The Descendants of James Simmons and Margaret Boneau

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James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau were married by banns 23 June 1812 in the Church of St. George the Martyr at Southwark, Surrey, England, witnesses Thomas Cornish and his wife Catherine. They lived at 5 Montague Close in the church’s shadow on the south bank of the Thames River. According to the church register, James was a smith and engineer. Their five children were baptized in this church, which later became Southwark Cathedral. The whole family sailed 29 March 1828 from London in the barque Briton under the command of Captain Barker and landed 14 June 1828 at Charlottetown.

My father, an immigrant from London, having been asked to discover the heirs of Mrs John Rayner, nee Sarah Ann Simmons, provided the above information. In his brief report he named James Simmons and his siblings: Rebecca, who married a Hill and lived at 165 Hill Street, Walworth; Mary, who married a Hampton and lived at Wardrobe Place, St. Paul’s Churchyard, London; Sarah, who married a Lens and kept Forthouse, Fortcrescent Street, Margate; Benjamin, who lived at Stoney Street in the Borough. The Hamptons had a daughter Sarah who married a lawyer named Denham and a daughter Mary Ann who married a Mr. Marsh and lived in Jamaica. At the same time my father wrote that Edward Rayner married Mary Watson. Unfortunately he did not tell us the parents of these Simmons. With all this information I have not been able to discover them. If you know, please email me.

We know more about the origin of Margaret Bouneau, who was born in the fifth generation from Jaques Bouneau, a silk merchant, and his wife, Huguenots who fled to London with their two small children in 1682, three years before the Edict of Fontainebleau by which Louis XIV closed all Protestant churches and schools in France and declared the Protestant religion illegal. The register of the Threadneedle Church in London shows the aid they received: 15 shillings 3 June 1682; 10/6 on11 July and so on for this family living in a tent. In 1702 Jaques II, weaver, married Susanna Moussett and they had a son Jaques baptized 23 January 1704 . Maurice Maple of Bristol, England (he and I are descended from Bouneau sisters) has drawn to my attention that this Jacques must have died and that the parents had another Jacques born in 1708. In the Middle French of the time the entry in the register reads: "Le Dimanche 8me Aoust apres midi a esté batisé Jacques Bouneau, filz de Jacques Bouneau et de Susanne sa femme". This Jacques married Marguerite Bond. In generation four they had four children, one of whom, Abraham, married Mary Hill and had six children. The eldest, Mary, married Robert Colley, from whom Maurice Maple is descended. Sarah married Benjamin Simmons, James’s brother. They stayed in Southwark and had a family which is recorded in the census. Margaret Bouneau married James Simmons.

In generation six, children of Margaret Bouneau and James Simmons:

Sarah Ann Simmons, born 27 April 1813 and baptized 23 May

George Simmons, born 12 March 1815 and baptized 9 April

James Simmons, born 4 October 1816 and baptized 3 November

Mary Simmons, born 10 December 1818, baptized 3 January 1819

Rebecca Simmons, born 21 April 1821 and baptized 20 May

1 Sarah Ann Simmons, daughter of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau, married John Rayner, son of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson. See Rayner file.

2 George Simmons, born 12 March 1815 at Southwark, Surrey, son of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau, came to Charlottetown with his parents in 1828. He moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and about 1840 married Abbie (Abigail?) Ross, who was born there about 1820. They had five children. On 3 September 1869, George aged 54 and sons Benjamin and Harry, 13 and 11, arrived in Boston out of Halifax in the ship America. The rest of the family followed. In the 1880 census of 76 Ruggles Street, Boston, the family was enumerated as follows:

George Simmons, born about 1817 in England, 63 years old, laborer

Abby Simmons, born about 1820 in Nova Scotia, age 60

George H. Simmons, born about 1853, age 27, trunk maker

Marie Simmons, born about 1857, NS, age 23, seamstress

Benjamin Simmons, born about 1858, age 22, teamster

Henry C. Simmons, born about 1860, age 20, carpet factory worker

Amy E. Simmons, born about 1864 NS, age 16, tailoress

"George Simmons, of 76 Rugggles Street, born about 1815 in England, age 70, engineer, father James, mother Margaret, died at City Hospital, Boston, 14 June 1885 of senile marasmus[loss of weight] and gangrene, burial in Mount Hope Cemetery" [Massachusetts Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988.

