The Descendants of James Rayner

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6. James Rayner, son of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson, was born at St. Eleanors 30

December1808 and baptized at St. Paul’s Church, Charlottetown, 3 February 1809. He married 20 January 1840 Mary Ann Simmons, daughter of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau (of Huguenot descent) who had come to PEI in 1828. Mary Ann was born 10 December 1818 at Montague Close and baptized 3 January 1819 at St. George’s, now Southwark Cathedral. James died 21 January 1871 and Mary Ann died 1 March 1905. They had nine children.

  1. Margaret Rayner 29 Oct 1840 m. 6 Feb 1862 John Harris
  2. Silas Rayner 1842-1924 m. 20 Feb 1865 Emily Cannon
  3. John Watson bp 2 June 1844 m. 26 Jul 1872 Mary Anne Rayner
  4. James Rayner 3 Sep 1845 m/ 23 Dec 1868 Mary Ellen Milligan
  5. Daniel B Rayner 7 July 1847 m. 4 Mar 1874 Mary Glover, b PEI 1851
  6. Frances Ann 1849 m. 8 Feb 1872 Ronald McDonald
  7. Wm Alexander 24 Sep 1851 Amy Ann Cannon
  8. Emeline Rayner 2 Jul 1854-Mar 1861
  9. Edward Rayner bp 25 Apr 1858 unmarried

6A. Margaret Rayner, daughter of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was born at Tilton’s Creek, Travellers Rest, 29 October 1840 and was baptized 28 October 1841 at St. John’s Church of England in Richmond. There in February of 1862 the Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Read married her and John Harris, a farmer who was born in Tyrone County, Ireland in 1829. The witnesses were her brother Silas Rayner, Robert Harris also from Ireland and possibly John’s brother, and Elizabeth Pillman, the wife of Margaret’s cousin Edwin Parker Rayner. The PEI census from 1881 to 1911 gives some information about the family of John and Margaret Harris and their nine children. At Lot 19 John Harris died at the age of 63 in 1891 and Margaret died some time before the census of 1911. [Master Names, PEI Genealogical Society].

6A1 Emmeline Harris, according to the PEI Baptismal Index, was born 6 March 1863 and baptized 17 May 1863 at St. Eleanors, daughter of John Harris and Margaret Harris. Her name does not appear in the 1881 census. Probably she married.

6 A2 Sarah Harris, daughter of John Harris and Margaret Rayner, was born in 1864 at Travellers Rest and was baptized 26 May 1865 [PEI Baptismal Index]. She married

Hugh E. Harris, Irish Catholic born in Chatham, NB, a lobster packer living with her in Pictou Town, NS, in 1901. For the 1911 census they were in Chatham, he was a tinsmith, and they had a young daughter.

6A2a Sarah Harris, born in April 1904

6A3 Mary Ellen Harris, daughter of John Harris and Margaret Rayner, was born at Lot 19 in 1868, She must have married by the 1891 census.

6 A4 John James Harris was born at Travellers Rest 20 April 1866 to John Harris and Margaret Rayner and was baptized at St. Eleanors 14 May 1866 [Baptismal Index]. In the1901 census of Lot 19 he was working his widowed mother’s farm, thirty-four and married to Mary Ann Shaw, born 27 January 1873, with two children. In the 1911 census of Summerside RR2, District 140, sub 45, John was 45 and he and Mary Ann had three children.

6A4a Fred Gordon Harris, born 9 June 1895 at Sherbrooke, PEI, was a drafted recruit 9 August 1918 and was described as 5’7½", fair with brown eyes and black hair. The war was over in November.

6A4b Emma Harris was born 13 April 1897 to John James Harris and Mary Ann Shaw.

6A4c James Ray Harris was born December 1904 to the above parents.


6A5 Margaret ‘Maggie’ Harris, 1873-1881, parents John Harris and Margaret Rayner


6A6 Eliza Small Harris, 1875-1891, ditto


6A7 Gordon M. Harris, born 5 September 1880, ditto. Did he die in 1891[Master Names]

6A8 Frances ‘Fannie’ Ann Harris, born in 1870 to John Harris and Margaret Rayner, appears in the 1881 census. She married Franklin Pierce Jameson, a wheelwright who was born at Summerside 17 June 1865. They moved to Boston in 1891. In the 1900 census of Pratt Street, Boston, Ward 25, she was 28 and he 33; they had two daughters and his brother Bruce was living with them. By 1920 he was a builder in an auto company and the girls were clerks in a publishing house. In 1930 and 1940 the older daughter and her husband were living with them. The record of Franklin and Frances’ death not found.

6A8a Pearl F. Jameson, daughter of Franklin Jameson and Frances Harris, was born in Boston 30 April 1891 [Town Records]. She married Frederick Bright, who was born at St. Johns, Newfoundland, 3 February 1887 and was described in the WW1 Registration as tall, of medium build with blue eyes and brown hair. He joined 2 March 1918I the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force and after the war he became an American citizen 5 January 1920. Fannie’s parents were living with themat the time of the 1940 census. They had no children. Pearl died in November of 1977 at Dedham, MA [SSDI].

6A8b Susan Jameson, daughter of Frank and Frances Jameson, was born at Boston 12 February 1893. The last record we have of her was the 1920 census, when she was unmarried at age 26 and was a publisher’s clerk. She must have married but no further records of her have been found.

6B Silas Rayner, son of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was born 9 April 1840 at Travellers Rest and died 2 June1924 at Greenmount. On 20 February 1865 he married his first cousin Emily Cannon, daughter of Charles Cannon, 1814-1898, and Mary Townsend Rayner, 1818-1900. Emily Cannon was born 14 September 1841 at Richmond and died 14 January 1928 at Greenmount. They had ten children. Silas and his family were member of the Church of Christ, which did not practise infant baptism, for baptism was reserved for those who had reached the "age of accountability". Thus the family historian has less information to go on.

6B1 Charles Eneas Rayner, son of Silas Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was born 2

October 1865 and baptized 10 December of that year [PEI Baptismal Index]. At age sixteen in the 1981 he was not with his family and had either died or departed.

6B2 Mary ‘Amanda’ Rayner, born 1 July 1967 to Silas and Mary Ann Rayner, married Walter Haywood, born 1860, who died young in 1888 [Cowling/Innes Family Tree]. Amanda married Algernon Permeanus Wells, son of George Kendall Wells, 1834-1890, and Elizabeth Ann Sharp, 1827-1919. Born 15 May 1867, Algernon moved to Worcester, MA, in 1890 and Amanda came in 1893. The 1900 census of Ward 1 shows him as a grocer and they have one child Ernest, born in 1900, and with them a niece Edith, six years old. The 1910 census shows three children added, Dorothy, Irene and Grace but Amanda reported that she had borne six children, two of whom had died They would have been Silas Rayner Wells, 1896-1897, and Russell Hayden Wells, 1898-1899 [Arsenault Family Tree]. In 1910 Edith is there and seven lodgers. In 1911 the Canadian census finds the parents and four children at Kildare Cape, PEI. Mary Amands died and was buried at Summerside in 1956 and her husband died the following year.

6B2a Ernest Miner Wells, son of Algernon Wells and Mary Amanda Rayner, was born 10 May 1900 at Worcester, MA. His draft document in 1917 described him as slender, of medium height with grey eyes and brown hair; his father living at Tignish, PEI. In the 1940 census of Braintree, MA, he and his wife Laura had a son, 15, and a daughter, 11. Ernest was working for an oil company. He died 21 October 1985 at Brockton, MA [Social Security Death Index].

