The Descendants of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson

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AND MARY WATSON, 1777-1857


There is no public document of when Edward Rayner and their children came to PEI. The first public records are the baptisms 3 February 1809 of John Rayner and James Rainer, "children of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson, his wife", at St. Paul’s Church in Charlottetown by the Reverend Theophilus Desbrisay. John’s birthday was recorded as "Dec. 1806" and James as "30 Dec 1808". The family probably came in or before 1808, for first they had to get, clear and cultivate land and erect a log cabin. Edward Rayner is said to have paid 500 pounds, a large sum, for a tract of land at Travellers Rest. On 7 July 1814 he leased 200 acres of land in Lot 34, number 71, from James and Robert Montgomery.

The Colonial Herald of October 1847 reported: "Edward Rayner died 13 October 1847 at Tilton’s Creek, Lot 19." The Islander newspaper of 12 November 1847, page 3, reported the death of "Mr. Edward Rayner, aged 69 years." Now we know that he was baptized at Whittlesford 12 June 1775: therefore he was at least 72 Years of age at his death. The following is an abstract of his will of 1 October 1847, Parish of St. David:

Leasehold interest of 91 acres and the 11 acres purchased from Louis Charles Jenkins bequeathed to "my beloved wife Mary", subject to payment of 10 pounds a year to my daughter Sarah as long as she remains unmarried and after my wife’s decease to be equally divided between my daughters Ann and Sarah including all of the horses, cattle, sheep, wagon and gig. To my sons James and Joseph two farms they now enjoy, 100 acres each, subject to the payment of 10 pounds a year to my daughter Ann. To my sons William and John and my daughters Louise Waite, Elizabeth Chappell, Mary Cannon and Hannah Simmons 20 shillings to be paid from farm products.

As to the death of Mary Watson Rayner, family histories state that she died at age eighty in December of 1857, a date that needs to be verified by a church record.

1.Louisa Rayner was born to Edward Rayner and Mary Watson at Little Wratting, Suffolk, England, 16 March 1799 and baptized there 24 August 1800. About 1817 she married George Thomas Waite, born at Romsey, Hampshire, England in 1805/6, carriage builder, farmer and tavern keeper [advertisements in the Royal Gazette 1834-1840] . He died 27 January 1855. Louisa was living with her son George Waite, Jr., at the time of the 1881 census and with her son William at the time of the 1891 census. She died at the age of 93. They had nine children:

1A William Waite, son of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner was born 25 November 1820 and was baptized 23 Jan 1821 at Richmond, PEI. He remained single. In the 1881 census his mother Louisa, 80, was living with him; also Lucy Ann Waite, 15, relationship not described. In the 1891 census William and his mother were living with Nancy, 48, her husband Joseph Harney and their two children Louisa Harney, 9, and William Harney, 7. William died in 1905.

1B Mary Waite, born 16 August 1822 and died in 1911, daughter of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner, married 16 September 1858 Joseph Richard Robinson. He was born 28 June 1816 in Charlottetown and died 29 January 1866. They had four children:

1B1 John Thomas Robinson, born in PEI 19 Nov 1859, died 1932, son of Joseph Richard Robinson and Mary Waite. According to the Moore Family Tree he married Fanny Madeleine Croom, 1858-, and they had a child John Thomas Robinson, Jr. in 1882 at Warburton, Cheshire, England.

1B2 James Edward Robinson, born 9 March 1861, died in 1937 at West Cape. In the 1881 census of Lot 12, Prince County, at age 20 he was living with his mother and step father Peter H. Carter. In the 1901 census of Lot 7 he was 35 and living with his uncle James Waite and cousin Ida Waite, age 20.

1B3 Louisa Robinson was born 18 June 1863 according to the Moore Family Tree, but the date varies in the censuses. In the 1881 and 1891 census she was living with her mother and stepfather. In the 1911 census of Lot 13 we found Louisa Robinson as the wife of Richard Cotton, born August 1867. The 1920 census of Pepperell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, showed that Richard Cotton, his wife Louisa and his son Thomas, 19, had emigrated there in 1911 and were renting a house. In 1921 they returned home via McAdam Junction, NB. Richard Cotton died 21 October 1936 at Mount Pleasant, Prince County, and Louisa died in 1954. They were buried in the St. James Anglican Cemetery at Port Hill [PEI Master Names].

1B3a Mary Ethel Cotton, born 7 April 1895, married Clifford Alexander Biggar, 26 April 1893-3 November 1959. She died in 1990 at Tyne Valley, Lot 13, at the age of ninety-five [MasterNames]. They had nine children, three of whom are deceased:

1B3a1 John Richard Biggar, 1914-1980, married Ruby Olive Murphy, 1921-2001 and they had nine children, two of whom are deceased:

1B3a1a Anita Jean Biggar, 1939-2004 Ontario—two sons

1B3a1b Judith Ann Biggar, 1947-1949

1B3a2 Elmer Marvin Biggar, 20 August 1930-1993, married Helen Ann Noye, 1933-2011. Five sons.

1B3a3 Minnie Ethel Biggar, 2 October 1925- June 1988 Ontario, married Chester Adams, 1935-1985: 2 sons and a daughter [Williams Tree].

1B3b Thomas E. Cotton, born 1 July 1900, became in 1960 the third husband of Clara Mae Phillips, born 20 September 1902, died 4 April 1975, buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Lot 12.

1B4 George William Robinson, born 7 April 1865, died 7 August 1959 at age 94, son of Joseph Richard Robinson and Mary Waite [Moore Family Tree]. In the 1881 census of Lot 12 George was living with his mother and stepfather. The 1901 census of Lot 12 shows George, a Church of England farmer, as the head of household with his wife, Louisa N, 19 years old and baby Howard, along with his mother and stepfather, his sister Louisa Cotton and her two children. The 1911 census of Mount Pleasant, Lot i2, showed a household of George and Louisa, their three children and his mother and stepfather.

1B4a Howard Robinson, born in May of 1900, died July 1983; obituary in the Pioneer, 29 August 1983, page 10.

1B4b Minnie Robinson, born in January of 1902, died 23 March 1985; obituary in the Pioneer 1 April 1985, page 10.

1B4c George E. Robinson, 1910-1998

1C Edward Waite, son of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner, was born 28 June 1825. He married 30 March 1853 Helen ‘Ellen’ Milligan, 1833-1928, daughter of Robert Milligan, 1784-1871, and Elizabeth MacDougall, 1807-1896. They had seven children:

1C1 Louisa Jane Waite, daughter of Edward Waite and Helen Milligan, was born at Travellers Rest 5 February 1854 and baptized 28 April 1857 at Richmond [PEI Baptismal Index].

!C2 Robert Douglas Waite, born 5 March 1856 and baptized 28 April 1857, is recorded at age 25 with his mother and two younger brothers in the 1881 census of Lot 19. His name also appears as a farmer at Travellers Rest in Frederick’s Directory of 1899-90.

!C3 Sophia Deliah Waite, born 14 August 1858 and baptized 6 December 1864, married Robert Ramsay, a blacksmith of the Tyne Valley area of Lot 11, 1860-before 1898 In the 1891 census he was 31 and Sophia was 32 and they had two children. In the 1900 census of Ward 7, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sophia, widowed, declared that she had immigrated in 1898. With her were daughter Ethel M. Ramsay, 17, and son Harold Wesley Ramsay, 8, and four lodgers. In the 1910 census Sophie was living with her second husband, John G. Sheehan, who was born to Irish parents about 1870 in Connecticut. Harold, 17, was with them. Ethel may have married by this time. In the 1920 census the couple were by themselves. In the 1930 census John Sheehan was 60 and a widower.

!C3a Ethel M. Ramsay, born in Lot 11, PEI, in August of 1882; living in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 1898.

1C3b Harold Wesley Ramsay, born in Tyne Valley area in July of 1891; living in Cambridge, MA, from 1898.

1C4 Eliza Ann Waite, born 29 January 1860 and baptized 6 December 1864. She must have died in infancy.

1C5 Ann Elizabeth Waite, daughter of Edward Waite and Helen Milligan, was born 25 December 1861 at Travellers Rest, PEI. On 18 August 1877 she married Dennis Kilbride, Jr., who was born 10 June 1858 at Foxley River, Lot 11. The family is recorded in the census of 1881, 1891 and 1901. The parents and the younger children immigrated to Berlin, Coos County, New Hampshire in 1906. In the 1910 census of that place the family consisted of the parents and Lulu or Laura, 18; Helen M, 16; Lena, 14; Ethel, 8.

1C5a Mary Adela Kilbride, born 8 December 1878 in Lot 11, PEI

1C5b Edward Irving Kilbride was born 8 July 1881 to Dennis Kilbride and Ann Elizabeth Waite in Lot 11, PEI. On 4 September 1917 at age 35, living at 22 Burnham Street in Portland, Maine, he became an American citizen. In the 1910 census of Portland he was a lumber surveyor and his wife, Lena M., born in PEI in 1883, was a laundress. In the 1930 census he was 48, a widower, a wood mill worker with his seven children at home. He died 8 June 1965 at Portland [Maine Death Index].

1C5b1 Edward Harold Kilbride, son of Edward and Lena, was born in Portland 16 October 1907. An insurance salesman, he married Ethel Davis 25 November 1950. He died at Portland 5 March 1968 {Maine Indexes].

1C5b2 Arling S. or J Kilbride, so deciphered in the 1910 and 1930 census, was born in 1909 and was a telephone technician.

1C5b3 Mary C. Kilbride, daughter of Edward and Lena, was born in Portland 8 June 1910 and for some time made her living as a stenographer. She died at Acton, York County, Maine, 9 May 2004 [Social Security Death Index].

1C5b4 Hazel A. Kilbride, was born in 1911 daughter of Edward and Lena. At one time a cashier, she died at Portland 23 December 1985.

1C5b5 Ruth E. Kilbride was born at Portland 7 November 1913.

1C5b6 Helen Agatha Kilbride, daughter of Edward and Lena Kilbride, was born at Portland 24 March 1918. She married John L. Hyland 11 April 1944.

1C5b7 Robert Ernest Kilbride, son of Edward and Lena, was born 31 July 1919 at Portland, Maine. He died at Livonoa, Wayne County, Michigan 27 November 1977

1C5c Ernest Everett Kilbride, son of Dennis Kilbride and Ann Elizabeth Waite, was born 9 December 1883 in Lot 11, PEI. He moved to Portland, Maine in October of 1915. The 1930 census lists his wife as Margaret M., who was born about 1893 in Northern Ireland. That census lists five children. He, a millman, his wife and family are listed in the Portland Directory of 1946. The Maine Death Index records that Margaret M. Kilbride died at Portland 17 September 1960 and her husband died there 18 September 1969.