2A George H. Simmons, son of George and Abby Simmons, was born at Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1853 and moved with his father, mother and siblings to Boston about 1869. In the 1880 census he was 27 and a trunk maker. In 1881 he married Elizabeth, a recent immigrant from Canada born in April 1853. In the 1900 census of 549 Massachusetts Avenue, George gave his birth date as January 1853 and a marriage date of 1881. His wife Elizabeth was born in Canada in April 1853 and had come to Boston in 1880. In the 1910 census George, a widower, was lodging in Philadelphia and was a furniture packer. The vital records on line do not yield the marriage and death of George and Margaret.

2B Marie Simmons was born at Halifax about 1857 to George Simmons and Abby Ross. In the 1880 census of 76 Ruggles Street, Boston, Marie at age 23 was a seamstress. Data on marriage and death not found.

2C Amy E. Simmons, born in November 1863 at Halifax, daughter of George Simmons and Abby Ross, was a tailor in the 1880 census of Boston. On 11 November 1881 she married Thomas Francis McNamara, a stonecutter, born in Boston 9 January 1857, son of Michael McNamara, 1829-1915, and Hannah Anna Buckley, 1821-1916. Amy and Thomas had eight children. Amy died at Foxboro 27 November 1907, age 44. The widower Thomas was enumerated in the 1910 and 1920 census. He died about 1924 in Foxboro.

2C1 Ellen Flaven McNamara, daughter of Thomas McNamara and Amy Simmons, was born at Foxboro, MA, 21 February 1883 [MA Town and Vital Records]. She married Edgar Thomas Peavey, who was born at Foxboro 9 April 1883, son of Arthur J. Peavey and Mary A. McGrane. From the census of 1920 and 1930 we get the names of their six children. Ellen died 2 November 1964 at Norwood [MA Town and Vital Records]. Edgar, who had been a repairman in a railway shop, died in 1961 at age 78.

2C1a Edgar Thomas Peavey, Jr., born 20 July 1907, son of Edgar Peavey and Ellen McNamara, enumerated in the 1920 and 1930 census, not found in the 1940 census, perhaps because [US Public Records, vol. 2], he was at the military proving ground in Aberdeen, Maryland. He died 16 September 1994 and was buried at Foxboro.

2C1b Nellie Frances Peavey, in 1910 and 1920 census, born 17 May 1910 at Foxboro, died at Dracut, MA, 2 May 2007.

2C1c Ralph V. Peavey born at Foxboro about 1910 and lived there 1935-1999 [US Public Records, vol. 2].

2C1d Amy M. Peavey, born 1917, named in 1920 and 1930 census of Norwood, Norfolk, MA.

2C1e George Peavey, born 1919, ditto

2C1f Irving A. Peavey, son of Edgar Peavey and Ellen McNamara, was born 2 September 1942. He married Barbara Natalie Gardiner, born at Westwood in Norfolk County in 1915, daughter of Eustis George Gardiner, 1865-1948, and Rose Margaret Skierski, 1879-1928. They had two children. Irving enlisted at Fort Devens 29 June 1944, died in action 29 April 1945 and was buried in Highland Cemetery, Norwood. Barbara died at Westwood, Norfolk, 12 August 2001.

2C2 Hannah May McNamara, daughter of Thomas McNamara and Amy E. Simmons, was born in June 1884 and died 2 September 1905 at age 21.

2C3 George McNamara was born 15 June 1885. He married Effie M. Cook, who was born 12 May 1891 and whose father and mother were born in Canada. George died in July of 1967 and Effie died 8 August 1991 at age 100 years.

2C4 Abigail McNamara, daughter of Thomas McNamara and Amy E. Simmons, was born at Foxboro, MA, in December 1886. There about 1913 she married Herbert Francis Cook, who was born in Toronto 17 July 1889 [WW1 Draft Registration]. A machinist at 25 High Street, he became a US citizen 25 May 1920. In the census that year he and Abbie and their young son were living with her father, 62, and her brother John, 19. In the 1930 census Herbert, Abbie and their two children were living at 401 High Street and with them were her two machinist brothers, the widower Michael and his two young daughters and the bachelor Thomas McNamara, Jr. Living close together at 398, 401 and 402 High Street were McNamara siblings. I have scrolled the 1940 census of Foxboro and could not find these families. Either they were not enumerated or these census records have been lost. Abigail died in 1962 and Herbert died in 1965 [SSDI].

2C4a Thomas Francis Cook, son of Herbert Cook and Abigail McNamara, was born in 1913 at Foxboro. In the 1930 he was single, a machinist. He died in 1939 at age 26.