6B2b Dorothy Emily Wells, born at Worcester, MA, in 1903 to Algernon and Amanda Wells, died in 1916 at Greenmount, PEI.

6B2c Irene L. Wells, daughter of Algernon Wells and Amanda Rayner, was born about 1905 and died at Summerside in 1983.

6B2d Grace E. Wells was born 6 February 1906 at Summerside 3 February 1906. She married 12 November 1931 Willard Warren Graves, son of Walter LeBaron Graves, 1872 Alma, N.B. -!940 Jefferson, N.H., and Anne Laurie Morrison, 1979 Summerside – 1939 Jefferson. In the 1940 census of Worcester, MA, Willard was a mechanics inspector. They had no children. Grace died there 18 July 1960 and Willard 18 May 1969 [SSDI].

6B3 Benjamin Isaac Rayner, son of Silas Rayner and Emily Cannon, was born 27 February 1869 at Kildare, PEI. He married at Alma 29 April 1889 Elizabeth Adelaide Dunbar, daughter of William and Sarah Dunbar. Evidently the couple had separated, for in the 1901 census Adelaide was living with her parents and listed as single and in 1911 she was living with her widowed mother. The divorce of Benjamin and Elizabeth was enacted by parliament 2 April 1913. Because she was first named in the decree, she was perhaps the applicant. The Reid PEI Tree and others declare that B.I. also married Sarah Anne Baker, who was born at Bedeque 7 December1865 to Jesse Baker, 1835-1914, and Frances Jane Leard, 1834-. It would seem that the first two of B.I.’s eight children were Adelaide’s and the rest were Sarah’s. Confounding this difficulty, none of them appears in the PEI Baptismal Register. Sarah Ann Baker died 18 January 1953 and was buried in the Church of Christ Cemetery at Greenmount, Lot 2. Benjamin and his father bought into the Big Six silver fox group in 1924 and he got the largest sum of $32,400 for a live pair of silver foxes. He travelled to Britain and elsewhere to promote sales. He died 24 May 1950 at Summerside.

6B3a Mary E. Rayner, born 3 July 1895, married Carl Younker [Reid PEI Tree].

6B3b Ethel R. Rayner, daughter of B.I. Rayner and Sarah Anne Baker, was born at Kildare Capes 7 August 1900. She married James Henry Getson, son of William and Anne Getson. He joined up with the 105th Battalion 21 March 1916 and served overseas. The MacKeil Family Tree has a photo of his headstone with poppies at Stormount after his death 19 August 1977 as well as Ethel’s headstone after her death 20 June 1984.

8B3b1 Howatt Getson, 1920-1996, married twice: 3 plus 5 children

6B3b2 Chester Getson, 1920-1978, married, 2 children

6B3c Emily Myrna Rayner, born at Kildare 6 May 1902 to B.I. Rayner and Sarah Anne Baker, married Stanley Leroy Arthur. 5 children, of whom 3 are living.

6B3c1 Grace Vera Arthur, 16 May 1923-18 July 1963; 2 children

6B3c2 Howard Arthur 1934-1935

6B3d Silas Maynard Rayner, 1903-1975, married Susan Ann Cotton, 1904-1982,

Both are buried at Greenmount.

6B3e Ralph Duncan Rayner, 13 October 1904-11 March 1988 at Summerside, son of Benjamin Isaac Rayner and Sarah Anne Baker, married 23 June 1923 Matilda June Jeffrey, born in 1907 to Richard Jeffrey and Ada Vincent. Sarah Ann died 2 February 1996 at O’Leary. 3 children.

6B3f William Elijah Rayner, 9 July 1908- 8 August 1964, son of B.I. and wife Sarah Anne Baker, married Marjorie Barbara Gillian, 17 October 1910-26 March 1975, daughter of Albert Henry Gillian and Adeline Barbara MacLeod. Five children.

6B4 James Rayner, son of Silas Rayner and Emily Cannon, was born at Kildare 20 February 1871. He married Jesse Fredericka Baker, born 10 November 1870 at Bedeque, a sister of Sarah Ann, B.I.’s wife. They had nine children. She died 15 December 1932 and he died

13 February 1941. [Rayner/Clark Riley Tree; 1911 census of Greenmount]

6B4a Amanda Maud Rayner we born at Greenmount 28 March 1896 to James Rayner and Jesse Baker 10 November 1870 at Bedeque. On 20 January 1916 she married William H. Getson, 1894-1963, son of William and Anne Getson and brother of Ethel Rayner’s husband. They had seven children. She died in 1980.

6B4b E. Ruth Rayner was born 6 August 1897 at Greenmount and died 4 January 1990 at Summerside.

6B4c Gladys Eva Rayner, 3 February 1899 – 16 June 1915 at Greenmount

6B4d Jennie Muriel Rayner, Februarty1901 to 24 February 1982

6B4e Irene Nora Rayner, December 1902 to 28 May 1916

6B4f Marshall Harding Rayner, 13 April 1904-15 September 1965, married Dorothy Gordon, 1910-.

6B4g James Russell Rayner, son of James and Jessie Rayner, born 13 July 1905

Edith Constance Rayner, 1 January 1907-1991

Herbert Wallace Rayner, 25 October 1909-20 October 1964

6B5 Charles Cannon Rayner was born 3 January 1873 at Kildare to Silas Rayner and Emily Cannon and died in the same year.

6B6 Joseph William Rayner, son of Silas Rayner and Emily Cannon, was born in May 1874 at Kildare . He married Elizabeth Brown, who, according to the 1911 census of Greenmount, Lot 3, was born of German extraction in the United States in May 1892 and at 19 years of age was the mother of two children, the first born in December 1908 when she was 16. Indeed she probably had twins, because one child, Dorothy, was buried in Summerside in 1908 [PEI Master Names]. Their children were:

6B6a Dorothy Rayner, 1908-1908

6B6b Silas Weston Rayner, son of Joseph William Rayner and Elizabeth Brown, was born in December 1908. He married Helen Esther Clark, who was born 1 July 1921 in Prince County and died 25 July 1996 at Summerside. They had seven children. Silas Weston Rayner died 25 March 1996 at Hamilton, ON. [Rayner/Clark/ Riley Tree]

6B6c Edna Rayner, n.d., married William Tabor. She died at Alberton [same tree].

6B6d Elijah Brown Rayner, son of Joseph William Rayner and Elizabeth Brown, was born in February 1911 and died in 1981.

6B6e Herbert Rayner was born 12 March 1913 at Summerside. He married Edith Densmore Eldershaw, 1916-1977. He died 15 June 1983 at Dartmouth, NS. They had 6 children, two now living. The deceased ones are:

6B6e1 Gerald Rayner, 1947-1965

6B6e2 Barbara Irene Rayner, 1951-1951

6B6e3 Laurie Rayner, 1952-1962

6B6e4 Catherine Rayner, 1953-1997

6B6f Perley A. Rayner, son of Joseph William Rayner and Elizabeth Brown, born in 1915 in Prince County, married Elsa Marriott. He died in Charlottetown in 2003 at age 88 and was buried at Pleasant Valley [PEI Master Names]

6B7 Emily Ann Rayner, daughter of Silas Rayner and Emily Cannon, was born 31 March 1876 at Kildare, PEI. On 24 November 1896 at Worcester, MA, she married Herbert Julius Hale, son of Julius Augustus Hale, 1824-1901, and Eliza Perry, 1831-1903. She died 5 June 1966 in Worcester and he died 17 July 1926. According to the Hale maternal Tree, 3 children:

6B7a Harold Preston Hale, son of Herbert Hale and Emily Ann Rayner, was born at Worcester 11 September 1927 and died at Greenfield, MA, 7 July 1957. He married Doris Reba Binks, born 15 October 1897 and died 2 February 1955. No children listed.