1C5c1 Ethel Catherine Kilbride was born 5 February 1922 at Portland, Maine.

1C5c2 Elizabeth Kilbride, born in 1925, listed in the 1946 Directory as a teacher.

1C5c3 Ernest J.Kilbride, born in 1926, listed in that directory as United States Navy, died 10 October 1993 [Social Security Death Index].

1C5c4 Mary P. Kilbride, listed in that directory at, no dates

1C5c5 Patricia M. Kilbride, stenographer, no dates

!C5c6 Patrick Kilbride, born 1928, a body man living in 1946 at 31 Sheridan Street, Portland

1C5c7 Richard Kilbride, born 25 September1929, Married Josephine ______; he died at Stanford, Connecticut 5 April 1991.

1C5d Louisa J. Kilbride, daughter of Dennis Gilbride and Ann Elizabeth Waite, born 31 December 1885 in Lot 11, PEI.

1C5e Francis E. Kilbride, born 2 February 1888, ditto

1C5f Maggie Laura Kilbride, born 14 march 1890, ditto

1C5g Cora Kilbride, born 24 February 1892, ditto

1C5h Veronica Kilbride, born 11 July 1893, ditto

1C5 i Helen M. Kilbride, born 18 August 1895, ditto

1c5 j Ethel Kilbride, born 5 February 1901, ditto

1C5i Helen Verna Kilbride married Sidney Wallace Mader. Sidney was born 1 February 1886 at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to George Mader, 1839-1913 and Louisa Arenburg, 1847-1924 [Dawn Thurston 2 Family Tree]. Sidney immigrated to New Hampshire in 1901. He and Helen had one child Charlotte Hildegarde Mader, who was born 10 April 1918. Oddly Sidney ran afoul of the espionage laws. Was it his German extraction that bothered the authorities? Anyway he spent time in jail from 6 June 1918 to 1 April 1919. He died 24 September 1974 at the age of 88 in Everett, New Hampshire.

IC5ia Charlotte Hildegarde Mader, born 10 April 1918 in New Hampshire to Sidney Mader and Helen Kilbride, married Albert F. Thurston, son of George and Mary Thurston. Albert was born in 1911-and died 10 November 1998 [Social Security Death Index] . Hildegarde died 20 July 2001 at Claremont, New Hampshire.

1D John Waite, 1823-1895, son of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner, married His first cousin Elizabeth Rayner, who was born at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, in 1841 to Joseph Rayner and Janet Sharp. They with their six children were enumerated in the 1881 census. The 1891 census found John widowed with five of his children in his home.

1D1 William Rufus Waite, son of John Waite and Elizabeth Rayner, born in PEI 16 January 1864, married Lilla Linkletter, who was born in September 1861 at River Philip, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia to Joseph and Sarah Linkletter. William and Lilla lived in Sherbrooke, Lot 19. The census of 1901 and 1911 show these children:

1D1a Frank Waite, born 2 November 1889, died 1901 in Summerside

1D1b Walter, 10 April 1891

1D1c Harry, 21 August 1895, died in 1901

1D1d John Ray, 3 March 1898-1952 Summerside

1D1e Alfred, 17 March 1900-1901

1D2 James T. Waite, son of John Waite and Elizabeth Rayner, was born 27 August 1865 in PEI. At the age of 20 in 1885 he moved to Boston, was naturalized 15 October 1888 and married the following year to Jessie B. Chisholm. She had sailed from Charlttetown to Boston 22 June 1871 in the Worcester planning to earn a living at housework. In October 1898 they had a son Frederick James Waite. The parents were found in the 1900 and 1910 census of Boston and Frederick, 21, was a lodger with another family in the 1920 census. After that nothing further was found.

1D3 Margaret Jane Waite, daughter of John Waite and Elizabeth Rayner, was born in 1869. At age 22 in 1891 she was living with her widowed father.

1D4 Amy Ellen Waite was born in 1872. At the age of 19 she was living with her widowed father John. In the 1930 census of San Francisco Amy was married to George Day, a hospital nurse born in England in 1902. In the 1940 census of that city Amy Day was a widow at age 35 with two young children and three lodgers. She died in 1957 at the age of 88.

1D5 Jemima Waite was born 23 April 1873 to John Waite and Elizabeth Rayner. She married Benjamin Stewart Muttart 7 December 1898. She lived with her carpenter husband in Summerside and she gave birth to Rena 6 April 1900. By the time of the next census in 1910 they were living at 31st Street in Edmonton, Alberta and had a second child, Amy Ellen, born 6 August 1905. Jemima died in Edmonton about 1912.

1D5a Rena May Muttart, born 6 April 1900 in Summerside to Benjamin Muttart and Jemima Waite, married John Stenhouse, who was born in Scotland in 1892, came to Canada in 1910 and in the 1916 census of Lethbridge, AB, was a lodger, single, age 24. In December 1934 we find him retired at age 43 with his wife Rena, 34, and their infant daughter Carole aboard the Letitia of the Donaldson Line travelling from Quebec to Glasgow on a visit.

1D5a1 Carole Stenhouse, born January 1934 to John Stenhouse and Rena Muttart.

1D5a2 Amy Ellen Muttart, born at Summerside in August of 1903, brought up in Edmonton, married George Day and was living in San Francisco at the time of her father’s will in 1938.

1D6 Ella May Waite, daughter of John Waite and Elizabeth Rayner, was born in PEI in 1879. After her sister Jemima died in 1912 Ella May married her brother-in-law Benjamin Muttart. They had one child, Edith Waite Muttart in 1913. Edith married a Mr. Sparke and they had one child, who is living. Ella May died in March 1995. [Rayner/Clark/ Riley Family Tree]

1E James Waite, 9 March 1830-22 January 1905, son of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner, married 22 Feb 1855 Frances Crossman, 1836-1898, daughter of Benjamin Crossman, 1760-1850, and Mary Ann (Nancy) Cannon. For information about this family the census taking is incomplete. We find James and Frances Waite only in the 1891 census of Lot 7, not in 1881 and not for widowed James in 1901. The Biggar-Hersey Family tree, though wrong in Frances’ surname, names a son, Charles Henry, born 17 November 1857, two and a half years after the marriage of James and Frances, although Charles Henry was not found in any census. Then a gap ensues in our findings. In the 1891 census of Lot 7 the birthdates of the children named run from 1870, a gap of about twelve years.

1E1 Charles Henry Waite, son of James Waite and Frances Crossman, was born 17 November 1857. He married Julianne Betts, born 5 February 1859, daughter of Silas Boulter Betts and wife Charlotte MacWilliams. Silas was born in 1815 at Wallace, Nova Scotia, married 6 July 1847 and died 30 December 1904 at Glenwood, PEI. Charlotte was born in 1830 to George MacWilliams and Ada Crockett [Descendants of Isaac Sr Betts by Al Betts on The Island Register]. The 1901 and 1911 census of Coleman, Lot 8, West Prince, provides a list of Charles Henry and Julianne’s children with birthdates.

1E1a Edward Waite, 15 November 1885, son of Charles and Julianne, was enumerated in the 1920 census of Jay, Franklin County, Maine, living with his wife, Mary L. Ouelette, their six-month-old boy and her parents and three siblings. Edward, a grocery clerk, immigrated in 1909 and Mary at age three in 1905. Her father and mother, Napoleon and Celestine, came from Ile Verte, Temaskaming, Quebec.

AE1a1 Louis Waite, son of Edward Waite and Mary Ouellette, born July 1919

1E1b William A, Waite, born 17 January 1887, died at West Cape, Lot 88 in 1944

1E1c Henry Charles Waite, 24 February 1889, son of Charles and Juilanne, was born 24 February 1889 and died at West Devon, Lot 10, in 1962 at age 73 [PEI Master Names]

1E1d Ada May Waite, 4 August 1891, married Horatio Nelson Campbell, 1882-3 June 1972 Summerside. Ada died in October 1944. They had two children [Campbell Family Tree].

1E1d1 Harriet May Campbell, born 3 April 1911

1E1d2 Leaman Arthur Campbell, 1913-1957

1E1e Charlotte Waite, 11 January 1894, died in 1901 at Lot 8

1E1f Fanny Beatrice Waite, 16 February 1897, daughter of Charles Henry Waite and Julianne Betts, married Richard Raymond Biggar, 29 September 1896-13 April 1966, son of Robert Biggar, 1868-1915, and Elizabeth Robinson, 1876-1914. Richard and Fanny Biggar had a son, Harry Arnold Biggar The family moved to Stetson, Penobscot, Maine in 1935. The father Richard died there 13 April 1966 and Fanny followed in 1983.

1E1f1 Harry Arnold Biggar, 1916-1995, who married Margaret Jessie Oliver, 1916-2004, and they have a child living [Griffin Family Tree].

1E1g Lena Waite, daughter of Charles Henry Waite & Julianne Betts, 8 May 1899

1E1h George Waite, son of ditto, April 1902

1F Jane Townsend Waite was born 28 June 1835 and died 30 March 1885, daughter of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner. Jane married 30 March 1865 Luke Wood, born 18 December 1840 at Kouchbouquac, New Brunswick, son of Billy Wood and Margaret Enman. Luke died 24 January 1927. They had children [Rayner Family Tree]:

1F1 George William Wood, 7 April 1866-1951, son of Luke Wood and Jane Waite, married Martha Hately, daughter of John Hately and Anne Todd. Martha was born 14 June 1869 & died 14 June 1933. George died 15 July 1951. They had 7 children:

1F1a Brenton Wood, son of George Wood and Martha Hately,, was born 10 February 1893; he married Ruth Hester Boulter 1 November 1922. Daughter of Webster Boulter and Margaret Elizabeth Holmes, Ruth was born 9 March 1894 and died 7 December 1985. Brenton, a general storekeeper and Ruth, a teacher, had two children {living). Brenton died 23 October 1987 at age 93.

1F3 Maynard Leslie Wood, son of Luke Wood and Jane Waite, was born 5 September 1895 and died in 1897.

1F1b John Lyons Wood, son of George Wood and Martha Hately, was born 6 July 1896 and was killed in a battle near Vimy on 3 May 1917.

1F1c Ruth Wood, daughter of George William Wood and Martha Hately, was born on 6 December 1899 [1911 census].

1F1d William Howard Wood, born 26 March 1901 at North Tryon, Prince County

1F1e Raymond Wood, son of George William Wood and Martha Hately, was born in October of 1902.

