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Transcribed by Christine Gorman from an article by Terrence M. Punch, GC (C).

The Island Magazine Volume 20, in 1986 and Volume 21, 1987, in articles by Terrence M. Punch, CG [C], published lists of Prince Edward Islanders who supported the Repeal Movement in Ireland in the early 1840s. These lists had been published originally in the Halifax Register. Edward Whelan, the editor moved to Charlottetown in 1843, and continued publishing lists of Repealers in the Palladium. The lists from the Palladium are already on the Island Register.

While I am submitting these lists from The Island Magazine to Dave Hunter’s Island Register, the original research is not mine. I am indebted to Mr. Terry Punch for having given his permission for this submission. Irish and Island genealogists are greatly indebted to him.

The Island Magazine, Volume 20, Fall and Winter, 1986
[Parentheses and square brackets indicate Mr. Punch’s additions or corrections:]
Repeal Meeting at Ten Mile House, St. Peter’s Road:

1. Joseph Affleck, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
2. Daniel Bradley, Donagh, Donegal
3. Mrs. D. Bradley, Donagh, Donegal
4. John Byrnes, Monasterevin, Kildare
5. John Campion, Gowran, Kilkenny
6. John Clarkin, Monaghan Town
7. Philip Coyle, Drumsnat, Monaghan
8. James Donnelly, Mullybrannon, Tyrone ( Parish of Clonfeacle)
9. Anthony Dougan, Donagh, Monaghan
10. James Dougan, Donagh, Monaghan
11. Thomas Dougan, Donagh, Monaghan
12. James Fitzpatrick, Portarlington, Queen’s
13. Mrs. J. Fitzpatrick, Donagh, Monaghan
14. Arthur Fitzpatrick, Charlottetown, PEI
15. James Hughes, Tehallen [Tehellan], Monaghan
16. James McCarron, Donagh, Monaghan
17. James McDonald...
18. Bernard McKenna, Donagh, Monaghan
19. Owen McManus, Kilmore, Monaghan
20. John McPhedy, Donagh, Monaghan
21. Andrew McPhee...
22. Peter McPhee, Rockcorry, Monaghan
23. John [Mc]Phee, Rockcorry, Monaghan
24. Francis McQuaid, Carnahoe, Monaghan
25. James McQuaid, Carnahoe, Monaghan (Carnowen, Parish of Killeevan)
26. John McQuaid, Carnahoe, Monaghan
27. John McWeid, Donagh, Monaghan
28. Henry Mooney, Jr., Co. Monaghan
29. John Mooney, Donagh, Monaghan
30. Mrs. L. Mooney, Donagh, Monaghan
31. Patrick Mooney, Co. Monaghan
32. Robert Mooney, Donagh, Monaghan
33. Robert Mooney, Donagh, Monaghan
34. Henry Morney [Mooney], Donagh, Monaghan
35. James Moynagh, Donagh, Monaghan
36. John Moynagh, Donagh, Monaghan
37. James O’Connors, Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny
38. Michael Treanor, Scotstown, Monaghan
Repealers resident at New London Settlement:
39. Matthew Corrick, The Rower, Kilkenny
40. John Deagan, Willan, King’s
41. Alexander Finlay, Banffshire, Scotland
42. James McLaughlin, Sr., Donegal Town
43. James McLaughlin, Jr., Donegal Town
44. Neil Morrison, Scotland
45. Patrick Morrison, Tehallen [Tehellan], Monaghan
Repealers named for Tryon Settlement:
46. Philip Began, Annaghbeg, Monaghan, (Parish of Donagh)
47. John Brennan, Geashill, King’s
48. Michael Deegan, Rathdowney, Queen’s
49. James Doyle, Bannow, Wexford
50. Patrick Kiervan, Newbawn, Wexford
51. James MacKay, Newbawn, Wexford
Repealers at Grant River Settlement [probably Grant’s Creek, in Lot 12]:
52. John Barry, City of Waterford
53. Joseph Campbell...
54. Mark Foran, St. James Parish, Wexford
55. James Funehan [Funchion], Callan, Kilkenny
56. John Gillis...
57. John Kent, Old Ross, Wexford
58. Nicholas Kent, Old Ross, Wexford
59. Donald McDonald...
60. Donald McDonald, Jr....
61. Roderick McDonald...
62. John McDougald...
63. John McEnally, Carlow
64. Alexander McLennan...
65. Angus McLennan...
66. Donald McLennan, Jr...
67. James O’Connel, City of Waterford
68. Paul Perry...
69. Mathew Welsh, Wexford
The largest gathering of Repealers was the eighty-one at Bedeque:
70. James Barratt, Queen’s
71. Mrs. Thomas Barratt, Carlow
72. John Burke, Wexford
73. John Brennan, Wexford
74. Martin Brennan, Wexford
75. John Campbell...
76. James Conners, Kerry
77. John Connick, Sr., Kildare/Wexford
78. Daniel Connors, Kerry
79. James Connrick, Wexford
80. Margaret Connrick, Wexford
81. Bernard Croaklin, Monaghan
82. John Cullaton, Wexford
83. Maurice Curran, Waterford
84. Michael Deegan, Queen’s
85. William Deegan
86. Edward Delaney, Callan, Kilkenny
87. Mrs. Edward Delaney, Kilkenny
88. John Delaney, Queen’s
89. Simon Delaney, Kilkenny
90. Garrett Dempsey, Wexford
91. Miss Julia Donoghue, Portarlington, Queen’s
92. Timothy Driscoll, Drumbeg, Cork
93. John Duggan, Queen’s
94. Anne Dunn, Queen’s
95. John Dunn, Kilmacthomas, Waterford
96. Thomas Dunphy, Kilkenny
97. Daniel Ferris, Cork
98. John Hennesy, Youghal, Cork
99. Peter Hickey, Sr., Queen’s
100. Thomas Hickey...
101.William Hickey...
102. John Terence Kavanagh, Monaghan
103. Ephraim Keed, Nova Scotia
104. Patrick Kelly, Tyrone
105. Michael Lacey, Wexford
106. John Larrissy, Kilkenny
107.Arthur McGill, Antrim
108. John McIntyre...
109. Roderick McIntyre...
110. John McKenna, Monaghan
111. Alexander McKinnon...
112. Alexander McLellan...
113. Angus McLellan...
114. Angus McLellan...
115. Donald McLellan...
116. John McLellan...
117. James McMillan...
118. Donald McMullen...
119. Hugh McNeil...
120. Malcolm McNiel...
121. Dennis Maher, Mullinahone, Tipperary
122. Edmond Maher, Mullinahone, Tipperary
123. Thomas Maher, Mullinahone, Tipperary
124. Michael Meagher, Tipperary
125. Niel Morrison...
126. Mrs. Morrison, Tralee, Kerry
127. Lawrence Mullaly, Kilkenny
128. Luttrell Mulligan, Monaghan
129. Michael Mullin, Monaghan
130. Peter Mullin, Monaghan
131. Patrick Murphy, Monaghan
132. Mrs. Moses Cormick...
133. James O’Brien, Clashmore, Waterford
134. Mathew O’Shea, Tipperary
135. John Perkins...
136. James Power, Waterford
137. John Power, Waterford
138. Patrick Power, Waterford
139. Mrs. Power, Waterford
140. Margaret Shehan, Midleton, Cork
141. Michael Shehan, Midleton, Cork
142. Norah Shehan, Midleton, Cork
143. Patrick Shehan, Cork
144. Hugh Tiph [or Sept], Sussex, England
145. Miles Trenor, Monaghan
146. James Traynor, Monaghan
147. Thomas Walsh, Ballinaskill, Queen’s
148. John Whelan, Monaghan
149. William Whelan, Drumsnat, Monaghan
The Island Magazine, Volume 21, Spring and Summer, 1987:
Before October 24, 1843, 223 people attended a Repeal meeting at Charlottetown:
1. Miss Bridgit Allan, Nfld.
2. Pierce Barron...
3. Patrick Began, Monaghan
4. John Blake, Thurles, Tipperary
5. John Bowers, Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary
6. John Boyle, Castlecomer, Kilkenny
7. Rev. Mr. (James) Brady, [P.P., St. Andrew’s, P.E.I]
8. Edmond Brennan, Newtownbarry, Wexford
9. Peter Brennan, Newtownbarry, Wexford
10. Martin Brennan, Adamstown, Wexford
11. James Brown, Mullinahone, Tipperary
12. Miss Margaret Brown, Mullinahone, Tipperary
13. Thomas Brown, Mullinahone, Tipperary
14. Thomas Broyderick, Freshford, Kilkenny
15. William Broyderick, Youghal, Cork
16. Thomas Burke, Nfld.
17. James Burnes, Co. Louth
18. John Butler, New Ross, Wexford
19. John Cahill, Castletown, Tipperary
20. John Carrigan, Mulllinahone, Tipperary
21. John Carroll, Thurles, Tipperary
22. Thomas Carroll, Kilkenny
23. Joseph Carroll...
24. John Carter, Gowran, Kilkenny
25. Terrence Cassedy, Ballybay, Monaghan
26. Thomas Churlton...
27. James Cody, Inistioge, Kilkenny
28. Tobias Cody, Kilkenny
29. Martin Colford, Scullaboge, Wexford
30. Patrick Coghlan...
31. William Collings, Youghal, Cork
32. Mrs. Thomas Collins, New Ross, Wexford
33. Patrick Condon, Fermanagh
34. Thomas Condon, Mitchellstown, Cork
35. Edward O’Mahon Condon [son of #34]
36. James Connors, Halifax, Nova Scotia
37. Patrick Core, Tedavnet, Monaghan
38. Patrick Corley, Tedavnet, Monaghan
39. Richard Cormack, Tipperary
40. John Costello, Windgap, Kilkenny
41. John Costin, Waterford
42. John Dalton, Armagh
43, James Deighan, Monaghan
44. Michael Delaney, Kilkenny
45. James Dewar, Scotland
46. James Dobbin, Tynan, Armagh
47. John Dobbin, Monaghan
48. Daniel Donahy, Doneraile, Cork
49. Dennis Dooling, Crumlam [?], Kilkenny
50. John Down, Dungarvan, Waterford
51. Michael Down, Dungarvan, Waterford
52. Hugh Doyle, New York
53. James Doyle....
54. James Doyle, Adamstown, Wexford
55. Michael Doyle, Monaghan
56. P. B. Doyle, Wexford
57. P. F. Doyle, New Ross, Wexford
58. The eldest son of #57
59. James Duffy, Geashill, King’s
60. James Duffy, Aghareagh [Aghabog], Monaghan
61. William Duffy...
62. Robert Dunn, Inhabitant [?], Sligo
63. John Egan, Cork
64. Martin Egan, Tipperary
65. William Feure, Loguettetown, [Licketstown, Portnascully], Kilkenny
66. Patrick Finegan, Armagh
67. William Fitzpatrick, Riverchapel, Ardamine, Wexford
68. John Flannigan, Fermanagh
69. James Flinn, Rosslea, Fermanagh
70. Martin Flood, Kiltealy, Wexford
71. Peter Flood, Stonepark, Wexford
72. Patrick Fogarty, Waterford
73. Michael Foristall...
74. Patrick Foristall, Compile [Camphire, Lismore], Waterford
75. Richard Fowler, Youghal, Cork
76. Patrick Gaffney, Oulart, Wexford
77. John Gainsford, England
78. Patrick Gilligan, Athlone
79. James Gilligan, son of #78
80. Andrew Grinson, New Ross, Wexford
81. Barnabas Grumby, Tynan, Armagh
82. James Grumley, Sr., Dugary [Doogary, Tynan], Armagh
83. James Grumley, Jr., Armagh
84. Michael Harney...
85. James Harrington...
86. Miss Bridget Hayes...
87. Martin Heaney, (Nine Mile House), Tipperary
88. Widow Howlen, Waterford
89. George Howlen, son of #88
90. Francis Hughes, Armagh
91. Patrick Hughes, Aghnasedagh, Monaghan