2C4b Amy J. Cook, born at Foxboro in 1882 [1930 census

2C5 Michael Leo McNamara, son of Thomas F. McNamara and Amy E. Simmons, was born at Foxboro 19 March 1889 [MA Town & Vital Records]. About 1916 he, a machinist, married Teresa Army, who was born about 1895 to Quebec immigrant Louis E. Army, 1846- and his Irish wife, Bridget Rawdon. In the 1940 census of Worcester their four children were with them. Michael died at Foxboro 12 November 1964.

2C5a Edward McNamara, son of Michael Leo McNamara and Teresa Army, was born 14 March 1917 and died 20 November 1984 at Worcester [SSDI].

2C5b James M. McNamara, 19 October 1919 – 10 November 1992

2C5c Raymond L. McNamara, born 23 September 1921, served in the US Air Corps from 22 January 1942, died at Worcester, MA, 16 December 1998.

2C5d Frances J. McNamara, 17 September 1934 – 10 May 1994 at Pittsfield, MA.

2C6 Margaret I. McNamara, daughter of Thomas F. McNamara and Amy Simmons was born at Roxbury in June of 1891.

2C7 Thomas Francis McNamara, Jr. was born 9 April 1893 at Roxbury, son of Thomas and his wife Amy Simmons. On20 February 1917 he married Harriet Louella Phillips, who was born at Easton, MA, 2 July 1898, daughter of Orrin Capen Phillips, 1867-1953, and Jane Kilgour, 1873-1940. On 5 June 1917 his WW1 registration recorded him a machinist of short stature and black hair, married. In the 1920 census they have a son of two years.

Two daughters followed. Thomas died in July of 1977 and Harried 19 January 1980 []SSDI].

2C7a Thomas Francis McNamara, 3rd, was born 31 December 1917 at Foxboro. Like his father and grandfather, he became a machinist. He married Blanche A. Jenkins, born 20 July 1920, daughter of Clifford P Jenkins and Blanche J. Pearly. Blanche McNamara died 4 March 1999 at Fall river and Thomas died 12 June 2009.

2C8 Amy Lauretta McNamara, daughter of Thomas McNamara and Amy Simmons, was born at Foxboro in January of 1895 [1910 census]. Three family trees on line date her death ‘before 1995".

3 James Simmons, son of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau, was born at Southwark, Surrey, now part of London, 4 October 1816 and baptized 3 November. On 8 March 1842 at the Anglican church in Richmond, PEI, he married Hannah Rayner, daughter of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson. For their descendants, see the Rayner file at Island Register.

4 Mary Simmons, daughter of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau, was born at Southwark 10 December 1818 and baptized 3 January 1819. She married James Rayner, son of Edward Rayner and Mary Watson. For their descendants see Rayner file.

5 Rebecca Simmons, born 27 April 1821 ay Southwark, was the youngest child of James Simmons and Margaret Bouneau. She and Silas Glover were married by licence 10 March 1842 in St. John Anglican Church in Richmond, the Rev. A. V. G. Wiggins officiating. The witnesses were William Rayner and Silas’s brother James [Marriage Book no. 2, 1839-1844, page 191).

Silas Glover, son of William and Grace Glover, was baptized at St James Church in Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England 14 February 1819. His father and mother were married there 19 April 1802. He of age 20 and his brother James of age 18 were tried 13 December 1839 in their home town for larceny and acquitted [England & Wales Criminal Registers, 1791-1892]. That experience probably moved them to emigrate to Prince Edward Island.

Silas fitted into the pioneer life and contributed to the Patriot Fund of Cascumpec Village in 1845. Gradually the family grew so that in the 1861 census he reported five children. The PEI Directory of 1871 lists Silas Glover, tailor and farmer at St. Eleanors, Township 17.

All of their eight children were duly baptized: the dates of birth and baptism at St. Eleanors are in the PEI Baptismal Index:

  1. Artemas Glover 2 Jan. 1849 6 May 1849
  2. Frances Maria Glover 2 May [1850?] 5 September 1858
  3. Sarah Jane Glover 26 July 1851 24 August 1851
  4. Margaret Grace Glover 26 February 1954
  5. Elizabeth Ann Glover 5 May 6 July 1856
  6. Clarissa Euphemia Glover 6 May 1860 8 February 1863
  7. John Herbert Glover 8 July 1863 19 September 1863
  8. Elizabeth Grace Glover 26 March 1865

The first genealogically useful census in PEI took place in 1881. By that time the Glover family had moved to Boston. Only the emigration of Frances Glover in 1867 was found. We know Artemas was there in 1874, the year of his marriage. In the 1880 census of Boston, Silas Glover the tailor was 60 and Rebecca was 57 and with them were Clara, 19; John, 17; Grace, 15; Alice, 40, daughter-in-law; and three Rutter children: Nellie,7; Harry, 5; Willie, 2 (parents Robert W. Rutter and Fannie). The 1882 Boston Directory showed them living at 917 Tremont Street. Silas died 13 July 1887 at age 70. The record of Rebecca’s death was not found.