6B7b Merrill Rayner Hale, at Worcester born 18 March 1907, died 27 December 1986.

6B7c Doris Lillian Hale, born 18 March 1907 at Worcester, died 13 September 1993. At Brighton, MA, she married Arthur Gilbert Macfarlane, who was born at Dover, New Brunswick, 20 June 1903 and died at Sudbury, MA, 17 November 1986 [Social Security Death Index]. No children listed.

6B8 Archibald Haywood Rayner, son of Silas Rayner and Emily Cannon, was born at Greenmount, Kildare, PEI, 13 July 1879 and died there 17 September 1937. At Sterling, MA, 14 September 1904 he married Josephine Belle Merrill, who was born there 25 May 1882 to Charles H. Merrill and Elizabeth A. Scott [Massachusetts Town Vital Collections, 1620-1988]. They had four children at Kildare, PEI, and Josephine died there 9 August 1952 [Master Names].

6B8a George Merrill Rayner, November 1906 – 12 August 1992 at Charlottetown. He married Annie Beatrice Bernard, who was born at Summerside 9 April 1910 to William Albert Bernard, 1865-1959, and Christy Simmons, 1889-. One daughter, living.

6B8b Hazel Rayner, born 1906 [1911 census].

6B8c Charles Rayner, 1908-1981 Greenmount [PEI Master Names]

6B8d Olive Blossom Rayner, born 9 March 1918 at Greenmount, married in 1940 Roscoe William Nice, only child of William Derrick Nice and Angie W. Roscoe was born 21 August 1912 at Kenney, Illinois and died 22 January 1997 at Elliottsville, Indiana. Olive died 10 October 2006 at Fort Wayne, Indiana. No issue.

6B9 Elijah Hardy Rayner was born 13 November 1880 at Greenmount to Silas Rayner and Emily Cannon. He married 1 December 1903 Edith Knox, who was born in Illinois. He was a fur buyer and lived in various places, including back in Canada for the birth of his four youngest children. The 1910 census found him and Edith with two young children, Bernard P. and Hall Calhoun, at Lexington, Kentucky.

6C John Watson Rayner, son of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was born at Travellers Rest, PEI, 17 March 1845 and baptized 2 July 1849. He married at Richmond, Lot 19, 5 January 1867 Agnes Wilson Stubbs, born 10 October 1843. Her father was Robert Baynes Stubbs, who was born in 1897 at St. Marylebone, Middlesex, England and who died 6 March 1852 at Richibucto, NB. Her mother was Sarah Matthews born in 1821 in PEI. " Died at Travellers Rest 27 May 1871 Agnes Wilson Stubbs, wife of John Watson Rayner in her 27th year" [Colonial Herald 9 June 1871] . John and Agnes had one child:

6C1 Frances Ann (Fanny) Rayner, born 20 January 1869, baptized at Richmond 20 June 1869. She was in her father’s home in Travellers Rest at age 23 in 1891 [Census].

On 26 July 1872 at the Richmond church John married his first cousin once removed Mary Ann Rayner daughter of another John Watson Rayner and granddaughter of Joseph Rayner and Janet Sharp. The 1881 census of this household in Lot 19 was found under the spelling of Raynor. By this time John was 38 and Mary Ann 34 and Frances Ann 13. Four children of this marriage were Hume, 7, Mary, 4, Robina, 3, and Ervin W., 3 months. In 1891 there were Frances, 23; Mary Jane, 15, Robina, 13, the twins Ella M. and Ethel M., 6, Melvin, 4, and Alberta, 3. In the 1901 census, Hume W. was still there at 27, followed by Ella and Ethel, 15, Melvin, 14, Alberta, 12, and now three new ones, Lloyd W., 7, Winnie R., 4, and Elsie E., 2. In the 1911 census Melvin, Lloyd, Winnie and Elsie remained with their parents. It has been necessary to list these offspring through census because the online histories of this family are somewhat confused and unreliable. This system would not provide the name of a child who was born and who died between two consecutive censuses. As it is, we have documentary proof through census of eleven children of John Watson Rayner and Mary Ann Rayner and through the Baptismal Index of twelve. But one in the census, Ervin, did not live to be baptized.

Therefore this John Watson Rayner or Raynor had 12 children, one by his first wife and eleven by his second wife:

6C2 Herbert Watson ‘Hume’ Rayner, son of John Watson Rayner and Mary Ann Rayner, was born at Travellers Rest, Lot 19, 16 June 1874. In the 1901 census at age 27 he was helping on his parents’ farm. In the 1920 census of Winchenden, Maine, he was foreman of a lumber mill and married to Elizabeth Ellen Millett, born about 1879 to Frank and Laura Millett. In 1930 they were in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and in 1940 they were living in Bristol, Connecticut [City Directory]. No children.

6C3 Mary Jane Rayner was born at Travellers Rest 28 March 1877 and baptized 8 August 1877. In the census of 17 April 1881 she was fifteen living with her family.

6C4 Rebina Rayner, daughter of John Watson Rayner and Mary Ann Rayner, was born in November of 1878 and baptized 31 January 1880. In 1894 she moved to Somersworth, New Hampshire, where on 24 November 1897 she married Albert S. Leonard, born there 20 July 1876 to A. C. Leonard and Charlotte Cochrane. Albert and Rebina had a daughter. In the 1940 census of Fitchburg, MA, Albert at 63 was a bus driver, Rebina was 59 and they had a granddaughter, 17, with them. Albert died there in March of 1968 at age ninety. I could not find Rebina’s death: her odd name was often contorted.

6C4a Evelyn M. Leonard, born 18 September 1898 at Somersworth, married William Gray, born about 1894. In the 1940 census they were living at Fitchburg, MA. They had a son and three daughters.

6C5 Ervin W. Rayner was born in January 1881, was enumerated in the 1881 census and died soon after.

6C6 Ella Myrtle, daughter of John Watson Rayner and Mary Ann Rayner, a twin, was born at Travellers Rest 26 September 1884 and baptized 14 October 1884. She was part of the family in the census of 1891 and 1901. She married Paul Childs and had two sons [Eileen Oulton’s Chart] but I can find no trace in Canada or the U.S.

6C7 Ethel May Rayner, Ella’s twin, married 10 January 1910 Daniel Walter Yeo, who was born 12 July 1897 to Richard Henry Yeo, 1854- and Sarah Lydia Farrow, 1860-1905. Walter died at West Devon, Lot 10, in 1958 and Ethel May of age 82 died there in 1966.

6C8 Melvin Scott Rayner, son of John Watson Rayner and Mary Ann Rayner, was born at Travellers Rest 14 February 1887. He was 19 and with the family in the 1911 census. He married Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Jones.

6C9 Lloyd Washington Rayner, born at Travellers Rest 2 May 1892 to John Watson Rayner and Mary Ann Rayner, was part of the family in the 1911 census. Six years later a WW1 draft card shows him a carpenter in Worcester, MA, with wife and child. She was Ida Mae Drake, born at New York 2 September 1900 to Herbert William Drake and wife. Lloyd and family arrived at Milltown, N.B, 27 May 1922 [Border Crossing Record]. The couple had two sons and four daughters and eventually split up, leaving the children to make their own way.

6C10 Percy Edgar Rayner is found only in the Baptismal Index, not in any census of the family, not in the death index of Master Names and not in any online Rayner family tree. Son of John Watson Rayner and Mary Ann Rayner, he was born 6 August 1894 and baptized 23 November 1894.

