, painter Mt Albion Lot 48, s/o Henry Green/Mary Praught; Jane "Jennie" 1841 Aug 29-1915, m1861 Dec 10 Dundas Murdock Duncan McLeod, farmer Baltic Lot 56; Richard 1843 Dec 21-assume died young as only one not in father will; Elizabeth Ann "Libby" 1846 Jan 3-1929, m late 1860’s Donald Matheson, farmer Upton Lot 55; Eliza 1848 June 10-1926, m1871 May 2 Albert Webster, farmer Morell Lot 40; Susannah 1851 April 1-1938, m1871 Aug 23 John Taylor of PEI, farmer Upton Lot 55; John Thomas 1855 Aug 16-1920 Jan PEI, farmed Dundas, mc1885 Annabel McDonald of Forest Hill, Kings Co PEI; William Henry 1857 Nov 26-1939 June 6 Ch’town, blacksmith/machinist Ch'town, m1880 Dec 29 Loyalist Rd Lot 32 Margaret Jane Proud of PEI.

1.6.3 Jane 1818 Jan 17-1908 Feb 7 Annandale Lot 56 PEI, m1839 March 13 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, James Gray Jenkins 1815 Lot 49-1900 Aug 6 Little River Lot 56 PEI, farmed Lot 49, ship building yard Lot 55, to Little Pond Lot 56 about 1860, s/o William Jenkins/Eleanor Acorn. James/Jane 9 ch., surname Jenkins, Presbyterian, all born Birch Hill Lot 49: Robert 1841-1868 April 28 drowned Annandale Hbr Lot 56, m1864 April 20 Presb. PEI Mary Ann McKie of Eglinton Lot 43, Mary Ann m2nd 1869 June 21 PEI Benjamin E. Allen; Francis Longworth 1844 Oct 22-1935 Annandale, farmed Howe Bay Lot 56, marriage license 1869 March 19 Little River Lot 56 PEI Mary Jane Dingwell of Little River; Henry c1848-1915 June 21 San Francisco CA, to Boston MA c1870, to Arcata, Humboldt Co CA late 1870’s, carpenter/contractor, m1872 March 16 Boston MA Henrietta Conahan of Bay Fortune Lot 43; Maria 1850 June-1941 April 16 Portland Multnomah Co OR, m1870 March 9 Georgetown PEI William O. Cooper of Bay Fortune, lumberman Arcata CA 1870’s and later farmer Myrtle Point, Coos Co OR; Charles "Gogey" 1851 Dec 8-1932 Annandale, farmed Howe Bay, marr. lic. date 1872 June 23 PEI Agnes Townsend Norton of Annandale; William George 1853 March 26-1933 Annandale, farmed Annandale, marr. lic. date 1873 July 12 Annandale Christina Taylor of Lot 55; Margaret Anne "Maggie" 1854 May 15-at home 1901 single; Mary Jane 1856 Dec 27-1942 June 26, m1882 March 2 PEI Henry Jones of PEI, farmed Hazelbrook Lot 48; Emma Jane 1861 Sept 3-1946 Annandale, m1887 Feb 9 Souris PEI Edwin McFarlane, of PEI, farmed Annandale.

1.6.4 Mary 1820 Feb 7-living 1891, died c1892 Dundas Lot 55 PEI, m1839 Dec 18 PEI by a JP, William Jenkins 1817 Aug 1 Birch Hill Lot 49-1900 Sept 15 Dundas, farmed Birch Hill and later Dundas, brother of James above, s/o William Jenkins/Eleanor Acorn. William/Mary 11 ch., surname Jenkins, Presb., all born Birch Hill Lot 49: Mary, unknown; Barbara 1848 April 28-1939 May 11 Howe Bay, Lot 56, m1868 Aug 24 Presb PEI James A. Morrow of Lot 56 PEI, farmed Sailors Hope Lot 56; Richard 1849 Aug 27-1923 March 21 Dundas, farmed Dundas, m1872 July 21 Dundas Appelone Webster of Morell Lot 43; Ellen c1850-1890 May 30 Annandale Lot 56, m1873 Sept 22 Zion Presb Ch’town Artimus Morrow of PEI, farmed Howe Bay Lot 56; Charles 1851 Dec 1, unknown; Nathaniel 1854 May 26, died as infant; James Grey 1856 Aug 24-c1896, farmed Lot 55, m1888 July 22 Cardigan Bridge PEI Melvina Robertson of Lot 55 PEI. Melvina m2nd 1901 Nov 4 S. Portland, Cumberland Co ME George A. Allen; Margaret Ann 1860 Feb-1912 Jan 27 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co MN, m1880 April 6 PEI John Cherry, of PEI, plasterer Lot 55 and Minneapolis; Mary Jane 1863 Sept 3-1952 Bath, Sagdahadoc Co ME, m1902 Sept 3 Bath ME Francis J. "Frank" Murphy, of ME, moulder Bath; Sarah Elizabeth 1865 Feb 28-died as infant c1865; John Robert 1867 June 5-1935 May 14 Charlottetown PEI, farmed Dundas, mc1890 Manchester NH Ida May Priest of PQ and NH.