5A Artemas Glover, son of Silas Glover and Rebecca Simmons, was born at St. Eleanors, Lot 19, PEI 2 January 1849. At Boston 7 June 1874 he married Julia A. Winchell, born 27 May 1849 at Acton, Maine, daughter of Reuben Winchell, 1803-, and Anna Fernald, 1810-. In the 1880 census of Providence, Rhode Island, the carpenter Artemas and his wife Julia had a son 5 years old. The 1898 and 1899 Directory showed the widow Julia living at 82 Bower Street.

5A1 Bertrand Glover, son of Artemas and Julia, died six years old at Hyde Park, MA, 28 December 1881 [Town and Vital Records].

5B Frances Glover, daughter of Silas and Rebecca, was born 2 May 1850. At age 17 she arrived at Boston 18 September 1867 in the ship America out of Pictou, NS., in a group of five seamstresses. In 1872 she married Robert W. Rutter, who was born in Nova Scotia 12 November 1838. They had three children, who were with their grandparents Silas and Rebecca Glover in the 1880 census. On 19 November 1860 Robert had enlisted for three years as a landsman (marine) in the US Navy and served in several ships before his discharge 18 November 1863. For his wounds he received a Navy pension [US Navy Records]. A directory of 1892 showed that he, a currier, Frances and their children were living in Chelsea, MA. In 1899 he was admitted at age 62 to the Veterans Hospital at Togus, Maine. The next year he went to Charles Naval Hospital in Suffolk, MA. He died 23 July 1909. In the 1900 census of Boston, Frances Rutter was a furrier: she reported that she had borne three children, two of whom were living. Her death record not found.

5B1 Margaret Henrietta ‘Nettie’ Rutter, daughter of Robert Rutter and Frances ‘Fannie’ Glover, was born at Boston 26 October 1873. In Rhode Island 12 August 1895 she married Samuel Alonzo Munroe, who was born about 1870 in Massachusetts to Alonzo and Sarah Munroe. In the 1900 census Nettie Munroe, a milliner, was living with her widowed mother Fannie Rutter. In the 1910 census of Boston, Samuel Munroe, divorced, was living with his brother and widowed mother. In that year Nettie married Norman M. Macdonald who was born about 1877 in Canada to Scottish immigrants. Norman and Margaret lived in Brighton, MA.

5B2 Charles Henry Rutter, born at Boston 25 March 1875, son of Robert W. Ritter and Frances Glover, married at Guilford, Maine, 15 October 1901 Evelyn F. Boynton, daughter of Albert H. and Ellen C. Boynton. For WW! Registration 17 September 1918 at Bradford, Pennsylvania, he was a wood bundler whose second finger of his left hand was crippled. He gave as his next of kin his sister Mrs Norman Macdonald of Brighton, MA. He and Evelyn had two children.

5B2a Frances G. Rutter, 1902-1974

5B2b Robert Franklin Rutter, 1904-1989, married Marjorie Delano, 26 January 1909-9 August 1983 at Warren, daughter of Merritt Delano and Susie L Parker. Two sons and a daughter

5B2b3 Judith Rutter, Mrs. Doering, 1938-13 June 2005

5B3 Robert William Rutter, son of Robert Rutter and Frances Glover, born 15 December 1877, died at Boston 22 January 1888.

5C Sarah Jane Glover, daughter of Silas Glover and Rebecca Simmons, was born at St. Eleanors, PEI, 26 July 1851 and baptized 24 August. According to the Henry Family Tree she found her way to Providence, Rhode Island. One wonders how she got to Rhode Island so young. Did she go to live there with some relative? Rhode Island Marriages, 1851-1920 record the marriage at Providence of Albert A. Hawkins and Sarah J. Glover 28 January 1865. Albert was the son of George G Hawkins, 1816-1890, and his wife Rebecca M. In the 1870 census Sarah’s stated place of birth was Prince Edward Island but in later ones up to 1940 it was Rhode Island, then England and finally Canada. In the 1900 census her stated birth date was January 1851 thus producing her age of marriage at 14 years instead of 13 ½. Corporal Albert Hawkins died in 1912 and Sarah lived until 1935 at age 84. She had sad and happy days.