6C11 Winnifred Belle Rayner, born 7 December 1894, married Llewellyn Sharpe who was born at West Devon in 1892 to Sidney Sharpe and Samantha Lewis. They had ten children. A son, Oswald, drowned in 1931.

6C12 Elsie Evelyn Rayner, born 2 June 1898 and baptized 7 October 1901, married Charles Woods.

6D James Rayner, Jr., son of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was born 3 September 1845 at Travellers Rest, Lot 19. He married 23 December 1868 Mary Ellen Millligan, who was born 19 December 1854 and baptized 6 January 1855, daughter of John Milligan and Agnes McIntyre [Baptismal Index]. They had nine children. Mary Ellen died in 1927 and was buried in the Peoples Cemetery, Summerside. James died 7 July 1947, two months short of 102.

6D1 Francis James Rayner, was the firstborn on 17 July 1877, baptized 3 February 1880, of James Rayner and Mary Ellen Milligan. He remained single and died at Summerside, Lot 17, in 1946 [PEI Master Names].

6D2 Ida Gertrude Rayner, daughter of James Jr. and wife Ellen Milligan, was born at Travellers Rest 25 August 1869. At Summerside 30 November 1877 she married James Henry Wagner, born 28 September 1866 in Nova Scotia. They had eleven children. Ida died in 1949 at Ellerslie, Lot 12, and James died in 1959. [ Rayner/Clark/ Riley Tree]

6D2a Margaret Wagner, born in 1888 to James Wagner and Ida Gertrude Rayner, was born in 1888, married Russell Shard, who was born 1887 in USA and came to the Island in 1905 [1911 census]

6D2a1 Edna Blanche Shard, born 1910 in PEI

6D2b Ida Wagner was born 26 January 1889, daughter of James Wagner and Ida Gertrude Rayner. She married Frederick William Ballum, born at Enmore on 4 November 1881 to George Ballum and Sophia Mellish. They had five children. At Summerside Fred died in 1967 and Ida died in 1972.

6D2b1 William James Ballum, born 15 October 1908, baptized 31 October 1911 at Enmore River, died 10 June 1984 at Halifax. He was buried in St. John Cemetery in Ellerslie. He married Florence Campbell, who was born at Victoria West, Lot 13, to John A. Campbell and Margaret McArthur. She died 1 June 1985 at Summerside. They had seven sons and three daughters. One son, James David Ballum, born about 1897 at Enmore, died 20 May 2000 at Toronto. [Drake Family Tree]

6D2b2 John Nicholas Ballum, born 14 July 1910 at Enmore

6D2b3 Bessie Eleanor Ballum (so baptized), born 24 November 1913

6D2b4 George Nelson Ballum, born 5 October 1919, died 17 June 1987 at Summerside. Married – one daughter.

6D2c Loretta Maud Wagner was born 26 August 1890 and baptized 31 August 1891 at Travellers Rest, daughter of James Wagner and Ida Gertrude Rayner. She married James Ira Banks, 1881-1952, son of George Banks and Priscilla Williams. James and Loretta had five children. Loretta died in 1970. [Rayner/Clark/Riley Family Tree]

6D2c1 Ida Gertrude Banks, 1906-1932 Ellerslie, Lot 12

6D2c2 Russell A. Banks, 1909-1927 Ellerslie, Lot 12

6D2c3 William Arthur Banks, 1915-1916

6D2c4 Allison K. Banks, 1924-1928

6D2c5 Wallace Banks, 1926-1927

6D2d Russell Alexander Wagner, son of James Wagner and Ida Gertrude Rayner, was born in 1893 at Travellers Rest and died in 1969. He married Ester Ella Adams, born at Conway 5 November 1893 to William Nelson Adams, 1870-1948, and Lucy Jane Kelly, 1872-1940. They had five children. Ester died 5 December 1966 and Russell died in 1969 [My Island Family].

6D2d1 James Edgar Wagner, born in 1916 and died in 1969 at Poplar Grove

6D2d2 Lucy Wagner, 1919-1995, married Gerald Macarthur, 1911-1985

6D2d3 Keith Wagner, 1928-1954

6d2d4 Kenneth Wagner, 1931-1933

6d2d5 Leaman Wagner, 1934-1990 at Coleman

6D2e Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ E. Wagner, daughter of James Wagner and ida Gertrude Rayner, was born in April of 1896. At age 17 on 18 March 1914 she went to Quincy, MA, to visit her aunt Mrs. Russell A. Shaw and evidently she stayed. She married Hiram Smith, born in Canada in 1896. They were enumerated with their two children in the 1920 census of Quincy, Ward 2. After that only one trace.

6D2e1 Harold Stuart Smith, born at Holbrook, MA, 20 February 1916, died at Braintree, MA, in May 1978 [Social Security Death Index}.

6D2e2 Gertrude Odelia Smith, born 26 November 1917

6D2f Alice Gertrude Wagner, born 18 July 1898 and baptized 28 October 1909, married David Lawrence Solomon Milligan, born 10 May 1892, son of Solomon Milligan and Albina Ellen Malone, of Foxley River, Lot 13.. They had 6 daughters and 3 sons. The names of three daughters, born 1915 to 1920 are found in the PEI Baptismal Index. Gertrude Wagner , 1927-2009; Jean Nora Wagner, 1929-2008; Phyllis Dorothy Ruth Wagner, 1936-2007; Glenn and Rebecca and one son, Lester William Wagner, 1930-1997 [Young Family Tree].

6D2g Pearl Wagner, daughter of James Wagner and Ida Gertrude Rayner, was born 9 November 1918 and died in 1960 at Ellerslie, Lot 12. She married Charles Kaufman, 1880-. In the 1911 census the couple were living at Freeland, Lot 11.

6D2h William George Wagner, 28 May 1902-11 November 1974 at Ellerslie. He married Inez E, Murphy, born 5 March 1905 to William Murphy and Cecilia McWilliams. Inez died in 1907 at Summerside and was buried at Ellerslie.

6D2h 1 Gertrude Wagner, 8 April 1927-3 October 2009

6D2h2 Phyllis Dorothy Ruth Wagner, born 19 September 1936 at Tyne Valley; died 7 April 2007 at Summerside.

6D2i John Wolsey Wagner, son of James Wagner and ida Gertrude Rayner, was born at Travellers Rest 16 December 1908 and baptized 29 October 1909. He married Jane Ann Adams, who was born about 1910 at Poplar Grove. John died 25 December 1956 and Jane died 10 June 1979 at Brantford, Ontario.

6D1i1 George Wagner. son of James Wagner and Ids Gertrude Rayner, born in 1928 at Poplar Grove, PEI, and died in 1997 at Kinburn, Ontario.

6D3j Ernest Wagner, 1910-1911

6D2k James Edgar Wagner, born 16 March 1916, baptized 26 October 1918 at Lot 11, died in December of 1985.

6D3 Daniel Theophilus Rayner, son of James Rayner and Mary Ellen Milligan, was born at Townsends Corner, Lot 11, 24 August 1879 and baptized 3 February 1880. He married Jessie Maud McLaren Harkness, daughter of John Harkness, 1850- and Janet McCaull, 1850-. Daniel died in 1956 at Summerside and Maud died there in 1959.

6D3a Ruby Maud Rayner, daughter of Daniel Rayner and Maud Harkness, was born 18 December 1901at Travellers Rest, Lot 19. She married John Alfred McInnes, born 14 December 1890, and they had 3 sons and 2 daughters. John died 9 March 1967 and was buried in People’s Cemetery, Summerside. Ruby Maud died 23 March 1993 [Rayner/Clark/Riley Family Tree].