92. John Kavanagh, Aghabog, Monaghan
93. Michael Kavanagh, Kilkenny
94. Terrence Kavanagh, Aghnamullen, Monaghan
95. John Keating, Adamstown, Wexford
96. Edward Keikham, Fethard, Tipperary
97. John Keikham, Fethard, Tipperary
98. John Kelly, Inistioge, Kilkenny
99. Henry Kelly, son of #98
100. Lawrence Kelly...
101. Patrick Kelly, Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary
102. Thomas Kelly...
103. Philip Kennedy, Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary
104. John Kelly, Ramlish [Drumlish, Killoe], Longford
105. William Keoghan...
106. James King, Portlaw, Waterford
107. John E. Lacheurre, Esq., Isle of Guernsey [*probably John LeLacheur, one of the leading Escheaters.]
108. William Lacy, Wexford
109. John Lahey, Waterford
110. Martin Lambert, Hewstown [?], Wexford
111. Peter Lappin...
112. John Little, Esq....
113. Philip Little, Esq...
114. Thomas Lynch, New Ross, Waterford
115. Michael Lyons, Freshford, Kilkenny
116. Michael McCahy...
117. John McCardill...
118. Barnabas McCarron, Knockaturly, Monaghan
119. James McCarron, Puilford [?], Monaghan
120. James McCarron, Monaghan
121. Miss Catherine McCarthy...
122. Denis McCarthy, Cappamore, Limerick
123. Constantine McCourt, Monaghan
124. Miss Mary McDonnell, Tehallen, Monaghan
125. Peter McElroy, Tedavnet, Monaghan
126. John McEwen, Armagh
127. James McGinnis, Donagh, Monaghan
128. Felix McGoodwin...
129. Donald McIntyre, Bell Isle, Scotland
130. Michael McKay, Monaghan
131. Bernard McKenna...
132. Miss Bridget McKenna, Donagh, Monaghan
133. Hugh McKenna, Monaghan
134. James McKenna, Monaghan (brother to #133)
135. Patrick McKenna, Monaghan
136. Patrick McKenna, Monaghan
137. Peter McKenna, Donagh, Monaghan
138. Mrs. Anne McKenna, Monaghan
139. John McKenzie, Scotland
140. William McKierney, Kilmore, Monaghan
141. James McLeary, Parish Erskine, Renfrewshire, Scotland
142. Arthur McMurry, Glaslough, Monaghan
143. Miss Margaret McNabe, Armagh
144. Francis McNaughton, Ballybay, Monaghan
145. Hector McNeil...
146. Francis McNorton [McNaughton] Ballybay, Monaghan
147. Angus McPherson, Nova Scotia
148. Owen McPhilips...
149. John McQuade. Donagh, Monaghan
150. Maurice Mirrigan, Waterford
151. John Moynagh, Monaghan
152. Owen Mulligan, Monaghan
153. Edward Mullin...
154. Dennis Murphy, Cork
155. Francis Murphy, Aghabog, Monaghan
156. John Murphy, Wexford
157. Mathew Murphy, Clonard, Wexford
158. Patrick Murphy, Ballymurphy, Wexford
159. William Murphy, Clonard, Wexford
160. Edward Neale, Ballincurra, Kilkenny
161. James Neale, Ballincurra, Kilkenny
162. Capt. Edward Nolan, New Ross, Wexford
163. Thomas North, New Ross, Wexford
164. Hon. Leonard O’Brien, M.L.C., Nfld.
165. Arthur O’Neil, Monaghan
166. James O’Neil...
167. John Phelan, Houistown [?], Wexford
168. Martin Phelan, Carrickbeg, Waterford
169. Walter Phelan, Carrickbeg, Waterford
170. John Pigeon..
171. Pierce Power, Dunkitt, Kilkenny
172. William Power, Stradbally, Waterford
173. Richard Price, Callan, Kilkenny
174. Miss Anastatia Quinn, Ballygriffin, Kilkenny
175. John Quinn, Coolskeagh, Monaghan
176. James Reade, Thomastown, Kilkenny
177. John Reade, son of #176
178. Denis Reddin, Queen’s