1.6.5 Margaret 1822 March 19-1886 Aug 13 Dundas Lot 55, m. 1843 Feb 23 PEI Methodist, William Ryan "Grand River Bill" Wood 1822 Feb 1 Pownal PEI-1901 April 8 Dundas PEI, shoemaker Village Green Lot 49 to Dundas about 1853 as farmer and river pilot, s/o William Wood/Catherine Wisener. William/Margaret 11 ch., surname Wood, Methodist, first six born Village Green, rest Dundas: Hamley 1844 July 18-1910 May 16 Taunton, Bristol Co MA, to MA c1889, teamster Taunton, m1869 Nov 29 PEI Catherine Jane Withers of Lot 56 PEI; Eliza Ann 1846 April 22-1932 March 30 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co MN, m1868 Jan 6 Presb Georgetown PEI widower George McKenzie of Scotland, farmer Dundas, to Minneapolis 1886; Ada Maria 1848 July 4-died 1848 as infant, twin of Frederick; Frederick 1848 July 4-1915 Oct 21 Strathcona Lot 54 PEI, farmed Strathcona, m1872 Dec 12 PEI Isabella Nicholson of Belfast PEI; James 1851 Jan 2-1927 Aug 16 Taunton MA, stove mounter Taunton, m1883 PEI Jane Sutherland McEwan of St Peters Bay, Lot 41 PEI; Alexander Black 1853 Feb 19-1909 Dec 17 Minneapolis MN, flour mill mgr Minneapolis, remained single; Amelia 1855 June 2-1936 Feb 6 Taunton MA, m1880 Dec 8 Midgell Lot 40/41 PEI Albert E. Banks of Lot 56, stove mounter Taunton MA, to Taunton 1883; Prudence Maria 1857 Aug 27-1937 Jan 9 Minneapolis MN, m1878 PEI Albert Reilly of Linkleiter Road PEI, blacksmith Minneapolis, to Minneapolis 1881/3; Priscilla J. 1861 Jan 13-1961 March 15 Hennepin Co MN, m1880 July 21 PEI David H. Woodside of New London PEI, blacksmith, to Minneapolis 1880; Leonard Pratt 1863 Aug 12-1935 Dec 16 Dundas, farmed Dundas, m1887 Sept 29 PEI Christie Ann Campbell of Dundas; William Henry 1864 Nov 28-1933 MA, to Taunton MA 1889, stove mounter Taunton, m1887 March 3 Meth. Souris East PEI Annie M. Smith of Ch'town.

1.6.6 Richard 1825 Nov 8-1907 March 21 Alexandra, Lot 49 PEI, farmed Squaw Bay, Alexandra PEI, m. 1848 Oct 3 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, Susannah Wood 1825 April 11 PEI-1908 Jan 26 Alexandra, d/o Theophilus Wood/Abigail Gay. Richard/Susannah 9 ch., surname Burhoe, Meth/Presb, all born Alexandra: Mary Ann 1848 Dec 20-living 1881, deceased by 1891, marr. lic. 1870 July 23 PEI Daniel McLennan of PEI, farmed Alexandra; Theophilus 1851 Jan 14-1928 Jan 6, carpenter Alexandra, m1880 March 25 Meth Pownal Lot 49 PEI Elizabeth Martha Cousins of Alexandra Lot 49; Thomas Knight 1853 April 25-1937 April 21 Alexandra, farmed Alexandra, m1880 Jan 30 Bapt Lot 48 PEI Elizabeth Ellen Judson of Alexandra; John Robert 1856 Aug 15- died as infant; John Robert 1859 April 30-1937, carpenter/trader Ch'town, took spelling Brehaut, m1887 July 12 Meth Ch’town Margaret G. "Maggie" Duncan of Ch’town; Franklin Richard 1861 Aug 11- living 1910 Westborough, Worcester Co MA, deceased by 1920, house painter, m1888 May 21 Bapt Woodville, Hopkinton, Middlesex Co MA Jennie L. Graves of MA; William Ryan 1863 Nov 3-1935 Dec 29 Alexandra, farmed Alexandra, m1888 PEI Laura May Wood of Alexandra; Henry Philip 1866 May 28- probably died as infant; Henry Beer 1868 Jan 10-1944 April 1, carpenter Alexandra, m1892 Oct 21 Susannah E. "Susie" Jardine of Alexandra.

