The Family Bible of George Byron Norton of Charlottetown

The following Entries are from the Family Bible of George Byron Norton, of Charlottetown. It is believed this bible was originally owned by his mother, Ellen [Veal] Norton, as her name was inside the front cover.:


William Sargent born 1780
Sarah Sargent born 1781
John Huddard Norton born Dec 14 1811
Ellen [Veal] Norton born Oct 17 1824
Sarah Jane Norton born Oct 27 1854
James Austin Norton born Feb 24 1857
Rupert Bovyer Norton born Jan 6 1859
Evered Hamilton Norton born Feb 23 1860
Arthur Lee Owen Norton born Mar 27 1862
Charles Augustus Benson Norton born Dec 14 1863
George Byron Norton born Dec 5 1866
Gertrude Penelope [Hyde] Norton born Mar 22 1870
Bernice Penelope Norton born Apr 19 1893
Ethel Vere Norton born Oct 22 1894


John Huddard Norton and Ellen Veal married Jan 17 1854
Sarah Jane Norton married Jun 18 1881
Evered Hamilton Norton married Dec 26 1888
George Byron Norton and Gertrude Penelope Hyde married Feb 3 1892
Bernice Penelope Norton married Dec 20 1922


Ian MacNaughton (John Norton) died 1830
Eleanor, His wife died 1858
A note under this entry comments they emigrated from Wales

William Sargent died 1867
Sarah Sargent died 1868
John Huddard Norton died July 20 1890
Elean Veal died Jun 2 1911
Sarah Jane Norton died Dec 1 1937
James Austin Norton died Aug 5 1881
Rupert Bovyer Norton died Sep 4 1908
Evered Hamilton Norton died May 26 1826
Arthur Lee Norton died Jun 13 1889
Charles Augustus Benson Norton died Feb 25 1876
Gertrude Penelope Hyde died Apr 28 1943
Ethel Vere Norton died Mar 10 1923

Note: The original copy of this bible has gone missing. In 1951, while attempting to obtain a her old age pension, Bernice [Norton] Beaty obtained the services of Frederick Bertram Schutch, a notary public in Huntsville, Ontario to help her prove her birthdate, as she was born prior to civil registration in the Province of P.E.I., and she could not locate a record of birth in her church. He then produced a transcript of this Bible, which this extract came from, and obtained a notarized extract of her birthdate which eventually was accepted as proof of her birth by the Registrar General. It is believed the original bible may have stayed in the hands of Mr. Schutch, or may have been lost in a fire in Bernice's garage which occurred in the late 60's, where she had stored family records. Countless documents and photos were lost at that time. Thankfully, this transcription survived.

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