Register of Highland Regimental Officers who served in North America 1756-1767

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An Article by Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Macpherson McCulloch

Register of Highland Regimental Officers
who served in North America 1756-1767 

The following information is extracted from Volume Two of Sons of the Mountains: The Highland Regiments in the French & Indian War, 1756-67, (Fleischmanns, NY: 2006) with permission of the author; Lt. Colonel Ian Macpherson McCulloch, Commanding Officer (1993-96), The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada.

The officers of the three Highland regiments listed below are presented in order of their regimental seniority during the Seven Year’s War (SYW), i.e. NOT alphabetically; nor by the date of original commissions in the Army; nor by their rank achieved in other regiments once transferred or promoted later in their careers. An asterisk by a name denotes an officer actually serving in the regiment when it was sent overseas, (or in the case of the 2nd/42nd, 77th or 78th Regiments of Foot, those officers who were original members at the time of the battalion/regiment’s actual raising). A number in square brackets [1] behind a name is to assist the reader in keeping track of the many officers who shared the same name (for example, in Fraser’s Highlanders, there are four John Frasers, six Alexander Frasers and seven Simon Frasers).

The two junior regiments were styled the First and Second Highland Battalions initially, then assigned the numbers 62nd and 63rd Regiments of Foot. These numbers were short-lived as they were adjusted upwards to 77th and 78th respectively when fourteen second battalions of existing senior regiments in the British army were established as regiments in their own right. For viewers wishing details of the officers’ military careers, public careers, marriages and other genealogical details, please consult the above book.

Finally, these registers would not have been possible without the sterling assistance of colleagues Robert Andrews and John Houlding, whose intimate knowledge of the 18th century British army officers’ corps is second to none. I must also mention the invaluable assistance of Dr William Forbes, Dr. Ruby Campbell, seannachie of Clan Campbell, Alan Gray and last but not least. , Marie Fraser of the Clan Fraser Society of Canada. Please visit her excellent Clan Fraser website which features detailed biographies of all theFraser officers listed below, as well as the disbandment roll of the entire 78th Regiment of Foot in 1763.

42nd Foot (The Royal Highland Regiment)


Francis Grant* (1717-1782)

Gordon Graham*, of Drainie [Drynie] (c.1720-c.1785)


Duncan Campbell*, 9th of Inverawe, (1702-1758)

John [Robertson] Reid*, of Straloch (1721-1807)

John McNeil* (1728-1762)

Allan Campbell* (1723-1794)


Thomas [Graham] Graeme*, of Duchray, (1721-1773)

James Abercrombie* (c.1722-1775)

John Campbell* [1], 17th of Strachur, (1727- 1806)

James Stewart, yr of Urrard, (c.1727-c.1790)

James Murray, [later of Strowan] (1734-1794)

Thomas Stirling, yr of Ardoch (1733-1808)

Francis Maclean* (1717-1781)

Archibald Campbell* [1] (c.1730-1761).

Alexander Sinclair* (1732-1760)

William Murray*, yr of Lintrose (1737-1777)

John Stewart*, yr of Stenton (c.1725-c.1785)

Alexander [Robertson] Reid* (c.1730-1762)

William Grant*, yr of Rothiemurchas [1] (1723- c.1787)

Robert Arbuthnot* (c.1730-1758)

David Haldane*, 3rd of Aberuthven (c.1722- 1777?)

Peter Daly (c.1735-c.1790)

Archibald "Sheriff" Campbell*, [2] (1729-1762)

John Campbell* [2] of Glendaruel, (1729-1795)

Kenneth Tolmie* (1724-1809)

William Cockburn (c.1728-1762)

John [Graham] Graeme* [1], (1723-1790)

Alexander Macdonald (c.1735-c.1790)

Archibald Campbell, of Glendaruel [3] (1720-1762)

James Abercromby, yr of Glassaugh, (1740-1804)

Alexander Turnbull* (c.1735-1804)

Robert Menzies (c.1730-1762)

Alexander MacIntosh*, yr of Culclachy (c.1729-1776)

James Gray* (c.1730-1795)

John Small* (1726-1796)

Charles Forbes (c.1730- c.1790)

