Passengers on the Annabella!

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Dep July, 1770
Capt. Dugald Stewart
Campbelltown, Scot.

P.E.I. &
poss. Carolinas *

*100 Pass. Wrecked off Lot 18 See "The Princetown Pioneers - Anatomy of an Emigration", James P. Lawson, The Island Magazine, Issue 38, Pg. 11.

In October, 1770, the barque Annabella was wrecked off Princetown with some sixty families and about two hundred people.

A cairn to the Annabella stands in Cabot Park at Malpeque (formerly Princetown) the inscription on which is as follows:

"On this shore the barque Annabella from Campbellton, Scotland was wrecked in October 1770. Her passengers, having lost all their possessions found welcome shelters in French homes. In spite of extreme hardship, these emigrants and their descendants by their faith and courage made worthy contributions to the development of a progressive community, province and country.

Sixty families arrived on the Annabella and included such names as: Allanby, Carr, English, Inglis, MacKendrick, MacNeill, MacMillan, MacIntosh, MacArthur, MacDougall, MacGougan, MacKay, MacKenzie, Murphy, Montgomery, Sinclair, Stewart, Smith, Ramsay, Taylor and Woodside.

"To honour these pioneers and commemorate the arrival of the Annabella this monument is erected. September 6, 1964"

Warburton's "History of P.E.I.", names some of the Annabella passengers:

Robert Stewart,
John Ramsay, six sons and two nephews,
and continues naming many of the surnames listed above, but not their numbers or given names.

Alan Hallworth - [email protected] reports that the MacKendrick Family that emigrated on the Annabella in 1770 consisted of Laughlin MacKendrick and his wife Rachel Galbraith( 1736 - 1838 = 102 years old!!), with two children. There was a third oldest son at the time, and family legend has it that he was left behind with his grandfather, because the Captain of the ship had to sail with the full tide, and the old man and the boy were too slow in walking to the waterfront!! The oldest son's name was Neil, who, we think, went on to become a doctor. The two MacKendrick children on the Annabella were Donald and Janet.

Additionally, Barbara Murphy-Bridge - [email protected] has compelling evidence that her ancestor, James Murphy from Arran Island was a passenger. The surnames are mentioned on the cairn but individuals are not named. Donald Murphy of lot 13 could be James' father.

Thanks to Hal Inglis for passing along some additional names on the cairn! I would appreciate any other leads, tips, information on passengers of the Annabella [or for any other P.E.I. bound ship] so that we can pass the information on to others, and perhaps make this into a full scale passenger list reconstruction.

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