179. James Reddin, son of #178
180. Rev. Malachi Reynolds, P.P. Charlottetown, Rumlish [Drumlish, Killoe], Longford
181. Widow Rielly, Tipperary
182. Moses Roach, Carlow
183. Patrick Rooney, Monaghan
184. Maurice Ronayne, Midleton, Cork
185. Martin Ryan, Borris, Carlow
186. Patrick Ryan, Waterford
187. Richard Ryan, Cashel, Tipperary
188. John Sheehan, Kilkenny
189. Thomas Sheehan, Tedavnet, Monaghan
190. John Shreenan, Puilford [?], Monaghan
191. James Slattery, son of the late Robert Slattery, Tralee, Kerry
192. George Slattery, son of the late Robert Slattery
193. John Slattery, St. Andrew’s College, nephew of the late Robert Slattery
194. Nicholas Sluck, Kilkenny
195. Andrew Tate, New Ross, Wexford
196. Philip Tobin, Curraghduff, Wexford
197. Thomas Tobin, Curraghduff, Wexford
198. Garret Toole, New Ross, Wexford
199. James Toole, Woodbrook, Wexford
200. Patrick Toole, Sr., Kilmacthomas, Waterford
201. Patrick Toole, Jr., Kilmacthomas, Waterford
202. William Toole, Dublin
203. James Tierney, Tedavnet, Monaghan
204. Mr. Tierney, Carlow
205. Patrick Toy, Carrickbeg, Waterford
206. Patrick Treanor, Donagh, Monaghan
207. Patrick Treanor, Tehallan, Monaghan
208. Peter Treanor, Monaghan
209. Thomas Troy, Carlow
210. John Wade, Kilkenny
211. Edward Walsh, Kilvellane, Tipperary
212. James Walsh, Nfld.
213. James Walsh, Nenagh, Tipperary
214. John Walsh, Nfld.
215. John Walsh, Wexford
216. Richard Walsh, Mountneill, Kilkenny
217. Richard Walsh, carpenter, Clonmel, Tipperary
218. James Wise, Waterford
219. John Wynn, son of William Wynn
220. James Wynn, son of William Wynn
221. Patrick Wynn, Puilford [?], Monaghan
222. Thomas Wynn, Monaghan
223. William Wynn, Puilford
July 11, 1843, meeting at Ten Mile House, St. Peter’s Road. August 15, 1843 issue.
224. Archibald Carmichael
225. James Donnelly
226. Anthony Duggan, Mill Cove (Secretary)
227. Joseph Affleck, (Warden, St. Peter’s Road)
228. James Duggan, (Warden, Mill Cove)
229. William Fitzpatrick, Charlottetown (Chairman)
230. John McCarron (Warden, Frenchfort)
231. James MacDonald, Alisary, Jr., (Warden, Portage)
232. Andrew McPhee, (Warden, Black River)
233. Francis McQuade, (Warden, St. Peter’s Road)
234. Harry Mooney, Sr., age 74
235. Robert Mooney, (Warden, Mill Cove)
236. John Moynagh...
237. James O’Connor, (Warden, Sandhills)
238. Thomas O’Kane (President of St. Andrew’s College)
239. John Slattery...
240. Richard Walsh...
Fort Augustus meeting, August 15, 1843; issue of Sept. 26, 1843, chaired by John Slattery of Charlottetown, and with Francis Kelly, agent to Rev. John McDonald, as secretary:
241. Francis Kelly (Head Warden)
242. Patrick Hughes...
243. James Kelly...
244. Peter McCleary...
245. James (Sandy) MacDonald of Glenfinnan
246. John Morgann O’Connor
247. James White...
In the same issue, a Repeal Meeting was held at Barretts Cross Roads, August 21, 1843, also chaired by John Slattery of Charlottetown. The six Repeal Wardens were:
248. Michael Deagan (Tryon)
249. Martin Kehoe (Bedeque Rd.)
250. Felix Mulligan (Southwest)
251. James O’Connor (Wilmot Creek)
252. James Perkins (Southwest)
253. John W. Woods (Miscouche)

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