Daniel Shaw (c.1730-c.1780)

John Campbell, [3] yr of Melfort (1730-1790) (also Lt. 77th Foot (Montgomery Highlanders)


John Campbell*, [4] (1717- 1758)

Robert Gray*, yr of Skibo, (1729-1776)

James Grant* (1718-1778)

John [Graham] Graeme, yr of Inchbrakie, [2] (c.1730-1763)

Patrick Balneavis*, yr of Eradrour, (1739-c.1790)


George Farquharson* (1725-1758)

Colin Campbell*, of Kilberrie, (1728-c.1790)

James Campbell* [1] (1725-c.1780)

Sir James Cockburn*, 3rd Bt. of that Ilk, (1722-c.1795)

Hugh [Ewan] Macpherson*, (1730-1758)

Alexander Campbell*, 10th of Inverawe (c.1728-1760)

William Baillie of Torbreck*, (c.1730-1758)

Hugh Arnot* (1732-c.1800)

John Sutherland* [1] (c.1728-1758).

James Campbell* [2] (c.1728-c.1796)

Archibald Lamont* (c. 1728-c.1800)

David Milne (1735-1762)

Simon Blair (c.1740-1762)

David Barclay (c.1740-1762)

Alexander Mackay (c.1740-1772)

John Campbell, [5] (c.1735-1762)

Alexander McLean* (c.1740-1762)

George Sinclair* [1] (c.1740-1759)

John Murray* (c.1735-c.1790)

Gordon Clunes* (c.1740-c.1814)

James Fraser*, 7th Belladrum, (1732-1808)

John Robertson*, yr of Lude, (c.1740-1773)

John Grant (1731-1793)

George Leslie* (c.1735-1762)

Duncan Campbell*, 2nd Barbreck (Barr Breac, later 8th Lochnell) (c.1740-1837)

Adam [Stewart] Stuart* (c.1740-c.1818)

Donald Campbell*, (c.1735-1761)

George Grant* (c.1740-1788)

James McIntosh (c.1738-1763)

Robert Robertson*

John Smith (1732-1783)

Peter Grant (c.1735-1762)

Duncan Stewart, yr of Derculich (c.1732-1758)

Simon Fraser (c.1735-c.1796)

Alexander Farquharson (c.1738-1762)

John Campbell*, [6] (c.1740-c.1800)

George Sinclair [2] (1739-c.1800)

William Brown* (c.1740-c.1793)

Thomas Fletcher*, of Lindertis (c.1730-1780)

John Elliot (1736-c.1790)

Elbert Herring* (1737-c.1790)

John Leith, of Leith Hall (1731-1763)

Archibald Campbell [4] (c.1738-c.1789)

Alexander Donaldson* (c.1735-1795)

Archibald Campbell, [5] (c.1740-1774)

Patrick Sinclair* (1736-1820)

Lewis Grant [1] (c.1726 -1813)

Allan Grant (c.1740-1799)

John [Mac] Gregor (c.1725-c.1800)

Archibald McNab (c.1740-1762)

Archibald Campbell [6] (c.1740-1777)

Charles Menzies (c.1740-c.1800)

Burke Bingham (c.1738-c.1790)

Neil McLean* (c.1740-c.1800)

John Fraser (c.1735-c.1795)

Daniel Robertson* (c.1733-1810)

John McIntosh (c.1735-c.1790)

Alexander [Mac] Gregor (c.1735-1762)

James Eddington (1739-1802)

George Campbell [1] (c.1730-1769)

Thomas Cunnison (c.1740-1762)

Archibald Cameron (c.1738-c.1795)

Thomas Keating (.c1740-1797)

John Charles St. Clair (c.1740-1762)

Nathaniel McCulloch (c.1735-1771)

John Sutherland [2] (c.1740-1762)

Charles Grant (c.1738-c.1800)

Ann Gordon (c. 1737-1787)

Samuel Steele (c.1742-c.1810)

William Grant [2] (c.1740-1763?)