1.6.7 Elizabeth "Betty" 1828 June 11-1921 Feb 12 Albany, Linn Co Oregon, m1849 May 31 St Paul's CofE Ch'town, John Burke c1824 PEI-1884 Sept 19 Portland, Multnomah Co Oregon, s/o Edward Burke/Elledor Judson, farmer/carpenter Lot 49 to 1859, Cornwall Lot 32 PEI to late 1870's, Ch'town to 1883, then to Portland to join son James Richard,. John/Elizabeth 9 ch., surname Burke, Methodist, first four born Lot 49, rest Cornwall: Robert 1850 April 5-1900 July 10 Portland OR, carpenter Portland Oregon, m Maria L. ---- of ME; James Richard 1854 Sept 4-1935 Aug 12 Spokane WA, to Portland 1876, later to Spokane WA, m1st c1880 Rua Elizabeth ----- of Oregon, m2nd c1902 Margaret Anastatia Donovan; Dimmis Ann 1857 May 21-1929 April 14 Albany OR, lived Oregon, mc1884 Hector J. McInnis of Canada; Samuel 1858 April 27-1876 Oct 7 Cornwall, 18y, single; John Edward 1860 March 1-1946 Jan 19 Portland OR, construction worker Portland, m1883 Sept 5 Meth Ch’town PEI Mary Stukely "Mollie" Mabey of PEI; William Milligan 1862 Sept 25- , in Alaska 1905, unknown after; Henry Pope 1864 Oct 2-1932 April 24 Albany OR, salesman Portland, mc1900 Jessie ---; Walter P. 1868 April 13-1905 Jan 15 Portland OR, hotel clerk Portland, m1890 April 30 Portland Minette Russell of Kansas; Hannah Jane1873 March 15-1899 April 3 San Francisco CA, 26y, mc1898 Frederick Renneke.

1.6.8 John Robert 1835 April 30-1919 March 6 Steeves Mtn, Westmoreland Co NB, farmed Steeves Mtn, Moncton NB, m1855 July 2 Moncton by a JP, Dimos Jones of Moncton 1835 July 17 NB-1916 May 9 Steeves Mtn, d/o William Jones/Lydia McLeod. John Robert/Dimos 8 ch., surname Burhoe, Methodist, all born NB: William Aaron c1856-1908 Jan 19 Nicollet Co MN, blacksmith Patten ME, then to Independence, Hennepin Co MN, mc1875 NB Susan Mildred Nelder of Salisbury NB. Took spelling Burho; Irving Duncan c1858 Nov 6-1939 Aug 20 Salisbury, Westmoreland Co NB, blacksmith Steeves Mtn, apparently remained single although death cert says md; Lionel John 1861 cJune 26-1922 Jan 24 Moncton, farmed Steeves Mtn, m1911 Dec 13 Catamount, Westmoreland Co Janet Matilda "Jennie" Gould of Moncton; Lydia Ann c1863-1948, m Joseph Dimick Nelder of Salisbury NB; Jane Maria "Jennie" 1866 Nov 5-1958 Feb 8 Salisbury, housemaid/dressmaker Moncton, remained single, had child Margaret Elizabeth Burhoe; Richard 1869 June 4-1953 Sept 16 Penobsquas, Kings Co NB, farmed Steeves Mtn, m1st c1890 Jane Hope of Steeves Mtn, m2nd c1900 Annie O'Blennis of Salisbury; John c1875-at home single 1891, unknown after; Susan Minnie "Susie" 1879 Aug 16-1946 May 5 Berry Mills, Westmoreland Co, mc1898 Wesley Whitfield Hope of Steeves Mtn, farmed Steeves Mtn.

