St. Peters Church, Seven Mile Bay

Miscellaneous Collections and Payments

Miscellaneous lists of names and items related to the construction of St Peter's Church at Seven Mile Bay PEI about 1850:

Including lists of donors dated from 1846 through 1853. Most are lists of specific items given, apparently with their monetary value listed. Some seem to include bills paid to merchants. The earliest dated list beginning in 1842 is headed with the name of Allen McInnis and appears to be money and produce paid to him, "For fream[frame?] house" and for such items as clapboards and pine boards. The last item is for paint for the House on April 19, 1853. Other lists are mostly of donors.

A list headed, "The Parochial House" shows the first item as 35 Pds. either paid to or owed to Jonas or Tomas Hannah. This is followed by a list of items with their monetary value. It includes such names as; --for Fillip Woods, --for Hugh Cormmons (Connors?), by Michal Dolton, for John MacDonald, by James Perkins, by Thomas Spear (Spean), for Ptk McMeekin, -Elizabeth Malit, by Roderick McInnis, by Neal MacDonald, by James MacDonald, by Patrick Stapleton, by Cyphrum MacDonald, -Michal Carton, by Patrick Deighan, for Fitey? Gerled?, for James Gready, by James MacDonald, by Thomas Spean (perhaps Thomas Spear as above?), by Donal MacDonald. The terms, "for" and "by' are included in case they might have a meaning that some other knowledgable person will understand.

The following is an attempt to recreate another document that has no heading and seems to be of a more general nature:

1846 - To John Silikers For
L 8-1/2 Bushels Lime 1/ 0--8--6
by Donald MacDonald
Settled "0--8--6"--" illegible__________

1846 18 Bushel oats to Jacob Spence by Patrick Kirwin
Mar 2 on acct work for parochial house that is door +
?ishes (sashes?) 1--16--0 1--16--?

1847 Sold to Anghus Campbell 14 B - oats 1/6 0--0--0 1--1?--?

1847 Febr 9 on acct Non Sac? with Mury + McInnis
Pd cash 0--13--6

1848 Borred (borrowed?) from Rev J. Macdonald 2 1/2 B.(bushels?) Oats
paid cash by Patrick Kirwin 0--5--0

To James Grady For
Rias Biams [Bias Beams?] + fitty joise [Joists?]
Nov 21_______ 2 B.(bushels?) Oats
by P. Kirwin 0--4--0

1848 To Charles Mallit For
1 1/2 B. Lime 1/ 0--1--6
by Patrick Kirwin cash Pd 0--1--?__

1849 Sept 28 F.W.W. Lord For
for nials by B oats kind 1--1--6
by cash 17/2 0--0--0 0--?
cash 4/4 0--0--0 0--?

Overall Total 1--1--6 1--?

Most of the right column was missed by the copy machine.

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