The Descendants of Joseph Trowsdale

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1. Joseph Trowsdale. Came from Yorkshire, England, 1817 with his wife, along with several other immigrants on The Valiant. 4 sons , 3 daughters all born in England. He settled on 200 acres of land on the Crapaud Road. The Valiant left Hull, England on March 22, 1817 and arrived in Charlottetown on June 3, 1817.


2. i Joseph Trowsdale.

3. ii Ann Trowsdale b. 1803.

4. iii Barnabas Trowsdale b. 1805.

iv Isaac Trowsdale m. (1) MAR. 25, 1831, in Crapaud, Tho. Fairbairn, JP, Mary McDonald, m. (2) MARCH 24, 1828, in Crapaud, Rev. L.C. Jenkins, Ann Maxfield, b. Bedeque. Of Crapaud, likely came in 1817

v George Trowsdale b. England. Died in young manhood.

5. vi Hannah Trowsdale.

vii Esther Trowsdale m. JUNE 11, 1830, in Crapaud, P.M. Callbeack, JP, John Pearson. Likely came in 1817

Second Generation

2. Joseph Trowsdale m. Jane _____. Oldest son of Joseph Trowsdale who emigrated from England Joseph Jr. settled on 100 acres of land at the back of the family homestead on Sherren Road. He had a family of 12 children of whom we only know those listed Joshua is another possibility. Source: Robert Macrae


6. i George Trowsdale b. 1826.

7. ii Joseph Trowsdale.

iii Eliza Trowsdale b. 1828.

iv John Trowsdale b. 1830.

8. v Isaac Trowsdale b. 1833.

vi Barnabus Trowsdale b. 1835, m. Susan Wood. He lived in Conway, PEI.

vii Henry Trowsdale d. 1888. He drowned while returning from a visit with his brother Elijah. He had intended to take Elijah's eldest son Willard back to PEI with him for a visit.

viii Mary Jane Trowsdale b. 1837, m. Artemas Wadman. They lived at Crapaud Corner in the house occupied by Eric and Mrs. Lowther. This house was also moved from the Sherren Road, and has been remodelled several times. Here fourteen children were born, seven of whom grew to adulthood. The other seven died in childhood. Artemas: He was a cabinet maker by trade.

ix Sarah Trowsdale m. 25 Feb 1890, Jacob Howatt, b. 1839, d. 15 Nov 1915. Sarah died ABT 1917. She lived in Rose Valley.

9. x Elijah Trowsdale b. 30 Mar 1852.

3. Ann Trowsdale b. 1803, Yorkshire, England, m. 1823, in PEI, Canada, Samuel Sherren, b. 13 Jul 1791, Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England, d. 1864, buried: 1864, St. John's Cem. Ann died 1872, buried: 1872, St. John's Cem. macrae source


10. i Mary Sherren.

ii James Sherren m. Sarah Cairns.

iii John Sherren.

iv Hannah Sherren.

v Sarah Ann Sherren.

vi Amelia Sherren.

vii George Sherren.

4. Barnabas Trowsdale b. 1805, England, m. 19 Jul 1838, Sarah Maxfield, b. 1807, d. 16 Jan 1879. Barnabas died 05 Nov 1880. Lived on the homestead. Married Sarah and started farming on the Myers' farm (as it was called later). He was 12 when his family came to Canada from Yorkshire Co., England.


11. i Joseph B. Trowsdale b. 31 Dec 1839.

ii Robert T. Trowsdale b. 07 Feb 1842, d. 23 May 1849.

iii John Trowsdale b. 11 Oct 1844, d. 17 Aug 1845.

iv Mary C. Trowsdale b. 10 May 1845, m. John S. McQuarrie. Mary died 25 Jun 1895.

v I.V.J. Trowsdale b. 26 Nov 1846, d. 26 Nov 1846.

5. Hannah Trowsdale m. 10 Mar 1830, in Crapaud, Neil MacNeill. of Crapaud but likely came over in 1817 Neil: Neil and Hannah had 3 sons and 2 daughters. Listed as of Crapaud when they married.


i Jeremia M'Neill.

ii Margaret M'Neill.

iii Neil M'Neill.

iv Amelia M'Neill.

v Artemas Alfred M'Neill.