6D3b Laurette Pearl ‘Laura’ Rayner, born 31 March 1903, married Robert Champion, born 9 January 1897 to Alexander Champion of Lot 19.

6D3c Verna Gertrude Rayner, born 29 May 1905 [Baptismal Index], She married Clarence Alfred Doyle, who was born 18 March 1899 to Martin Alfred Doyle and Mary Lina Kilbride of Lot 1. At Summerside, Clarence died in 1947 and Verna died in 1990 at age 85 [Master Names].

6D3d Daniel Stanford Rayner, son of Daniel Theophilus Rayner and Jessie Maud Harkness, was born 11 July 1907 at Travellers Rest. He married Myrtle Olive Barlow, who was born at Wellington 12 March 1907 to George and Edith Barlow.

They had four sons and two daughters. Myrtle died in 1987 at Summerside.

6D3e Mary Ethel Blanche Rayner was born 26 September 1916 at Travellers Rest. She married George Jarvis Carr, who was born 14 August 1917 to Artemas and Frances Carr. George and Blanche died in 2001 in Summerside.

6D3f Alfred Bennett Rayner, son of Daniel T. Rayner and Maud Harkness, was born at Travellers Rest 27 September 1919. He married Velma Catherine Smith, who was born at Alberton 18 December 1920, daughter of Otto Simpson Smith and his wife Laura Belle. Velma died at Vernon River in May of 1995 and Alfred died in 2002. Velma died 10 August 2011 at Summerside

6D3g Velda Rayner, 22 April 1923 at Travellers Rest – 10 August 2011 at Summerside. She married Richard Lloyd Wood, born 4 August 1915, son of John Gay Wood and Ruby Sweet. Velda and Lloyd had 2 daughters and two sons. Velda died at age 88 at Summerside 19 August 2011.

6D3h Olive or Olivia Rayner, 1925-1981, married Archibald Sydney Murray, born in August of 1909, son of Wesley Murray and Florence Clark of Linkletter Road.

6D4 Emily Maude Rayner, daughter of James Rayner, Jr. and Mary Ellen Milligan, was born at Travellers Rest 16 March and baptized 30 June in 1884. She married William John Heffel, who was born in November 1859 to James Heffel and Ellen Marchbank, who was born in Scotland in May 1823. William died 14 October 1950 at ninety years and Maude died 17 September 1984 at 100 years. This and the following information are drawn from the 1911 Census and the Drake, the Duncan and the Frizzel family trees.

6D4a John Alden Heffel, son of William John Heffel and Emily Maude Rayner, was born 24 October 1899 at Travellers Rest. He married Elva Helen Reeves, who was born 3 January 1909, daughter of Robert Charles Reeves, of Freetown, 12 September 1875--16 April 1949, and Mary Elizabeth Frizzell, 12 January 1873-1939. John died 5 October 1973 at Freetown and Elva died 29 August 1989.

6D4a1 Myrna Clark, born 9 February 1930 at Freetown and died 7 February 1984 at Collingwood, Ontario.

6D4a2 Wesley Heffel, 31 May 1942—16 October 2009

6D4b Harry Holbourne Heffel, son of William John Heffel and Emily Maude

Rayner, was born in May 1904.

6D4c Ida Gertrude Heffel, born in September 1905 at Travellers Rest, married (1) William Finnigan, born about 1900, and (2) Harry Roberts, abt 1900-.

6D4d Hilda Margaret Heffel, born 24 December 1906, married 16 November 1928 Edward Franklin Leard, born 28 November 1903, son of Johnson Leard, 1860-1912, and Amy M. Inman, 1876-1918, of Searletown.. At Summerside, Edward died 9 January 1987 and Hilda died 11 August 1995, age 88. Edward and Hilda had 4 daughters and 3 sons [Rayner/Clark/Riley Family Tree].

6D4e William Wallace Heffel, born in March of 1908 at Travellers Rest to William John Heffel and Emily Maude Rayner, married Elva Grace Chappell, daughter of H. Lester and Lucy Chappel of Granville. Elva was born 12 June 1919 and baptized 2 May 1922 [PEI Baptismal Index]. William and Elva died in 1968.

6D4f Mary Ellen Heffel, born in November 1910, remained single.

6D4e William Wallace Heffel, born in March 1908, married Elva Chappell, born in 1909. At Pleasant Valley he died in 1968 and Elva died in 1989 at age 80.

6D4f Mary Ellen Heffel, daughter of William Heffel and Maude Rayner, was born at Travellers Rest in November 1910. On 12 September 1934 she married Ralph Rogers Burns, son of Russell Scott Burns, 1862-1948, and Anna Brewer Rogers, 1876-1970. Ralph died 24 July 1978 at Freetown and Ellen died 26 October 1996 at Summerside. Ralph and Ellen had two sons.

6D5 Margaret Harris Rayner, daughter of James Rayner, Jr., and Mary Ellen Milligan, was born 29 June 1888 and baptized 31 July 1891. She married Russell Alger Shaw, who was born at Alpine, Kent County, Michigan in 1887, his parents Jesse Shaw, about 1849-1935, and Elizabeth Olive Oulton, 1866-1913. Russell died 2 September 1971 at Vernon, BC, and Margaret Harris Shaw died 4 April 1987 at Matsqui [B. C. Death Index]. Russell and Margaret had 3 daughters [Eileen Oulton’s Rayner Chart].

6D5a Edna Blanche Shaw, born 22 January 1910, baptized 28 May 1912; single.

6D5b Olive Helen Shaw, born 29 March 1912, married George Martin Doane. They lived at Abbotsford, BC , had a son and a daughter, twins.

6D5a Alfreda Lorraine Shaw, born 15 December 1913, married Robert Burns and they had no children.

6D6 John Wesley Rayner was born at Travellers Rest 29 May 1890 to James Rayner, Jr., and Mary Ellen Milligan. He crossed into the United States at Vanceboro, ME 18 March 1914 at the age of 23. He married Mary Helene Stetson, born about 1898, daughter of Charles F. Stetson, 1860- and Helen F. Derby, 1868-. In the 1820 census of Holbrook, MA, he a carpenter lived in a rented house with wife Mary and Marguerite, 3 years old. In the 1930 census eight-year-old Pauline was with the family. He registered for the two world wars and became an American citizen 10 January 1944. He died 20 February 1978 at Brockton. His wife Mary Helene died at Braintree, MA, 4 September 1993, age 95.


6D6a Marguerite Stetson Rayner, born 21 May 1916 at Holbrook, Ma, married there 2 October 1937 Alphonsus Glover McMorrow, son of Lewis A. McMorrow and Ada B. Glover. Marguerite died at Holbrook 22 April 2006.


6D6b Pauline Frances Rayner, born at Holbrook 18 July 1921, married 6 June 1942i Edward F Joodling [Eileen Oulton’s Rayner Chart but not found online], In Broward County, Florida in August of 1967 Pauline Frances Rayner married again but the bridegroom’s name was not given in the index.


6D7 Alfred Bennett Rayner , son of James Rayner, Jr., and Mary Ellen Milligan, was born at Travellers Rest 5 November 1892 and baptized 15 July 1893. He moved to Cambridge, MA, and worked as a machinist and later as a guard. He married a widow, Stella I. Jackson, born in Newfoundland about 1898. In the 1930 census of Cambridge she had two sons and a daughter between 12 and 2 years old. In the 1940 census Alfred and Stella were looking after the two younger Jackson children and their two Rayner daughters, born in 1933 and 1936.

