The Catechism of David Ramsay 1813-1884, Hamilton)

Ramsay birthdates: These were found in a Catechism originally belonging to David Ramsay [January 1, 1813 - April 28, 1884] of Hamilton, PE. This is probably the only record of the first seven births as the registers of Princetown Presbyterian (now United) Church, where the family attended, are missing for this period.

From: The Confession of Faith; The Larger and Shorter Catechisms with the Scripture-Proofs at Large: together with the sum of saving knowledge. Edinburgh: Johnstone and Hunter 1851.

On the front page is written: David Ramsay, Hamilton, P.E.I Family birth dates are recorded on a blank page following p.315 (The Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer and The Creed) and on the inside of the back cover.

The first seven entries are children of David Ramsay and Sarah MacKay, Hamilton, PE. They are written in the same mid-blue ink and in the same hand (probably all at once). The first four births took place before the book was printed. The two deaths were added later in pencil by a different hand. These first seven entries are:

James Born March 16th – 1845

John A. Born Jan. 10th --47

Mary E. Born July 16th --48

Charlotte Born Sept. 22nd –50 Died Sept 19th 1929.

Albert Born Nov. 30th -- 53

Lemuel Born Jan. 20th -- 55 Died Dec 16 - 1917

Emmeline Born Dec. 5th -- 58

The next entry is for the mother of the above children; she died May 16, 1899.

Sarrah (sic) McKay Born March 11th 1820

The rest of the entries on the page are for grandchildren of David & Sarah Ramsay, children of their son Albert Ramsay and Jane Ramsay who married March 26th, 1879. An older child Archibald had died as a toddler before his grandfather. All the grandchildren named were born after David Ramsay died.

D. Archie Born May 23rd 1884

Preston L. Born August 25th 1885

Erskine Kier Born May 31st 1887

Inside the back cover is written:

Marguerite R. McKinnell Born July 19, 1892

Blanche Ramsay Born Nov. 23, 1893

Mattie Ramsay Born July 5, 1890

David J. McKinnel Born May 18, 1890

The above are also grandchildren of David Ramsay and Sarah McKay; the Ramsay’s were the children of their son Lemuel Ramsay and his wife Annie Ramsay and the McKinnell’s were the children of their youngest daughter Emmeline Ramsay who married James (Jim) McKinnell. Another child, Sarah McKinnell, daughter of Emmeline and James McKinnell, died at age 6.

Other descendents of David and Sarah Ramsay: James and John A. Ramsay never married. Mary E. Ramsay married Norman Ramsay. Their children were: Leslie, Winfred, Annie, Sadie and Edna.

Charlotte Ramsay married Joseph Brehaut. Their children were: Albert, Fred, Sarah, Susanah and Charlotte.

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