The Family Bible of Edward Henry

The Family Bible of Edward Henry (10 March 1814- 11 April 1892)

This bible contains information on the families of Thomas and Isabella (nee Leach) Hacker of England and Prince Edward Island and Edward and Grace (nee Hacker) Henry of Prince Edward Island.

Written on the inside of the front cover: Sacred to the memory of John Bond who died.
Sacred to the memory of Lot Bond who died.

Mrs. Grace Henry
Granville Mills
New London

Note: The entries are written on the back of pictures throughout the Bible. Some entries are initialed by the writers, Edward Henry (E.H.) and his son Augustus Knight Henry (A. K. H.)

First page:
May Davis born 12 March 1878 in Nova Scotia at or near Athol - daughter of J. E. Davis and Mary Leach Henry. (A. K. H.)
Lenord Glydon Henry son of A. K. Henry and Mary Jane Henry born at Granville Mills June 9th 1889. (A. K. H.)
Edith Cra ?ft born Nov11 1902 adopted by Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Henry on July 11/12 and taken on the name of Edith Leech Henry. (A. K. H.)
Lenord G. Henry died today January 6th 1923 age 33. (A. K. H.)

Second page:
Jane Hacker born May 20 1805.
Bell Hacker born April 1811. (Isabella Hacker written beside this)
Mary Ann born May 22 1813.
Emelena born May 21 1815.
Marth born September 21 1817.
Grace born May 19 1819.
The above are daughters of Thomas and Isabella Hacker all natives of Devonshire England, Dated 1 August 1889 - E. Henry.

Marth Hacker wife of Wm. ?Rattenburry of cancer died at Ch Town in June 1890, age 73 years.
Jane Hacker wife of Elias Bishop died at Summerside suddenly on Oct 19 1893 age 88 years. (A. K. H.)
Mary Ann Paynter wife of Wm. Paynter died today 15 August 1898 age 83. (A. K. H.)
Emeline Treamer wife of John Treamere died in ChTown at her daughters D. Rattenburry 12 February 1899 age 84.
Grace Henry died July 7 1911- last of family.
Isabella Hacker wife of Wm Sanders of Devonshire England died September 1907 age 98.

Third page:
Elizabeth Veal Hacker daughter of Thomas and Isabella Hacker was born December the 3rd 182.  (There is no number written after the 2. It is possible that this is eighteen hundred and two. At LDS, an Elizabeth Veal Hacker was christened Feb 1803 Poundstock, Cornwall, England. The other children of Thomas and Mary Isabella Hacker mentioned above were shown at LDS as being christened in the same place a few months after their birth dates.)

Fourth page:
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Hacker who died the 8th of January 1851 age 83 yrs and was buried at Springfield Park by the Rev.A.V. Wiggins the 13. A sermon was preached on the 26th by the Rev. F. C. Read from Job-14-verse 10.
Died on Wednesday 18th of August 1858 Mary Isabella wife of the above Thos Hacker aged 78 years. (E. Henry)

Fifth page:
Removed to Summerside the first of November 1853 from Darnley Mills Lot 18. (E. Henry)
Removed to Wilmott Creek Lot 19 on the 18 May 1858 from Summerside Lot 17. (E. Henry)
Removed to New London to Granville Mills from Wilmott Creek on the 13 October 1860. (E. H.)

Sixth page:
Edward Henry maried to Grace Hacker on the 28th of February 1843 at Saint Eleanors by the Rev A. V. G. Wiggins.

Paul Augustus Knight born on Monday 8th January 1844 at 12 o'clock at night. (Ed Henry)
John Hacker born 29th August 1845.
Isabella Grace born 9th April 1847.
Mary Isabella Leach born 29th January 1849.
Charles Washington born 12th June 1853.
Flora Ann born Dec 17th 1854.
Emma Elizabeth born 20th June 1856.

Seventh page:
Sacred to the memory of Grace Bond who died 22nd June 1836 - aged 89 years and was buried at Bridgeside by Rev. TFE Kingdom when a sermon was preached from Amos 4 Chapter a part of the 12 verse--- prepare to meet thy God. (E. H.)