6D8 Agnes Millicent Rayner was born at Travellers Rest 4 June 1897 and baptized 10 March 1898, daughter of James Rayner, Jr., and Mary Ellen Milligan. She married Howard Edison England, born at Travellers Rest 24 July 1887 and baptized 19 September 1894, son of James England, 1860- and Agnes B. Winsloe, 1862-.

6D9 Boyd Washington Rayner, born 13 June 1900 to James Rayner and Mary Ellen Milligan, moved to the United States at Calais, Maine 1 August 1924. In the 1930 census of Braintree, MA, he was a lodger and unmarried. No more information found.

6E Daniel B, Rayner, born 7 July 1849 at Travellers Rest, son of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, moved to Boston in 1866, earned his living as a wheelwright and carriage builder. He married there Mary Ellen Glover, born December 1851 in PEI and baptized 18 April 1852, daughter of Robert Glover. They had three children. Daniel died 4 April 1923 at Stoneham and Mary died in 1927. [PEI Baptismal Index; Cowling/Innes Family Tree; US census 1880-1930]

6E1 Malvina Lillian Rayner, born at Boston 11 January 1875, daughter of Daniel and Mary Rayner [Massachusetts Records], her name shown in the 1889 census as Millie.

The 1890 census records that were destroyed by fire might have clarified her name and movement. No further record found of her life and death.

6E2 Clarence Colburn Rayner, son of Daniel B. Rayner and Mary Ellen Glover, was born at Roxbury, MA, 7 April 1876. He married Ida M. Lewis, who was born in Maine 30 August 1873, daughter of Edwin W. Lewis, 1837-, and his wife Nancy. The registration for World War Two recorded him as an accountant with a shoe company in Walden. He died 21 January 1956 and Ida died in August 1964.

6E2a Ruth H. Rayner was born at Plymouth, MA, 5 September 1906, daughter of Clarence Colburn Rayner and Ida May Lewis. She married John Joseph VanTichelt, who was born at Boston 7 July 1906, son of John Joseph VanTichelt, 7 July 1906-16 November 1966, MA, and Lucia Barre, 12 July 1881 Antwerp, Belgium - 16 July 1961, MA. Ruth died at Winchester, MA, 20 December 1982 and John died at Stoneham 16 November 1996. They had a son and a daughter. [Rayner/Lewis Family Tree]

6E2b Daniel L. Rayner, son of Clarence and Ida May, was born 17 September 1908 at Naugatuck, New Haven County, CT, On 9 May 1945 he married Lee Unruh, who was born 7 October 1912 at Avon, South Dakota, Daniel died 23 September 1972 at Hyannis and Lee died in September 2006 at the age of 94 [Rayner/Lewis Tree]

6E3 Florence Glover Rayner was born at Boston 8 March 1887, daughter of Daniel B. Rayner and Mary Ellen Glover. In the 1910 census she was living at age 23 with her parents. Soon afterwards she married Peter J. Wright, who was born in Northumber-land County, Ontario, son of William J. Wright and Bianca Whitney [Ontario Births 1869-1913] In the 1920 census of Boston they had two young children. By the 1930 census, Florence was a widow with two teens and in 1940 at age 63 she had three lodgers. Date of death not found.

6E3a Vera G. Wright was born 30 May 1912 at Boston to Peter J. Wright and Florence Glover Rayner. At Bar Harbor, Maine, 2 August 1934 she married Gerard L. Austin, born there in 1904, son of Leonard Artell Austin, 1867-1930, and Hattie B. Hamor, 1867-1955 [Maine Births and Marriages Indexes]. Gerard was manager of a publishing company [1940 census]. He died young in 1963 and Vera died at Punta Gorda, Florida 11 September 1997. They had a daughter.

6E3b Whitney Wright, born about 1916 at Boston to Peter J. Wright and Florence Glover Rayner, named for his father’s mother’s family. This file has taken hours of my time owing to the surprising number of Whitney Wrights and the coincidence of dates. The Rayner/Lewis Tree online has mistakenly transferred him to Hyannis Port to marry and die there. Actually that Whitney had parents Walter Prescott Wright and Mabel Elizabeth Whitney. All we can be sure of are his childhood in the census of 1920 and 1930, his enlistment as a private in the Warrant Officers Branch 18 August 1942, and not killed in action.

6F Frances Ann ‘Fanny’ Rayner, daughter of James Rayner, Jr., and Mary Ann Simmons, was born at Travellers Rest 14 June 1848. On 8 February 1872 at age 24 she married Ronald McDonald (born 10 August 1832) at St. John’s Church, St. Eleanors, the rector Rev. J. W. Forsythe officiating. Ronald was born 18 June 1849 and baptized 14 March 1952, son of Donald and Jeannie McDonald. He and Fanny had eleven children. At age 92 she died in 1942 in Boston and was buried in Summerside. Such a woman had the power of the ages. It’s good that she lived long enough to put up her feet.


6Fa James Colin McDonald, son of Ronald McDonald and Frances Ann Rayner was born 3 August 1872 at Lot 19. He married Sarah Bertha Cotton, who was born at Wellington 21 December 1877, daughter of John Cotton, 1860-1928, and Ellen Ratcliffe Glover, 1867-1927 [Cotton Family Tree and 1911 Census]. Colin a farmer, Bertha dressmaker. She died in 1968 at Summerside, age 91 [PEI Master Names].


6Fa1 James Colin McDonald, firstborn of Colin McDonald and Bertha Cotton, was born in July 1903. He was listed in the census of 1881 and 1891. No other information.


6Fa2 Ellen McDonald, born in August 1905

6Fa3 John Ronald McDonald, born 8 June 1907, baptized 14 July 1907 at Summerside. He died in June 1963 at Rosalind, Camrose, Alberta. [Cotton Family Tree].

6Fa4 Frances Edith McDonald, born 10 March 1909, baptized 18 March 1909

6Fa5 Frederick Alexander McInnis, born 15 May 1914, baptized 24 May 1914

6Fb Matilda Jane McDonald, daughter of Ronald McDonald and Frances Ann Rayner, was born in 1874. She was 17 in the 1891 census.

6Fc John Herbert McDonald was born 7 April 1875 and baptized 16 July 1875.

6Fd Florence MacDonald, born 17 September 1876, baptized 22 March 1878, to Ronald McDonald and Frances Ann Rayner, went to Boston in 1895 and in the 1900 census was recorded as a servant. There she married Alexander Gillis, who was born in 1861 in PEI, son of James and Christy Gillis. In the 1895 census of Washington State and Territories he was a farmer at Titusville, WA. In 1910 Alex, 49, and Flo, 43, were in Butte, Montana. In 1920 they had settled in Seattle and ten years later the census of Duwamish, King County, Washington, found Florence a widow. Living with her was her niece Evelyn McDonald, 22, born in New York, whose family had been living at Butte in 1920.

6Fe Mary Maud McDonald, born in February 1879 to Ron and Fanny, married Neil Joseph MacNeill, born in 1875. The 1911 Census enumerated two children:

6Fe1 Margaret MacNeill, 10, born in June 1900

6Fe2 Florence MacNeill, born August 1901. On 30 January 1918 she deposed at Vanceboro, Maine, that she was going to Woonsocket, Rhode Island, to study nursing.

6Ff Joseph Angus McDonald, son of Ronald McDonald and Frances Ann Rayner, was born 18 November 1880 and baptized ten days later. He died 1 September 1885.

6Fg Daniel McDonald was born 5 May 1882 and baptized 29 June 1882.

