Passengers of the Steamship Royal William, 1831

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Transcibed by Gary Carroll - [email protected]

Royal Gazette Tues., 13 Sep., 1831, page 3: "THE ROYAL WILLIAM STEAMSHIP, - on Wednesday, this elegant and substantial vessel touched hee on her way from Halifax to Quebec via Miramichi. Her arrival was greeted with firing of cannons, and the cheers of the numerous spectators, whom the novelty of the sight had attracted to the wharves and other convenient sites for viewing her approach, as she dashed into our beautiful harbour against wind and tide. She had hardly dropped her anchor before she was surrounded with boats, filled with young and old, all eager to gratify their curiosity by inspecting her interior arrangements; and it is but justice, both to officers and men to say that all who went on board, and they were not a few, were received with every mark of civility. After remaining about four hours, she again got under weigh for Miramichi - where she arrived safely next morning. The ship was built at Montreal for the conveyance of passengers and goods between Quebec Halifax, and the intermediate ports. Her accommodations for passengers are of the first description. Her cabins are elegant and the sleeping berths, of which there are about 50, admirable. The round house contains a spacious dining-room, handsomely fitted up capable of accomodating 100 persons. The steerage also is roomy and comfortable, and there is ample space on deck. She can stow away about 200 tons of goods in her hold. The engines, which are of 180 horse power, are certainly highly finished and finely polished; her rate of sailing we have not learnt; but as her engines are of an excellent construction, we should think them capable of propelling her with ease and comfort at a rate of at least ten miles an hour. This noble vessel measures on deck 170 feet long, with proportionate breadth."


Royal Gazette Tues., 13 Sep., 1831: PASSENGERS In the Royal William, Steamer - R. Smith, (Albion Mines) and W. Lawson, Esqrs. Mr. Davis and Mr. W. Ross, for this place. For Miramichi - Rev. Mr. Souter, Mrs. Souter, Miss Desbrisay, Messrs. John Cunard, Connery, Henderson, Muncy, Robertson, Samuel and Fraser. For Quebec - Messrs. Davidson, Cornwallis, Goldworthy, Champion, Mr. and Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Shepherd and daughter, and several in the Steerage.

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