The Family Bible of Duncan McCallum of Brackley Point

Bible transcribed by Pam Miller Hendricksen, [email protected] - The title page is in poor condition. Words which are questionable are in brackets.

"The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testament Newly Tranflatd out of the Original Tongues: And with the <former> Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. By his Majesties Special Command. Appointed to Read in Churches. Oxford. Printed by <John> Baskett, Printer to the_____. MDCCXXIII"

There are a number of earlier notations prior to the McCallum notations. It is not yet known if this was a used bible when the McCallum's started using it, or whether these people are in some way related. On a badly worn page, I can read the following:

"______ was born April <4 01>____
______ Octor 25th 17< >______
___fer son of Edw Dinsey_____
_____Nov 16 1719_______

Edward Dinsey Departed this life December 3 1738 at 3 O'Clock in the <"in the" is lined out> fryday morning

Ann Warner Departed this life 26 February 17__
_____Thos. Warner Departed this life April 6 17__

Thomas Dinsey was ____in the ____
of matromony with Sarah <Tyler> the 24th of October 17__

Edward Thos Dinsey was born the <3_>
Son to Thos and Sarah Dinsey

Edwd Thos Dinsey died the 17th Dec 1740
eaged 2 Months and 17 Days



Born _______"

I have no idea who the Dinsey/Warner/Tyler family is or where they were living.

In another section of the bible is written:

Duncan McCallum born Janry 2 1757
Came from Scotland 1771
Married to Jenny Gregor May 5th 1784

Peggy born April 24th 1785
Neil born Febry 22nd 1787
Katherine born Jan 17 1789
Jenny born May 13th 1791
James born August25th 1793
Ifsabella born April 6th 1796
Mary <or May> born June 12th 1799
John Born April 16th 1803
Bettesy born April 6th 1806

On a different page, in a different hand is written:

Neil McCallum was born February the 22nd 1787 <above Neil's name is written Died ___1879>
Rebecca Bovyer was born October the 11th 1792 <above Rebecca's name is ___June 1878>
Were Married March the 17th 1812

Childrens Names

Robert McCallum was born January the 13th 1813
James McCallum was born April the 20th 1815
Duncan McCallum was born March the 4th 1817
Margaret McCallum was born February the 6th 1819
John McCallum was born February the 24th 1821
Archibald McCallum was born <June?> the 3rd 182<3>
Stephen McCallum waws born September the 2nd 1825
Jenny McCallum was born February the 6th 1827
Mary McCallum was born November the 24th 182_
After Mary was born, the the 20th November 1830, a boy, which expired immediately afterwards.
William McCallum was born January the 10th 183_
Matilda McCallum was born January the 16th 183_
Elizabeth McCallum was born December the 6th 18

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