Third Generation

6. George Trowsdale b. 1826, m. Ann Percival.


12. i Clara Trowsdale.

13. ii Belle Trowsdale.

14. iii Annie Trowsdale.

15. iv Pierce Trowsdale.

v Albert Trowsdale. He lived in Victoria.

16. vi Levi Trowsdale.

vii Archie Trowsdale. He moved to Boston, MA.

17. viii Robert Trowsdale.

7. Joseph Trowsdale m. Phoebe Todd. He lived in Rose Valley with his family.


i Catherine Trowsdale.

ii John Trowsdale.

iii Samuel Trowsdale.

iv Robert Trowsdale.

v Fred Trowsdale.

vi George Trowsdale.

vii Matilda Trowsdale.

viii Florence Trowsdale.

8. Isaac Trowsdale b. 1833, m. Phoebe Wilson. Isaac died 10 Apr 1898.


18. i George Trowsdale b. 4 Mar 1858.

19. ii Margaret Trowsdale.

iii Eliza Trowsdale m. _____ Van Buskirk. She moved to the New England states.

20. iv Mark Trowsdale b. 1865.

v William Trowsdale. He moved to Boston, MA.

vi Flora Ann Jane Trowsdale.

21. vii Sidney Trowsdale b. 20 May 1870.

22. viii Jane Trowsdale b. ABT 1871.

ix Dora Trowsdale b. 5 Aug 1874, d. 13 May 1948. She never married. She sold her farm in Westmoreland (the old homestead) to her nephew, Edward, and went to live in Crapaud. She fitted up a small house where she died following a heart attack.

x Andrew Trowsdale b. 1876. He moved to Boston, MA.

xi Almira Trowsdale b. 1878, d. 21 Nov 1897. She died in young womanhood. Information from tombstone in Crapaud, P.E.I. and Marjorie Inman. Tombstone spelling is Elmira.

9. Elijah Trowsdale b. 30 Mar 1852, Crapaud, PEI, ref: 14, m. Hannah Tinney, b. 1865, ref: 15, d. 10 Sep 1953. Elijah died 30 Oct 1914. He was a man who had a gift for public speaking, and he had the ability to conduct a meeting of any kind. He was an elder in the Methodist Church and, in the absence of the Minister, always led the Service.


i Willard Henry Trowsdale b. 25 May 1886, d. 18 Nov 1955, buried: Leamington Cem. He never married. He died in a highway accident.

23. ii Lila Jane Trowsdale b. 6 Jan 1888.

24. iii Vida May Trowsdale b. 24 Oct 1890.

25. iv Bertha Florence Trowsdale b. 5 Nov 1892.

26. v May Ellen Trowsdale b. 1894.

27. vi Mabel Leota Trowsdale b. 27 Jan 1897.

28. vii Ethel Irene Trowsdale b. 8 Sep 1899.

29. viii Myrtle Beatrice Trowsdale b. 19 Nov 1901.

30. ix Effie Adelia Trowsdale b. 10 Oct 1903.

10. Mary Sherren m. James Fall.


i George Fall. His penname was "Gene Autumn" and he wrote "Crapaud in the Nineteenth Century".

ii John Fall.

31. iii Mary Anne Fall b. 1858.

11. Joseph B. Trowsdale b. 31 Dec 1839, occupation Farmer, m. 26 Dec 1866, Mary Jane Cameron, b. 17 Apr 1845, (daughter of David Cameron) d. 2 Jul 1903. Joseph died 16 Oct 1904. Members of the Methodist Church. He was a Liberal.


i William Bertram Trowsdale b. 10 Jan 1868, d. 05 Apr 1941. Called Bertram, continued to farm the family farm until 1930. Eldest son. Never married.

32. ii Robert Edison Trowsdale b. 16 Mar 1869.

iii Lilla May Trowsdale b. 24 Dec 1871, d. 05 Feb 1953. In 1906, she was living in Howard, Rhode Island.

iv Bradford Trowsdale b. 22 Dec 1872, d. 22 Dec 1872.

33. v Artemas Percy Trowsdale b. 21 Apr 1874.

vi Chesley Teed Trowsdale b. 23 Oct 1882, d. 30 Nov 1910. In 1906, he was in Howard, Rhode Island as was his sister Lilla.

