Diplomas and Medals, March 26, 1887

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

As printed in the Charlottetown Daily Examiner, March 26, 1887.

Diplomas and Medals

We are indebted to Mr. Richard Hunt for the names of the following Island exhibitors who have received, or will receive, commemorative medals and diplomas from the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, held in London last year. The diplomas are signed by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, as Executive President, and by Sir Philip Cunliffe Owen, Secretary:--

Mrs. Abbott, Union Road.
Richard Bagnall, Clyde Mills.
Francis Bain, North River.
John Ball, Charlottetown.
Edward Bayfield, Charlottetown.
Beer & Sons, Charlottetown.
Wm. B. Bowness, New Annan (covered buggy.)
W. A. Brennan, Summerside.
Wm. Brown, Charlottetown, (fruit.)
Robert Bullman, Rustico.
Thomas Bullman, Rustico.
James Bourke, Southport.
Charlottetown Woolen Factory.
Henry Chowan, Princetown Road.
Clark & Bowness, Summerside.
Clark & Robblee, Summerside (canned goods.)
St. Eleanors Cheese Factory, St. Eleanors.
Isaac Crosby, Marshfield.
Edwin Daily, Egmont Bay.
Frederick Davidson, Burlington.
W. G. Dewar, Southport.
John Dewar, Southport.
Robert Drake, Cornwall.
Professor Earle, Charlottetown.
Donald Farquharson, Charlottetown.
James Farquharson, Lot 48.
Hon. Donald Ferguson, Charlottetown.
Michael Francis, Rocky Point.
Abram Gill, Little York.
James E. Grant, Charlottetown.
Arthur Newbery, Charlottetown.
John Hamilton, New Perth.
Charles Haszard, Belle View.
Hickey & Stewart, Charlottetown.
Richard Hunt, Summerside.
Loch Jones, Pownal.
Alex. Kennedy, Lot 48.
G. H. King, Charlottetown.
Isaac Knight, Charlottetown.
Lamang Richard, 15 Point.
Wm. Lefurgey, Summerside.
Longworth & Co., Charlottetown.
Stephen McCallum, Brackly Point.
Donald McDonald, North Bedeque.
McDonald McDonald & Co., Souris.
Wm. McDonald, Panmure Island.
Adolphus McEwen, St. Peter's Bay.
His Lordship Bishop McIntyre.
James McKenzie, Uigg.
John McKenzie, Summerside.
Alex McKinnon, Ch'town.
McKinnon & McLean, Ch'town.
A. McLeod, Park Corner.
Norman McLeod, Orwell.
John McMillan, West River.
Arch McNeill, Ch'town.
D & P McNutt, Malpeque.
John A. Matheson, Campbellton.
George E Peters, Montague.
Mrs. Mallet, Union Road.
George Monkly, Port Hill.
David Montgomery, Summerside,
Morris & Hyndman, Ch'town.
Thomas Morris, Ch'town.
Malcolm Murchison, North River.
Norton Bros, Ch'town
William Pickering, St. Eleanors.
Miss Maggie Pope, Summerside, (paintings)
Neil Praught, Gallas Point.
Prowse & Sons, Murray Harbor.
Wm. Rattenbury & Sons, Ch'town.
Thomas B. Riley, Ch'town, (tobacco.)
Charles E Robertson, Ch'town.
Daniel Robertson, Brudenell.
John Robertson, New Perth.
William Rogers, Freetown.
Donald Ross, Bedeque.
John J Rowe, Ch'town.
George Compton, St. Eleanors.
Wm. Schurman, Bedeque.
Mrs. Duncan Scott, North River.
Alex Shaw, West River.
D. Stewart, Southport.
Alex Thomas, Rocky Point.
Isaac Thomson, Suffolk Mills.
George Tweedy, North River.
Benjamin E. Wright, Ch'town.
Government of P E Island.
Tryon Woolen Manufacturing Co. (cloths.)

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