Muster Rolls, Soldiers and Loyalists, Spring 1785 List

The following Muster Roll of Disbanded Officers, Discharged & Disbanded Soldiers with their respective families that are settled and preparing to settle in the Island of Saint John, is undated, but has the number "153" scrawled above the Names Column. This is believed to be the list of those from Rhode Island who arrived on the Island in the spring of 1785, brought to the Island by Daniel Grandin [who had first arrived on the Island in Sept. 1784 and drawn land in Pinette River - see 19 Sept 1784 list]. They had expected to settle upon lot 66, but, as Grandin could not fulfill the condition of his agreement with Gov. Patterson that he bring 1500 settlers and they settled on land in lots 56 and 58 instead.

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Where Land
How Held
To what time had
drawn Provisions
17th Light Drag.Geo Anderson1   
Pinette River
Lot 58
500Grant from
His Majesty
3424 Sept 1784
17th Light Drag.Joseph Brown1   d.o.300d.o.39not certified
17th Light Drag.William Thompson11  d.o.300d.o.3624 Sept 1784
17th Light Drag.John Hopewith [..well?]1   d.o.300d.o.23d.o.
22 Rgt.Herbert Ryan1   Lot 56100d.o.23d.o.
22 Rgt.William Wallace1   d.o.100d.o.36d.o.
B. Legion?Pat'k Connolly1   d.o.100d.o.42d.o.
B. Legion?Aaron Westwood1   d.o.100d.o.27not certified
B. Legion?Rich'd Aylwood1   d.o.100d.o.29d.o.
42ndJohn McKenzie1   d.o.100d.o.25d.o.
42ndJohn McGregor1   d.o.100d.o.31d.o.
42ndRob't McLeod1   d.o.100d.o.25d.o.
64thMatt Merridith1   d.o.100d.o.33d.o.
64thJoseph Carr1   d.o.100d.o.37d.o.
64thJames Burke1   d.o.100d.o.24d.o.
64thMich'l Neale1   d.o.100d.o.28d.o.
64thMorris Lysart1   d.o.100d.o.38d.o.
7thIsaac Colthorp1   d.o.100d.o.2824 Sept 1784
7thJohn Davis1   d.o.100d.o.4324 Sept 1784
7thJohn Griffin1   d.o.100d.o.43not certified
54thJames Carver11 1d.o.100d.o.38d.o.
54thEnoch Groom1   d.o.100d.o.52d.o.
54thRich Kearsby1   d.o.100d.o.47d.o.
76thMurdoch McLeod1   d.o.100d.o.27d.o.
80thDavid Young1   d.o.100d.o.2525 Sept 1784
64thJos Hepworth1   d.o.100d.o.34not certified
?John Brannan [Burnham]1   d.o.100d.o.37d.o.
54thMr Wm W Philom [???]1   d.o.100d.o.37d.o.
R.F.A.John Deviny1   d.o.100d.o.21not certified
1st and 2nd?John Song1   d.o.100d.o.37d.o.
1st and 2nd?Peter Cosgrove1   d.o.100d.o.23d.o.
1st and 2nd?Barry Gorman?1   d.o.100d.o.19d.o.

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