6Fh Francis Bernard McDonald was born 20 March 1884 and baptized 25 May 1884.

6Fi Ellen G. McDonald, born 1886 at travellers rest, died 25 August 1890


6Fj Major Charles Boyce McDonald, born 29 April 1888 and baptized 27 May 1888


6Fk William Frederick McDonald , born 16 September 1889 and baptized 25 August 1890


6Fl Hubert Clarence McDonald, born 15 March 1893 and baptized 5 November 1893



6G William Alexander Harry Rayner, son of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was born at Travellers Rest 24 September 1851 and baptized 14 March 1853 [PEI Baptismal Index]. At Alberton 25 February 1895 he married his first cousin Amy Ann Cannon. She was born 12 October 1855 at Richmond, daughter of Charles Cannon and Mary Townsend Rayner, a sister of James. The family was in Lot 19 for the census of 1881 and 1891 and William’s widowed mother and bachelor brother Edward were living with them. In the 1916 census of Swift Current, SK, William and Amy in their early sixties were by themselves. William died at Morse, SK, 17 March 1935. Amy died 7 February 1946 at Moose Jaw and was buried at Morse.

6Ga Francis Fern Rayner, said by all the online histories of this family to have been born 17 February 1867, daughter of William and Amy. The PEI Baptismal Index has no such record, the name does not appear in PEI Master Names, and she was not with the family in the 1881 and 1891 census. Amy would have been fifteen if she had this child out of wedlock.

6Gb Robert Harry Rayner, son of William Rayner and Amy Cannon, was born 17 February 1877 and was named in the 1891 census of Lot 19. He went to the United States in 1902. He married Beatrice Smith, who was born 30 May 1883 at Bourg-Louis, Portneuf, Quebec [SSDI], daughter of David Smith, farmer, and Martha Jane Livingston, and baptized in the Church of England 2 September 1833 [Quebec, Vital and Church Records, Drouin Collection,1821-1967]. Robert was a grinder in a pulp mill. He died at Berlin, New Hampshire, 11 December 1830, age 54. The city directory of 1948 shows her, a widow, living with two of her children at 201 Cole Street. Beatrice died at Berlin in February 1983 within three months of 100 years [SSDI]. The names of their 5 children are drawn from the census of 1920, 1930 and 1940.

6Gb1 Arlington Ward Rayner, son of Robert and Beatrice Rayner, was born at Berlin, NH, 5 June 1905. At Sanbornville, NH, 20 November 1939 he married Helen Margaret Wilson, born 17 July 1908, daughter of Alexander Wilson and Mary Hazzard. He enlisted 2 June 1943 at Manchester, NH, and reported four years of high school and experience in printing and publishing. In 1948 he and Helen lived at 88 Church Street and he was an employee of Smith and Town [City Directory]. He died 9 August 1976 at Hartford, Vermont and was buried in a veterans’ cemetery in New Hampshire [SSDI]. Helen died at Berlin in July 1989 [SSDI].

6Gb2 Roma Martha Rayner, daughter of Robert and Beatrice Rayner, born at Berlin, NH, 2 September 1910, married at Berlin 21 July 1936 William Buckley, son of John B. Buckley and Catherine Healey. The 1940 census showed that they had a daughter two months old. William Buckley, born 16 May 1902, died in October of 1963 [SSDI]. Roma Rayner Buckley died 6 September 1994 at Alchua, Florida [Florida Death Index, 1877-1998].

6Gb3 Mary Clair Rayner, daughter of Robert and Beatrice Rayner, was born at Berlin, NH, 4 May 1914 and died at Valrico, Florida, 8 September 1986 [SSDI].

6Gb4 Carlston Rayner, son of Robert and Beatrice Rayner, was born at Berlin, NH, 12 November 1917. There 21 March 1942 he married May Madeline Reardon, daughter of Frank Reardon and Minnie Gautier, who was born in 1923 at Butler, New Jersey. He enlisted 19 May 1942. He died 21 August 1998 and was buried in the Veterans Mt. Hayes Cemetery at Gorham, NH.

6Gb5 Roy S. Rayner, born at Berlin, MH, son of Robert and Beatrice Rayner, married Cecile Irene Caron, born 23 August 1824, daughter of H. Arthur Caron and Regina Bergeron. At Berlin, Cecile died January 1979 and Roy 5 May 1992 [SSDI].

6Gb William White Rayner, son of William and Amy Ann, twin of Robert Harry, was baptized 31 March 1876 and died in infancy,

6Gc Silas Alexander Rayner, son of William Harry Rayner and Amy Ann Cannon, was born 24 April 1878 at Travellers Rest. At Indian Head, Saskatchewan, 26 December1912 he married Lily Mabel Knight. Born 17 November 1885 at Symondsbury, Dorset, England, daughter of Frederick L. Knight, 1858- and his wife Martha, Lily at age 24 came in the Royal George from Bristol and arrived at Montreal 24 August 1910. They had the sadness of losing their first child. In the 1916 census of Qu’Appelle, SK, the couple were there with their infant William Silas. Online trees of this family have photos which include grandmother Amy Ann Cannon. At Stenen, Silas died 14 December 1954 and Lily died 25 April 1961 [Rayner Family Tree online].

6Gc1 Matilda Amy Rayner, 1913-1913

6Gc2 William Silas Rayner, son of Silas Rayner and Lily Knight, was born 21 November 1916 at Indian Hear, SK. He married 20 July 1954 at age 38 and had two daughters and two sons. He died 14 February 1890 at Preeceville, SK.

6Gc3 Violet Fanny Rayner, daughter of Silas and Lily, was born 24 June 1918 at Stenen. She married Peter Zubko, son of Fred Zubko, 1877-1943, and Fedora Shostal, 1880-1973. At Sturgis, SK, Peter died 9 November 1985 and Violet died in December 2005. 5 sons and 4 daughters [Rayner Tree online].

6Gc3i Nicholas Wayne Zubko, ninth child of Peter Zubko and Violet Rayner, was born 28 May 1949 at Preeceville, SK. He married 19 July 1968 at Melville, SK. He and his wife had three daughters and a son. Nicholas died 23 December 1983 at age 34.

6Gc4 Alfred Norman Rayner, son of Silas and Lily, was born 5 September 1820 at Stenen. He married Genevieve Ida Priem, who was born 19 May 1925 to Henry Ferdinand Priem and Theresa Blanche Kavanaugh. Alfred and Genevieve had two daughters and a son. Genevieve died in 1989 and Alfred died 18 February 2010 at Thomson, Manitoba.

6Gc4c Gerald Alfred Rayner, son of Alfred and Genevieve, was born 22 September 1959 at FlinFlon, Manitoba. His marriage of 14 February 1981 engendered a daughter. He died 14 February 1990 at age 28.

6Gc5 Olive Margaret Rayner, daughter of Alfred and Genevieve, was born at Stenen 20 March 1924. She married 17 November 1948 William Francis White, born 11 December 1920, died 1995 at Dauphin, Manitoba. They had two sons and divorced. By husband number two Olive had 3 sons. She died 11 September 2010.

6Gd Isaac Rayner, born at Travellers Rest 27 April 1880, son of William Alexander Rayner and Amy Ann Cannon, married Edith Jane Wells, who was born 27 September 1893 [Rayner Tree]. Her birth record has not been found in the PEI Baptismal Index nor in the 1881 census of the three Maritime Provinces. The 1911 census of Alberton shows Isaac 30 and Edith 17. They had 4 daughters and 3 sons. At Vancouver, BC, Isaac died 13 December 1966 at age 86 and Edith died 6 September 1974 at age 80 [BC Index].