1F1f Virginia Eleanor Wood was born in February of 1906and died at Gambles Corner in 1989. She married Lloyd Rogerson, son of Joseph and Margret Rogerson [1911 census of Lot 28, Prince]

1F2 Eliza Jane Mountain Wood, born 18 February 1868 to Luke Wood and Jane Waite, died 26 April 1949 at Central Bedeque, age 81.

1F3 Eleanor Ada Darby Wood, daughter of Luke wood and Jane Waite, born 7 August 1870 and died 24 May 1957 at Tryon, age 86.

1F4 Howard Wood, son of Luke and Jane, born 19 March 1873 at North Tryon, died 31 July 1956 at Victoria, PEI.

1F5 Alice Maud Wood was born to Luke and Jane Wood 18 March 1880; died in January 1969 at a nursing home in Tewksbury, Middlesex, MA, USA [Rayner/Clark/Riley Family Tree].

1G Nancy Townshend Waite, daughter of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner, was born 15 April 1836. She married Joseph Harvey, who was born about 1815. Nancy died in 1925 [Dawn Thurston Family Tree].

1H George Thomas Waite, Jr. was born 5 July 1839 and died in 1916. He married Eleanor Virginia Ellis, daughter of Robert Henry Ellis, 1828-1881, and Anne Nellie MacArthur [Ready Family Tree].

1I Barbara Waite, daughter of George Thomas Waite and Louisa Rayner, was born about 1843 and died in 1897. On 24 Dec 1866 she married Richard Wood, born about 1845 in PEI. The 1891 census of Lot 19 shows four children and the Cotton Family Tree all five:

1I1 Adeline Wood, 1862-1881

1I1 Richard Thomas Wood, 1869-1891

1I2 William Henry Wood, born February 1871, son of Richard Wood and Barbara Waite, moved to Boston, MA, in 1892 and in the 1900 census he and his wife Agnes J., also from Canada, had two sons. He was a motorman on the electric railway. Living with them was his brother Leslie Joseph Wood, a carpenter of age 21. In the 1910 census of Somerville, MA, the family consisted of William and Agnes and the two boys in their early teens. Ten years later the census showed him, a master teamster, without his wife, who had died young, and with his carpenter son George. William died 20 October 1962.

1I2a Charles Gordon Wood, son of William Henry and Agnes Wood, was born in Massachusetts in December 1896.

1I2b George Adrian Wood of the same parents was born there February 1898.

1I3 Leslie Joseph Wood, born in April 1878 to William Henry Wood and wife Agnes, moved to Boston at age 21 and lived first with his brother William Henry’s family [1900 Census of Boston Ward 14]. In 1910 he and his wife Sarah Adeline Ramsay, daughter of John Ramsay and Margaret Penman of Port Hill, had two baby boys. Sarah died in the 1920’s so that at Lexington in 1930, Leslie and his second wife, Agnes L., born 1880 in Canada, were living in Lexington with his son Roy W. Wood, single at 22. In 1940 the couple were alone. Leslie died there in January, 1960.

1I3a Roy W, Wood, born in Massachusetts in 1908 to Leslie and Sarah Wood

1I3b Richard K. Wood, born in 1910 ditto

1I4 John Clay Wood, born 9 February 1882 at Lot 19 to Richard Wood and Barbara Waite, married at Summerside 14 February 1914 Ruby Vera Sweet. She was born 26 January 1889, daughter of William Thomas Sweet, 1843-1914, and Elizabeth Jane Gibbs, 1846-1930. They had eight children, six of them living still. In 1923 two of their children died: Mildred Ruth, born in 1919, and Claude David, born in 1922. At Summerside, John Wood died 29 January 1960 and Ruby died 11 October 1962 [Cotton Family Tree].

2. William Simpson Rayner, son of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson, was baptized at St. Mary’s Church in Little Wratting, Suffolk, 10 August 1801. His second name was the surname of his aunt Elizabeth Watson’s husband, Richard Simpson. About 1829 he married Sophia Cannon, who died after 1914 at Shediac, New Brunswick. William S. Rayner died 11 December 1883. They had six children:

2A Susannah Rayner, daughter of William Simpson Rayner and Sophia Cannon, was born 6 March 1830 at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, PEI.

2B Virginia Rayner was born 11 December, 1832 at Travellers Rest to William Simpson Rayner and Sophia Cannon. She married Daniel Sowerby, son of James Sowerby, whose dates were 1787-1851. Daniel was born 24 June 1820 in Shediac, Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, and died there 21 August 1902. At Shediac 16 September 1914 at the age of 82 Virginia married John Andrew Nickerson, 1833-1920. James and Virginia had three children;

2B1 May Sowerby was born 1 July 1871 at Shediac and was living there in 1901.

2B2 Charles Sowerby, son of Daniel Sowerby and Virginia Rayner, was born at Shediac 25 December 1872. He and his wife Sarah, born in 1872, moved to Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts in 1908 and were recorded there in the 1910 census. After that, no record found.

2B3 Gilbert Sowerby was born in Shediac 16 September 1879 to Daniel Sowerby and Virginia Rayner. He married Eva ______, who was born July 1887 in New Brunswick.

In 1924 Gilbert emigrated to Plymouth, Massachusetts with his wife Eva and with Reay, 17, Edgar, 14, and Mildred, 6. He was found with his daughter Mildred in the 1930 census. His wife must have died. The following children were enumerated in the 1911 census of Shediac, along with Mildred in the 1930 U.S, census:

2B3a Reay Sowerby, October 1905

2B3b Edgar Sowerby, July 1909 In the 1940 census of Middleboro, Edgar, 30. A machine operator, and his wife Bernice, 29, stenographer, were living on Everett Street. Edgar died at Middleboro 11 February 1978 [U.S. Social Security Index].

2B3c Mildred Sowerby, born in 1918

2C Charles Rayner was born at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, on 20 January 1833 to William Simpson Rayner and Sophia Cannon. He married 3 November 1853 Mary Jane Rendel, born in 1835 to William Rendel and Mary Jane Ellis. They had one child:

2C1 Mary Jane Rayner, born in 1854 and baptized 10 February 1854 at O’Leary.

2D Sophia Elizabeth Rayner, born at Travellers Rest 25 Feb 1835, was a daughter of William Simpson Rayner and Sophia Cannon. She married 2 Feb 1867 Artemus Crossman, October 1842 – 9 March 1928, son of Benjamin Crossman and Mary Ann ‘Nancy’ Cannon. After much hunting on account of an illiterate census taker, I found the family in the 1881 census of Lot 19 headed by "Artmore Crasmune" who had daughters "Josvene" and Estea". At that time the couple had five children ranging from three to twelve years old. In the 1891 census the family head was "Art Crosman" and five children were listed between 8 and 21 years and also the widowed grandmother Ann (Cannon), age 89. In the 1901 census Artemus was shown as a Methodist fisherman, 56, born 10 November 1844, and Elizabeth’ s age was given as 67, with a birth date of 22 February 1834. Putting these pieces together produces the following list of the children of Artemas Crossman and Sophia Elizabeth Rayner:

2D1 Josephine Crossman, daughter of Artemas Crossman and Sophia Elizabeth Rayner, was born at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, in January 1869. She married George Cass, who was born in September of 1863. [Sources: 1911 Census of 1911 and Rayner/Clark/Riley Family Tree]. That household in 1911 included Artemas Crossman, born October 1842, the widowed father of Josephine.

2D1a Artemas Cass, born July 1897

2D1b Eva May Cass, born August 1899

2D1c Jane Alberta Cass, born April 1907

2D1d Ester Cass

2E Mary Jane Rayner, born 21 May 1837 at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, was a daughter of William Simpson Rayner and Sophia Cannon.

2F Edwin Parker Rayner, born 2 July 1839 at Travellers Rest to William S. Rayner and Sophia Cannon, married Ann Elizabeth Pillman, born 15 December 1839, daughter of John Pillman, 1803-1878, and Agnes Warren, 1807-1868. Edmond and Elizabeth Rayner, born about 1840, are listed in the 1881 census of Lot 19. According to the Frances Pillman Family Tree, Elizabeth died 20 April 1888 at Travellers Rest. Her husband Edwin or Edmond, which he preferred, was not in the 1891 census of Lot 19. An Edwin P. Rayner of about that age born in Canada moved to Portland, Maine, in 1900 and was married to Annie, 25 years younger than he and born in England. The on-line register of Maine deaths does not cover this period and so we are left without possibly conclusive information that this was our Edmond P. Rayner.

2G Nelson Rayner, born in 1844, was baptized in April of that yea, son of William S. Rayner and Elizabeth Cannonr. Rayner is a fairly common name but Nelson Rayner is rare. In the 1860 census of North Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts, we find a Nelson Rayner, 15, shoemaker, said to have been born In Lower Canada, as was Frank Roberts, shoemaker and family head. I have found no record of a Nelson Rayner who was born in 1845 in Lower Canada nor any further trace of Nelson Rayner in Canada or the United States.

3 Elizabeth Rayner, daughter of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson, was baptized at Little Wratting 14 August 1803. Two family trees, Rayner/Clark/Riley and Cowling/Innes, mistakenly have this Elizabeth Rayner marry James Wood in 1843. The Rayner Family Tree states she married ____ Chappell. Did they live in North Granville? If so, Benjamin B. Chappell died there in 1879 and Elizabeth died there in 1870.

4 Edward Rayner, Jr., son of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson, was born about 1805, perhaps in London while the family was waiting for a ship to take them to Prince Edward island. At the age of about 22 on 13 February 1828 Edward married Elizabeth Cannon, who was born in 1804, and they had five children. Edward died 17 April 1840 and was buried at Richmond Church of England Cemetery 21 April [Parish Register]. Elizabeth Rayner, widow, married James Wood, English immigrant, shoemaker and farmer, in January of 1842, her eldest son William Rayner being a witness. She had five children in that marriage. She died 29 March 1878 at the age of 89. James Wood died 25 December 1890 at age 74. Their grave is situated in the cemetery at West Devon, PEI, formerly Methodist and now United Church,

4A William A. Rayner, son of Edward Rayner, Jr., and Elizabeth Cannon, was born at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, on 27 Nov 1828. At the age of 39 he married on 20 Feb 1868 Charlotte Crossman, 1844 - , daughter of Benjamin Crossman, 1798-1880, and Mary Ann ‘Nancy’ Cannon [Crossman Family Tree].

4B George Rayner, son of Edward Rayner, Jr., and Elizabeth Cannon was born at Tiltons Creek now Travellers Rest, Lot 19 on 10 Oct `1830. He was not enumerated in the census of Lot 19 from 1881 to 1901 nor been found in the United States.

