The Family Bible of Amos Perry

The Amos Perry Bible submitted by MaryLynn McCloskey courtesy of Francis Perry, grandson of Amos from scraps of paper inserted in Bible:

Eliza Bateup was born 4th December 1810

Mary Ann Perry was born February 5th 1837
Charles Henry Perry was born July 9th 1838
Eliza Perry was born May 31 1840
Amos Perry was born February 18th 1843
Benjamin John Perry was born March 27 1845

Benjamin Perry died October 10 1847
Aged 54 years


John Henry Perry born Monday May 25, 1868
Thomas Barefoot Perry born Friday Feb 25, 1870
Amos Frederick Perry born Tuesday April 23, 1872
William John Perry born Thursday Nov 2, 1876


John Henry Perry July 8, 1876

Father: Amos Perry born New Market Road, PEI Feb 18, 1843, died at Bath, Me Aug 6, 1920

Mother: Mary Barefoot Perry born in Dunescallan, Ireland Sept 21, 1845. Died at Bath, Me Feb 17, 1927

Note to future researchers: Benjamin John Perry went by John B. Perry at least from 1869 onwards.

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