1.7 Peter Praught/Mary Keoughan issue, surname Praught, except Pratt as noted, RC, most born Pownal Lot 49 PEI, but one or more may have been born in US (MA?):

1.7.1 William c1818 PEI-1888 April 9 Pownal Lot 49 PEI, farmed Pownal, m1850 Nov 18 St Paul's CofE Ch'town Dobson MacBriar Jenkins c1820 PEI-living Pownal 1891, d/o Nicholas Jenkins/Mary Edwards. William/Dobson 2 ch., surname Praught/Pratt, RC/protestant, born Pownal: James Richard 1853 April 22-1930 Dec 2 Ch’town, farmed Pownal, m1878 Jan 15 Zion Presb Ch’town Caroline "Carrie" McLeod of Johnson's River Lot 35 PEI; Albert William 1860 Oct 3-1938 Feb 26 Vancouver BC, miner BC, used Pratt spelling.

1.7.2 Frederick 1819 Dec 26 PEI-living NY 1868 when gifted bible to sister Barbara. Unknown after. Used spelling Pratt.

1.7.3 Barbara c1822 PEI-1876 Aug 16 Georgetown Lot 54 PEI, m1846 Feb 16 St Joachim RC Vernon River Michael Bourke c1824 Co. Kilkenny Ireland-1897 Feb 2 Georgetown, farmer/ship builder Georgetown. Michael/Barbara 9 ch., surname Bourke, RC, most born Georgetown: Mary Ellen 1846 Dec 13-deceased by 1881, mdbefore 1871 Angus McDonald, ship cpt Cardigan Lot 53 PEI; James c1848-1895 Nov 16, 47y, seaman, single; Ann Selina 1850 Nov 21-1924 Feb 10 Ch’town, m1874 June 3 RC St John NB Joseph McDonald of Orwell PEI, sea captain/ general merchant Cardigan PEI; Margaret 1852-living 1910 San Francisco CA, m early 1870’s Tom Butler of Ch'town, store clerk San Francisco; Francis c1854- , remained single, unknown otherwise: Lavinia Frances 1856 Nov 21-1926 CA, brd Hayward, Alameda Co CA, mc1881 CA James Garvin of NB, solicitor Oakland CA; Louisa Barbara 1858 Nov 6-1930, m1879 Oct 14 RC Cardigan William Carey, farmer China Point Lot 50 PEI; Dennis Patrick 1862 March 17-1874 July, 12y; Michael 1864 April 4-1913 April 7 Port Townsend, Jefferson Co WA, sea captain west coast USA, m1896 Sept 1 Hadlock, Jefferson Co WA Mary "Minnie" Maloney of Trabolligan, Co Cork Ireland.

1.7.4 Peter 1824 April 27 PEI-1905 June 11 Alberry Plains Lot 49 PEI, farmer/ship corker Alberry Plains, m1851 Oct 14 St Dunstans RC Ch'town, Bridget Phalen 1829 Morell PEI-1896 Sept c19 Alberry Plains. Peter/Bridget 8 ch., surname Praught/Pratt, RC, all born Lot 49: Mary F. 1852 Oct 8-1923 Jan c22 PEI, housemaid in MA, remained single; John Frederick 1855 July 6-1926 PEI, farmed Alberry Plains, m1891 Jan 27 St Joachim RC Vernon River PEI Mary Jane Carmichael of Elliotvale, Lot 66 PEI; Joseph Martin 1857 Aug 15-1927 April 11 Alberry Plains, farmed Alberry Plains, m1884 Oct 7 St Joachim RC Margaret McKinnon of St Margarets Lot 43 PEI; Peter 1859 Oct 12-1917 cDec 31 Ch’town, labourer Ch'town, m1893 Jan 31 St Joachim RC Mary Ann Brogan of Elliotvale, Lot 66; Sarah Ann 1862 July 15- , remained single, nurse, lived CA?; James Andrew 1865 Jan 5-1941 Dec 2 San Diego CA, labourer CA, remained single, lived with brother Mathew, took spelling Pratt; Mathew Dennis 1869 April 16-1955 Feb 14 Siskiyou Co CA, to USA c1893, medical doctor Fall River, Shasta Co CA, mc1902 CA Ella G. Snyder of CA, took spelling Pratt; Rose 1872 Aug 30-1943 March c21 Summerville Lot 66 PEI, marriage bond 1892 Nov 15 William Cain, farmed Summerville.