4C Charles Joseph Rayner, son of Edward Rayner, Jr., and Elizabeth Cannon, was born in 1833 at Travellers Rest. He married 3 November 1858 Mary Jane Rendel. She died in 1878 [Cowling/Innes Family Tree].

4D Louisa J Rayner, daughter of Edward Rayner, Jr., and Elizabeth Cannon, was born 23 July 1835 at Travellers Rest. About 1854 at age 19 Louisa married Walter Chappell, who was born in PEI of a father born in Nova Scotia and a mother born in England. The Cowling/Innes Family Tree and the 1881 1nd 1891 census of Lot 4 give a list of the children and their birth years.

4D1 Edward Chappell, born about 1855. A farmer giving his age as 32, he is helping his father and living with the family in the 1891 census of Lot 4, Prince County. Not found in the 1901, he may have died.

4D2 Clancy Chappell, born in 1861, twenty years of age in the 1881 census; despite his distinctive given name, I have not been able to find him after that.

4D3 Angelina Chappell, born to Walter Chappell and Louisa J. Rayner in 1864, died at Lot 4 in 1881 at age seventeen years.

4D4 Elizabeth A. Chappell, was born at Lot 4, PEI, in January of 1868 to Walter Chappell and Louisa J. Rayner. In the 1911 census of Pictou, Nova Scotia, District 50, Subdistrict 14, Elizabeth is found with her second husband, John E. MacKay, 39, and her one year old daughter Ella I. MacKay. Her mother, Louisa J. Chappell, 67, is there too. Her seven children by her first husband, a Mr. Thomson, are all there.

4D4a Sophia J. Thomson, born December 1893 in PEI

4D4b Walter L. Thomson, born June 1895 in PEI

4D4c Clara L. Thomson, born March 1897 in PEI

4D4d Viola M. Thomson, born in April of 1900 in New Brunswick

4D4e Lizzie J. Thomson, born in December of 1901 in New Brunswick.

4D4f James E. Thomson, born in December of 1904 in Nova Scotia

$D4g Olive L. Thomson, born November 1908 in Nova Scotia.

4D4h Ella I MacKay, born in August of 1909 in Nova Scotia.

Note: I tried to find this family in the 1901 census of the three Maritime Provinces but misspelling or misinformation has ended in a nil result.

4D5 Hubert Chappell was born in Lot 4, PEI, 24 January 1871 to Walter Chappell and Louisa J. Rayner. He would have known John Thompson and his wife Mary, who was born in Ontario and had two little children, Annie and Sarah [1881 census]. Ten years later the father John and daughter Ann had died and Mary was left a widow with SarahThompson, 11, and Frederick Rhompson, 8. According to the 1901 census Hubert Chappell, a Methodist farmer, married Mary in 1895 or before, for they had a daughter Ethel M., born 7 November 1895. Frederick Thompson, 18, was living with them. In the 1911 census Alonzo Thompson, 51, a nephew, was added to the family.

4D5a Ethel M. Chappell, was born in Lot 4, PEI, 15 November 1886 to Hubert Chappell and his wife Mary. She died in 1891.

4D6 Theophilus Chappell, 1871-1904, son of Walter Chappell and Louisa J. Rayner

4D7 Arno S. Chappell, born about 1875, son of Walter Chappell and Louisa

4D8 Sophia Chappell, born about 1876, ditto, died in 1881 at age five years

4D8 Ida May Chappell, born about 1880, ditto, died in 1881, age nine months

4E Edward Rayner III, son of Edward Jr. Rayner and Elizabeth Cannon, was born at Travellers Rest, Lot 19 in 1837. He married 22 September 1862 in Summerside. Evalina Heckbert, daughter of German John Heckbert, born at Constants, Switzerland, in 1818 and died in 1899 in PEI, and Mary Ann ‘Nancy’ Reid, born in England in 1821 and died at Summerside in 1888 at age 67. Edward Rayner died in 1883 at the age of forty-six, leaving Evalina with nine children, the youngest of whom was three years old. Five children had died in infancy. After her children had grown up, Evalina married James N. Tarris, blacksmith, and in the 1901 census of Moncton, New Brunswick, she was living with him and his two children, John and Asa Tarris. In the 1911 census of Shediac, New Brunswick, Evalina was working as a nanny for a Weldon family.

4E1 Annie Bertha Rayner, daughter of Edward Rayner and Evalina Heckbert, was born at St Eleanors 10 March 1864. Annie Rayner married Mitchell (Michael) Albert Dawson, who was born at Windsor, Nova Scotia, 22 June 1862 to William Dawson, 1830-1885, and Eleanor Little, 1823-1884. We find them in the 1891 census of Moncton with three children born in New Brunswick: William Edward, 5; Eva Maud, 3; Devona, 7 months. We know from the 1910 census of Prospect, Waldo County, Maine, that this family moved there in 1892. Eva Maud died in Boston at the age of eight in 1895 [Rayner/Clark/Riley Family Tree]. In the 1910 census of Prospect, Maine, five offspring were in the household: William Edward, 23; Devona M, 21; Dora, 15; The second Eva Maud, 12; Arthur R, ii. The 1930 census found Michael and Annie in their sixties with a grandson Arthur, 12. Michael died at Prospect in 1953.

4E1a William Edward Dawson, son of Mitchell Dawson and Annie Rayner, was born about 1887 in New Brunswick. At Stockton Springs 16 September 1922 he married Cleora M. Clark, born 38 August 1901 to Forest J. and Minnie Clark. The 1930 census of Stockton Springs finds them together without children. Cleora died at Searsport, Waldo, ME, in January of 1987.

    • Arthur Rudolph Dawson, was born, probably out of wedlock, at Woodbury, Washington County, Vermont, 27 March 1918 to William E. Dawson and Ms. Mosher. In 1930 at age twelve he was living with his grandparents Mitchell and Annie Dawson. They were not found in the 1920 census. Arthur married Noma O. Palmer, daughter of Henry A. and Noma B. Palmer of Mexico, Oxford County, Maine. Arthur and his bride were both residents of Prospect, Maine. Arthur died in December of 1982 at Searsport, Waldo, ME [Reference: Vermont Births; Maine Marriages; Maine Deaths].

4E1b Devona Mary Dawson, daughter of Mitchell Dawson and Annie Rayner, was born in Moncton 20 November 1889. On 11 December 1909 at Bethel, Windsor County, Vermont she married William Henry Goddard, a lumber contractor who was born in 1886 in Vermont. In the 1920 census of Stockton Springs, Maine, they had a two year old, George L. In the 1930 census of Glover, Orleans County, Vermont there were two more children, Leona and Everett.

4E1b1 George L. Goddard, born at Glover, Orleans County, Vermont, to William Henry Goddard and Devona Mary Dawson was killed at age sixteen on 23 September 1934 by an automobile at Runaway Pond Hill in his home town [Vermont Death Records].

4E1b2 Leona Velma Goddard, daughter of William Henry and Devona Mary, was born at Glover, VT. She married a Mr. Gates – one child living. Leona died in 2003 in Caledonia County Vermont.

4@1b3 Everett William Goddard was born 27 January 1927 at

Glover [Vermont Birth Records]. He served 1945-46 in the U.S. military police in Occupied Germany. He died 11 June 2009 at the age of 82 at East Hardwick, Vermont [obituary in the Times Argus 15 June 2009].

4E1b4 Dorothy Goddard, born after 1927 to W. H. Goddard and Devona, married a Mr. Johnson and was living in Phoenix, Arizona, as Everett’s only surviving sibling [his obituary].

4E1c Agnes B. Dawson was born in Boston, MA, in 1892 daughter of Mitchell A. Dawson and Annie B. Rayner. She married Joseph S. Richardson. No children.

4E1d Eva Maud Dawson, daughter of Mitchell A. Dawson and Annie B. Rayner, was born 4 May 1897 at Prospect, Waldo, Maine. She married Carl Noble Dakin, 1896-1962. They had two children, now living and a third, deceased.

4E1d1 Herbert W. Dakin, 1912-1990, married Gertrude Jackson, 1911-1956. One child living

4E2 Ada Rayner was born 22 April 1863 to Edward Rayner and Evalina Heckbert and died 29 January 1868

4E3 Jessie Isabella Rayner, daughter of Edward Rayner and Evalina Heckbert was born 8 June 1868 at St. Eleanors, PEI. She went to live in Salem, Essex County, MA, in 1888. She married John H. Delahunt, born in Canada in May of 1863, son of Richard Delahunt and Rhonda Lutz. The family was counted at Salem, Ward 2, in the 1900 and 1910 census and at Lowell in the 1920 and 1930 census.

4E3a Lottie Verna Dellahunt, daughter of John Delahunt and Jessie Isabella Rayner, was born 11 January 1890 at Salem, MA. There 3 November 1912 she married Ralph Clayton Buxton, who was born 2 March 1890 at Peabody, MA, to William E. and Mary A. Buxton. They had two sons.

4E3a1 Clayton E. Buxton , born to Ralph Buxton and Verna Delahunt 21 March 1914 at Danvers, MA, married Ruth A Delaronde 15 September 1939 at Plaistow, New Hampshire. He died 9 February 1887 at Danvers.

4E3a2 Ralph John Buxton, son of Ralph Buxton and Verna Delahunt, was born at Danvers 22 July 1924. He married Ruth A Delaronde 15 September 1939 at Plaistow, New Hampshire. He enlisted 7 February 1943 at Boston and served in the Tech 3 Army Unit in World War Two. He died 1 January 2011 at age 86 and was buried at Walnut Grove Military Cemetery at Danvers. No children.

4E3b John Harold ‘Harry’ Delahunt, son of John Delahunt and Jessie Isabella Rayner, was born at Salem, MA, on March 1981 and died in 1917.

4E3c Ethel M. Delahunt was born at Salem, MA. In 1896 to John Delahunt and Bella Rayner. She married Clarence Melville Beck, born in 1892 in Massachusetts to George B. Beck and Cassandra Godd. The 1920 and 1930 census of Salem show that Ethel and Clarence had two sons.

4E3c1 Kenneth Melville Beck was born 3 February 1920 at Danvers, MA, a son of Clarence Melville Beck and Ethel Delahunt. He enlisted at Boston 19 June 1942 –five feet eleven, 158 pounds, grade 12, machine shop. He died 2 May 2007 at Laconia, new Hampshire, where his obituary mentioned a son and a daughter, six grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

4E3c2 Raymond A. Beck, born about 1922 to Clarence and Ethel Beck. No record of death or other information.

4E3d Mabel G. Delahunt, daughter of John Delahunt and Isabella Rayner, was born at Salem. No other information found.