Fourth Generation

12. Clara Trowsdale m. _____ Randall. She lived in the state of Maine.


i Ruby Randall.

13. Belle Trowsdale m. William Emery.


i Ethel Emery.

ii Willie Emery.

14. Annie Trowsdale m. Alex Foy.


i Earl Foy.

15. Pierce Trowsdale m. Clara Whitby.


i Ira Trowsdale.

ii Carl Trowsdale.

iii Thelma Trowsdale.

iv Helen Trowsdale.

v Annie Trowsdale.

16. Levi Trowsdale m. _____ Nelder.


i Charles Trowsdale.

ii Heber Trowsdale.

iii Blanch Trowsdale.

17. Robert Trowsdale m. Margaret Stewart.


i Ethel Trowsdale b. Crapaud, PEI, Canada.

ii Fred Trowsdale b. Crapaud, PEI, Canada. He was a veteran of World War I and resided in Southport.

iii Ruby Trowsdale b. Crapaud, PEI, Canada.

iv Belle Trowsdale b. Crapaud, PEI, Canada.

v Vinnie Trowsdale b. Crapaud, PEI, Canada.

vi Irene Trowsdale.

vii Charlotte Trowsdale b. Southport, PEI, Canada.

18. George Trowsdale b. 4 Mar 1858, m. Fannie Edwards, b. 24 Nov 1861, d. 29 Jul 1926. George died 21 Jun 1927. Birth and death dates were obtained by Mildred McCrae (Dow) from grave markers in Crapaud, P.E.I: George T. Trowsdale b. March 4, 1858 d. June 21, 1927 his wife Fannie Edwards b. November 24, 1861 d. July 29, 1926 Fannie: Birth and death dates were obtained by Mildred McCrae from gravestones in Crapaud, P.E.I. (see George T. Trowsdale).


i Bertram J. Trowsdale. He operated a small store in Westmoreland.

ii Leonard Trowsdale. He lived in Boston, MA.

19. Margaret Trowsdale m. James Stewart.


i Fred Stewart.

ii Isaac Stewart.

iii Maud Stewart.

iv Myra Stewart.

20. Mark Trowsdale b. 1865, m. Mary Anne Fall, b. 1858, (daughter of James Fall and Mary Sherren) d. 25 Mar 1918. Mark died 10 Dec 1914. Died aged 49 Mary: Died Age 60.


i Harry Trowsdale.

ii Frank Trowsdale.

iii Henry Trowsdale.

. iv Edward Nelson Trowsdale b. NOV. 13, 1905.

21. Sidney Trowsdale b. 20 May 1870, m. Elizabeth Arbing, b. 9 Jun 1875, d. 25 Jun 1937. Sidney died 11 Jan 1932. He settled on a farm in Inkerman, where his three children were born.


i Caroline (Carrie) Jane Trowsdale b. 13 Nov 1894, d. 4 Apr. 1984 m. Winfred Rogerson b. 20 Aug 1890, d. 20 Mar 1983. Resided in Cape Traverse, PEI.

ii William Henry Trowsdale b. 12 Jul 1896 m. Lottie Elizabeth MacLeod b. 4 Apr 1900, d. 29 Jul 1975. William died 26 Jan 1983. Resided in Borden, PEI.

iii Walter James Trowsdale, b. 2 Oct 1899, d. 25 Sept 1957 m. Myrtle Lillian Folland, b. 22 Sep 1901, d. 22 April 1989. Resided in Crapaud, PEI.

22. Jane Trowsdale b. ABT 1871, m. James Hatley, b. 1862, d. 1926. Jane died 1905.


i Percy Hatley b. 1897.

ii Phoebe Hatley b. 1900.

iii Hazel Hatley b. 1905, m. Leslie Edwards.

23. Lila Jane Trowsdale b. 6 Jan 1888, m. 1910/20, Smith Kellett. Lila died 21 Jun 1966.


i Ethel Ruth Kellett.

ii James Henry Kellett.

iii Willard Edward Kellett.

iv Robert Kellett.

v Ralph Kellett. Died at 1 1/2 years.

