Land of Evangeline Route to Boston from P.E.I. and the Maritimes

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The following advertising poster was found in an attic in Charlottetown last summer, and donated so that we can all have access to it.... It was an advertisement for rail and steamship excursions to Boston. W. K. Rogers Co. Ltd. were the Island representatives for the Dominion Atlantic Railway Steamship Lines. Perhaps this is how your ancestors arrived in Mass. The exact year of this poster is not known - If anyone has any further information please email Dave Hunter.


My brother, Steve Hunter, a railroad historian, and long time rail fan, is looking up the opening date (October 1, 1894 after the Windsor and Annapolis Railway and Western Counties Railways were united?) for the Dominion Atlantic Railway, and tells it existed as a legal entity until very recently (its identity was hidden by CPR majority ownership for most of this century, no equipment has been lettered Dominion Atlantic for about thirty years except in museums). It was sold in 1993 to a new shortline company, the Windsor & Hantsport Railway, and continues to operate quite happily (No steamships today, though!).

Dominion Atlantic Railway Steamship to Boston
Note: This image has been digitally processed to repair imperfections and scanned in black and white, but otherwise is unmodified.

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