4E3e Ella D. Delahunt, daughter of John Delahunt and Isabella Rayner, was born at Salem in 1898 and died in 1926 at age 28.

4E3e Clarence Oswald Delahunt was born 15 April 1903. At the age f thirty in the census of Lowell, MA, he was living with his parents, John and Bella. He died single in 1948.

4E3f Lillian B. Delahunt, daughter of john Delahunt and Bella Rayner, was born at Salem 15 April 1903 and died unmarried at Boston 10 January 1993 at age 89.

4E3g Evelyn J. Delahunt was born to John Delahunt and Bella Rayner about 1905. In 1927 she was living at 17 Oxford Street in Lowell, M

4F Alfred Clyde Rayner, son of Edward Rayner, Jr., and Elizabeth Cannon was born 23 November 1839 at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, PEI. Alfred Clyde emigrated to Maine in 1858 at the age of nineteen. The Cowling/Innes Family Tree has Alfred marrying Hannah Chisholm in PEI on 2 February 1860 and she dying in Prince Edward County, Ontario, 6 January 1915. Untrue! That Hannah was born in Prince Edward County. Another family history has her dying in Maine before 1864. I have found no documented record. Alfred enlisted in the 16th Maine Infantry and fought in several battles of the Civil War. At Orono, Penobscot County, on 15 November1866 he married Theresa Inman, who was born there 20 March 1846, daughter of Anthony Inman and Sarah A. Dollif. In the 1870 census Alfred and Theresa were living in Oshkosh, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, with a daughter of one year and he was employed as a rafts man in the timber business. In 1880 they were living at Big Bend on the Chippewa River and they had Elizabeth, 11; Ella, 8; Margaret, 4. Theresa died at Radisson 20 March 1909 at the age of sixty-three. In the 1920 census of Winter, Sawyer County, WI, Alfred Raynor was living with his daughter Elizabeth, his son-in-law Henry Crawford and their grown-up children. His obituary correctly stated that he was born in Prince Edward Island rather than his usual error of New Brunswick but some of the dates were wrong. It told of his writings about the history of the county and of the life of a timber rafts man on the Chippewa River. He was a member of the school board for seven terms.

4F1 Elizabeth Ann Rayner, daughter of Alfred Clyde Rayner and Theresa Inman, was born 14 July 1871 at Penobscot, Maine, and died at Hayward, Wisconsin, 10 December 1961. She married Henry Andrew Crawford, who was born 25 October 1864 at D’Almon Bay, New Brunswick, and died 6 December 1931 at Winter, Wisconsin. They had eight children.

4F1a Jessie L. Crawford was born in July 1890 at Hayward, Sawyer County, Wisconsin to Alfred Clyde Rayner and Theresa Inman. At Winter in the same county in 1908 she married Franklin A. Racette, son of Amadeus Racette and Ameline LaRochelle. Franklin was born in Wisconsin 6 February 1883. Father of six young children and another on the way, He died 25 November 1918 of the Spanish influenza. With the help of relatives and friends, Jessie provided for her children. Later she gave much time to the Presbyterian Church. In August 1930 she married a bachelor Walter Smoot, who died three years later. Jessie died 17 May 1938 in her 48th year [Obituary in the Winter newspaper online].

4F1a1 Genevieve Armaline Racette, daughter of Franklyn Racette and Jessie Crawford, was born 18 March 1910 in Winter, Wisconsin. She died 15 October1997 at Jackson, Michigan.

4F1a2 Lois Olive Racette eas born 21 january 1911 at Rice Lake, WI. She married George W. Leas: 3 children living. Lois died 29 June 1968 at McCallum, Texas.

4F1a3 Douglas Belmore Racette was born 6 October 1913 at Winter, WI. He died 3 December 1991 at Ladysmith, Rusk, Wi.

4F1a4 Franklin Crawford Racette, born in 1916, was a mason. He married Forrest Marshal. He enlisted 15 April 1941. He died 22 November 1988 [California Death Index].

4F1a5 Elizabeth Joan Racette, born10 November 1917 to Franklyn Racette and Jessie Crawford, married John Albert Bloom on 1 December 1940 after losing her first husband Richard P Felber in 1938, with whom she had a son Thomas. A Bloom offspring is still living. Elizabeth died 11 September 2003 in Glorida.

4F1a5a Thomas Henry Felber, adopted name Bloom, was born 27 July 1937 and died in Kansas City, Missouri, 2 February 2001 leaving a wife and two offspring.

4F1a6 Samuel Lamont Racette was born 10 February 1919 in Winter, WI, and died 16 October 1990 in Findlay, Ohio. He married Nina Cecilia Maddison, 1910-2008. One child.

4F1b Roy Byron Crawford, son of Henry A. Crawford and Elizabeth Ann Rayner, was born 21 May 1892 in Sawyer County, Wisconsin [State Birth Index]. On 31 July 1920 at Hayward, Wi he married Esther Theodora Johnson. They had a daughter in 1923. Esther died 26 January 1934 at Hayward. He died 12 December 1952 in Minneapolis [Family Data Collection and U.S census].

4F1b1 Betty J. Crawford was born 28 January 1923. She married a Mr. Rankin. She served in the U.S. Navy in World War Two. She died at Winter, WI, 14 May 1998 [1930 census and Wisconsin Death Records].

4F1c Hazel Crawford, daughter of Henry Crawford and Elizabeth, was born about 1894. In the 1920 census at 26 she was living in Winter, WI.

4F1d Ora Crawford, born about 1897, taught school several years and on 11 january 1928 at Eau Claire she married Cecil T. Brastad, born 26 February1896 to Dr. And Mrs Brastad of Eau Claire. According to the Sawyer County Gazette of the 14th the groom was a clerk of Crawford and Lindt Logging. He later became a banker and was elected to public office. Ora died at Barron, WI, 23 November 1983 and Cecil died 26 August 1993 [Social Security Death Index].

4F1e Ina Crawford, born 30 May 1897

4F1f Alfred C. Crawford, born in May of 1899, son of Henry Crawford and Elizabeth Rayner. The 1930 census of Winter, Sawyer, WI, found Alfred 29, his wife Violet J., 25 , James. P, 4, and Margaret A, 2.

4F2 Ella Blanche Raynor was born 15 June 1873 at Oshgosh, Wisconsin, to Alfred Clyde Rayner and Theresa Inman. At Draper, Wi, in April of 1890 she married Joseph Henry Crawford, who was born 25 September 1865 at New Richmond , Quebec. He was the eldest of ten children born to the Irish protestant Andrew Crawford, 1856-1908 of Compton, Quebec, and Charlotte Brown, 1846-1920, originally from Nova Scotia [B & J Family Tree and Census of Canada 1861-1901]. Ella died 17 May 1917 at Draper, Wi, and Joseph died in 1931 at Winter, WI. [Wisconsin Death Index].

4F2a Alfred Earl Crawford, son of Joseph and Ella Crawford, was born 25 April 1891 at Winter, WI [World War I Draft Card]. He died 2 July 1962 at Mendocina, CA {California Death Index]. The 1930 census of Chippewa Falls, WI, show him at 38 and his wife Alvina at 32 with four children who may be living still. Margaret Alvina Crawford died at Racine, Wi, 2 April 1995 at the age of ninety-seven.

4F2b Guy William Crawford, of Wisconsin, was born at Hayward 17 April 1893 and died at Beloit Rock 1 October 1965 [Census and Death Index].

4F2c Myrtle Crawford, daughter of Joseph Crawford and Ella Raynor, was born at Hayward, WI, 20 August 1895 and died 15 November 1966. She married Grant Winfield Herrick, who was born 25 January 1895 at Madison, WI, and died 27 November 1972 at Curtiss, WI [SSDI and Jack Family Tree]. Three children, living.

4F2d Vida Crawford was born at Winter, Wi, 30 June 1897 and died in St. Louis County, Minnesota, 26 September 1989. She married Fred F. Gordon, whose parents came from Norway. Born 19 January 1995, he died at Duluth, Minnesota in February of 1973. The 1920 census of Duluth listed one child. I have not been able to find them in the 1930 census.

4F2e Howard Crawford, son of Joseph Crawford and Ella Raynor, was born 5 January 1903. In the 1930 census he at age 28 was living with his parents.

4F2f Elma Crawford was born in Sawyer County, WI, 22 June 1906.

4F2g Earl Crawford, son of Joseph Crawford and Ella Raynor, was born 28 September 1907 at Raddison, WI. He married Althea Johnson, 17 August 1916-24 September 1962. Earl died in 1955. [Birth and Death Indexes]

4F2g1 James Earl Crawford was born 1 May 1938 in Sawyer County and died 17 June 2006 at Bristol, Rhode Island.

4F2g2 Alan Drew Crawford was born 18 June 1939 at Plainfield, WI, and died 20 October 2000 at South Elgin, Illinois.

4F2h Marshall Louis Crawford, son of Joseph Crawford and Ella Rayner, was born about 1911. The 1930 census of Draper shows him at 19 living with his parents. He died 28 february at Milwaukee [Wisconsin Death Index].

4F2i Wayne R. Crawford, 4 July 1912 – 1 November 1991 [Wisconsin indexes]. Wayne at 17 was with his parents in the 1930 census.

4F3 Margaret May Rayner, daughter of Alfred C. Rayner and Theresa Inman, was born 26 or 29 August 1876 at Shawano, Wisconsin, and died 6 March 1967 at Winter. She married Joseph Sarrazin Buckwheat, who was born30 October 1860 at Deux Montagnes, Quebec. Father of eight children, he died of Spanish influenza 30 October 1919 at Winter. The following is largely from B & J Family History online.

4F3a Bae Buckwheat, daughter of J. S. Buckwheat and Maggie Rayner, was born 5 October 1896 at Winter. She married Adolphe Bradshaw, who was born in Canada in 1865. Bae died in September 1985 at Owen, Clark County, WI.

4F3a1 Frances C. Bradshaw was born 18 December 1912 at Draper and died 20 October 1919 at Frederic, Polk County. She married Clarence E. Koed, who was born 7 January 1807 in Minnesota and died 9 August 1973 at Frederic.

4F3a2 Raymond Henry Bradshaw was born 16 August 1915 at Draper and died 23 May 1991 at Fond du Lac. His wife is still living.

4F3b Percy Joseph Buckwheat, son of J.S. Buckwheat and Margaret Rayner was born 13 May 1898 in Wisconsin and died 2 May 1971 at Eau Claire. He married Lucille Hanks (aka Height), who was born 20 November 1909 in Illinois and died 10 May 1996 at Eau Claire. They had eight children, two of whom are deceased, namely, Joseph who died in 2000 at Rice Lake, Barron County, and Catherine, 15 June 1932 – 25 May 2007 at Eau Claire.