1.7.5 John, died as infant.

1.7.6 Stephen, died young.

1.7.7 Daniel c1829 Sept MA?- 1908 Sept 8 Manhattan NY, policeman, took spelling Pratt, mc1855 Ann Callaghan c1839 Ireland-living 1880, deceased by 1900. Daniel/Ann 6 ch., surname Pratt, RC, all born NY: William bc1856 – deceased by 1860; Catherine "Katie" c1857 May-living 1910 Bronx NY, single; Mary A 1861 April 27 – 1920 April 27 Bronx NY, school teacher, single; John Joseph 1864 Feb 7 – 1904 April 1 Manhattan NY, post office clerk, mc1892 NY Catherine F. "Kate" Gough of Ireland; Margaret 1865 May- deceased by 1910, md Joseph M. Otis; Elizabeth 1876 Aug 6 – 1939 July 19 Bronx NY, single.

1.7.8 John c1830 PEI-Dec 3 1888 Lot 48 PEI while attending a wood sale, farmed Pownal, m1856 March 31 St Joachim RC, Margaret Edmonds 1827 Dec 7 PEI-living Pownal 1901 (may be the Mrs John Praught brd St Joachim RC 1909 Nov 24). John/Margaret 6 ch., surname Praught, RC, all born Pownal: Frederick Francis 1857 April 23-1931 July 12 Pownal, farmed Pownal, m1893 July 11 St Patricks RC, Ft Augustus Lot 36 PEI Mary Ellen Sherry of Ft Augustus; Barbara Alice 1858 Dec 13-1937, m1892 July 21 St Dunstans RC Ch’town Patrick Sherry, brother of Mary Ellen above, farmed Ft Augustus; Teresa Ann 1862 Jan 22-c1865 PEI, age 3 or 4 years; Bernard James "Rev" 1866 Oct 6-1949 Oct 22 Alameda, Solana Co CA, ordained RC priest 1898 Dec 17 Baltimore MA, served 30y St Joseph’s, Alameda; Ann L. 1868 Oct-widow living Brighton, Suffolk Co MA 1931, m1892 June 21 Boston, Suffolk Co MA Roland Vessey of Mt Mellick, Lot 49 PEI; John c1871-at home single 1891 but not in estate deed 1892.

1.7.9 Joseph c1832-PAX on Mary Ann to Boston MA 1852 Aug, seaman, remained single, drowned at sea.

1.7.10 George 1834 April 26 PEI-1913 June 22 Pownal Lot 49 PEI, remained at home, single, deaf-mute.

1.7.11 Martin 1836 Aug 14 PEI-1922 May c30 Alberry Plains Lot 49 PEI, farmed Alberry Plains, m1st 1862 Sept 29 St Joachim RC, Vernon River PEI, Mary Ann Edmonds 1844 cMarch PEI-1899 April c2 Alberry Plains, d/o Nicholas Edmonds/Mary Delaney Lot 49; m2nd 1900 Dec 9 St Joachim RC, Flora E. Dunn 1844 March 18 PEI-1923 Aug c26 Alberry Plains, d/o Michael Dunn/Margaret Cummings. Martin/Mary Ann 13 ch. surname Praught except Pratt as noted, RC, all born Lot 49: Alice Ann 1863 Aug 6-1888 March c29 Vernon River, 24y, m1880 Nov 23 St Joachim RC Patrick Dunn, brother of Flora above, also died young; Margaret Ann 1865 Feb 28-1898 June 8 Ch'town, 33y, m1888 Jan 18 St Dunstans RC, Ch’town Roderick J. Vessey of Mt Mellick Lot 49, carpenter Ch'town. Roderick m2nd 1900 July 17 St Dunstans RC Annie McGillivray; Joseph Peter "Bram" 1866 June 6-1947 March c29 PEI, farmer/mail courier Vernon River PEI, mc1915 Ellen Jane McDonald of Lot 50 PEI; James B. 1868 Feb 17-1934 Oct 19 Truro NS, carpenter Bible Hill, Colchester Co NS, took spelling Pratt, mc1887 Bridget Martha Dunn of Lot 49 PEI; Mary Ann 1869 July 24-died as child; Barbara Anne 1871 Nov 17-1945 Aug 7 Summerville Lot 66 PEI; John C. 1872 Sept – living 1910 Revere, Suffolk Co MA, took spelling Pratt, m1897 May 27 Emma Blizzard of St John NB; Dennis Neil 1875 May 6-1957 March 23 Bible Hill NS, carpenter Bible Hill, took spelling Pratt, m1902 July 30 RC Truro NS Mary Ellen Murphy of Sheet Harbour NS, widow of William Frizzell; Bridget Josephine 1876 Nov 22-1899 Dec c29 Alberry Plains of TB, 23y, single; Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" 1880 March 9-1901 Jan 30 Alberry Plains of TB, 20y, single; George Robert 1883 April 19-1901 Sept c5 Alberry Plains, 18y, single; Martin 1886 Feb 14-1979 Feb 9 Burnaby BC, lineman BC, m1909 April 14 Vancouver BC Mary Appollina Conrad of Ohio; Martin sr/Flora no legitimate issue, but Flora had natural children Mary Praught b1889 July 10 –living 1921 going to Boston MA, unknown after, and Patrick Dunn b1891 April, unknown after. Prior to his 1st marriage, Martin had natural child by Marjorie Fraser: Mary "Minnie" Praught 1857 March 25-1924 Aug 5 Mt Herbert Lot 48 PEI, mc1891 William Pippy of Mt Herbert, farmed Mt Herbert.