6Gd7 Blanche Rayner, daughter of Isaac and Edith, was born at Summerside 27 February 1917. She married, had 2 sons and a daughter. She died 19 July 1981.

6Ge Ernest Carleton Rayner, born 13 February 1882 at Travellers Rest to William A. Rayner and Amy Ann Cannon, married at Brocton, MA, 5 April 1911 Harriet Olivia Williams. She was born at Tyne Valley 22 July 1891, daughter of Jabez Williams, 1858-1930, and Melinda Ellis Ramsay, 1868-1935. They had 8 daughters and 4 sons. They must have been Bible Christian, for their names are not found in the PEI Baptismal Index. Those known to have died are as follows:

6Ge1 Jabez Loring Rayner, son of Ernest Rayner and Olivia Williams, was born at Travellers Rest 11 February 1912, He married 20 May 1936 Margaret Hazel Pickering, born 8 October 1910, daughter of Stanford Alonzo Pickering and Lulu Pearl Ramsay. She had 3 daughters and 2 sons and died young 17 February 1955. Jabez is said to have married three times after that [Wiliams 2010 Tree]. Jabez died in a nursing home at Charlottetown 12 January 2004.

6Ge2 Rayworth William Rayner, born 9 April 1918 at Travellers Rest, married 15 June 1942 Wanda Pearl Yeo, daughter of Franklin Freeman Yeo, 1875-1958, and Margaret Pearl Clark, 1885-1950. Rayworth died 24 December 1990 and Wanda died 9 May 2009 at Summerside. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

6Ge3 Kenneth Silas Oswald Rayner, born 10 May 1922 at Travellers Rest, son of Ernest Rayner and Olivia Williams, married 12 October 1957. No children. He died 12 October 1957 [Williams 2010 Tree].

6Ge4 Amy Florence Rayner, born 21 October 1926 at Travellers Rest, died 8 July 1944 at Moncton, NB., at age seventeen.

6Ge5 Emeline Grace Rayner, born 10 August 1928 at Travellers Rest, married 27 October 1948, had 3 children, died 3 March 1997 at Tucson, Arizona. I could not find any of these connections and depend upon Williams 2010 Tree.

6Ge6 Sylvia Joyce Rayner, daughter of Ernest Rayner and Olivia Williams, was born 13 August 1934. She married 7 August 1953 and had 3 children. She died 25 April 1991 at Charlottetown.

6Gf Emeline Alyce ‘Emily’ Rayner was born at Travellers Rest 9 May 1886. At Brockton, Plymouth County, MA, she married Neil Metcalf, who was born in 1881 at Amherst Shore, Cumberland County, NS, son of John and Sarah Metcalf. In the 1819 census of Brockton, Neil, 29, was a real estate agent and Emily was a new mother with William Robert, 4 months old. In 1920 at Quincy, Neil owned a furniture store and the couple had four children. In 1930 at Brockton there was one more. In 1940 Neil was a bank guard and had Richard, 12, and Alice, 27, with her husband Frank Santora. Strangely, I have not found a record of Neil’s death. Emily died in November 1967 at Brockton.

6Gf1 William Robert Metcalf was born at Brockton 30 September 1908, son of Neil and Emily. The 1940 census showed him married to Lois K. In the City Directories 1941-1946 he was manager of A&P.

6Gf2 Alice Metcalf, born in 1913, was married to Frank Santora.

6Gf3 Alton Neil Metcalf, son of Neil and Emily, was born at Brockton 2 July 1914. On 19 June 1942 at Newark, NJ, he enlisted, six foot and 196 pounds, a resident of Plymouth with four years of high school, a hotel and restaurant manager, single with dependents. He died 21 April 1991 at Plymouth [SSDI].

6Gf4 Wallace H. Metcalf, born 22 January 1919, enlisted in the artillery 23 August 1940 at Fort Banks, Boston, high school education, salesman, single, five foot ten, 155 pounds. He died 12 September 1993 at Saratoga, NY.

6Gg James Watson Rayner, born at Travellers Rest 25 March 1891, son of William Alexander Rayner and Amy Ann Cannon, moved to Swift Current, SK, married Lottie Rayner, born about 1891 in USA. He died in January 1868 at Brooks, Alberta, age 76.

6Gh Elmore Tremaine Rayner, son of William and Amy, was born 18 May 1894. He moved to Moose Jaw, SK. At Morse 3 September 1920 he married Elizabeth Myrtle Craig, daughter of John Albert Craig, 1856-1947, and Susannah Hay, 1861-1937. The youngest of twelve children, she moved at the age of two with her family to the Moose Jaw District before the 1906 census. She died at the age of 82 in 1985 and Elmore died 18 June 1984 at Moose Jaw, ninety years of age. They had twelve children, of whom the following five are known to be deceased [MacKinnon and Anderson Family Trees]:

6Gh1 Robert Roy Rayner, 30 April 1921 – 11 June 1976

6Gh2 Angus Elmore Rayner, 22 February 1926 – 14 July 1998

6Gh3 Wesley Orval Rayner, 3 May 1927 – 7 September 2001

6Gh4 Emily Susan Rayner, 29 August 1933 – 30 May 1995 Prince Albert, SK

6Gh5 Erma Isabell Rayner, 20 February 1936 – 18 October 1988

6Gi Howard Cooke Rayner , son of William Rayner and Amy Ann Cannon, was born at Travellers Rest 16 April 1896. At Indian Head, SK, 10 November 1915 he married Violet Victoria Montgomery, who was born 3 July 1898 at Belle Plaine, SK, daughter of William and Alice Montgomery. In the 1916 census they were living at Vermilion Hill, Swift Current. In 1921 and 1922 they were living at Brockton, MA, [City Directory]. Violet died 12 April 1958 and Howard died in 1968. They had 4 sons [Rayner Family Tree].

6Gj Marie Martha Viola ‘Mattie’ Rayner, daughter of William Rayner and Amy Ann Cannon, was born at Travellers Rest and was at home there in the 1911 census. The 1916 census of Morse, Swift Current, SK, found her at age 18 living with her then single brothers Charles and Elmore. She married Carl Sylvester Toll, who was born 11 May 1888 at Chatham, Ontario, son of Everton J. Toll and his English wife Frances. This family were In Swift Current, SK, in the 1916 census. Carl and Matttie moved in 1923 to Oakland, California, where according to WW II Registration he was working at Richman Shipyard No. 1. The census of 1930 and 1940 show them with three children. At Yreka, CA, Carl died 24 May 1971 and Mattie died 23 January 1974 [California Death Index].

6Gj1 Amy Toll, born in 1921, married

6Gj2 Albert Ellsworth Toll, born 7 February 1924, died 4 November 1990 [California Death Index]

6Gj3 William Everton Toll , 1 July 1927 – 17 January 2006 [SSDI]

6Gk Skirma Rayner, daughter of William Rayner and Amy Ann Cannon, was born and died at Travellers Rest 1 January 1904.

6H Edward Rayner, son of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was born at Travellers Rest in July of 1856. He remained single and lived with older brothers and his mother until she died. No doubt he helped with the farm work. In the 1881 and 1891 census of Lot 19 he was living with the family of William Alexander Rayner and in the 1901 census of Lot 19 he was living with the family of his brother James. He died in 1901 at age 42.

6I Emeline Rayner, last child of James Rayner and Mary Ann Simmons, was baptized at St. Eleanors 2 July 1854 and died there in 1861 at the age of seven years [Baptismal Index and PEI Master Names].

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