4F3c Henrietta C. Buckwheat, daughter Of J. S. Buckwheat and Margaret Rayner was born 13 November 1899 and died at Eau Claire 2 May 1971. She married Walter Leonard Goffin, born 7 July 1892 at Chicago and died in 1956 at Raddison, Wisconsin. They had five children, two of whom are deceased.

4F3c1 Leonard Goffin was born 12 April 1918 in Wisconsin and died 12 November 1989 at Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, California [SSDI].

4F3c2 Beth ‘Betty’ Goffin was born in 1933 at Raddison, WI, and died 19 May 2006. She married Telford S. Fadness, 8 June 1918 – 24 March 2003 at Winter, Wisconsin.

4F3d Tessie Theresa Buckwheat, daughter of Joseph S. Buckwheat and Margaret May Raynor, was born at Winter 19 May 1902 and died at Rice Lake, Barron County, 1 October 1977. She married Peter Oscar Roppe, who was born at Lake Mills, Iowa and died 18 October 1928 at Winter. Her second marriage was to Carl Bernard Overdahl, 1901-1968.

4F3d1 Leslie Joseph Roppe, 27 December 1918 – 18 October 1928

4F3d2 Beatrice, 21 October 1920

4F3d3 Orville Raymond Roppe, 22 March 1922 – 21 September 1887; married Winnifred Bernice malum, 4 November 1925 – 5 July 1999.

4F3d4 Stanley R. Roppe, 1923-1924

4F3d5 Joseph Roppe, 1926-1926

4F3e Donald Buckwheat, son of Joseph S. Buckwheat and Margaret May Raynor, was born 30 October 1909 in Wisconsin and died 20 December 1988 at Hennepin, Minnesota. He married Alice Wells, who was born 9 June 1933 in Chicago and died 7 December 1974 at Raddison, Wi. They had a daughter. Donald married again and had two more daughters.

4F3f Roy H. Buckwheat, born 5 March 1911 at Winter, died 29 June 1994 at Raddison

4F3g Duane Buckwheat, son of Joseph S. Buckwheat and Margaret May Raynor, was born 13 December 1915 and died 6 July 2000 at Eau Claire. He married Jean Mary Perry, who was born 11 December 1916 in Wisconsin and died 22 December 1972 at Eau Claire.

4F3h Luella Buckwheat was born 5 March 1919 at Winter and died 11 December 2006 at Spooner, Washburn County, Wisconsin

5. John Rayner*, son of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson, was born possibly in London, England. St. Paul’s register records his birthday as in December of 1806 and his baptism 3 February 1809. John Rayner of Lot 19 married at St. John’s Church of England, St. Eleanors, 5 November 1830 Sarah Ann Simmons of Lot 19, daughter of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau. They had eight children, the youngest of whom was my grandmother, Sarah Prudence Rayner, who married Edward Gorrill.

5A John James Rayner, son of John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons, was born at Saint Eleanors 1 July 1837 and died at Cascumpec 12 January 1936. He married 1 April 1863 Sarah Williams, who was born 19 December 1837 and died 8 December1909, daughter of Edward Williams and Agness Ellis, the daughter of pioneer shipbuilder William Ellis. Sarah Williams was a sister of Priscilla, Edward Gorrill’s mother. John James Rayner built a house and developed a farm of 103 acres in Cascumpec. A vigorous man, he was chopping wood two years before he died at 99 years 6 months.

5A1 Robert Henry Rayner, son of John James Rayner and Sarah Williams, was born at Cascumpec 1 January 1869 and died 14 January 1931. On 25 September 1901 he married Sarah Ann Webb, daughter of James G. Webb of Woodstock, Lot 6. Sarah was born in 1864 and died 9 August 1939 at Cascumpec [One World Tree}.

5A1a Florence May Rayner, RN, was born 21 January 1902 at Cascumpec, daughter of Robert Henry Rayner and Sarah Ann Webb. She married Albert Eugene Huestis, who was born at Albany, PEI, to Jesse Huestis and Minnie Leard and died 4 December 1965 at Summerside. Florence died there 3 October 1983 at the age of eighty-one. From 1928 to 1938 they had four sons and two daughters [Eileen Oulton’s Chart].

5A1b Alton Winfield Rayner, son of Robert Henry Rayner and Sarah Ann Webb, was born 31 December 1903 near Cascumpec, Lot 5, and died 7 April 1994. On 20 June 1928 he married Margaret Laura Gordon, who was born 9 December 1904 at Cascumpec to Isaac Gordon and Louise Reay. Margaret died 4 July 1988. They had a daughter, born in 1951.

5A1c Ruth Estelle Rayner, RN, daughter of Robert Henry Rayner and Sarah Ann Webb, was born at Cascumpec 1 May 1907. She married Rev. Leslie Dignan, who served as Chaplain Captain in World War Two. He was born in January 1910 to Irish Methodists Robert T. and Benelink Dignan [1911 Census of Woodstock, Lot Six, Prince County]. Ruth and Leslie had no children. Leslie died in 1983 and Ruth died in 1998 [Master Names].

5A1d John W. Rayner, born at Cascumpec 24 July 1914; married 6 October 1937 Freda Belle Ashley, who was born 6 October 1911 and died 27 April 1963 at O’Leary. Freda was a daughter of Lowden Histon Ashley, 1877-1953, and Susan jane Lewis, 1878-1947. A son living. John married a widow Dorothy MacLean MacDonald [One World Tree; Eileen Oulton’s Chart]. John died at Cascumpec in 2000 [Master Names].

5A2 Agnes Jean Rayner, born 25 January 1865, was the second child of John James Rayner and Sarah Williams. She married William Howard Smith, a Methodist farmer, who was born 7 August 1865 [1901 & 1911 census of Lot 5]. He died 1n 1952 and Agnes died in 1958 at age 93 [Eileen Oulton’s chart].

5A2a Edna Eliza Smith, RN, daughter of William Howard Smith and Agnes Jane Rayner, was born 24 January 1865 [1901 & 1911 census of Lot 5]. She married Bruce D. Howatt, who on 11 February 1885 was born one of eight children to Josiah Howitt and Janie Best [One World Tree & 1901 census of Lot 21]. Bruce, a lawyer, and Edna, a nurse, moved to Edmonton. They had a son, Gerald, a pharmacist, who married Pauline Racette and they had three sons [Eileen Oulton’s chart].

5A2b Addie Smith, born 22 February 1891 to W. H. Smith and Agnes Jane Rayner, married Donald M. MacDonald and they had four daughters and a son [Eileeen Oulton’s chart]. Addie died in 1996 at Summerside [Master Names]

5A2c Golding Claude Smith was born 18 May 1900 [1901 census of Lot 5] to W. H. Smith and Agnes Jane Rayner. He married Amy Stewart and they had a daughter and a son.

5A3 Sarah Maude Rayner, daughter of John James Rayner and Sarah Williams, was born 25 November 1867 at Cascumpec. On 18 July 1887 she married Daniel MacLean, born July 1865 at Tyne Valley, Lot 13. He died 15 February 1941. They had two sons. Sarah Maude died in 1960 at the age of ninety-three. [1911 census]

5A31 Ivan Ellsworth MacLean, son of Dan and Sarah, was born 1 October 1892 at Tyne Valley. On 23 September 1914 he married Gladys Isabel Forbes, who was born 15 August 1893 at Tyne Valley and died there 10 October 1922. Ivan lived until 24 December 1961.

5A31a Ralph MacLean, born 30 November 1916, son of Ivan MacLean and Gladys Forbes, married Catherine Carson, who was born 12 March 1915. Ralph was the principal of the Nova Scotia Technology in Halifax. They had seven children born between 1929 and 1950.

5A31b ****** MacLean, born 7 September 1923, son of Ivan and Gladys, was born 7 September 1923 at Tyne Valley. There too his wife-to-be, Julia Stewart Ramsay, was born in 1923, daughter of Edward Harold Ramsay, 1894-1976, and Olive Blanche Livingstone, 1897-1971. Julia and her husband had four daughters and two sons born between 1943 and 1959. She died in 2001 [McKillop Family Tree and Eileen Oulton chart].

5A4 Lutie May Rayner, born 18 May 1876 at Cascumpec to John James Rayner and Sarah Williams, married Richard Pope Newman, born at New Haven 31 October 1876, the youngest of the thirteen children of the English immigrant William Jabes Newman, 1836-, and his wife Mareea James, born in PEI in 1836 and died in BC 5 March 1952. At Charlottetown, Pope Newman died 27 January 1944 and Lutie died 20 May 1956. [Rayner/Clark/Riley Family Tree]

5A4a Alton W. Newman, 1894-1968, so of Pope Newman and Lutie Rayner, married Florence Campbelll and had four sons and a daughter. Florence died in February, 1998.

5A4b Stanley J. Newman, 1896 Cascumpec-1917 Pleasant Valley, married Phyllis J. Easton, -1920, and had three sons, the eldest a doctor, and one daughter, Dulcie Irene Easton, who died in 1953 at Kingston, Lot 31..

5A4c Rita Newman, daughter of Pope Newman and Lutie Rayner, was born in 1898. She married Leonard Newson, 1902- 1986 Pleasant Valley, and they had three sons and four daughters

5A4d Linnie B. Newman, 1907-1986, married Harrison W. Green, 1908-1995, and they had seven sons and four daughters [Eileen Oulton Chart].

5A5 Ida Belle Rayner, daughter of John James Rayner and Sarah Williams, was born 9 March 1872 at Cascumpec and died 23 August 1923. She married Richard Golding Smith, born 24 November 1867, son of Jonathan and Sarah Smith of Lot 17, Queens County. Jonathan was born in Nova Scotia in February 1827 and Sarah was born in PEI in 1833. Richard and Ida Belle had two children.

55A5a Sarah Hazel Smith, daughter of Richard Smith and Ida Belle Rayner, was born 27 September 1898. On 18 June 1924 she married Robert Harry Edwards, who was born 22 May 1 to Robert Edwards and his wife Allia Easton, both born in PEI. Robert and Sarah Edwards had three daughters and three sons. At Hampshire, Lot 31, Sarah died in 1976 and Robert died in 1982

5A5b Lorne W. Smith was born in November of 1902 to Richard Golding Smith and Ida Belle Rayner. With his first wife Gladys White, 1903-1971, he had three children and a time after she died he married Mildred White. He died in 1989 and was buried in the Hampshire cemetery, Lot 31.