James Douglas (c.1740-1762)

Thomas Scott (c.1742-c.1811)

Charles Graham, yr of Drainie, (c.1742-1800)

Henry Timberlake (1730-65)

Alexander Graham (c.1740-c.1785)

James [John] Dow (c. 1725-c.1800)

George Rigge (c.1740-1782)

James Rumsey (c.1740-c.1800) (also Lt. 77th Foot (Montgomery’s Highlanders)


George Maclagan* (c.1740-c.1800)

Peter (Patrick) Stewart* (c.1735-1758)

Normand Macleod*, yr of Talisker (c.1730-1796)

George Campbell* [2] (c.1738-1763)

George Rattray* (c.1740-1758)

William Maclean* (c.1740-1759)

William MacIntosh* (c.1740-c.1800)

John Gordon (c.1740-c.1800)

John Cowie (c.1740-1762)

Phineas Macpherson (c.1735-1760)

William Angus

Alexander Thomson (c.1735-1761)

Matthew Reid (c.1735-1762)

Patrick Murray (c.1740-c.1793)

Lewis Grant [2] (1740-1762)

Thomas Hall (c.1740-c.1790)

Peter Herring (1738-1787)

John Hamilton (c.1740-c.1763)

John Peebles (1739-1823)

John Rutherfurd [Rutherford] (1746-1830)

Daniel Astle (1744-c.1810)

Richard Nicholls Colden (c.1745-1777)


(see article at

The Reverend Adam Ferguson

The Reverend James Stewart

The Reverend Lauchlan Johnson

The Reverend James Maclagan


James Grant (see above)

John [Mac] Gregor (see above)

William [Mac] Gregor

Alexander McLean (see above)

Alexander Donaldson (see above)

John McIntosh (see above)

Quarter Masters

John Graeme [1] (see above)

Colin Macpherson (c.1735-1762)

William Munro (c.1730-1786)

Adam Stewart (see above)

Charles Graham (see above)

Duncan Campbell (c.1735-c.1785)


David Hepburn (c.1725-1786)

Robert Drummond (c.1730-c.1788)

Alexander Potts (c.1740-c.1807)

77th Foot (Montgomery’s Highlanders)

Commanding Officer

Colonel, The Honourable Archibald Montgomery* (1726-1796)


James Grant [1]*, 4th of Ballindalloch, (1725-1806)

Alexander Campbell [1]*, yr of Barcaldine, (1729 -1777)

Alexander Monypenny, of Pitmilly (1726-1801)

John Maunsell (c.1725-1794)

Patrick Sutherland (c.1715-1767)

Robert Mirrie (1722-1762)

Samuel Zobel (c. 1724- c.1806)


John Sinclair* (1729-1787)

The Honourable Hugh Mackenzie* (1724-1762).

The Honourable John Gordon, of Glentanner* (1729-1778)

Alexander McKenzie, [1] of Balmoir* (1732-1777)

William MacDonald* (1739-1758)

George Munro*, [1] yr of Culcairn (1721-1758)

Roderick MacKenzie* [1] (1733-1762).

Sir Allan Maclean, of Morven, Brolas & Coll, (c.1725-1783)

James Robertson, yr of Lude, (c.1740-1771)

Allan Cameron, of Glendessary (c.1730-c.1795)

Mungo Campbell (1728-1777)

Alexander MacIntosh* (1725-1780)

Charles Farquharson* (1716-1762)

George Clerke (c.1735-c.1790)

Nicholas Sutherland* (1738-1781).

John Stuart (1740-c.1790)

James Grant* [2] (1738-1776)

Robert Grant* (1734-1777)
William Erving (1734-1791)

James Duff* (1731-c.1800)


Archibald Robertson* (1727-1776)

Alexander MacDonald* [1] (1728-c.1800)


Alexander MacKenzie* [2] (1721-1758)

Duncan Bayne* (c.1735-1761)

Colin Campbell* (c.1725-1758)

Joseph Grant* (1710-c.1786)

Cosmo [Cameron] MacMartin*, 8th of Letterfinlay, (1737-1762)

John McNab* (1735-1762)

Hugh Gordon* (1739-1762)

Donald Macdonald* (1738-c.1800)

William Mackenzie* (1711-1758)

Roderick Mackenzie*, [2] yr of Gairloch, (1735-1758)

