European Settlement on the
Fortune River, P.E.I.

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Fortune River Map

An early French and Acadian settlement which is being extensively researched by a non-profit volunteer committee. One facet of the research is the identification of the descendants of these settlers, in view towards preparing a memorial for a cemetery rededication and reunion weekend, to be announced at a later date.

The following Francophone families are known to have lived along the river:

Daigre/Boudrot Delanne/Caissy
Laborde/LePrieur LeBlanc/Bourge
LePrieur/Olivier LePrieur/Chiasson
Bourque, Burke Detchevarry
Cheverie, Shiverie
Shasong/Chiasson Doucet, Doucette
Michele Petre, Pitre, Peters
Roach Others?

Photo by Waldron Leard

Following the departure of the French and Acadian families from Cape Breton and the Rollo Bay area ca. 1800, settlers of British and American descent moved onto the vacated properties.

The following English speaking families are known to have lived along the river:

Abel Aitken Amburg Black Blaisdell Brown
Burke Cahill Clements Coffin Conaghan Cooper
Crawford Davidson Davis Dewhurst Dingwell Dixon
Douglas Duchemin Fallas Flockton Francis Gorman
Harris Henderson Jackson Johnston Jordan Knight
MacCallum MacDonald MacEachern MacInnis MacKenzie MacLeod
MacNevin McKie Mead Murphy O'Conner Rielly
Rielly Ross Symonds Townshend Underhay Ward
Webster Wilmer Wilt Wood

Further information regarding the project may be obtained from:
Jean Jans, [email protected]

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