The Family Bible of George D. Campbell (Montague)

The Family Bible of George D. Campbell (Montague Campbell's - see The Descendants of DUNCAN CAMPBELL and MARGARET DEWAR on the Register's Lineages Page)


Ocey Ella Campbell. Born Dec. 21st, 1888, AD.
Joseph Errett Campbell, born June 23rd 1891 AD
Cheney Lowel Campbell, born Dec. 2nd 18__
Eben Emery Campbell, born Oct. 24 ____
Inez Jean Campbell, born May 8th, 189_
Harvie Starrett Campbell, born May 20th, 1899
Albert Eduard Campbell, born January 30th, 1901


Dear Papa first
George D. Campbell, died September 9th, 1904
Mary Jane Campbell, nee Stewart, died Sept 6th, 1911
Eben Emery Campbell, died May 1st, 1896
Cheney Lowel Campbell, 1969

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