Henry Munro* [1] (1727—1782)

Alexander Macdonald* [2] (1731-1758)

Donald Campbell* (1741-1782)

Hugh Montgomerie, yr of Coilsfield, (1739-1819) (later Capt. 78th Foot [Fraser’s Highlanders])

James McLean (c.1740-1761)

Alexander Campbell [2], snr, (c.1735-1786)

John Campbell, yr of Melfort, (1730-1790) (later Capt. 42nd Foot [Royal Highlanders])

James Macpherson (1725-c.1790)

John Martin (c.1740-c.1811)

Archibald McVicar

Alexander Grant* (1734-1813)

Charles Robertson (c.1735-1763)

William Hagart* (c. 1725-1792)

Lewis Houston* (1741-1802)

John MacKinnon (c.1735 -1774).

William McLean* (1740-c.1790)

John McDonald* (1740-1775)

Ranald McKinnon* (1737-1805)

Archibald Craufurd* (c.1740-1762)

Allan Stuart (c.1730-1762)

James Grant [3] (c.1740-c.1792)

Alexander Grant [2] (c.1740-c.1798)

George Monro* [2] (c.1738-c.1762?)

Alexander Campbell [3], jnr (.c1740-1762)

Thomas Mante (c.1730-1785)
James Campbell (c.1740-c.1809)
William Lynch (1739-c.1805)
James Rumsey (c.1740-177?) (also Lt. 42nd Foot [Royal Highlanders])

Robert Moore (c.1740-1786)
Alexander Menzies (c.1740-1786)
John MacKenzie (1730-1775)

Alexander Munro (c.1735-c.1790)
Henry Watson (c.1735-1782)


Alexander McKenzie* (c.1740-1761)

John MacLachlan*, yr of Kilchoan, (1744-c.1800)

James Bain* (1733-c.1794)

John Dunnet (c.1735-c.1785)

Duncan McVicar (c.1740-1758)

Humphrey MacDonald (c.1730-1766)
Henry Donaldson (c.1740-1773)
David Balfour (1746-c.1790)
Neil Grant* (c.1730-1762)
Andrew Crawford (c. 1740-c.1804)
Alexander Oreck (c.1740-c.1798)


Henry Munro*[2] (1730-1801)

See article at


Donald Stewart/Stuart* (c.1730-1762)

John Campbell, of Melfort (see above)

Alexander Campbell* (see above)


Alexander Montgomery (c.1730- c.1780)*

Robert Grant* (see above)

William Hagart* (see above)


Allan Stewart* (c.1730- c.1770)

Donald McLean (c. 1735-1782)

78th Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders) Officer’s Register

Commanding Officer

Colonel Simon Fraser [1], formerly Master of Lovat, (1726-1782)


James Clephane, of Carslogie (c.1713-1768)

John Campbell [1], Captain of Dunoon (c.1725-1773)

John MacPherson [1] (1709-1770)

James Abercrombie (1727-1775) (from Capt. 42nd Foot)

John Campbell [2], (later of Barbreck) (c.1725-1794)


Charles Baillie, yr of Rosehall, (c.1725-1758)

Simon Fraser [2], of Inverallochy (1732-1759)

Donald (Donull Gorm) Macdonell, of Benbecula (c.1728-1760)

John Macdonell [1], yr of Lochgarry (1722-1790)

Thomas Fraser, of Struy (1709-1758)

Sir Henry Seton, 4th Bt of Abercorn and Culberg (1729-1803)

Alexander Cameron, 4th of Dungallon, (c.1730-1759)

Thomas Ross, of Calrossie (c.1723-1759)

Alexander Fraser [1], 6th Culduthel

James Fraser, yr of Castleleathers [1] (1708-c.1785)

Simon Fraser, [3] yr of Balnain, (1729-1777)

Alexander MacLeod (1724-1772)

Hugh [Ewan] Cameron (c.1730-c.1790)

Ranald "Raonall Oig" Macdonell, 18th of Keppoch (c.1732-1788)

Charles Macdonell (c.1730-1762)

John Fraser, [1] of Culbokie, (c.1727-1795)