1.7.12 James 1840 Dec 17 Pownal- . Unknown. A James Praught, Vernon River attended St Dunstan’s in Ch’town 1855-1858.

1.7.13 Mary Ann 1843 Sept 10 Pownal- 1915 Dec 21 Cambridge, Middlesex Co MA, m1862 Sept 29 St Joachim RC, James Isaac Edmonds 1837 Jan 3 PEI-c1923 Cambridge MA, carpenter Ch'town to early 1880's, then to Cambridge, brother of Mary Ann above, s/o Nicholas Edmonds/Mary Delaney Lot 49. James/Mary Ann 8 ch., 7 living 1900 census, surname Edmonds, RC, last 7 born Ch'town: William Albert 1864 Jan 5 -1913 April 7 Medford, Middlesex Co MA, printer, m1889 June 6 Cambridge MA Margaret A. O’Brien of MA; Ellen G. Mary 1866 Nov 19-living 1930 Somerville, Middlesex Co MA, m1889 Oct 29 Cambridge MA William Henry Delaney, of MA, grocery store/machinist Somerville; Emma L. 1868 Oct 27- living 1930 Boston, Suffolk Co MA, m1899 June 5 Boston MA John Patrick Morrissey of PEI; Ambrose Robert 1871 May 18-1943 May 2 Los Angeles CA, kitchen helper military Los Angeles 1930, m1896 April 15 Somerville, Middlesex Co MA Mary Donahue of Co Cork IRE; Cyrus Allen 1875 July 27-living 1930 Wilmington, Middlesex Co MA, laborer/machinist, m1st1895 Nov 24 Somerville, Middlesex Co MA Julia Mary Downey of Co Waterford Ireland, who died 1910 Dec 11 Boston MA, m2nd 1920’s widow Bridget T. (Percy) McIntyre of NFLD; Barbara Josephine 1877 Sept-at home 1910, single, stitcher, unknown otherwise; Annie Eugenia 1879 Dec 5-at home 1881, unknown otherwise, presumably died young; Winnifred C. 1881 April 8- living 1930 Roxbury, Suffolk Co MA, m1902 March 6 Boston MA Augustus Pearl York of ME.

1.8 Frederick Praught/Susannah Dixon issue, surname Pratt, Baptist/RC, eldest two born PEI, rest Blissfield, Northumberland Co. NB:

1.8.1 Margaret Ann "Nancy" 1840 Aug 4-1931 Feb 9 Blissfield, m1860 Dec 25 Blissfield by a JP, Joseph Beek 1839 Feb 28 Ludlow, Northumberland Co NB-1902 Blissfield, farmer Blissfield, s/o Joseph Beek/Ann Leslie. Joseph/Nancy 9 ch., surname Beek, Methodist, all born Blissfield: Isabella Agnes "Bella" 1862 Sept 1-1920 April 12 Doaktown, Northumberland Co NB, mc1884 NB Peter George Smith Mitchell, of Blissfield, labourer Blissfield; Mary Ann "Annie" 1865 June 1-1935 Oct 3 Ferry Road, Northumberland Co NB, m1887 March 24 wd George Gray, farmer Ferry Road; Grace L. c1865-living 1920 Bath, Sagadahoc Co ME, m1st1889 June 15 Bapt Fredericton, York Co NB George F. Shaw, stone moulder, m2nd 1894 Dec 7 Auburn ME Fred R. Moulton of ME, RY worker Bath, m3rd 1904 May 11 Bath Frank J. Albertson of Atlantic City NJ, painter Bath; James William 1868 Sept 24-1959 Ferry Road NB, labourer Newcastle NB, m1894 Sept 12 St Andrews, Chatham NB Mary Agnes Clarke of Millbank, Northumberland Co NB; Margaret Jane "Maggie" 1868 Nov 16-1923 Oct 16 Hosp. Grand Falls, Victoria Co NB, m1892 Sept 1 Bapt Fredericton, York Co NB William Steele "Bill" Bartlett of Maugerville, Sunbury Co NB, lumberer Blissfield/Ludlow NB; George 1872 Jan 29-1953 Aug 3 Tacoma, Pierce Co WA, RY brakeman Portland ME 1900, m1905 Aug 16 Portland, Cumberland Co ME Mildred E. Little of ME; Nathaniel "Nat" 1875 April 11-1955 March 24 Hosp. Newcastle NB, living Covered Bridge St Mary's York Co NB 1907, m1896 Oct 25 Blissfield Northumberland Co Christina Margaret "Christy" Munn; Emery Irving 1879 March 17-c1907; Susannah Edna 1885 Sept 14-1983 Boiestown, Northumberland Co, mc1903 Hartley Allen Price of Ludlow, lumberer Carroll's Crossing, Northumberland Co NB.

1.8.2 Charles Joseph c1842- at home 1861, single. 1860 July 23 applied for 100 acre grant Sedbetter Brook NB, but 1861 Aug 6 the land warrant was returned. Unknown after.

1.8.3 Susannah C. c1844-1901 July 13 ME, m1873 May 29 Northumberland Co. NB, John Johnston of Blackville NB. John/Susannah 1 ch, surname Johnston, CofE: William Edward 1873 June 1 Blissfield-1918 June 29, killed Pas de Calais France WW1, m1895 Sept 22 Presb Blissfield Lavinia Bernice "Mina" Storey of Doaktown, Northumberland Co NB. Prior to her marriage Susannah had natural child by Mr Mitchell, Patience Pratt 1867 Sept 5 Blissfield -1950 Jan 22 Hazelton, Northumberland Co NB, m1890 July 9 Blackville, Northumberland Co NB John Henry Ward, farmer Blissfield.

1.8.4 Barbara c1845-early 1850's, died as child.

1.8.5 Mary Jane c1847-at home 1861. Unknown after.

1.8.6 John Frederick 1850 Aug 8-1927 Sept 30 Blissfield NB. Remained on homestead farm, single.

1.8.7 Barbara Ellen 1854 April 17-1946 Oct 31 Bangor, Penobscot Co ME, m1888 July 23 St Mary's RC Houlton ME, Michael T. "Mick" Gormley 1855 Feb 11 Johnville, Carleton Co NB-1929 Jan 12 Woodstock, Carleton Co NB, farmer Johnville, s/o Bernard Gormley/Sarah Logue. Mick/Barbara 4 ch., surname Gormley, RC, eldest born ME, rest Johnville: George Frederick 1889 Jan 22-1913 July 21 Le Pas MB, drowned, surveyor, 24y, single; Mary Ellen 1891 June 26-1891 Sept 18 Johnville; Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" 1892 Oct 27-1977 Nov 3 Middletown, Middlesex Co CT, lived Bangor ME, md Harry P. Cormier of Neguac NB and Bangor ME, worked RY; Michael Bernard 1896 Aug 14-1971 May 26 Bangor ME, worked pulp mill Bangor ME, m1st 1917 June 4 Brewer, Penobscot Co ME Theresa A. Long, m2nd 1962 Jan 20 Mrs Roella Taylor. Prior to marriage, Barbara had natural child Alexander "Sandy" Pratt 1881 June 14 Blissfield-1971 March 26 Doaktown, who remained with grandmother Pratt, farmed Blissfield and had large family, mc1906 Hannah Theresa Arbeau of Cains River, Northumberland Co NB.

