Will of Aeneas McCabe of Prince Edward Island (1800-1882)

Last Will and Testament
of Aeneas McCabe

Liber 10 Folio 428

I, Aeneas McCabe, wishing to dispose of my goods, property, etc. do ordain as follows:

1. That fifteen dollars shall be give to the Parish Priest to celebrate thirty low Masses for the repose of my soul.

2. That after the expenses incurred during my last illness and funeral expenses shall have been defrayed the balance of my money shall be equally divided between my son, James and my daughters, Margaret and Bridget.

3. That this present will and testament annuls any will or testament hitherto made or purporting to be mine.

Wm. W. Grant
Daniel X Mooney
   (His Mark)
Eneas McCabe

This will was proved on the 26th October, 1882, on the oath of the Rev. William H. Grant, subscribing witness, and on the 30th December 1882 a letter of Administrator was granted to Margaret McCabe, daughter and designee.

Charles Young, Judge of Probate.

Note: Eneas was born in the Parish of Roslea, now Clones, County Fermanagh Ireland in approx 1800. He died in Iona PEI Canada August 8, 1882.

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