The Family Bible of Donald Taylor

Donald Taylor Bible – Page One

Bath, Maine, September 22nd, 1848

Presented to Donald Taylor by his son, Donald

In other handwriting:

Who would later be Capt. Donald Taylor, grandfather of Waldo Taylor. Capt. Donald Taylor married Ann Stuart from Belle River. She would be a sister of Simon Stuart’s father. She was left a widow here at Wood Islands when Captain Donald (her husband) died, aged 47 and he left her with 3 sons. One died at sea, one never came home from the gold mines in Nevada, leaving just Wm D. (Waldo’s father).

Marriages – Page Two

Donald Taylor was born Skipness , Aagust AD ____ [1788].

Married Christina Murray, born March AD 1795 at Tarbort, Kintire, Argyle Shire, Scotland.

John was married AD/42 [1842] 7 Dec. to Eunice Hume.

Neil was married to Mary Hume December 23 AD 1845.

Duncan married Ellen Weatherbee October 25 1859 ( ____ 1831).

Duncan’s Son

William Benjamen to Prudence Drake January 20th 1856 Alexander James to Emma J. McMillan Feb 6th /95 (Born Sept 15, 1876)

Births – Page Three

Archibald was born at Skipness, January 27th AD 1815 [1875]

Neil was born __ [do] December 3, 1816

John was born January 23 AD Skipness 1819

Malcolm was born at Rustico, Prince Edward Island May 17th AD 1821

William & Donald was born ___ [do] June 20th AD 1823

James was born Wood Islands July AD 1825

Duncan was born Nov 11 A.D. 1827

Alexander was born April 17, 1830

Angus was born Mar 19, A.D. 1833

Mary was born May 20 AD 1835 

Family of Duncan and Ellen Taylor – Page Three

Elizabeth was born 30 June 1854

Donald Malcolm John born March 4 1856

William Benjamin born Feb 13th 185_

Christina born January 17th 1860

John Timothy born February 7th 1862

Alexander James born March 15th 1864

Archibald Murray born April 7th 1866

Walter Duncan born March 31st 1869

Mary Ellen born Feby 20 [July?] 20th 1872

George Warren Taylor born May 24th 1880

Deaths – Page Four

Archibald departed this life A.D. December 14, 1837 aged 22 years 11 months 12 days.

Angus died _____ A.D. 1838 aged 5 years and about 7 months

Malcolm died at East Boston United States Sep 8 AD 1851, aged 30 years, 3 months 22 days.

Donald Taylor died January 2nd 1853, Christina Murray his wife died January 28th 1882

Their son, Duncan died at Wood Islands June 23rd 1908 aged [81], His wife Ellen Weatherbee Nov 26 1922 aged 92

Capt. Donald Taylor died Feb 12th 1879 aged 47

William son of Donald Oct 12, 1869

Mary died Ap 27 1884 

Family of Duncan & Ellen Taylor – Page Four

John James died Oct 8 1873

Walter D. killed by _____ explosion at Pinole, Cal. May 21 /95

Archd Murray died June 15 1904 Long Beach California

John Timothy died July 8th 1928 aged 66 years at Chino, California

Alexander James died at Flat River March 21st, 1931 aged 67 years

Mary Ellen married to R. Chisholm died June 27th 1946, aged 76

Christina married to J. McMurchie died July 21st 1946 of _____ aged 86

Capt. William Benj. died at Millview Tues Feb 7th 1950 aged 92.

[Elizabeth ________] Feb 1938 

Family of Alex James, Son of Duncan and Ellen Weatherbee – Page Five

Clarice Irene born May 30th 1896 at Wood Islands

Alexander James Taylor died at Flat River, Mar 21st 1931, aged 67

Mrs. Emma J. Beaton died August 7th/63. Born at Wood Islands, Sept 15th 1876, daughter of the late Angus D.M.L.A. & Clara (Cornish) MacMillan. In 1895 married Capt. Alex J. Taylor, Wood Islands, who died suddenly at Flat River, March 1931. In Oct 1937 married Angus M. Beaton who died in 1940.

Newspaper Clipping:
MacLeod – On April [23 or 28].[1972] at Central Park Lodge, Winnipeg, Mrs. Bernice Nelson MacMillian McLeod, aged [ 82] years, formerly of Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island. Internment was in Pine View Memorial Gardens, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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