Eighth page:
Charles Washington son of Edward and Grace Henry died August 15th 1860 aged nine years and 2 months.
Edward Henry died at Granville Mills of inflammation of the lungs on April 11th at 3 o'clock 1892 - his end was peace age 78 years. (A. K. H.)
Grace Hacker wife of Edward Henry died on July 7th 1911 both her and her husband was buried at Springfield.
L. G. Henry died on January 6 1923 age 33. Buried at Springfield Park. (A. K. H.)

Ninth page:
John Hacker son of Thomas and Mary Isabella Hacker died November 1852 - on board the ship Abigail Belonging to New Bedford M, S, U, S in latitude and longitude west of Greenwich. (E. Henry)
Mary Isabella Leach married Dec 19th 1876 to J. E. Davies.
John H Henry married to Sarah Ema Featham Sep 12 1873.
Emma Elizabeth Henry married to George W. Taylor by Rev Wm. Maggs on 18 Nov 1880. (E. H.)
Married at Granville by the Rev. W. C. Hamilton (Wesylean minister) on 22 February 1888 Flora Ann Henry to David A. Sharp of Sussex N.B.
A. K. Henry married Mary Jane Glydon August 1st 1888 Rev L. J. B. R_______  (looks like Ruigh) at Kensington.

Tenth page:
Charles Washington third son of Edward and Grace Henry - died of scarlet fever on the 15 August 1860 - buried at Springfield Park- aged nine years & 2 months. (Ed Henry)
Isabella Grace daughter of Edward and Grace Henry died 10 November 1874 aged 27 yrs and 2 month. Buried at Spring Field. (A. K. H.)
Edward McArthur son of Edward and Grace Henry died in Minneapolis Hospital June 19th 1881 aged 28 yrs.
Mary Isabella Leach second daughter of Edward and Grace Henry and beloved wife of J. E. Davies died at Athol Station N.S. on the 10th of September 1883. Buried at McLa___ or McCa___ PEI- age 34 years.

Eleventh page:
Paul Agustus Knight baptized at Mr. William Hackers by the Rev. Mr. Perkins.
John Hacker baptized at Mr. Bentley's by the Reverend Mr. Marshall.
Isabella Grace baptized at the Margate Chappell by the Rev. J. B. Strong.
Mary Isabella Leech baptized at the Margate Chappell by the Rev. J. B. Strong.
Charles Washington baptized at the Margate Chappell by the Rev. Wm. Buckly.
Edward McArthur baptized at Summerside by the Rev G. O. Houks.
Flora Ann baptized by the Rev. Wesley C. Beals at Summerside.
Emma Elizabeth baptized at Summerside by the Rev. J. B. Strong.
Emma Elizabeth Henry married on the 19 Nov 1880 George William Taylor of Londonderry Nova Scotia - Married by the Rev. Mr. Maggs. (E. H.)

Inside back cover:
Emma Elizabeth Taylor d Aug 7th 1902.
Flora Ann Sharpe d Oct 1913.
John H. Henry died Jan 1936.
Augustus K. Henry died Feb 1936.

Note: Joan Foster Proctor, who transcribed this document, is a great great grandaughter of Edward Henry (10 March 1814- 11 April 1892) and Grace Hacker (19 May 1819- 7 July 1911) who were married 28 February 1843. During their life together they lived in Lots 17, 18, 19 and 21. Their daughter, Emma Elizabeth, (20 June 1856 - 7 August 1902) was my great grandmother. The entries were written on the backs of biblical pictures throughout the bible, not necessarily in chronological order and she had difficulty making out some of the writing.

Newspaper obituary inside the Hacker/ Henry bible:

PYWORTHY -- The funeral of W. Sanders, Esq., Yeomadon, Pyworthy, took place on Saturday, and was most numerously attended, the deceased gentleman being widely known and respected. About one o'clock the funeral cortage moved slowly away from Yeomadon House. The hearse and two mourning coaches were supplied by Mr. N. Reed (of the White Hart Hotel), and a mourning coach by Mr. Sandrey (of the Stanhope Hotel, Holsworthy). The excellent polished oak coffin was supplied by Mr. John Gilbert (of Pyworthy). On the breast plate was inscribed - "Wm. Sanders Died January 2nd, 1888 aged 74". Mr. W. Miller, of Holworthy, nephew of the deceased, supplied the family mourning and superintended the funeral arrangements. The bearers were selected from the deceased's tenantry, viz., Messrs. R. Webb (Whitstone), R. Cobbledick (Shebbear), James Spear and Frederick Spear (Sander's Cottage, Holsworthy), and John Bassett (Shebbear). In addition to the family mourning coaches there were about 40 other vehicles. There was a large number of persons on foot. The distance from Yeomadon House to Pyworthy is about two miles. The procession reached fully half a mile. The first mourning coach contained Mrs. Sanders (widow), Mr. Sanders, London (son), Mrs. Bragg, of Sourbon and Miss Sanders (daughters of the deceased); 2nd carriage - Mrs. Smith, London (daughter), Mrs. Furse, Launcells (daughter), Mrs. W. Miller and Miss Ellen Miller, Holsworthy (wife and daughter of Mr. W. Miller, nephew of the deceased; 3rd carriage - Mr. W. Bray (grandson and late business partner), Mr. Wm. Miller, Holsworthy (nephew), who superintended the funeral arrangements; 4th carriage - W. Bray's carriage (Ogbeer, North Tamerton), Mr. John Bray and Mr. Thomas Bray (nephews of the deceased); 5th carriage - Mr. Furse, of Launcell's (deceased's son in law), and other relatives and friends. Amongst the very large number who made up the long procession were the following: - R. B. E. Gills, Esq. (of Tawstock Bank), W. J. Harris, Esq., J. P. (Hallwell Manor) vice chairman of the Holsworthy Highway Board of which the deceased was Chairman; Cecil Bray, Esq. (Clerk to the Board), Mr. Prout (Highway Board Surveyor), J. Higgs, Esq. (Chairman of the Board of Guardians), Dr. Ash, Mr. R. Banbury (Sanitary Inspector), E. Chamier, Esq. (Stratton), Rev. R. H. Kingdon (rector of Whitstone, Cornwall), Rev. R. C. Smith rector of North Tanerron, G. R. Vowler, Esq. (Penheal) - Hicks Esq., senr and junr. (Leworthy House), Mr. J. B. Mill, Mr. T. Harris and Mr. Wm. Harris (Causend House, Holsworthy), Mr. T. Lovell, Mr. Sandrey, Mr. N. Reed, Mr. Mark Westeway (Torrington), Mr. O. Jolliffe, Mr. J. McTagart Dickson. There was also a large number of yeomanry and others far too numerous to mention. As the corpse was being carried into Pyworthy Church - where deceased was an attendant - Miss Hicks of Leworthy House , played a suitable ode on the harmonium. The Rector (Rev. S. W. Tagart, B.A.) read the funeral service. The hymn, beginning " Hark, hark my Soul" was effectively sung in the church, and "Thy will be done" at the graveside. A large number of exquisite wreaths were placed on the coffin from the rector's wife, Mrs. Tagart, Mrs. Nicholson Vowler, Mr J. H. W. Vowler (London), Messrs J. and W. Sanders (nephews of the deceased), Mr. and Mrs. T. Kivell (Pyworthy).

The deceased was a steady going Churchman. In politics he was a strong Conservative, and although battled hard for his party, at the same time he was charitable to the religious and political opinion of others. In his death the Conservatives have lost one of their most ardent champions. The gentleman rather belonged to the "old school" of politicians. His moral character was a worthy example to others. His services on behalf of the Agricultural Society will be greatly missed. He went to reside at Yeomadon House in 1824. He was then about 11 years of age. The estate became his own. His wife, who survives him, was a Miss Hacker. Besides his farm, for a great number of years he carried on the business of an auctioneer, valuer and land agent. He was a steward of the properties of the Kingdon family, including Paul Kingdon, Esq. (London), Parnacott Vowler properties, Mr. English's, Mr. Ludlow's, Mr. Robert's and Messrs. Noseworthy. He was also manager of the Holsworthy Branch of Tavistock Bank. Recently, Mr. Sanders took his grandson, who had long acted as a clerk for him, as a partner. During the last few years the deceased has erected buildings on Holsworthy which does credit to the town. Deceased had been ailing for some time. His eyesight rather failed him. Seeing him in the street not long since, his gait appeared active and he walked so erect as even 30 years of age and to external appearances, likely to live for years to come. -- Gleaner

Note: Wm. Sanders wife, Isabella Hacker was a sister to Grace, and this newspaper account of his death provides information on the Hacker family in England.

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