5A6 Harriet Lillian Rayner , born at Cascumpec 22 May 1879, daughter of John James Rayner and Sarah Williams, married Sanford Phillips in 1904. Sanford was the son of Thomas Henry Phillips, 8 May 1851-12 February 1924, and his wife, Eleanor Agnes Williams, 1853-1920, a granddaughter of Edward Williams and Agness Ellis, daughter of William Ellis, pioneer shipbuilder. Sanford died in 1952 and Lillian died 23 March 1976 in her 97th year. They had one child Reta [bigsmith Family Tree].

5A6a Reta B. Phillips, born in 1898, married Leonard B. Newson, 1902-1986 and they had three sons and four daughters [Eileen Oulton Chart]. Reta died at Pleasant Valley at age 95 in 2004.

5B Rebecca Simmons Rayner, daughter of John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons, was born on the first of August 1839 at St. Eleanors, PEI. She married 29 Mar 1855 John Gay, farmer of Knutsford, Lot 7, Prince County, who was born on the Island about 1825. She died 30 March 1898 and he died in 1891 at age 66. The 1881 and 1891 census of Lot 7, Prince County provide us with a list of five children and their near year of birth.

5B1 Sarah Harriet Gay, born 25 May 1863 and baptized 25 June 1865, daughter of John Gay and Rebecca Gay, according to the PEI Baptismal Index. She died in 1881 at age eighteen [PEI Master Names].

5B2 Eliza Serena Gay, born 23 June 1865, baptized 25 June 1865, died in 1881.

5B3 John James Gay born about 1870, son of John Gay and Rebecca Rayner, was named for Rebecca’s father, John James Rayner. In the 1891 census of Lot 7, Prince County, he was living with his parents and helping out with the farm. The census taken in Boston, Ward One, 23 April 1910, reveals that John J. Gay was married to his wife Lilly in 1898 and that they had immigrated to Boston with their two little girls in 1906. The PEI Baptismal Index recorded the dates of the girls and the names of the parents.

For the first child the mother’s name was badly written and was transliterated as Foster but the second baptism gave the true name of Easter. Lilly May Easter was born 14 June 1881 (baptized 17 January 1890) to Archibald Stewart Easter and his wife Emily. Archibald’s father Charles was born in England 25 November 1811 and died at Hamilton, PEI, 24 February 1893. Archibald’s mother, Janet Stewart, was born in Scotland 18 June 1817 and died in PEI 29 April 1897 [One World Tree; 1891 & 1911 census of Lots 7, 8]. In the 1930 census of Boston, John J. Gay was a widower of 59 years, working as a watchman and having his daughter Alice, stenographer, living with him.

5B4 Alice Vera Gay, born 13 October 1903, baptized 28 June 1904, PEI, daughter of John James Gay and Lilly May Easter, married John Peat. The record dated 24 November 1924 of the Naturalization Court of Boston gives his age as 28 years but reports neither country of origin nor year of immigration. Alice died at Brockton, Norfolk County, MA, on 18 October 2001 at age 98. They had one child – living!

5B5 Arthur Carl Gay, born 22 June 1899, baptized 20 October 1899, PEI, son of John James Gay and Lilly May Easter, married Mildred _______, who was born 1 September 1899 in Massachusetts. He was a foreman in a sugar factory. Mildred died in July of 1975 at Stoughton, Norfolk County, MA, and Arthur died 23 August 1975 at Brockton in the same county.

5B6 Priscilla Gay, born about 1873, daughter of John Gay and Rebecca Rayner, died in 1891 at age eighteen years.

5B7 Arthur Gay, born about 1877-1891

5C Benjamin Rayner, son of John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons, was born 12 August 1842 at St. Eleanors, PEI, and died 22 June 1862 in his twentieth year.

5D Harriet Elizabeth Rayner was born at St. Eleanors 3 October 1844 to John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons. She married 25 March 1862 Robert Ellis, son of James Ellis, Sr., and Jane Ramsay, of Bideford, PEI, and grandson of William Ellis, shipbuilder. Robert was born at O’Leary, Lot 12, 14 May 1822 and died there 23 January 1913. They had eight children.

5D1 Robert Heber Ellis, son of Robert and Harriet, was born at O’Leary 4 June 1866, died in 1934. He married Mary Virginia England, who was born 20 May 1864 at Bideford, Lot 12, to Robert England and wife Fanny. Robert England was a son of John England and Sarah Ellis, daughter of William the shipbuilder. Heber’s was a cousin marriage. Heber Ellis and Mary England had six children. Mary died in 1953.

5D1a Harriet L Ellis, born 30 January 1890 at O’Leary to Heber and Mary Ellis. married James W. Dunbar, 1886-1961, son of William Dunbar and Sarah Rix. Harriet died in 1861.

5D1a1 Daisy Rix Dunbar, daughter of James and Harriet Ellis, was born 15 December 1915 and died 6 October 2000 at age 85. She married George Francis Muller, 1908-1982. They had one child – living. [Muller Tree}

5D1b Charles Scott Ellis, son of Heber and Mary Ellis, was born 13 August 1891 and died in 1952. In 1916 he married Harriet Webb, who was born 6 January 1900 to John Webb, 1858-1955, and Olivia MacDowell, 1866-1918.

5D1b1 Ralph Ellis, 1916-1949, married Linnie ; they had one son.

5D1b2 Helen Ellis, born 1922, married Reginald Adams. One child. [Eileen Oulton’s Chart]

5D1c Robert Earl Ellis, son of Heber and Mary Ellis, was born 10 March 1893. He married Clara Dumville, daughter of John James Dunville and his wife Jane. They had three children. At West Cape she died in 1957 and he in 1976.

5D1d William Melvin Ellis, born 19 September 1895 to Heber and Mary Ellis, married Elizabeth Harris, daughter of John Harris and Ann Shaw, They had five children, including Th----, who married my first cousin S------, O’Leary. He died at Springfield West in 1957 and she in 1990.

5D1e Etta Mae Ellis, daughter of Heber and Mary Ellis, was born 16 November 1897 and died 4 August 1992 in her 95th year. In 1916 she married Avard Harris, who was born 4 May 1895 to John James and Ann Harris. Avard and Etta had a son [1901 census of Lot 8]. Avard died in 1990 at age 95.

5D1f Ella Beatrice Ellis, born 7 July 1903, daughter of Heber and Mary Ellis, married first Frank Smallman and then some time after Frank’s death Charles Rix. John Frank Smallman, son of Thomas Smallman and Annie England, was born 8 April 1897 at O’Leary. He was drafted at the age of 21 at Charlottetown 12 August 1918 three months before the armistice. He was described as 5 foot ten, fair with blue eyes and brown hair. He and Beatrice had five children between 1924 and 1932. He died young. Beatrice married Charles Spurgeon Rix, son of Samuel Rix and Mary Lee MacDonald, who was born 28 March 1891 at Haliburton, PEI, and died 9 September 1983 at O’Leary. The four children of Charles and Beatrice are living. [ Eileen Oulton’s Charts; One World Tree; census and military records]

5E Joseph Robert Rayner, son of John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons was born 25 January 1847 and died in 1913 at Bloomfield, Lot 7.. He married 30 Dec 1868 Jane Ann Millar, 1849 –1927, daughter of shipbuilder John Millar, 1819-1880, and Annabelle MacGregor, 1883-1895. They had eleven children.

5E1 Sarah Ann Rayner, daughter of Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar, was born about 1869 and died 11 November 1893, age 24 years, probably from problems arising from or after the birth of her first child after her marriage to William James Harris, 1853-1935. The Harris Family Tree indicates that he died in Prince Edward Island whereas the Eileen Oulton Chart notes that he moved to Attleboro, Mass. I have not been able to find him and his son in Canadian or American census.

5E1a Lewis W. Harris, born about 1893, died in 1995 at Springfield West.

5E2 Johanna Rayner was born about 1874 to Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar [1891 census of Lot 6].

5E3 Ella H. Rayner, daughter of Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar, was born about 1876 in the O’Leary area [1891 census] and died at Springfield West, Lot 17, in 1940 [Master Names]..

5E4 John M. Rayner, son of Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar, was born 6 May 1878. He married Edith E. Silliker, who was born 15 December 1883, one of seven children of John James Silliker, 1848-1888, and Emma Matilda Frost, 1850-1933. In the 1901 census of Lot 8 she was a wife 17 years old. We find them in 1910 in Everett, Mass., with a five-month son and then in 1920 in Everett with two little daughters added and the father earning a living as a carpenter. In the 1930 census of Everett, Edith was no longer there and her place was taken by Florence, born about 1892 in Massachusetts. I could not find a record of Edith’s death.

5E4a Stanley A. Rayner, was born in December of 1909 at Somerville, MA, to John M. Rayner and Edith E. Silliker [1910 and 1920 U.S. Census]. In the 1930 census he was at the Plymouth, MA. State Farm learning caning..

5E5 David C. Rayner, son of Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar, was born in Lot 6, PEI. He moved to Bangor, Maine, and 2 July 1904 married Abbie C. Doughty [Maine Marriage Index]. Abbie was born there about 1872, daughter of William Henry Doughty, 1846-1912, and Rachel M. Sprague, 1846-1884 [Stark-Coffin Tree]. Abbie’s date of death was not found. David married Cynthia A. Theriault 24 January 1981 at Augusta, Maine. He died, without issue, 29 June 1962 at South Portland.

5E6 Alice Maud Rayner was born 1 December 1884, daughter of Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar. She married on 1 December 1908 William Edwin Turner, MD., 19 August 1878 – 22 April 1941, son of Thomas Henry Turner, 1851- and Deborah Debbins, 1948-. Five children.

5E7 Elizabeth Rayner, daughter of Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar, was born at Lot 6 in 1885. She must have died between the 1891 census and the 1901 census.

5E8 Robert Henry Rayner was born 6 June 1887 at Knutsford in Lot 6 to Joseph Robert Rayner and Jane Ann Millar. He married Iva Isabel Yeo, who was born 12 April 1886 to George Yeo and Mary Ann Gillis. She had one child and died 11 May 1917. Robert Henry’s second wife was Minnie Cora Strang, who was born 10 October 1897 at Cape Wolfe to Robert Silliker Strang, 1854-1920, and Julia Ann Currie, 1854-1950. Minnie died at Acton, Massachusetts, in April of 1977. Robert Henry Rayner died 29 March 1978 at age ninety [Ready Family Tree]. He and Minnie had five children.

