The Obituary of Thomas R. Broderick, R. C. N. R., Veteran, WW 2.

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Lisa Fitzpatrick,, grand daughter of Thomas R. Broderick, sent in the following information on her Grandfather, who served in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserves during WW 2. He was one of the lucky ones who survived the war.

She includes a comment her mother, Florence often made regarding her father, his life in the navy and his death and how it affected her.

Her comment:
...For me, the loneliest thing (feeling) in the world is the feeling I get whenever I hear the sound of a bugle call playing. (Taps etc.)

Thomas R. Broderick
Stoker R.C.N.R. World War II
died June 19, 1971, aged 69

Thomas Raymond Broderick, born at Tignish, Lot 1, P.E.I., on 31 August 1903. Son of Peter Broderick and Margaret Broderick (Graves) and brother to James Durmeth Broderick, brother in law to Ervetta Broderick (Lewis)(Alberton). He is survived by wife, Margaret Broderick (MacPherson), born in Elmsdale, Lot 4, P.E.I., on 1 August 1903.

Tom (Pop) and Margaret (Maggee) married in Summerside and had 5 children. Sons: Peter and William Broderick, daughters: Muriel MCarthur (Broderick), Florence MacDonald (Broderick) and Mary Ellen Spidle (Broderick). His son in-laws were Rodney Spidle, Stanley MCarthur, and Lewis MacDonald. Daughter in-law was Rita Broderick (Doucette) Thomas also had 20 grandchildren, 7 nieces and nephews and 15 grand nieces and nephews, before his passing in 1971. He also had many 1/2 relatives in P.E.I. from his father's first marriage.

Thomas was predeceased by both parents, one son: Peter, one daughter: Muriel MCarthur(Broderick) a daughter in law Rita Broderick (Doucette) and one grand daughter Diane McNeil (MacDonald).

His final resting place is Sacred Heart Cemetary in Alberton, P.E.I.

Added note: Margaret Broderick (MacPherson) passed away June 1978 and joined her husband Thomas, in Sacred Heart. Never the two to be separated by war and death again. They were later joined by their son William in January 1980, son-in-law Lewis in 1978- N.S., Their sister-in-law Ervetta in 1987, Brother Jim in 1995, daughter Mary Ellen in August 1999. They are survived by one daughter/sister Florence and one son in law Rodney as well as grand and great grand children.

In the end Thomas and two of his children suffered with Alzheimer's. They forgot many things due to a cruel disease. May we never forget they were loved, and remember what they gave.

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