5C1 Edgar A. Hawkins, son of Albert Hawkins and Sarah Jane Glover, was born 3 August 1866 and died 19 November 1872.

5C2 Jesse J. Hawkins was born at Providence 12 March 1871 and was listed in the 1880 census at nine years of age. On 7 May 1892 he married Anna L. Walsh, who was born of Rhode Island parents in November 1871. They lived in Somerville, MA, in 1900 and in Cambridge in 1910, where he was a travelling salesman for U.S. Rubber Company. Anna died at Leominster 20 June 1934 at age 64 [MA Town and Vital Records]. But at San Rafael in 1920 we find Jesse Hawkins, 48, with wife Catherine W. Maynes, 51, daughter of Alexander G. Maynes and Mary A. Crowe. At San Francisco in 1930 Jessie Hawkins, 59, with a father born in Rhode Island and a mother born in PEI, had as wife Margaret I McMartin, born in Minnesota and twelve years younger than he, and in 1940 the same [census]. He died there without issue 14 October 1962.

5C3 Grace May Hawkins, 31 Mar 1871 – 1878, daughter of Albert A. Hawkins and Sarah Jane Glover

5C4 Florence M. Hawkins was born at Providence 9 January 1982. She lived at home until her mother’s death in 1935. In the 1940 census she was the manager of a physicians and surgeons clinic. She died at Providence in 1962 at age eighty.

5D Margaret Grace Glover, daughter of Silas Glover and Silas Glover, was baptized 26 February 1854, her birth date not stated [PEI Baptismal Index]. After that no trace. She may have died in infancy.

5E Elizabeth Ann Glover, daughter of Silas Glover and Rebecca Simmons, was born at St Eleanors, PEI, 5 May and baptized 6 July 1856 [Index]. She may have died young.

5F Clarissa Euphemia ‘Clara’ Glover was born 6 May 1860 at St. Eleanors and baptized 8 February 1863, daughter of Silas Glover and Rebecca Simmons. The 1880 census of Boston enumerated her at age nineteen living with her parents. At Boston 10 September 1884 she married John H. Bradt, who was born about 1845, son of Daniel and Eleanor Bradt.

5G John Herbert Glover, was born 19 September 1863 and baptized 8 July of that year.

5H Elizabeth Grace Glover was born at St. Eleanors 23 December 1864 and baptized 26 March 1865. At Boston 21 November 1888 she married Ernest Stanley Lent, who was born 19 February 1867 at Bear River, Nova Scotia, son of John Henry Lent, 1828-1902, and Mary O. Cassaboon, 1830-1903. Elizabeth died the twelfth day after the birth of her first child.

5H1 Estella Grace Lent was born 27 April 1890 [MA Town & Vital Records]. In the 1900 census of Boston she at the age of 10 was with her father’s parents. In 1910 at Woburn City she was living with her father, stepmother, Carrie Alice Cushing, and three half brothers. About 1914 she married Joseph Henry Larock Cosgro and had twin sons and then a daughter.

5H1a Ernest Harlow Cosgro, son of Joseph Cosgro and Estella Lent, was born at Boston 18 May 1914. He was living at age 25 with his parents and siblings in the 1940 census of Boston, had graduated from high school and operated a punch machine. He married Margaret Matheson and earned a living as a technician according to Boston directories of 1963 to 1985, with Margaret keeping house. He died at Norwood, MA, 20 October 2003.

5H1b J Harold Cosgro, Ernest’s twin brother, son of Joseph Cosgro and Estella Lent, was born at Boston 19 May 1914. He studied mechanical optics and worked for the Polaroid Corporation. The following information is taken from his obituary in the Maynard newspaper shortly after his death 25 December 2012 at age 98. He served in the US army 1941-1945 in the General Hospital Division and was commander of the Veterans Foreign Wars post in Maynard. He was married to Marion MacKenzie and had a son and daughter, who died before him. He was buried with full military honours in the Gardens at Gethsemane Cemetery at West Roxbury.

5H1b1 Joseph H. Cosgro, Jr., deceased

5H1b2 Pamela Cosgro, deceased

5H1c Estelle June Cosgro, daughter of Joseph Cosgro and Estella Lent, was born at Boston in 1917, married, and is now in her middle nineties.

5H1d Virginia Cosgro, born in 1933, married.

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