5E8a John Ralph Rayner, son of Robert H. Rayner and Iva Yeo, was born at O’Leary 22 July 1908. He married Georgina Mary Wilson, who was born 9 July 1913 at Melford, MA, daughter of Samuel Davidson Wilson, 1886-1952, and Georgina Robertson, 1885-1956. Ralph Rayner and Georgina Wilson were married 2 May 1932 at Nashua, New Hampshire. Georgina died 22 June 1951 at Brighton, MA, and Ralph died 27 July 1980 at Rockland, Maine. They had two sons and two daughters. Most of this information is from the Bulpett Family Tree. The following are deceased:

5E8a1 John Ralph Rayner, Jr., born 2 December 1932 in Massachusetts; died 27 August 2002 at Tewkesbury, MA, age 69. Wife and child living.

5E8a2 Beverly Jane Rayner, born 8 May 1934 in Massachusetts, died 26 August 1990 at Stark, Ohio. Husband and child living.

5E8 Robert Henry Rayner and his second wife, Minnie Cora Strang had five children from 1925 to the early 1930’s – a daughter, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Those offspring lived in various places, one in Massachusetts, the second a clergyman in Connecticut, the third in Oklahoma, the fourth in Florida and the fifth in Ohio.

5E8b Marion Rayner, daughter of Robert Henry Rayner and Minnie Cora Strang, was born in Massachusetts 17 March 1931 and died in Cobb County, Georgia, 5 September 1990. He husband Morrill Sprague was born 14 August 1928 and died at Douglasville, Georgia, on 27 December 2000. Three children.

5E9 Addison Rayner, the youngest of the large family of Joseph Rayner and Ann Millar, was born 5 December 1889 in the O’Leary area. His first wife was Elizabeth E. Woodman, daughter of Charles A. D. Woodman, a Church of England farmer-merchant who was born in Wales and his Scottish wife Susan. Addison’s second wife was Myrtle Morrell.

The siblings of the first family we can mention because they are deceased. The information comes from an obituary in The Guardian of 8 February 2011 of Anna Isabell MacNeill, age 88, wife of Ralph MacNeill and daughter of Addison and Eiizabeth Rayner. She had died four days before. She was predeceased by her husband Ralph MacNeill, by daughter Linda MacNeill, by her sister Miriam McArthur and her brother Harry Rayner. Harry had no children, Isabel had five, and Miriam had three and an adopted daughter [Eileen Oulton Chart].

5F Abraham Rayner, was born 15 April 1849 to John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons at St. Eleanors. On 25 September 1873 he married Henrietta Priscilla Hopgood, who was born 3 May 1852 and died 6 August 1910. Abraham died that same year on 28 October at Sherbrooke, PEI. They are buried in St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery at St. Eleanors, Row 7, Stone 261. They had seven children.

5F1 David Rogers Rayner, son of Abraham Rayner and Priscilla Hopgood, was born 5 September 1874 [Draft Card information] in Lot 19. He is found in the 1881 census and also in the 1891 one at age sixteen. He married Sophia Anne Ramsay, born in i877 in the Tyne Valley area, Lot 13, to Alexander Ramsay and Louise Sullivan. In 1898 the young couple emigrated to Massachusetts with two little children. Their household was enumerated at Ward 1 in Boston in the 1900 census. Sophia and their daughter Caroline died. The mill operator and his second wife were lodgers in Boston in 1920 and were settled in North Reading in 1930. They had three children. In the 1910 census of Lynn, Ward 1, David, 35, is enumerated with his second wife Belle J., who was born in Canada in 1878. In 1920 they were in Ward 6 of Boston and in 1930 and 1940 in North Reading David owned the house and was a mill operator. Eileen Oulton’s chart shows his death 1 April 1942—unverified.

5F1a Caroline Rayner, born in PEI in February 1897 , died young in Massachuserrs

5F1b Orville Rayner, born in Massachusetts and died young there.

5f1c Roy Allison Rayner, son of David Rogers Rayner and Sophie Ramsay, was born in PEI 8 May 1899 and died at Barnstable, MA, 2 October 1971 [SSDI]. In the 1930 census of Arlington he was a lumber salesman and was married to Thelma M., who was born in 1905 in New Hampshire and they had two small children.

5F1c1 Roy A. Rayner, Jr., was born 22 February 1927 in Arlington, MA. He served in the United States Navy in World War Two. He died 28 July 2000 and was buried in St. Joseph’s military cemetery at Chelmsford, MA.

5Fic2 Phyllis M. Rayner, born in 1929, had four years of university, became a livestock farmer and served in the Women’s Army Corps at Los Angeles in World War Two [Registration document].

5F2 Arthur Wellington Rayner was born 15 November 1876 in Lot 19 to Abraham Rayner and Priscilla Hopgood. He married Delilah Trewsdale, who was born 26 October 1877. Arthur died at St. Eleanors, Lot 19, in 1900 at age 23. In the 1901 census the widowed Delilah and their little son Preston were enumerated in the home of Arthur’s parents. Delilah died in 1901 at age 23.

5F2a Harold Preston Rayner, son of Arthur and Delilah, was born 7 October 1899 in Lot 19. He emigrated to Needham, Norfolk County, MA, where he was issued a registration card during the first world war. In the 1930 census of Needham, he and his wife, Clara E., both thirty years of age, had a son aged 6 and two daughters, aged 4 and 1. Harold was a printer. He died 23 December 1983 at Needham [Massachusetts Death Index].

5F3 Lillian Ethel Rayner, daughter of Abraham Rayner and Priscilla Hopgood, was born 20 March 1878 at Townsend Corner, Lot 19. She married George Ellis, born at Northam, PEI 10 May 1874, the eldest of sixteen children of Henry I. Ellis, 1846-1909, and Clarinda Ellis, 1857-1924. Lillian and George were married 14 March 1898 in Boston. Lillie bore four children and died at age 32 on 22 March 1910. She is buried in St. John’s Anglican Cemetery at St. Eleanors, Row 7, Stone 260. George, a bridge builder, married Annie ______, born in Canada in 1858 and she appears in the 1920 census of Dedham, MA, with George and the three children. George died 18 April 1921 in Maine [Death Index].

5F3a Marion Ellis, daughter of George Ellis and Lillian Rayner, was born 8 December 1899 in Massachusetts. She married John Stephens and they had two children. On the Stone 260 mentioned above her date of death is engraved, Feb. 22, 1971

5F3a1&2 Two Stevens offspring

5F3b Abram Bayfield Ellis, son of George and Lillian, lived from 30 May to 11 August 1911. He is remembered on the Stone 260.

5F3c Willard Ellis , son of George Ellis and Lillian Rayner, was born about 1903 in Massachusetts. In the 1930 census he was an unmarried car salesman in Boston living with his cousin Herbert W. Rayner and Herbert’s wife Mary.

5F3d George Wyman Ellis, son of George Ellis and Lillian Rayner, was born 30 November 1908 at Somerset, MA. He married 4 August 1933 Florence Elizabeth Upshall. Like his father he made his living as a bridge builder. He died 1 December 1991 at Augusta, Maine [Rayner Family Tree].

5F4 Harriet Priscilla Rayner was born 22 September 1880 at Townshend Corner, Lot 19, PEI, to Abraham Rayner and Harriet Priscilla Hopgood. She married William Milligan and they had a daughter Verna, who died young in the United States, according to an Eileen Oulton Chart.

5F5 Bessie Saunders Rayner, daughter of Abraham Rayner and Harried Priscilla Hopgood, was born in Lot 21 on 30 November 1882 and was baptized at St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Summerside, 25 January 1884 [Index]. She married Frederick Wetherbie, who was born in 1877. They immigrated to Lynn, MA, in 1902 [1910 census of Ward 6]. Bessie died in 1915 or 1916 [Oulton Chart] and Frederick may have died soon after, for in the 1920 census Mildred was boarding with a couple.

5F5a Mildred Wetherbie, born about 1904 [Oulton Chart] at Lynn, MA, was the daughter of Bessie Rayner and Frederick Wetherbie. In the 1910 census of Lynn she was five or six years old living with her parents. In the 1920 census she was boarding with Samuel W.Saunders, 64, teamster employed by the city, and his wife Ada S., 64 year old nurse, both born in Canada, having immigrated in 1880. In the 1930 Mildred was a roomer about 25 years of age and unemployed.

5F6 Lutie Jane Rayner, daughter of Abraham Rayner and Priscilla Hopgood of Travellers Rest, was born 4 February 1889 and baptized 31 October 1890. The Eileen Oulton Charts show that she married Ernest Reynolds, had two children, Ernest Jr. and Muriel, died 12 February 1944 and was buried in California. No information about Ernest Reynolds, the two children and Lutie’s death in California could not be verified.

5F7 William Hopgood Rayner was born 18 March 1893 at Travellers Rest to Abraham Rayner and Priscilla Hopgood. He married Belle Dalziel, who was born at New Annan 11 November 1899 to William L. Dalziel and Louise Waite. Louise Waite, born 3 December 1834, was the daughter of Benjamin Waite and Sarah McDonald [PEI Baptismal Index]. On 12 December 1925 Hopgood and Belle Rayner of Sherbrooke, PEI, arrived at Vanceboro, Maine, and gave as departure contacts Uncle Hume Hopgood and mother Louise Dalziel and as arrival contact Brother David Rayner. They seem to have been visiting and not settling. Hopgood Rayner and Bellle Dalziel were married young: in the 1911 census of Lot 19 he the husband was 18 and she the wife was 17. They had their first child six years later. Belle died at Loy 19 in 1952.

5F7a Edson Gerald Rayner, son of Hopgood Rayner and Belle Dalziel, was born at Sherbrooke, Lot 19, 29 November 1912 and baptized 14 November 1917. He married Ruth Cairns, born 15 April 1905, died 10 February 1985. Edson died 15 May 2001 at Summerside. Two children living.

5F7b Arthur Merrill Rayner was born at Sherbrooke, Lot 19, to Hopgood Rayner and Belle Dalziel 17 March 1920 and was baptized 2 September 1921 [Index]. According to the Eileen Oulton Charts, he died in 1962 at Edmonton, Alberta.

5F7c Ross Rayner, son of Hopgood Rayner and Belle Dalziel, was born at Sherbrooke, PEI, in 1923. He died in 1989 at age 66 in a house fire at Kensington [Guardian, 21 October 1989]

5G Eliza B. Rayner, daughter of John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons, was born 16 October 1857. In 1875 she married David Smith, 1846-1920, of Sherbrooke, PEI. They had one child. Eliza died 22 August 1882.

5H Sarah Prudence Rayner, daughter of John Rayner and Sarah Ann Simmons, 24 December 1858-19 September1950, married at Summerside 17 December 1878 Edward Gorrill, 1849-1919. For their descendants see William and Humphrey Gorrill files on The Island Register.

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