Archibald Roy Campbell (1728-1779)

Alexander Campbell, (c.1725-1767)

John Nairn (1731-1802)

Hugh Fraser, 4th Eskadale, [1] (c.1720-1801)

Hugh Montgomerie, yr of Coilsfield (1739-1819) (from Lt. 77th Foot)

Alexander Wood (1738-1769)

Captains Lieutenant

John Craufurd Walkinshaw (1721-1793)

Donald McBean of Faillie (later 6th Kinchyle) (1728-c.1790)


John Cuthbert, of Castlehill, (1729-1758)

Roderick MacNeill, yr of Barra (c. 1740-1759)

William MacDonell (c.1730-1779)

Hector MacDonell (c.1730-1760)

John "Dubh" Fraser [2] aka John McTavish, of Garthbeg (c.1701-1775)

Alexander MacDonell (c.1735-1759)

John [MacGregor] Murray, yr of Glencarnoch (c.1735-1758)

Simon Fraser [4] (1738-1813)

Simon Fraser [5] (c.1735-1758)

John MacDougall

Alexander Fraser [2] (1729-1799)

John Douglas (c.1730-1759)

Arthur John Rose, yr of Kilravock (1739-c.1800)

Alexander Fraser [3], (c.1735-1798)

John Macdonell [2], yr of Leek (1727-1813)

The Honourable Cosmo Gordon (c.1740-1760)

David Baillie (c.1740-c.1785)

Evan Cameron, 13th Glennevis (c.1735-c.1780)

Allan [Stewart] Stuart (1735-c.1781)

Simon Fraser [6] (c.1740-1760)

Archibald MacAllister (1741-1801)

James Murray (c.1740-1784)

Alexander [William] Fraser [4], (c. 1735-1814)

John Campbell [3] (c.1740-1760)

Donald Cameron, yr of Fassifern (c. 1741-1817)

John Fraser, [3] of Errogie (1734-1810)

John Chisholm (c.1740-c.1807)

Simon Fraser [7] (c.1740-1760)

James MacKenzie, 4th Ardloch (c.1740-1781)

Malcolm Fraser [1] (1733-1815)

Donald McNeil (c.1740-1762)

Henry Munro (c.1740-c.1800)

Hugh Fraser [2] (1730-1814)

Alexander Gregorson, of Ardtornish (1730-1789)

James Henderson (c.1740-1768)

Lauchlan MacPherson, yr of Breakachy (c.1740-1766)

Charles Stewart (c.1730-1780)

Robert Menzies (c.1740-c.1809)

Alexander Gilchrist (c.1735-1780)

William Robertson (c.1740-c.1800)

George Fraser (c.1740-c.1790)

John Fraser [4] (c.1740-c.1785)

Archibald Fraser, yr of Culbokie (1736-1799)

Alexander Fraser [5], (c.1740-1766)

George Peacock (1748-1780)

James Babbidge (c.1730-c.1791)


Lachlan McLachlan

Malcolm Fraser [2]

Malcolm MacPherson of Phoness (c.1700-c.1785)

Duncan Cameron (1739-c.1798)

James MacQueen (c.1740-c.1790)

Kenneth Stewart (c.1742-c.1800)

Charles Burnett (c.1742-c.1815)

Malcolm Fraser [3] (c.1742-c.1785)

Kenneth McCulloch

Charles Sinclair (1737-c.1793)

Norman MacLeod

Alexander Fraser [6] (c.1743-1810)

John MacPherson [2] (1727-1815)

Allan Cameron (c.1742-1767)

John [Macgregor] Gregorson (c.1740-1783)

Joseph Piper (c.1740-c.1791)


The Reverend Robert "Caiphal Mhor" Macpherson (1731-1791)

(see article at )


Hugh Fraser [2] (see above)

Malcolm Fraser [1] (see above)

Charles Macpherson (c.1735 - c.1790)


James Fraser [1] (see above)

John Fraser [1] (see above)

George Gordon (c.1735 - c.1790)

Simon Fraser [4] (see above)

John Fraser [4] (1745- c.1812)


John MacLean (c.1735-1779)

Lachlan MacPherson (see above)

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