1.8.8 Caroline Maria "Carrie" 1854 Nov 22-1937 Dec 31 Hazelton NB, m1871 Oct 25 Blissfield Baptist, James William Parker 1852 Oct 25 Blissfield-1928 Jan 23 Hazelton, farmer/lumberer Hazelton, s/o William Parker/Elizabeth Thomas. James/Caroline 9 ch., surname Parker, CofE, all born Blissfield/Hazelton: Elizabeth Ann 1875 June 8-1954 Feb 21 Doaktown , m1899 Dec 20 Doaktown, Northumberland Co NB Thomas McKeil, lumberer Doaktown; Adam Freeman 1877 Jan 3-c1915 NB, mc1908 Katherine "Katie" Arbeau, sister of Hannah above; Everett Hutchinson 1880 Sept 9-1937 June 7 Hazelton, lumberer Hazelton, m1909 June 22 Doaktown 1st cousin Martha Y. Young; James William "Jim" 1882 Feb 24-1961 Aug 1 St John NB, WW1 vet, laborer Doaktown, m1st 1907 Nov 15 Covered Bridge, York Co NB Martha Jane "Jennie" Price of Ludlow NB, as wd md2nd 1927 Aug 10 Bapt Keswick, York Co wd Sarah Blanche (Shaw) Bird; Mary Gertrude Susan "Maude" 1888 June 16-living 1920 Doaktown, m1st 1910 Feb 16 Northumberland Co NB widower Hiram Storey, labourer Blissfield, m2nd 1920 March 20 Bapt Fredericton NB Frank Wright; Percy Dennis 1892 May 29-1980 Doaktown, lived Doaktown, m1924 July 24 Doaktown Lavinia Bernice "Mina" Storey wid/o William Edward Johnston of 1.8.3 above; Arthur Gardner 1895 May 11-1938 March 29 Hazelton, farmed Hazelton, m1934 Aug 11 Bapt U. Blackville, Northumberland Co divorcee Ruby Clara (Murphy) Parker of McNamee; Hugh Duncan 1899 May 27-1923 May 20 Doaktown NB, 24y; Harriet Arena 1902 March 20-at home 1911, unknown further.

1.8.9 Frances G. "Fanny" 1858 March 28- , m1881 July 30 St Michael's RC Chatham NB, John Arseneau of Bathurst NB. John/Fanny had 1 known ch., surname Arseneau, RC, born Bathurst: Margaret Jane 1882 Sept 17- . Family unknown after.

1.8.10 Charlotte Videria "Lottie" c1859-living 1910 Danforth, Washington Co ME , m1888 May 19 Danforth ME, Samuel Young 1861 June Canada-1916 Oct 2 Medical Lake, Spokane Co WA, miner. Samuel/Lottie 2 ch., surname Young both born Danforth: Mathew 1889 July 10-living Danforth 1930, farmer, m bef 1920 Bessie (McInnis); Martha Y. 1892 Aug- 1966, m1909 June 22 Doaktown NB 1st cousin Everett Hutchinson Parker above. Prior to her marriage, Lottie had natural child Herman Pratt 1882 Nov 2 Blissfield NB-1926, who grew up at grandmother Pratt's and remained single.

1.8.11 Harriet c1863- at home 1881 single, unknown after.

1.8.12 George 1865 Sept 20-1906 Sept 21 Elliot Brook, Miramichi NB, killed in woods accident, single.

Stray Praught's:

1. 1853 July 8 New Orleans LA Charity Hospital, died of fever Rosanna Praught, age 20 years, born Ireland

2. Mitchell family LDS: Joseph Mitchell b. 1857 Feb 20 Ft Augustus PEI, s/o James Mitchell/Mary Praught. In the original church record of this baptism, Mary's maiden name has been written over as Praught. Who is she?

3. 1879 Oct 31 Saginaw, Saginaw Co MI, a John Praught, age 24y, born PEI, married Elmira Bruseau.

4. Ontario 1881 census, St Andrews ward Toronto: William Praught, born ON, 36y, single, tailor, CofE.

5. 1885 March 30 Pine River, Gratiot Co MI, a John Praught, age 28y, born Canada, married Anna Burton.

6. Newspaper Presbyterian Witness: William George Praught died 1919 March 18 East Branch, Kent Co NB, 84y, i.e. born c1834 England. There are no Praught/Pratt apparent that area in 1901/1911 census`.

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