24. Vida May Trowsdale b. 24 Oct 1890, m. 1909, John Angus McLeod, b. 1 Jun 1884, d. 7 Jun 1953. Vida died 5 Aug 1942.


i Violet McLeod.

ii Mabel Beatrice McLeod.

iii Vincent McLeod.

iv Douglas McLeod.

v Harold McLeod b. 6 Nov 1933, d. 16 Dec 1950. Died 17 years old of a gun accident.

vi John (Jackie) McLeod m. Leona Spence.

25. Bertha Florence Trowsdale b. 5 Nov 1892, m. Calvin Siddall. Bertha died 9 Mar 1982.


i Frank Albert Siddall.

ii Elmer Borden Siddall.

iii Elsie Marie Siddall.

iv Annie Campbell Siddall.

v Edna Siddall.

vi Leota Siddall m. Frank "Buck" Rogers.

vii Verna Darlene Siddall.

26. May Ellen Trowsdale b. 1894, m. Frank Pettigrew. May died 17 Mar 1959.


i Luella "Effie" Pettigrew.

ii Muriel Helen Pettigrew.

iii Ruth Roxanne Pettigrew.

iv David Pettigrew. Died at 4 years old.

27. Mabel Leota Trowsdale b. 27 Jan 1897, m. Joseph Blockley. Mabel died 1942.


i Rhetta Blockley.

ii Ruby Blockley.

28. Ethel Irene Trowsdale b. 8 Sep 1899, m. Ivan Vautier. Ethel died 1934.


i Thelma Vautier m. Hughie _____.

ii Reva Vautier m. _____ Hall.

iii Eleanor Vautier m. Jack Chisholm.

iv Hattie Vautier m. _____ Franks.

29. Myrtle Beatrice Trowsdale b. 19 Nov 1901, Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada, ref: 7, m. 17 Jun 1925, Hedley Horace Dow, b. 7 Dec 1900, ref: 6, d. 19 May 1985, London, ON, buried: London. Myrtle died 18 Sep 1993, London, Ontario, Canada, buried: 21 Sep 1993, Lucan, Ontario, Canada.


i Audrey Dorothy Dow b. 6 Jul 1926.

ii Arnold Douglas Dow b. 7 Jun 1928.

iii Mildred Evelyn Dow b. 23 Aug 1930.

iv Ralph Dow b. 29 Jul 1937, d. 22 Mar 1939.

30. Effie Adelia Trowsdale b. 10 Oct 1903, m. Charles Bradley. Effie died 21 May 1982.


i Phyllis Adelia Joan Bradley.

ii Loraine Gloria Bradley m. 22 Aug 1958, George H. McKillop.

iii Pearl Bradley.

iv Aubrey Bradley.

v Wendlyn Bradley. Never married.

vi Gwendolyn Bradley. Died as an infant.

vii Ralph Bradley. Died as an infant.

31. Mary Anne Fall (See marriage to number 20.)

32. Robert Edison Trowsdale b. 16 Mar 1869, m. MAY 1892, Myra (Miria) Rogerson, b. 6 Feb 1864, (daughter of John Rogerson and Margaret Newsom) d. 1949. Robert died 20 Jul 1902. He settled on the old MacDougall farm in Crapaud. He died at the age of 33.


i Wilfred W. Trowsdale b. 29 Aug 1892. He was Vice-President of Kenwood Mills in Arnprior, ON.

ii Joseph Franklin Trowsdale b. 18 Oct 1895.

iii Amy Trowsdale b. 12 Feb 1897, m. Robert Thompson. Amy died 12 Dec 1990. She lived in Manchester, NH.

iv Florence Trowsdale b. 12 May 1898, m. Wilmot MacDonald. Florence died 8 Jan 1992.

33. Artemas Percy Trowsdale b. 21 Apr 1874, m. Alice Moore, b. 1864, d. 9 Jul 1917. Artemas died 21 Apr 1940. Moved to Manitoba in 1904 Alice: Alice Moore, wife of A.P. Trowsdale, b. 1864 aged 53 d. July 9, 1917 Gravestone information


i Chesley Robert Trowsdale b. 13 Aug 1920.

ii Alice Lillian Trowsdale b. 12 Feb 1922, m. ? Davidson.

iii Walter Wardrop Trowsdale b. 12 Feb 1924, m. Arlie Norris.

iv Annie Jean Trowsdale b. 15 Nov 1925, m. Fred Norris.

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